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Growth of the James Cook University Medical Program: Maintaining quality, continuing the vision, developing postgraduate pathways.

James Cook University (JCU) enrolled its first cohort of 64 in 2000 into a 6-year undergraduate medical program aimed at producing graduates capable of meeting the needs of North Queensland, Australia, with a focus on rural, remote, Indigenous and tropical health. The school's 1465 graduates over 13 cohorts who have a pattern of practice likely to meet the region's health needs. The JCU course was the first new Australian medical program for 25 years. The number of Australian medical schools has since dou...

Transport Signatures of the Hall Viscosity.

Hall viscosity is a nondissipative response function describing momentum transport in two-dimensional systems with broken parity. It is quantized in the quantum Hall regime, and contains information about the topological order of the quantum Hall state. Hall viscosity can distinguish different quantum Hall states with identical Hall conductances, but different topological order. To date, an experimentally accessible signature of Hall viscosity is lacking. We exploit the fact that Hall viscosity contributes ...

Henry Herbert Donaldson's (1857-1938) contribution to an organized approach to the experimental study of the mammalian central nervous system.

This article shows that the academic and research careers of Henry Herbert Donaldson (1857-1938) were directed to provide basic information about the growth of the vertebrate nervous system and to provide standards and the means to make such research efficient. He earned the reputation of making the albino rat a standard laboratory animal. His academic career began when he was an undergraduate at Yale University in 1875 and concluded with his death as Professor and Head of the Department of Neurology at the...

Interview with Prof. Shannon N. Conley, James Madison University. Why Does Social Context of Technology Matter?

Prevalence of temporomandibular disorders among a cohort of university undergraduates in Australia.

The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) symptoms among dentistry students at James Cook University in Australia, and to determine the associations of TMD symptoms with demographic parameters and compare the prevalence to that of the Australian general population.

The rebirthing of the Kevin O' Day animal slides collection.

The Kevin O Day Animal Slides Collection consists of over a thousand slides of exotic and rare animal eye samples collected with the aid of Dr O'Day's contacts at University of Melbourne and the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary including Professor Wood Jones (Melbourne University), Sir James Barrett (first president of Ophthalmological Society of Australia), and Sir Colin McKenzie.

Social anxiety questionnaire (SAQ): Development and preliminary validation.

The Social Anxiety Questionnaire (SAQ) was designed to assess five dimensions of social anxiety as posited by the Clark and Wells' (1995; Clark, 2001) cognitive model.

A nontrivial crossover in topological Hall effect regimes.

We propose a new theory of the topological Hall effect (THE) in systems with non-collinear magnetization textures such as magnetic skyrmions. We solve the problem of electron scattering on a magnetic skyrmion exactly, for an arbitrary strength of exchange interaction and the skyrmion size. We report the existence of different regimes of THE and resolve the apparent contradiction between the adiabatic Berry phase theoretical approach and the perturbation theory for THE. We traced how the topological charge H...

B-periodic oscillations in the Hall-resistance induced by a dc-current-bias under combined microwave-excitation and dc-current bias in the GaAs/AlGaAs 2D system.

We report the observation of dc-current-bias-induced B-periodic Hall resistance oscillations and Hall plateaus in the GaAs/AlGaAs 2D system under combined microwave radiation- and dc bias excitation at liquid helium temperatures. The Hall resistance oscillations and plateaus appear together with concomitant oscillations also in the diagonal magnetoresistance. The periods of Hall and diagonal resistance oscillations are nearly identical, and source power (P) dependent measurements demonstrate sub-linear rela...

Testing for Turkeys Faith-Based Community HIV Testing Initiative: An Update.

Testing for Turkeys (TFT) HIV/hepatitis C virus (HCV) and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing initiative is a joint effort between Older Women Embracing Life (OWEL), Inc., a nonprofit faith-based community HIV support and advocacy organization; the Johns Hopkins University Regional Partner MidAtlantic AIDS Education and Training Center (MAAETC); and the University of Maryland, Baltimore JACQUES Initiative (JI), and is now in its 11th year of providing HIV outreach, testing, and linkage to care. Sin...

Strong Enhancement of the Spin Hall Effect by Spin Fluctuations near the Curie Point of Fe_{x}Pt_{1-x} Alloys.

Robust spin Hall effects (SHE) have recently been observed in nonmagnetic heavy metal systems with strong spin-orbit interactions. These SHE are either attributed to an intrinsic band-structure effect or to extrinsic spin-dependent scattering from impurities, namely, side jump or skew scattering. Here we report on an extraordinarily strong spin Hall effect, attributable to spin fluctuations, in ferromagnetic Fe_{x}Pt_{1-x} alloys near their Curie point, tunable with x. This results in a dampinglike spin-orb...

3D Quantum Hall Effect of Fermi Arcs in Topological Semimetals.

The quantum Hall effect is usually observed in 2D systems. We show that the Fermi arcs can give rise to a distinctive 3D quantum Hall effect in topological semimetals. Because of the topological constraint, the Fermi arc at a single surface has an open Fermi surface, which cannot host the quantum Hall effect. Via a "wormhole" tunneling assisted by the Weyl nodes, the Fermi arcs at opposite surfaces can form a complete Fermi loop and support the quantum Hall effect. The edge states of the Fermi arcs show a u...

Anomalous Hall magnetoresistance in a ferromagnet.

The anomalous Hall effect, observed in conducting ferromagnets with broken time-reversal symmetry, offers the possibility to couple spin and orbital degrees of freedom of electrons in ferromagnets. In addition to charge, the anomalous Hall effect also leads to spin accumulation at the surfaces perpendicular to both the current and magnetization direction. Here, we experimentally demonstrate that the spin accumulation, subsequent spin backflow, and spin-charge conversion can give rise to a different type of ...

Changes In Hospital Utilization Three Years Into Maryland's Global Budget Program For Rural Hospitals.

In a substantial shift in payment policy, the State of Maryland implemented a global budget program for acute care hospitals in 2010. Goals of the program include controlling hospital use and spending. Eight rural hospitals entered the program in 2010, while urban and suburban hospitals joined in 2014. Prior analyses, which focused on urban and suburban hospitals, did not find consistent evidence that Maryland's program had contributed to changes in hospital use after two years. However, these studies were ...

Book Reviews Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine ( 10th edn ) Ian B Wilkinson , Tim Raine , Kate Wiles , Anna Goodhart , Catriona Hall , Harriet O'Neill Oxford University Press 2017 Price £29.99 . Pp 904 ISBN 9780199689903 Textbook of Critical Care ( 7th edn ) Jean-Louis Vincent , Edward Abraham , Patrick Kochanek , Frederick Moore , Mitchell Fink Elsevier 2017 Price £176.99 . Pp 1408 ISBN 9780

Impact of Auditory Integrative Training (AIT) on Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 (TGF-β1) and Its Effect on Behavioural and Social Emotions in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

To explore the impact of auditory integrative training (AIT) on inflammatory biomarker transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) and to assess its effect on social behaviours in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Outcomes of Ventral Hernia Repair With Concomitant Panniculectomy.

Combined ventral hernia repair and panniculectomy (VHR/PAN) is controversial, and the safety profile including anticipated complications has been questioned. We present a retrospective case series review of patients from the University of Maryland Medical Center to help surgeons counsel patients on the risks and benefits of this procedure.

Broadband Photonic Spin Hall Meta-Lens.

Meta-lens represents a promising solution for optical communications and information processing owing to its miniaturization capability and unique optical properties. Here, spin Hall meta-lens is demonstrated to manipulate photonic spin-dependent splitting induced by spin-orbital interaction in transverse and longitudinal directions simultaneously at visible wavelengths, with low dispersion and more than 90% diffraction efficiency. The broadband dielectric spin Hall meta-lens is achieved by integrating two ...

Interplay of Chiral and Helical States in a Quantum Spin Hall Insulator Lateral Junction.

We study the electronic transport across an electrostatically gated lateral junction in a HgTe quantum well, a canonical 2D topological insulator, with and without an applied magnetic field. We control the carrier density inside and outside a junction region independently and hence tune the number and nature of 1D edge modes propagating in each of those regions. Outside the bulk gap, the magnetic field drives the system to the quantum Hall regime, and chiral states propagate at the edge. In this regime, we ...

Spin-Hall effect in the scattering of structured light from plasmonic nanowire.

Spin-orbit interactions are subwavelength phenomena that can potentially lead to numerous device-related applications in nanophotonics. Here, we report the spin-Hall effect in the forward scattering of Hermite-Gaussian (HG) and Gaussian beams from a plasmonic nanowire. Asymmetric scattered radiation distribution was observed for circularly polarized beams. Asymmetry in the scattered radiation distribution changes the sign when the polarization handedness inverts. We found a significant enhancement in the sp...

Enhancing the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect by Magnetic Codoping in a Topological Insulator.

The quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect, which has been realized in magnetic topological insulators (TIs), is the key to applications of dissipationless quantum Hall edge states in electronic devices. However, investigations and utilizations of the QAH effect are limited by the ultralow temperatures needed to reach full quantization-usually below 100 mK in either Cr- or V-doped (Bi,Sb)2 Te3 of the two experimentally confirmed QAH materials. Here it is shown that by codoping Cr and V magnetic elements in (Bi...

Spin-Dependent Processes Measured without a Permanent Magnet.

A novel Hall circuit design that can be incorporated into a working electrode, which is used to probe spin-selective charge transfer and charge displacement processes, is reviewed herein. The general design of a Hall circuit based on a semiconductor heterostructure, which forms a shallow 2D electron gas and is used as an electrode, is described. Three different types of spin-selective processes have been studied with this device in the past: i) photoinduced charge exchange between quantum dots and the worki...

University management nurse: a grounded theory.

to understand the meaning of the university management performed by nurses managers of the nursing undergraduate course of a public university.

Covariant Conservation Laws and the Spin Hall Effect in Dirac-Rashba Systems.

We present a theoretical analysis of two-dimensional Dirac-Rashba systems in the presence of disorder and external perturbations. We unveil a set of exact symmetry relations (Ward identities) that impose strong constraints on the spin dynamics of Dirac fermions subject to proximity-induced interactions. This allows us to demonstrate that an arbitrary dilute concentration of scalar impurities results in the total suppression of nonequilibrium spin Hall currents when only Rashba spin-orbit coupling is present...

Current-Nonlinear Hall Effect and Spin-Orbit Torque Magnetization Switching in a Magnetic Topological Insulator.

The current-nonlinear Hall effect or second harmonic Hall voltage is widely used as one of the methods for estimating charge-spin conversion efficiency, which is attributed to the magnetization oscillation by spin-orbit torque (SOT). Here, we argue the second harmonic Hall voltage under a large in-plane magnetic field with an in-plane magnetization configuration in magnetic-nonmagnetic topological insulator (TI) heterostructures, Cr_{x}(Bi_{1-y}Sb_{y})_{2-x}Te_{3}/(Bi_{1-y}Sb_{y})_{2}Te_{3}, where it is cle...

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