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Effectiveness of capacity building interventions relevant to public health practice: a systematic review.

This systematic review assessed the effectiveness of capacity building interventions relevant to public health practice. The aim is to inform and improve capacity building interventions.

Rational Zika vaccine design via the modulation of antigen membrane anchors in chimpanzee adenoviral vectors.

Zika virus (ZIKV) emerged on a global scale and no licensed vaccine ensures long-lasting anti-ZIKV immunity. Here we report the design and comparative evaluation of four replication-deficient chimpanzee adenoviral (ChAdOx1) ZIKV vaccine candidates comprising the addition or deletion of precursor membrane (prM) and envelope, with or without its transmembrane domain (TM). A single, non-adjuvanted vaccination of ChAdOx1 ZIKV vaccines elicits suitable levels of protective responses in mice challenged with ZIKV....

Evolution of protein transport to the chloroplast envelope membranes.

Chloroplasts are descendants of an ancient endosymbiotic cyanobacterium that lived inside a eukaryotic cell. They inherited the prokaryotic double membrane envelope from cyanobacteria. This envelope contains prokaryotic protein sorting machineries including a Sec translocase and relatives of the central component of the bacterial outer membrane β-barrel assembly module. As the endosymbiont was integrated with the rest of the cell, the synthesis of most of its proteins shifted from the stroma to the host cy...

The association between hearing impairment and neural envelope encoding at different ages.

Hearing impairment goes with speech perception difficulties, presumably not only because of poor hearing sensitivity but also because of altered central auditory processing. Critical herein is temporal processing of the speech envelope, mediated by synchronization of neural activity to the envelope modulations. It has been suggested that hearing impairment is associated with enhanced sensitivity to envelope modulations which, in turn, relates to poorer speech perception. To verify this hypothesis, we perfor...

Building actor-centric transformative capacity through city-university partnerships.

Cities worldwide are rising to the challenge of sustainable development, calling for large-scale and fast-paced transformations towards sustainability. Urban sustainability challenges are now being reframed as a lack of capacity of individuals and organizations to carry out such socio-technical transformations. This article expands on transformative capacity literature by elucidating the concept of actor-centric transformative capacity. It focuses on the unique role city-university partnerships (CUPs) can p...

Comparative ultrastructure of the fertilized egg envelope in Corydoras adolfoi and Corydoras sterbai, Callichthyidae, Teleostei.

In teleost, the structural characteristics of fertilized egg and egg envelope are very important for classification of genus or species. The structures of fertilized egg and egg envelope from Corydoras adolfoi and Corydoras sterbai, Callichthyidae, Siluriformes in teleost were examined by scanning and transmission electron microscopes to confirm whether these morphological structures have specificities of species and family or not. The fertilized eggs of C. adolfoi and C. sterbai were non-transparent, spher...

An academic practice partnership: Building capacity to meet sexual health education policy requirements of a public school system.

The purpose of this clinical concepts paper is to describe the development, implementation, and evaluation of a formal academic-practice partnership between a large, urban, public school system and a college of nursing, based on the American Association of Colleges of Nursing's Guiding Principles to Academic-Practice Partnerships. The overarching goal of the partnership was to increase the school district's capacity to meet sexual health education policy requirements while providing graduate nursing student...

CV-building for medical students.

Today's medical students invest large amounts of time and energy into building what is believed to be the ideal résumé to ensure admission to residency programmes. In this clinical lesson, we present three Dutch pre-graduate medical students who approach CV-building and the perceived pressure to be a typical overachiever on paper in different manners. In addition, we conducted a survey among the heads of 160 Dutch residency programmes. Based on this, we discuss whether what is generally believed among stu...

TMEM18: A Novel Prognostic Marker in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Certain nuclear envelope proteins are associated with important cancer cell characteristics, including migration and proliferation. Abnormal expression of and genetic changes in nuclear envelope proteins have been reported in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients. Transmembrane protein 18 (TMEM18), a nuclear envelope protein, is involved in neural stem cell migration and tumorigenicity.

Building professionals' intention to use smart and sustainable building technologies - An empirical study.

Smart and sustainable buildings save energy and material resources and provide a comfortable environment that enhances their occupants' well-being and productivity. It is therefore crucial to understand how building professionals, including designers, engineers, and contractors, view smart and sustainable buildings and what drives them towards smart and sustainable building technologies. This study identifies salient smart and sustainable building features from building professionals' perspective and explor...

Microbiology: Peeling Back the Layers of Bacterial Envelope Mechanics.

The Gram-negative cell envelope has two important mechanical elements. Whereas the cell wall bears the brunt of the turgor pressure during normal growth, the outer membrane also provides necessary rigidity under physical stress.

Altered nuclear envelope structure and proteasome function of micronuclei.

Micronuclei are extra-nuclear bodies containing whole chromosomes that were not incorporated into the nucleus after cell division or damaged chromosome fragments. Even though the link between micronuclei and DNA damage is described for a long time, little is known about the functional organization of micronuclei and their contribution to tumorigenesis. We showed fusions between micronuclear membranes and lysosomes by electron microscopy and linked lysosome function to DNA damage levels in micronuclei. In ad...

'I didn't expect teaching to be such a huge part of nursing': A follow-up qualitative exploration of new graduates' teaching activities.

Teaching has long been recognised as an important role for nurses. In addition, much has also been written about new graduates' transitions to professional practice. However, the role of new graduates in teaching is unclear, and at what point they are required to teach others as part of their practice.

Building Bridges to Advance Specialty Practice: Updates and Accomplishments by the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners.

Both cell envelope and cytoplasm were the locations for chromium(VI) reduction by Bacillus sp. M6.

Biotreatment is an effective way in remediation of chromium(VI) (Cr(VI)) contamination, but its mechanism and reaction sites are still not clear. Herein, Bacillus sp. M6 was used as a model bacterium in this study to investigate the removal mechanism of Cr(VI) in solution. The results showed that the removal of Cr(VI) was attributed to direct reduction by Bacillus sp. M6, and the reduction locations occurred both on the cell envelope and in the cytoplasm. Meanwhile, bioanalysis of Bacillus sp. M6 by SEM-EDS...

Defective Nuclear Envelope Assembly May Promote Mitotic Errors.

Defective assembly of the nuclear envelope and nuclear pore complex in micronuclei may underlie chromothripsis.

Introducing Hair Transplantation into a Facial Plastic Surgery Practice.

Hair restoration can be an integral addition to the facial plastic surgery practice. As surgeons dedicated to reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the head and neck, hair restoration is a natural complement to a facial plastic surgeon's practice. This article presents the keys to adding and starting hair restoration to one's facial plastic surgery practice.

Building a Supportive Oncology Practice that Impacts Emergency Department Visits, Hospice Utilization, and Hospital Admission.

Palliative care remains underutilized despite evidence supporting its value. Multiple professional organizations have endorsed broader and earlier access to palliative care, yet barriers exist that impede successful implementation of palliative care. We report on development of an ambulatory palliative medicine practice (Supportive Oncology) embedded within an academic cancer center.

Educating new graduate nurses in their first year of practice: The perspective and experiences of the new graduate nurses and the director of nursing.

New graduate nurses are the future of nursing and the education they receive as they transition into the workforce as a newly registered nurse is critical for building a suitably qualified nursing workforce that will adequately serve the future population. Variation exists in education programmes for new graduate nurses in their first year of practice which is known to impact on transition experience. A qualitative study using focus groups and semi-structured interviews was undertaken to explore the experie...

EMG and ENG-envelope pattern recognition for prosthetic hand control.

This paper proposes a new approach for neural control of hand prostheses, grounded on pattern recognition applied to the envelope of neural signals (eENG).

The application of ultrasonic waves and envelope energies in a closed chamber based on an air/methane mixture.

This work proposes the experimental method of using a new matching layer (chemical wood) which can measure the methane gas of the main component in natural gas from a PZT (MS-21) of the most widely using BaTiO. The experiment includes a differentiated analysis of envelope voltage, standard Gaussian distribution, acoustic pattern, and energy attenuation in a closed chamber according to an air/methane gas mixture. Experimental devices and methods were used to examine the characteristics of envelope energies v...

PA practice analysis: Multidisciplinary tasks, knowledge, and skills.

In conducting its practice analysis, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants incorporated new approaches in 2015. Twelve groups of PAs identified knowledge, tasks, and skills required for practice not only in primary care, but also in 11 practice focus areas (specialties). In addition, a list of diseases and disorders likely to be encountered was identified for each specialty. A representative sample of 15,771 certified PAs completed an online algorithm-driven survey and data were a...

Determinants of Community-Related Expenses of US Tax-Exempt Hospitals, 2013.

Tax-exempt hospitals in the United States are required to report community benefit expenses on their federal tax forms. Two categories of expenses critical to the public health mission of hospitals are the "community health improvement" and "community-building" expense categories. The community health improvement expenses formally qualify as a community benefit, whereas community-building expenses do not. Increasing both types of spending would be consistent with the growing evidence on the effects of socia...

Leadership Presence: A "Must" Skill for Impactful Case Manager-Client Relationship.

Successful case manager-client relationships are those that demonstrate a humanistic, personal, empathetic, and empowering approach to health care provision. This editorial discusses leadership presence as an essential skill for professional case management practice and the impact of such relationships on the client/support system experience of care. It also presents a framework for building impactful and therapeutic relationships. In addition, it offers a list of key strategies that contribute to the succe...

Viral envelope-specific antibodies in chronic hepatitis B virus infection.

While the cellular immune response associated with acute and chronic HBV infection has been thoroughly studied, the B cell response in chronic hepatitis B and the role of antibodies raised against the HBV envelope antigens in controlling and prevention of infection requires further investigation. The detection of anti-HBs antibodies is considered as one of the biomarkers for functional cure of chronic hepatitis B virus infection, as well as for protective immunity. Indeed, vaccine-induced neutralizing anti-...

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