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John (Iain) Glen Wins 2018 Lasker Prize for Development of Propofol: An Award for All of Anesthesiology.

Acta Award to Regensburg.

While consuming another solemn sandwich lunch in front of your monitor, why not let your thoughts wander off to a daydream wherein you just won $100,000? This dream just became true for researchers in Regensburg!. For the first time, the recipients of the first-ever Acta Physiologica Award have been selected for the Acta Physiologica Award. Getting there, panning out the biggest nugget, was a challenge and a thrill to every selection committee member. We had a short list of 15 articles, which have been high...

Rust never sleeps: The continuing story of the Iron Bolt.

Since 1981, Gordon Research Conferences have been held on the topic of Oxygen Radicals on a biennial basis, to highlight and discuss the latest cutting edge research in this area. Since the first meeting, one special feature of this conference has been the awarding of the so-called Iron Bolt, an award that started in jest but has gained increasing reputation over the years. Since no written documentation exists for this Iron Bolt award, this perspective serves to overview the history of this unusual award, ...

Nickel compounds in the workplaces: Occupations and activities involving high-risk exposures in Italy.

Nickel (Ni) compounds have been classified as carcinogenic to humans. The aim of the study is to evaluate exposures to Ni at workplaces in Italy.


Slot machines pose serious problems for a subset of gamblers. On multiline slots, many small credit returns are less than one's spin wager, resulting in a net loss to the player. These outcomes are called losses disguised as wins (LDWs). We aimed to show that different proportions of LDWs could differentially affect gambling persistence (continuing to gamble despite financial loss), but that such LDW effects may depend on problem gambling symptomatology.

Big-BOE: Fusing Spanish Official Gazette with Big Data Technology.

The proliferation of new data sources, stemmed from the adoption of open-data schemes, in combination with an increasing computing capacity causes the inception of new type of analytics that process Internet of things with low-cost engines to speed up data processing using parallel computing. In this context, the article presents an initiative, called BIG-Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE), designed to process the Spanish official government gazette (BOE) with state-of-the-art processing engines, to reduce c...

Big Data Analytics in Medicine and Healthcare.

This paper surveys big data with highlighting the big data analytics in medicine and healthcare. Big data characteristics: value, volume, velocity, variety, veracity and variability are described. Big data analytics in medicine and healthcare covers integration and analysis of large amount of complex heterogeneous data such as various - omics data (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, interactomics, pharmacogenomics, diseasomics), biomedical data and electronic health records da...

Commercial Visual Analytics Systems-Advances in the Big Data Analytics Field.

Five years after the first state-of-the-art report on Commercial Visual Analytics Systems we present a reevaluation of the Big Data Analytics field. We build on the success of the 2012 survey, which was influential even beyond the boundaries of the InfoVis and Visual Analytics (VA) community. While the field has matured significantly since the original survey, we find that innovation and research-driven development are increasingly sacrificed to satisfy a wide range of user groups. We evaluate new product v...

A visual analytics approach for pattern-recognition in patient-generated data.

To develop and test a visual analytics tool to help clinicians identify systematic and clinically meaningful patterns in patient-generated data (PGD) while decreasing perceived information overload.

Dust at Various Workplaces-Microbiological and Toxicological Threats.

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relation between the chemical (analysis of elements and pH) and microbiological composition (culture and metagenomics analysis) of the dust at various workplaces (cement plant, composting plant, poultry farm, and cultivated area) and the cytotoxicity effect on the human adenocarcinoma lung epithelial adherent cell line A-549 (MTT assay test). Analysis of the Particulate Matter (PM) fraction showed that the dust concentration in cultivated areas exceeded the O...

Spatio-Temporal Urban Data Analysis: A Visual Analytics Perspective.

Visual analytics systems can greatly help in the analysis of urban data allowing domain experts from academia and city governments to better understand cities, and thus enable better operations, informed planning and policies. Effectively designing these systems is challenging and requires bringing together methods from different domains. In this paper, we discuss the challenges involved in designing a visual analytics system to interactively explore large spatio-temporal data sets and give an overview of o...


I am submitting my introduction of Dr. Kyle Gustafson for the American Society of Parasitologists Ashton Cuckler New Investigator Award I presented at the ASP annual meeting in Cancun Mexico a few months ago.

A crossroads in predictive analytics monitoring for clinical medicine.

A new goal for medical informatics is to develop robust tools that integrate clinical data on a patient in order to estimate the risk of imminent adverse events. This new field of predictive analytics monitoring is growing very quickly. Its claims, however, can be vulnerable when clinicians fail to use the best mathematical and statistical tools, when quantitative scientists fail to grasp the nuances of clinical medicine, and when either fails to incorporate knowledge of physiology. Its potential, though is...

Suitability of several naphthalene metabolites for their application in biomonitoring studies.

Naphthalene occurs together with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) at industrial workplaces and is ubiquitous in the environment. For biological monitoring of naphthalene exposures, up to now mainly 1- and 2-naphthol in urine have been used. Recently, we proposed 1,2-dihydroxynaphthalene (1,2-DHN) and the 1- and 2-naphthylmercapturic acid (1- and 2-NMA) as new urinary biomarkers to characterise a naphthalene exposure. In this study, in a collective of nine occupationally exposed workers handling with ...

Complex Analyses on Clinical Information Systems Using Restricted Natural Language Querying to Resolve Time-Event Dependencies.

This paper reports on a generic framework to provide clinicians with the ability to conduct complex analyses on elaborate research topics using cascaded queries to resolve internal time-event dependencies in the research questions, as an extension to the proposed Clinical Data Analytics Language (CliniDAL).

Associations of Office Workers' Objectively Assessed Occupational Sitting, Standing and Stepping Time with Musculoskeletal Symptoms.

We examined the association of musculoskeletal symptoms (MSS) with workplace sitting, standing and stepping time, as well as sitting and standing time accumulation (i.e., usual bout duration of these activities), measured objectively with the activPAL3 monitor. Using baseline data from the Stand Up Victoria trial (216 office workers, 14 workplaces), cross-sectional associations of occupational activities with self-reported MSS (low-back, upper- and lower-extremity symptoms in the last three months) were exa...

Monetary incentives for smoking cessation in workplaces.

DQNViz: A Visual Analytics Approach to Understand Deep Q-Networks.

Deep Q-Network (DQN), as one type of deep reinforcement learning model, targets to train an intelligent agent that acquires optimal actions while interacting with an environment. The model is well known for its ability to surpass professional human players across many Atari 2600 games. Despite the superhuman performance, in-depth understanding of the model and interpreting the sophisticated behaviors of the DQN agent remain to be challenging tasks, due to the long-time model training process and the large n...

One step at a time.

The most challenging part of growing up a minority is identifying opportunities to follow your passion. My story is a bit convoluted, but a passion for science and learning coupled with motivation led to a stellar career that now includes the E.E. Just Award from the American Society for Cell Biology.

An interview with Robb Krumlauf.

Robb Krumlauf is a developmental biologist who studies the Hox family of transcription factors, aiming to understand how these proteins regulate animal body plans. Robb, who is currently Scientific Director of the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, was recently awarded the 2018 SDB Edwin G. Conklin Award for his extraordinary contributions to the field of developmental biology and for his excellent mentoring skills. We met with Robb at this year's SDB Annual Meeting, where he was presented with the awa...

Definitively unfinished: Why the growth mindset is vital for educators and academic workplaces.

VitalVizor: A Visual Analytics System for Studying Urban Vitality.

Creating lively places with high urban vitality is an ultimate goal for urban planning and design. The VitalVizor visual analytics system employs well-established visualization and interaction techniques to facilitate user exploration of spatial physical entities and non-spatial urban design metrics when studying urban vitality.


Big data are frequently used in many facets of business and agronomy to enhance knowledge needed to improve operational decisions. Livestock operations collect data of sufficient quantity to perform predictive analytics. Predictive analytics can be defined as a methodology and suite of data evaluation techniques to generate a prediction for specific target outcomes. The objective of this manuscript is to describe the process of using big data and the predictive analytic framework to create tools to drive de...

ViSeq: Visual Analytics of Learning Sequence in Massive Open Online Courses.

The research on massive open online courses (MOOCs) data analytics has mushroomed recently because of the rapid development of MOOCs. The MOOC data not only contains learner profiles and learning outcomes, but also sequential information about when and which type of learning activities each learner performs, such as reviewing a lecture video before undertaking an assignment. Learning sequence analytics could help understand the correlations between learning sequences and performances, which further characte...

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