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Spatial, seasonal and diurnal patterns in physicochemical characteristics and sources of PM2.5 in both inland and coastal regions within a megacity in China.

Day and night PM2.5 samples were collected at coastal and inland stations in a megacity in China. Temporal, spatial, and directional characteristics of PM2.5 concentrations and compositions were investigated. Average PM2.5 concentration was higher at inland (153.28μg/m(3)) than at coastal (114.46μg/m(3)). PM2.5 were significantly influenced by season and site but insignificantly by diurnal pattern. Sources were quantified by a two-way and a newly developed three-way receptor models conducted using ME2. Se...

UPAR targeted molecular imaging of cancers with small molecule-based probes.

Molecular imaging can allow the non-invasive characterization and measurement of biological and biochemical processes at the molecular and cellular levels in living subjects. The imaging of specific molecular targets that are associated with cancers could allow for the earlier diagnosis and better treatment of diseases. Small molecule-based probes play prominent roles in biomedical research and have high clinical translation ability. Here, with an emphasis on small molecule-based probes, we review some rece...

Variability of ethanol concentration in rainwater driven by origin versus season in coastal and inland North Carolina, USA.

Rainwater ethanol concentrations were measured for one year (June 2013-May 2014) in central (Elon, NC) and coastal (Wilmington, NC) North Carolina, allowing for a comparison of the effects of coastal and marine rain on ethanol concentration and deposition both at the coast and 250 km inland. Rain samples were collected on an event basis and analyzed using enzyme oxidation and headspace solid-phase microextraction (HS-SPME). The volume-weighted average ethanol concentration at Elon (609 ± 116 nM) wa...

HIV transmission and pre-exposure prophylaxis in a high risk MSM population: A simulation study of location-based selection of sexual partners.

In France, indications for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention are based on individual-level risk factors for HIV infection. However, the risk of HIV infection may also depend on characteristics of sexual partnerships. Here we study how place-based selection of partners change transmission and the overall efficiency of PrEP.

Partners' Overestimation of Patients' Pain Severity: Relationships with Partners' Interpersonal Responses.

The present study examined whether concordance between patients' and their partners' reports of patient pain severity relates to partners' social support and behavioral responses in couples coping with chronic pain.

Dark-field imaging in coronary atherosclerosis.

Dark-field imaging based on small angle X-ray scattering has been shown to be highly sensitive for microcalcifications, e.g. in breast tissue. We hypothesized (i) that high signal areas in dark-field imaging of atherosclerotic plaque are associated with microcalcifications and (ii) that dark-field imaging is more sensitive for microcalcifications than attenuation-based imaging.

Pregnancy Outcomes Among Deaf Women in Washington State, 1987-2012.

To evaluate pregnancy and neonatal outcomes among deaf women using population-based vital records data in Washington State from 1987 to 2012.

Big Potential from Small Agents: Nanoparticles for Imaging-Based Companion Diagnostics.

The importance of medical imaging in the diagnosis and monitoring of cancer cannot be overstated. As personalized cancer treatments are gaining popularity, a need for more advanced imaging techniques has grown significantly. Nanoparticles are uniquely suited to fill this void, not only as imaging contrast agents but also as companion diagnostics. This manuscript provides an overview of many ways nanoparticle imaging agents have contributed to cancer imaging, both preclinically and in the clinic, as well as ...

A shot at contraception: In India, a nonagenarian renews testing of a birth control vaccine.

Favorable surgical outcomes of aldosterone-producing adenoma based on lateralization by CT imaging and hypokalemia: a non-AVS-based strategy.

To test the efficacy of a strategy based on CT imaging and clinical characteristics on lateralizing origin of excess aldosterone secretion in primary aldosteronism.

The Usefulness of Individual-Level HIV Surveillance Data to Initiate Statewide HIV Partner Services: Experiences From Hawaii and New Mexico.

Partner services are a broad array of services that should be offered to persons with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and that are based on a process through which HIV-infected persons are interviewed to elicit information about their sex and needle-sharing partners. Human immunodeficiency virus testing of partners can result in a high yield of newly diagnosed HIV positivity, but despite this yield and the benefits of partners knowing their exposures and HIV status, partner services are often not conduct...

The Hidden Roles That Management Partners Play In Accountable Care Organizations.

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are often discussed and promoted as driven by physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers. However, because of the flexible nature of ACO contracts, management organizations may also become partners in ACOs. We used data from 2013-15 on 276 ACOs from the National Survey of Accountable Care Organizations to understand the prevalence of nonprovider management partners' involvement in ACOs, the services these partners provide, and the structure of ACOs that have...

Dynamics of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in a typical inland lake of the Three Gorges Reservoir area: Fluorescent properties and their implications for dissolved mercury species.

Dissolved organic matter (DOM) plays an important environmental and ecological role in inland aquatic systems, including lakes. In this study, using fluorescence analysis, we investigated the seasonal dynamics of DOM characteristics in Changshou Lake, which is a typical inland lake in the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR) area. We also discuss the environmental implications of DOM for mercury (Hg) dynamics. Based on the origins of two end-members, the variations in DOM observed in this study in Changshou Lake su...

Missed opportunities for HIV control: Gaps in HIV testing for partners of people living with HIV in Lima, Peru.

Based on the hypothesis that HIV programs struggle to deliver health services that harmonize necessities of treatment and prevention, we described the outcomes of routinely provided HIV testing to partners of people living with HIV (PLWH) through a secondary analysis of routine data collected at a public hospital in Lima, Peru.

Contrast Agents for MR Imaging.

Contrast media are essential to the practice of MR imaging. An increasing variety of agents have been approved for clinical use, specific contrast agents can often be tailored to a specific clinical question. Compared with CT contrast media, MR imaging contrast is well tolerated with an excellent safety record and a low incidence of adverse events. In this article, we review the pharmacology, indications, and the common adverse events of the intravenous and oral MR contrast agents most commonly used in cont...

Understanding aneurysmal type 1 neovascularisation (polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy): a lesson in the taxonomy of "expanded spectra".

The term aneurysmal type 1 neovascularization is derived from terminology which is established in the literature but which has fallen out of use. We believe that aneurysmal type 1 neovascularization accurately describes the lesions which define the entity known as polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy. Over the last 3 decades the clinical spectrum of PCV has expanded to recognize the occurrence of the aneurysmal (polypoidal) lesions in different contexts, resulting in a complex and unwieldy taxonomy based somet...

Auditing The Completeness and Legibility of Computerized Radiological Request Forms.

Certain Saudi healthcare organizations transfer outpatients to medical imaging departments for radiological examinations in a manual process that relies on the use of paper-based forms. With the increased implementation of electronic medical records in Saudi Hospitals, little is known about the completeness and legibility of information captured in  electronic-based medical imaging forms. The purpose of this study is to audit the completeness and legibility of medical imaging paper-based forms in comp...

Wide-field color imaging of scatter-based tissue contrast using both high spatial frequency illumination and cross-polarization gating.

This study characterizes the scatter-specific tissue contrast that can be obtained by high spatial frequency (HSF) domain imaging and cross-polarization (CP) imaging, using a standard color imaging system, and how combining them may be beneficial. Both HSF and CP approaches are known to modulate the sensitivity of epi-illumination reflectance images between diffuse multiply-scattered and superficially backscattered photons, providing enhanced contrast from microstructure and composition than what is achieve...

High-depth-resolution range imaging with multiple-wavelength superheterodyne interferometry using 1550-nm lasers.

Lasers and laser diodes are widely used as illumination sources for optical imaging techniques. Time-of-flight (ToF) cameras with laser diodes and range imaging based on optical interferometry systems using lasers are among these techniques, with various applications in fields such as metrology and machine vision. ToF cameras can have imaging ranges of several meters, but offer only centimeter-level depth resolution. On the other hand, range imaging based on optical interferometry has depth resolution on th...

Research Imaging of Brain Structure and Function After Concussion.

Even when concussions are associated with prolonged physical and cognitive sequelae, concussions are typically "invisible" on diagnostic brain imaging, indicating that the neuropathology associated with concussion lies under the detection threshold of routine imaging. However, data from brain structural and functional research imaging studies using diffusion tensor imaging, resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging, and brain perfusion imaging indicate that these imaging sequences have a role in i...

Characterization of HIV diversity, phylodynamics and drug resistance in Washington, DC.

Washington DC has a high burden of HIV with a 2.0% HIV prevalence. The city is a national and international hub potentially containing a broad diversity of HIV variants; yet few sequences from DC are available on GenBank to assess the evolutionary history of HIV in the US capital. Towards this general goal, here we analyze extensive sequence data and investigate HIV diversity, phylodynamics, and drug resistant mutations (DRM) in DC.

Patients as Front-Line Owners and Partners in Improving Quality and Safety.

As patient partners, we are pleased by the success of the front-line ownership (FLO) approach in advancing safe care in a variety of initiatives and settings. The FLO underlying principles and approach deeply resonate with us as illustrated in the following quotes from the paper: "Nothing about me without me," "Most passionate change agents are not in roles that typically get invited to participate," "Inviting anybody who is interested in the problem at hand," "FLO creates a way to break down hierarchies, i...

Quality of Life in Partners of Young and Old Breast Cancer Survivors.

Partners of breast cancer survivors experience the effects of a spouse's cancer years after treatment. Partners of younger survivors (YPs) may experience greater problems than partners of older survivors (OPs), just as younger survivors experience greater problems than their older counterparts.

Three-Dimensional Speckle Light Self-Healing-Based Imaging System.

Recently new methodologies for imaging have been achieved making use of multiple light scattering. Here we present the self-healing effect using a speckled light field. We present an experiment that constitutes a useful application for a three-dimensional light sheet-based imaging system through an inhomogeneous medium. Each layer can be imaged independently of the others. The axial resolution basically depends on the coherence length, which can be sub-wavelength and controllable. This allows for a simple a...

Bioluminescence Tomography Based on Gaussian Weighted Laplace Prior Regularization for in vivo Morphological Imaging of Glioma.

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