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First in the Nation: One Unit's Journey to Achieving Fragility Fracture Certification.

Osteoporosis is related to more than 2 million fractures and $19 billion in healthcare costs each year (). A fragility fracture (FF) is a low-energy fracture of the distal radius, proximal humerus, ankle, or proximal femur (hip) from minimal trauma such as a fall from a standing height. In addition to cost, FFs often result in the loss of independence and productivity (). In 2015, our orthopaedic unit received the first certification ever awarded for FFs. Fragility fracture certification is a new certificat...

The global palm oil sector must change to save biodiversity and improve food security in the tropics.

Most palm oil currently available in global markets is sourced from certified large-scale plantations. Comparatively little is sourced from (typically uncertified) smallholders. We argue that sourcing sustainable palm oil should not be determined by commercial certification alone and that the certification process should be revisited. There are so-far unrecognized benefits of sourcing palm oil from smallholders that should be considered if genuine biodiversity conservation is to be a foundation of 'environm...

Ezh2 mutations found in the Weaver overgrowth syndrome cause a partial loss of H3K27 histone methyltransferase activity.

Weaver syndrome is characterized by tall stature, advanced bone age, characteristic facies, and variable intellectual disability. It is caused by heterozygous mutations in EZH2, a histone methyltransferase responsible for H3K27 trimethylation. However, no early truncating mutations have been identified, suggesting that null mutations do not cause Weaver syndrome.

Maintenance of Certification and the Challenge of Professionalism.

Board certification has been part of the social contract in which physicians commit to maintaining up-to-date scientific knowledge and improving the quality of patient care. However, the maintenance of certification program has been controversial. This review summarizes the philosophical underpinnings, published literature, recent improvements, and future directions of the American Board of Pediatrics maintenance of certification program.

Meat from cattle slaughtered without stunning sold in the conventional market without appropriate labelling: A case study in Italy.

In the European Union, slaughter without stunning is allowed for religious slaughter to obtain halal and kosher meat. Especially in the case of Jewish slaughtering, cuts which are not deemed as kosher are sold to regular market without any specific labelling. This survey, conducted in Tuscany in 2016, aimed to quantify the carcasses rejected in relation to the type of religious slaughter. 656 bovines were slaughtered without stunning: 538 (82%) for halal and 118 (18%) for kosher. All carcasses slaughtered b...

Certification Matters.

As professionals, we have many opportunities to prove our expertise in our field. Professional Certification is one of those opportunities. Certified nurses have reported feeling more empowered, with better collaborative relationships, as well as believing that they provide better care. Nurses also have perceived intrinsic value to obtaining certification in a specialty practice area. The certification process attempts to demonstrate that the nurse has exceeded the minimal standards and exhibits a high leve...

An Australian Biobank Certification Scheme: A Study of Economic Costs to Participating Biobanks.

Biobanks face increasing demands for research materials of consistent quality, which can be used in collaborative studies. Several countries and some international agencies have made formal efforts to standardize biobank operations and outputs. These include the establishment of best practice guidelines for collection management, and certification programs. Such guidelines and programs increase biobanks' opportunities for participation in high impact research and funding. However, they also impose economic ...

Neurologists dealing with sickness certification: Experiences of problems and need of competence.

Most studies on physicians' sickness certification practices include general practitioners (GP) while there hardly is any knowledge on this regarding neurologists although neurological diseases often involve work incapacity and need of sick leave.

The Relationship Between Specialty Certification of Individual Nurses and Outcomes: Developing a Standardized Taxonomy for Research.

Specialty certification is an important method to demonstrate that RNs possess advanced training, knowledge, and competencies required to provide safe, high-quality care for specific populations.

The Nephila clavipes genome highlights the diversity of spider silk genes and their complex expression.

Spider silks are the toughest known biological materials, yet are lightweight and virtually invisible to the human immune system, and they thus have revolutionary potential for medicine and industry. Spider silks are largely composed of spidroins, a unique family of structural proteins. To investigate spidroin genes systematically, we constructed the first genome of an orb-weaving spider: the golden orb-weaver (Nephila clavipes), which builds large webs using an extensive repertoire of silks with diverse ph...

Effect of Access to an Electronic Medical Resource on Performance Characteristics of a Certification Examination: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Electronic resources are increasingly used in medical practice. Their use during high-stakes certification examinations has been advocated by many experts, but whether doing so would affect the capacity to differentiate between high and low abilities is unknown.

Effect of a package of integrated demand- and supply-side interventions on facility delivery rates in rural Bangladesh: Implications for large-scale programs.

According to the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey 2014, only approximately 37 percent of women deliver in a health facility. Among the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh, the facility delivery rate is lowest in the Sylhet division (22.6 percent) where we assessed the effect of integrated supply- and demand-side interventions on the facility-based delivery rate.

Multi-petawatt laser facility fully based on optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification.

We report on a multi-petawatt 3-cascaded all-optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification laser facility. The experimental results demonstrate that the maximum energy after the final amplifier and after the compressor is 168.7 J and 91.1 J, respectively. The pulse width (FWHM) is 18.6 fs in full width at half maximum after optimization of pulse compression. Therefore, 4.9 PW peak power has been achieved for the laser facility. To the best of our knowledge, this is the highest peak power reported so fa...

Editorial: In Good Company.

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in floor and road dust from a manual e-waste dismantling facility and adjacent communities in Thailand.

This study characterizes concentrations of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in floor and road dust from a manual e-waste dismantling facility and adjacent communities in Thailand. Levels of Σ22 PBDEs in floor dust from the facility varied between 1,200 and 43,000 ng g(-1), whereas those from adjacent communities were in the range 6.6-2,200 ng g(-1). Concentrations of Σ22 PBDEs (43,000 ng g(-1)) were highest in floor dust collected from the facility. Levels of Σ22 PBDEs and all congeners studied, ex...

Effects and Unforeseen Consequences of Accessing References on a Maintenance of Certification Examination: Findings From a National Study.

Increasing criticism of maintenance of certification (MOC) examinations has prompted certifying boards to explore alternative assessment formats. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of allowing test takers to access reference material while completing their MOC Part III standardized examination.

Proton-induced production and radiochemical isolation of (44)Ti from scandium metal targets for (44)Ti/(44)Sc generator development.

Scandium-44g (half-life 3.97h) shows promise for application in positron emission tomography (PET), due to favorable decay parameters. One of the sources of (44g)Sc is the (44)Ti/(44g)Sc generator, which can conveniently provide this radioisotope on a daily basis at a diagnostic facility. Titanium-44 (half-life 60.0 a), in turn, can be obtained via proton irradiation of scandium metal targets. A substantial (44)Ti product batch, however, requires high beam currents, long irradiation times and an elaborate c...

FM-MAP: A Novel In-Training Examination Predicts Success on Family Medicine Certification Examination.

The objective of our study was to assess the correlation between a locally developed In-Training Examination (ITE) and the certification examination in family medicine in Canada.

A reliable facility location design model with site-dependent disruption in the imperfect information context.

This paper proposes a reliable facility location design model under imperfect information with site-dependent disruptions; i.e., each facility is subject to a unique disruption probability that varies across the space. In the imperfect information contexts, customers adopt a realistic "trial-and-error" strategy to visit facilities; i.e., they visit a number of pre-assigned facilities sequentially until they arrive at the first operational facility or give up looking for the service. This proposed model aims...

Effect of temperature on N2O emissions from a highly enriched nitrifying granular sludge performing partial nitritation of a low-strength wastewater.

In the race to achieve a sustainable urban wastewater treatment plant, not only the energy requirements have to be considered but also the environmental impact of the facility. Thus, nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions are a key-factor to pay attention to, since they can dominate the total greenhouse gases emissions from biological wastewater treatment. In this study, N2O production factors were calculated during the operation of a granular sludge airlift reactor performing partial nitritation treating a low-stre...

Creating a World-Class Program through Training and Certification.

The animal research field has gotten more sophisticated with the use of genetically engineered animals, biohazardous agents, and advanced technologies. Trained and competent personnel are a cornerstone of any animal care and use program. Individual career success is a combination of education, experience, continuing competence, professional development, and personal commitment. Integration of training and certification into programs demonstrate institutional commitment to quality research and enhance the pr...

Regulatory Issues Associated with Preharvest Food Safety: United States Perspective.

The preharvest and preslaughter steps of food production constitute a first stage at which food can become contaminated with foodborne and toxigenic pathogens. Contamination at this early stage of food production can lead to amplification as food travels through the production and supply chain, accentuating the crucial need to address hazards and establish science-based metrics that are feasible to implement. This article discusses the preharvest food safety regulatory landscape in the United States, with a...

Sharing is Caring: The Case for Company-Level Collaboration in Pharmacoeconomic Modelling.

Optimal experimental conditions for Welan gum production by support vector regression and adaptive genetic algorithm.

Welan gum is a kind of novel microbial polysaccharide, which is widely produced during the process of microbial growth and metabolism in different external conditions. Welan gum can be used as the thickener, suspending agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, lubricant, film-forming agent and adhesive usage in agriculture. In recent years, finding optimal experimental conditions to maximize the production is paid growing attentions. In this work, a hybrid computational method is proposed to optimize experimental cond...

Disease-specific Care: Spine Surgery Program Development.

Minimal literature exists describing the process for development of a Joint Commission comprehensive spine surgery program within a community hospital health system. Components of a comprehensive program include structured communication across care settings, preoperative education, quality outcomes tracking, and patient follow-up. Organizations obtaining disease-specific certification must have clear knowledge of the planning, time, and overall commitment, essential to developing a successful program. Healt...

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