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Latitudinal Psychology: An Ecological Perspective on Creativity, Aggression, Happiness, and Beyond.

Are there systematic trends around the world in levels of creativity, aggressiveness, life satisfaction, individualism, trust, and suicidality? This article suggests a new field, latitudinal psychology, that delineates differences in such culturally shared features along northern and southern rather than eastern and western locations. In addition to geographical, ecological, and other explanations, we offer three metric foundations of latitudinal variations: (latitudinal gradient repeatability across hemis...

Invasion Biology, Ecology, and Management of Western Flower Thrips.

Western flower thrips, , first arose as an important invasive pest of many crops during the 1970s-1980s. The tremendous growth in international agricultural trade that developed then fostered the invasiveness of western flower thrips. We examine current knowledge regarding the biology of western flower thrips, with an emphasis on characteristics that contribute to its invasiveness and pest status. Efforts to control this pest and the tospoviruses that it vectors with intensive insecticide applications have ...

Death without distress? The taboo of suffering in palliative care.

Palliative care (PC) names as one of its central aims to prevent and relieve suffering. Following the concept of "total pain", which was first introduced by Cicely Saunders, PC not only focuses on the physical dimension of pain but also addresses the patient's psychological, social, and spiritual suffering. However, the goal to relieve suffering can paradoxically lead to a taboo of suffering and imply adverse consequences. Two scenarios are presented: First, PC providers sometimes might fail their own ambit...

On personal responsibility in medicine.

Enabling patients to make lasting behavioural change is one of the enduring challenges doctors face. The success of our medical treatment and preventative health measures relies heavily on our patients exercising personal responsibility, however, we rarely question our assumptions about what this looks like and how it is best enabled in clinical practice. Theoretical models of the individual and their ensuing responsibility are important because they influence the nature and expectations of the relationship...

What if my life is not worth living?

In the culture of the Western countries suicide remains a taboo subject. Some of the risk factors for suicide are known, but the connections between non-communicable conditions (chronic-degenerative terminal diseases - CDTD) and suicide have been poorly explored until now. In contrast, the increasing legalization and public support for euthanasia (E) and physician assisted suicide (PAS) in Western countries make it important to understand this topic. Palliative care (PC) is a useful measure to counteract su...

Plectorhinchus macrolepis (Actinopterygii: Haemulidae) in the western Atlantic Ocean.

Morphometric measurements, meristic counts and DNA barcoding identified the presence of a biglip grunt Plectorhinchus macrolepis in the western Atlantic Ocean. As the species is endemic to the tropical eastern Atlantic Ocean and has not previously been reported in the western Atlantic Ocean, we discuss the possible means by which it might have dispersed to the western Atlantic Ocean. Even though this species is not considered established in Paranaguá Bay, we advocate monitoring of possible new individuals ...

Western Diet and the Immune System: An Inflammatory Connection.

The consumption of Western-type calorically rich diets combined with chronic overnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle in Western societies evokes a state of chronic metabolic inflammation, termed metaflammation. Metaflammation contributes to the development of many prevalent non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and these lifestyle-associated pathologies represent a rising public health problem with global epidemic dimensions. A better understanding of how modern lifestyle and Western diet (WD) activate immune c...

Menstrual health communication among Indian adolescents: A mixed-methods study.

Research in health communication frequently views it as an information dissemination strategy, thus neglecting the intricacies involved in communicating a sensitive topic such as menstruation. The social patterning in menstrual communication, a taboo in India, and its consequent health-effects on adolescents are under-studied.

Brief Report: Association Between Low HIV-1 DNA and Western Blot Reactivity to HIV-1 Pol in Chronically Infected Individuals.

The aim of the study was to evaluate whether negative HIV-1 pol on Western blot (WB) was associated with low HIV-DNA in adults with chronic HIV-1 infection and suppressive antiretroviral therapy.

Connecting West and East.

Despite their similarities, Western medicine and Eastern medicine are very different because they are built on different fundamentals. The general idea has arisen that we will benefit by connecting Western and Eastern medicine. First, both the merits as well as the limitations of both types of medicine are discussed. It was concluded that to create a bridge, we should focus on similarities that inspire the further unravelling of the molecular mechanism of the mode of action and toxicity of Traditional Chine...

Biogenesis of RNase P RNA from an intron requires co-assembly with cognate protein subunits.

RNase P RNA (RPR), the catalytic subunit of the essential RNase P ribonucleoprotein, removes the 5' leader from precursor tRNAs. The ancestral eukaryotic RPR is a Pol III transcript generated with mature termini. In the branch of the arthropod lineage that led to the insects and crustaceans, however, a new allele arose in which RPR is embedded in an intron of a Pol II transcript and requires processing from intron sequences for maturation. We demonstrate here that the Drosophila intronic-RPR precursor is tr...

Are Asian foods as "fattening" as western-styled fast foods?

In Asia, the consumption of western-styled fast foods is widely perceived as the cause of the rise in obesity and chronic disease. Twenty-five of the most popular local Asian foods were compared for energy, total fat, saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol with twenty-nine western-styled fast foods. The comparative analysis showed no significant difference in energy (p = 0.150) and total fat (p = 0.346) between the two food categories. These findings suggest that many local Asian foods contribute as...

Ramification Pattern of the Arteries Supplying the Rabbit Female Genital Organs.

Uterine adenocarcinoma occurs in more than 60% of female rabbits aged four years and over. To cure or prevent this uterine disorder, ovariohysterectomy should be performed. Although knowledge of the arterial supply to the ovary, uterus, and vagina is required, few studies have described the arterial anatomy. Therefore, we dissected ovarian, uterine, and vaginal arteries in 15 New Zealand White and 15 Japanese White rabbits to clarify the anatomy. The ovarian artery arose from the abdominal aorta, and in 50%...

Trends in epilepsy diagnosis and surgery in western China during 2009-2017.

Despite the strong evidence for the efficacy of surgery to treat temporal lobe epilepsy, the number of such surgeries has plateaued in western countries. This study examined trends in the number of epilepsy cases diagnosed, number of surgeries performed, and certain characteristics of surgery patients in western China between January 2009 and December 2017.

Iodine-containing food practices of Western Australian pregnant women and ethnicity: An observational study.

The Australian Health Survey 2011 to 2013 indicated that Western Australian women had good iodine status, suggesting adequate consumption of iodine from food, however, little is known about pregnant women in this state. The aim was to investigate the iodine-containing food practices of Western Australian pregnant women.

How the economy shapes the way we think about ourselves and others.

While recessions are a regular feature of modern economic life, researchers have only recently begun to explore their psychological implications. This review examines evidence that recessions are linked to changes in how people regard themselves and others. Specifically, it reviews work suggesting that recessions are associated with declines in individualism and increases in interdependence. It also reviews evidence indicating that economic turmoil is associated with greater racial animosity. Finally, it co...

Developmental outcomes following prenatal exposure to methamphetamine: A Western Australian perspective.

To describe neurodevelopmental outcomes among a cohort of Western Australian infants exposed to maternal methamphetamine use during pregnancy and to determine whether the Ages and Stages Questionnaire is a reliable screening tool for this population.

Income inequality is detrimental to long-term well-being: A large-scale longitudinal investigation in China.

Much of the research on the detrimental effects of inequality on well-being is based on cross-sectional surveys, which may have over- or under-estimated the relationship between income inequality and well-being. Moreover, the vast majority of the work comes from Western industrialized contexts but it is not known to what extent the same pattern holds in non-Western developing countries.

Food database of N-acyl-phosphatidylethanolamines, N-acylethanolamines and endocannabinoids and daily intake from a Western, a Mediterranean and a vegetarian diet.

The contents of N-acylphosphatidylethanolamines (NAPEs), N-acylethanolamines (NAEs) and endocannabinoids (ECs) in 43 food products were assessed and daily intakes, based on consumption of Mediterranean, vegetarian and Western diets, were simulated. NAPEs and NAEs were more abundant in plant-based foods than in animal food products; NAPEs were in the ranges 0-4032 vs 4-398 µg/g dw and NAEs were in the ranges 0-35 vs 0.1-0.7 µg/g dw, respectively while ECs were in the range 0-0.1 vs 0-34 µg/g dw....

Growth of young HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children in western Kenya: A retrospective chart review.

The objective of this study was to determine the growth patterns, rates of malnutrition, and factors associated with malnutrition in children born to HIV-infected mothers in western Kenya using data from an electronic medical record system.

Demographic and Clinical profile of Cardioembolic Stroke Patients in Western Sydney.

Cardioembolism (CE) contributes to a large proportion of ischemic stroke. We evaluated the demographic and clinical profile of CE stroke in Western Sydney.

Further assessment of the Genus Neodon and the description of a new species from Nepal.

Recent molecular systematic studies of arvicoline voles of the genera Neodon, Lasiopodomys, Phaiomys, and Microtus from Central Asia suggest the inclusion of Phaiomys leucurus, Microtus clarkei, and Lasiopodomys fuscus into Neodon and moving Neodon juldaschi into Microtus (Blanfordimys). In addition, three new species of Neodon (N. linzhiensis, N. medogensis, and N. nyalamensis) have recently been described from Tibet. Analyses of concatenated mitochondrial (Cytb, COI) and nuclear (Ghr, Rbp3) genes recovere...

Discovery of a deeply divergent new lineage of vine snake (Colubridae: Ahaetuliinae: Proahaetulla gen. nov.) from the southern Western Ghats of Peninsular India with a revised key for Ahaetuliinae.

The Western Ghats are well known as a biodiversity hotspot, but the full extent of its snake diversity is yet to be uncovered. Here, we describe a new genus and species of vine snake Proahaetulla antiqua gen. et sp. nov., from the Agasthyamalai hills in the southern Western Ghats. It was found to be a member of the Ahaetuliinae clade, which currently comprises the arboreal snake genera Ahaetulla, Dryophiops, Dendrelaphis and Chrysopelea, distributed in South and Southeast Asia. Proahaetulla shows a sister r...

Skin cancer incidence in rural workers at a reference hospital in western Paraná.

Skin cancer is common in Brazil and is related to sun exposure, among other risk factors. There are no data on the incidence of malignant skin neoplasm in rural workers in western Paraná.

A serological and molecular study on Francisella tularensis in rodents from Hamadan province, Western Iran.

Tularemia is a zoonotic disease, the most important hosts of which are rodents. Endemic regions and reservoirs of F. tularensis are not well-researched areas in Iran. The present study aimed to study F. tularensis infection in the rodent populations of western Iran.

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