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Encouraging Patients to Speak up About Problems in Cancer Care.

Many patients with cancer believe that something has gone wrong in their care but are reluctant to speak up. This pilot study sought to evaluate the impact of an intervention of active outreach to patients undergoing cancer treatment, wherein patients were encouraged to speak up if they had concerns about their care and to describe the types of concerns patients reported.

Prosodic Improvement in Persons with Parkinson Disease Receiving SPEAK OUT!® Voice Therapy.

Hypokinetic dysarthria in Parkinson disease (PD) hinders the ability to verbally communicate and interferes with activities of daily living. SPEAK OUT!® is a therapy program designed to improve functional communicative ability. In contrast to the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program, SPEAK OUT!® promotes speaking with intent to effect loud speech. This study evaluated the efficacy of SPEAK OUT!® in persons with idiopathic PD in 3 domains: self-reported voice handicap, clinical ratings of dysarthria and ...

A step-up approach for dealing with rectal foreign bodies.

Patients visiting a hospital with retained rectal foreign bodies can no longer be considered rare and the incidence appears to increase. Currently, little is known about management of patients with retained foreign bodies and there are no medical protocols for situations like this. There is no limit to the type of objects inserted into the anal canal, exposing clinicians to diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas. Standardised algorithms for patients with retained foreign bodies are needed to avoid serious comp...

BODIES R US: Ethical Views on the Commercialization of the Dead in Medical Education and Research.

With the ongoing and expanding use of willed bodies in medical education and research, there has been a concomitant rise in the need for willed bodies and an increase in the means of supplying these bodies. A relatively recent development to enlarge this supply has been the growth of for-profit willed body companies ("body brokers") in the United States. These companies advertise for donors, cover all cremation and other fees for the donor, distribute the bodies or body parts nationally and internationally,...

Nuclear Bodies Toward Human Bodies.

Spatial Properties of Mismatch Negativity in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness.

In recent decades, event-related potentials have been used for the clinical electrophysiological assessment of patients with disorders of consciousness (DOCs). In this paper, an oddball paradigm with two types of frequency-deviant stimulus (standard stimuli were pure tones of 1000 Hz; small deviant stimuli were pure tones of 1050 Hz; large deviant stimuli were pure tones of 1200 Hz) was applied to elicit mismatch negativity (MMN) in 30 patients with DOCs diagnosed using the JFK Coma Recovery Scale-Revised (...

Effect of Navigation System on Removal of Foreign Bodies in Head and Neck Surgery.

Foreign bodies retained in oral and maxillofacial regions include different types and properties. Road traffic accident is one of the major causes of the maxillofacial trauma. Foreign bodies can cause direct or indirect damage to the body, even life-threatening. It is a demanding procedure to detect the accurate position and implement surgical removal of the embedded fragments in the soft tissue in clinic.Usually, foreign bodies are close to important structures such as the head and neck region with limited...

Mass of the thenar eminence hiding idiopathic massive rice bodies formation with a compression of the median nerve: Case report and review of the literature.

Rice bodies are described as fibrin bodies usually found among patients with inflammatory joint diseases, tuberculous arthritis, and tuberculous tenosynovitis, but they are rarely found among non-tuberculosis patients.

The effects of clinical facilitators' pedagogic practices on learning opportunities for students who speak English as an additional language: An ethnographic study.

Increasing numbers of undergraduate nursing students speak English as an additional language. Clinical placements can be difficult for many of these students and their clinical facilitators. The causes of challenges are often reported to be students' lack of English language ability or, for some students, learning styles that are not suited to Western style education.

Circulating apoptotic bodies maintain mesenchymal stem cell homeostasis and ameliorate osteopenia via transferring multiple cellular factors.

In the human body, 50-70 billion cells die every day, resulting in the generation of a large number of apoptotic bodies. However, the detailed biological role of apoptotic bodies in regulating tissue homeostasis remains unclear. In this study, we used Fas-deficient MRL/lpr and Caspase 3 mice to show that reduction of apoptotic body formation significantly impaired the self-renewal and osteo-/adipo-genic differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Systemic infusion of exogenous apoptotic bo...

Heterochromatin restricts the mobility of nuclear bodies.

Nuclear bodies are relatively immobile organelles. Here, we investigated the mechanisms underlying their movement using experimentally induced interphase prenucleolar bodies (iPNBs). Most iPNBs demonstrated constrained diffusion, exhibiting infrequent fusions with other iPNBs and nucleoli. Fusion events were actin-independent and appeared to be the consequence of stochastic collisions between iPNBs. Most iPNBs were surrounded by condensed chromatin, while fusing iPNBs were usually found in a single heteroch...

F-AV-1451 uptake differs between dementia with lewy bodies and posterior cortical atrophy.

Posterior cortical atrophy and dementia with Lewy bodies are 2 distinct clinical syndromes, yet they can overlap in symptoms and occipital hypometabolism. Patients with dementia with Lewy bodies often have overlapping Alzheimer's disease pathology. Similarly, Lewy bodies can be found in patients with posterior cortical atrophy. We investigated differences in the distribution and magnitude of F18-AV-1451 uptake in patients with these 2 syndromes.

The body inversion effect in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).

Bodies are important social cues for animals. Body recognition in humans is deteriorated by inversion. This inversion effect suggests the configural processing of bodies, which is different from the processing used for other objects. However, it is not known if this type of body processing exists in non-human primates. We tested seven chimpanzees using upright and inverted chimpanzee body stimuli and other stimuli in matching-to-sample tasks to examine the body inversion effect and the body parts that invok...

Strategy of optical path of daylight signal into tissues in cold-season turfgrasses using small, concave silica bodies.

Plants incorporate inorganic materials (biominerals), such as silica, into their various components. Plants belonging to the order Poales, like rice plants and turfgrasses, show comparatively high rates of silicon accumulation, mainly in the form of silica bodies. This work aims to determine the shapes and roles of these silica bodies by microscopic observation and optical simulation. We have previously found convex silica bodies on the leaves of rice plants and hot-season turfgrasses (adapted to hot-season...

A Catalog of Spectra, Albedos, and Colors of Solar System Bodies for Exoplanet Comparison.

We present a catalog of spectra and geometric albedos, representative of the different types of solar system bodies, from 0.45 to 2.5 μm. We analyzed published calibrated, uncalibrated spectra, and albedos for solar system objects and derived a set of reference spectra and reference albedos for 19 objects that are representative of the diversity of bodies in our solar system. We also identified previously published data that appear contaminated. Our catalog provides a baseline for comparison of exoplanet...

Rural Doc Hopes to Build Ties With Big Cities.

Jacksonville OB-Gyn hopes rural docs and big centers can build collegiality.

Silica bodies in leaves of neotropical Podostemaceae: taxonomic and phylogenetic perspectives.

The presence, location and morphology of silica bodies are informative anatomical characters in angiosperms, mainly in Poales. In Podostemaceae, a strictly aquatic family, these structures are mentioned frequently, but there is limited insight into their location and morphological features. In the present study we focused on describing and analysing the morphological diversity of silica bodies in leaves of neotropical Podostemaceae at the intra- and interspecific levels to determine their taxonomic and phyl...

Revolution-"Speak With Your Pens" / Prenez la plume pour participer à une révolution.

Artist's Statement: Physicians Must Speak for the Voiceless and the Vulnerable.

Dementia with Lewy bodies.

Dementia with Lewy bodies is characterized histopathologically by the deposition of α-synuclein in inclusion bodies. Clinical diagnosis is based on progressive cognitive deficits, cognitive fluctuations, early visual hallucinations, REM sleep disorders and symptoms of Parkinsonism. On the basis of the new criteria published in 2017, better differentiation from other neurodegenerative diseases with dementia should be possible. Therapy concepts include treatment of loss of motor and cognitive performance as ...

Effect of Canagliflozin on Heart Function Involving Ketone Bodies in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

This report describes the effect of administration (n=3) or withdrawal (n=2) of canagliflozin, a sodium-glucose co-transporters 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitor, on cardiac function in relation to ketone bodies. Three cases received and two cases discontinued canagliflozin. Changes of heart function with ultrasonography (EF: ejection fraction and %FS: functional shortening) and cardiometabolic parameters including ketone bodies (acetoacetate/beta-hydroxybutylate) were compared at 3 months. 69, 68 and 60 years old male ...

Making the Ethical Transition in South Africa: Acquiring Human Bodies for Training in Anatomy.

While dissection remains the method of choice for teaching human anatomy, ethical requirements for obtaining cadavers has made the process of acquiring human bodies more strenuous for institutions. In Africa and at the School of Anatomical Sciences in South Africa, dependence on unclaimed bodies has been prevalent. The aim of the present study was to determine whether more rigorous application of ethical consent has altered the provenance of the cadavers in the School of Anatomical Sciences, University of t...

Of Discomfort and Disagreement:Unclaimed Bodies in Anatomy Laboratories at United States Medical Schools.

Use of unclaimed bodies for anatomy teaching in undergraduate medical education continues, but is ethically controversial. The purposes of this study were to estimate the proportion of United States medical schools using unclaimed bodies in first-year anatomy laboratories, to determine whether schools inform students of this use, and to explore anatomy course leaders' attitudes toward unclaimed body use. Anatomy course leaders from 146 United States medical schools that had independent pre-clinical programs...

Inversion produces opposite size illusions for faces and bodies.

Faces are complex, multidimensional, and meaningful visual stimuli. Recently, Araragi, Aotani, & Kitaoka (2012) demonstrated an intriguing face size illusion whereby an inverted face is perceived as larger than a physically identical upright face. Like the face, the human body is a highly familiar and important stimulus in our lives. Here, we investigated the specificity of the size underestimation of upright faces illusion, testing whether similar effects also hold for bodies, hands, and everyday objects. ...

Influence of Apoptotic Bodies and Apoptotic Microvesicles on NO Production in Macrophages.

We studied the effect of extracellular vesicular particles generated during apoptosis by macrophages of M0, M1 and M2 phenotypes on spontaneous and LPS-stimulated production of NO. The fractions of apoptotic bodies and apoptotic microvesicles were obtained in the primary cultures of peritoneal macrophages undergoing apoptosis. The effect of these microparticles on LPS-induced proinflammatory response of recipient macrophages critically depends on the initial phenotype of "donor" macrophages. Microvesicles a...

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