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Attitudes to Brexit: A Survey of Nursing and Midwifery Students.

In a referendum on 23nd June 2016 the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU). The phenomenon known as Brexit did not come out of nowhere: according to Clarke, Whiteley and Goodwin (2017), it marked a culmination of social and political trends emerging over many years. Moreover, there is resonance far beyond the UK, with tensions between an increasingly globalised society and national autonomy, between young and old, and between 'liberals' and 'authoritarians' (Ford & Goodwin, 2014). Such fo...

Biotech Crop Planting Resumes High Adoption in 2016.

The global area of biotech crops in 2016 increased from 179.7 million hectares to 185.1 million hectares, a 3% increase equivalent to 5.4 million hectares. Some 26 countries planted biotech crops, 19 of which were developing countries and seven were industrial. Information and data collected from various credible sources showed variations from the previous year. Fluctuations in biotech crop area (both increases and decreases) are influenced by factors including, among others, acceptance and commercializatio...

'Bioexit': navigating the policy and regulatory pathways for the biotechnology industry in a post-Brexit landscape.

The withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (EU) is a complicated event. Although implications vary by industry, the biotechnology sector is especially vulnerable to the consequences of Brexit. Accordingly, here we evaluate potential repercussions under four post-Brexit political pathways: European Economic Area (EEA) affiliation (Norwegian Model); (negotiated bilateral access (Swiss Model); limited participation in EU Customs Union (Turkish Model); or independence under the World Trade Organization (W...

Word Processing in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Evidence From Event-Related Potentials.

This investigation was conducted to determine whether young children with autism spectrum disorders exhibited a canonical neural response to word stimuli and whether putative event-related potential (ERP) measures of word processing were correlated with a concurrent measure of receptive language. Additional exploratory analyses were used to examine whether the magnitude of the association between ERP measures of word processing and receptive language varied as a function of the number of word stimuli the pa...

Skipping of Chinese characters does not rely on word-based processing.

Previous eye-movement studies have indicated that people tend to skip extremely high-frequency words in sentence reading, such as "the" in English and "/de" in Chinese. Two alternative hypotheses have been proposed to explain how this frequent skipping happens in Chinese reading: one assumes that skipping happens when the preview has been fully identified at the word level (word-based skipping); the other assumes that skipping happens whenever the preview character is easy to identify regardless of whether ...

Engaging with change: Information and communication technology professionals' perspectives on change in the context of the 'Brexit' vote.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been a key agent of change in the 21st century. Given the role of ICT in changing society this research sought to explore the responses and attitudes to change from ICT professionals and ICT academics in dealing with the potentially far reaching political challenge triggered by the UK's 2016 European Union Referendum and its decision to leave the European Union (referred to as Brexit). Whilst the vote was a UK based decision its ramifications have global im...

Whither UK dentistry after Brexit?

Effects of word length on eye guidance differ for young and older Chinese readers.

Effects of word length on where and for how long readers fixate within text are preserved in older age for alphabetic languages like English that use spaces to demarcate word boundaries. However, word length effects for older readers of naturally unspaced, character-based languages like Chinese are unknown. Accordingly, we examined age differences in eye movements for short (2-character) and long (4-character) words during Chinese reading. Word length effects on eye-fixation times were greater for older tha...

Audiological Assessment of Word Recognition Skills in Persons With Aphasia.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ability of persons with aphasia, with and without hearing loss, to complete a commonly used open-set word recognition test that requires a verbal response. Furthermore, phonotactic probabilities and neighborhood densities of word recognition errors were assessed to explore potential underlying linguistic complexities that might differentially influence performance among groups.

MEP demands evidence for Brexit benefits.

Ensuring access to medicines after Brexit.

Word count as an indicator of suicide risk in an inpatient setting.

The current study replicates a previously used methodology with a suicidal inpatient sample regarding word counts generated by participants writing about suicidal constructs. Word counts (i.e., the number of written words) on the Suicide Status Form from initial sessions with suicidal inpatients were compared to self-rated suicide risk scores as well as to continuous and repeated measures of hopelessness and suicide ideation assessed over the course of inpatient care. Results showed that higher word counts ...

Concerns about supply of medicines post-Brexit.

The effect of load on spatial attention depends on preview: Evidence from a readingstudy.

The spatio-temporal distribution of covert attention has usually been studied under unfamiliar tasks with static viewing. It is important to extend this work to familiar tasks such as reading where sequential eye movements are made. Our previous work with reading showed that covert spatial attention around the gaze location is affected by the fixated word frequency, or the processing load exerted by the word, as early as 40 ms into the fixation. Here, we hypothesised that this early effect of frequency is o...

Uninformative contexts support word learning for high-skill spellers.

The current study investigated how high-skill spellers and low-skill spellers incidentally learn words during reading. The purpose of the study was to determine whether readers can use uninformative contexts to support word learning after forming a lexical representation for a novel word, consistent with instance-based resonance processes. Previous research has found that uninformative contexts damage word learning; however, there may have been insufficient exposure to informative contexts (only one) prior ...

Brexit poses serious threats to the availability and affordability of food in the United Kingdom.

Brexit will have profound implications for health and health policy yet, while much attention has focused on health professionals, medicines and health protection, the risk of food insecurity, and thus health, has received less attention. We identify five major threats to the availability and affordability of food supplies. These are a lack of regulatory alignment restricting ability to import foods from the EU and beyond, a shortage of agricultural labour in the UK, increased prices of imported foods due t...

Rent increase hits Europe's drug regulator before Brexit move.

Replication and extension of long-term implicit memory: Perceptual priming but conceptual cessation.

We endeavored to replicate Mitchell's (2006) finding of 17-year implicit memory priming. Subjects saw word and picture stimuli in 1999-2000 (M age = 18.9) and were retested after 11-14 years (M = 13.2; M age = 32.1). Via the internet, they completed four implicit memory tasks: picture fragment identification, word fragment completion, word stem completion, and category exemplar generation. Relative to control subjects (matched on stimuli, age, and education), longitudinal subjects revealed pri...

Brexit, the junior doctor contract, and medical student intentions.

Wind of Change: Brexit and European Rehabilitation.

The role of character positional frequency on Chinese word learning during natural reading.

Readers' eye movements were recorded to examine the role of character positional frequency on Chinese lexical acquisition during reading and its possible modulation by word spacing. In Experiment 1, three types of pseudowords were constructed based on each character's positional frequency, providing congruent, incongruent, and no positional word segmentation information. Each pseudoword was embedded into two sets of sentences, for the learning and the test phases. In the learning phase, half the participant...

Word Learning: Associations or Hypothesis Testing?

Children learn thousands of words in the first years of life, but the process supporting this feat is largely unknown. New neuroimaging results indicate that learning a word may be sudden rather than gradual, supported by hippocampal memory.

Word segmentation by alternating colors facilitates eye guidance in Chinese reading.

During sentence reading, low spatial frequency information afforded by spaces between words is the primary factor for eye guidance in spaced writing systems, whereas saccade generation for unspaced writing systems is less clear and under debate. In the present study, we investigated whether word-boundary information, provided by alternating colors (consistent or inconsistent with word-boundary information) influences saccade-target selection in Chinese. In Experiment 1, as compared to a baseline (i.e., unif...

Just how good an investment is the biopharmaceutical sector?

Uncertainty surrounding the risk and reward of investments in biopharmaceutical companies poses a challenge to those interested in funding such enterprises. Using data on publicly traded stocks, we track the performance of 1,066 biopharmaceutical companies from 1930 to 2015-the most comprehensive financial analysis of this sector to date. Our systematic exploration of methods for distinguishing biotech and pharmaceutical companies yields a dynamic, more accurate classification method. We find that the perfo...

Holistic word processing in dyslexia.

People with dyslexia have difficulty learning to read and many lack fluent word recognition as adults. In a novel task that borrows elements of the 'word superiority' and 'word inversion' paradigms, we investigate whether holistic word recognition is impaired in dyslexia. In Experiment 1 students with dyslexia and controls judged the similarity of pairs of 6- and 7-letter words or pairs of words whose letters had been partially jumbled. The stimuli were presented in both upright and inverted form with ortho...

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