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Not one Brexit: How local context and social processes influence policy analysis.

This paper develops an empirical agent-based model to assess the impacts of Brexit on Scottish cattle farms. We first identify several trends and processes among Scottish cattle farms that were ongoing before Brexit: the lack of succession, the rise of leisure farming, the trend to diversify and industrialise, and, finally, the phenomenon of the "disappearing middle", characterised by the decline of medium-sized farms and the polarization of farm sizes. We then study the potential impact of Brexit amid the ...

Not quite anyone's guess: Brexit, forensic science and legal medicine.

A few months before 29th March 2019 - the date when the UK is due to leave the EU ('Brexit') - the nature of the future UK-EU relationship is highly uncertain. Some of the consequences of the new relationship - whatever form it takes - for legal cooperation and everything (including forensic science and legal medicine) that underpins it can be anticipated. Further analysis, however, of the scope and significance of Brexit for the professional and academic scientific and clinical work covered by this journal...

Influences on and consequences of parafoveal preview in reading.

During reading, information is extracted from upcoming words to the right of the currently fixated word, which facilitates recognition of those words when they are later fixated. According to the foveal load hypothesis (Henderson & Ferreira, 1990), this parafoveal preview benefit depends on how difficult the currently fixated word is to recognize. Furthermore, there is evidence that the influence of lexical variables (frequency and predictability) on word processing changes when no preview of that word is a...

Examining the role of imageability and regularity in word reading accuracy and learning efficiency among first and second graders at risk for reading disabilities.

This study explored word reading accuracy and word learning efficiency in first- and second-grade students (N = 125). In two experiments, students participated in a short training exposing them to words that varied on orthographic regularity and imageability. In Experiment 1 the form of word feedback was manipulated (phonemic vs. whole word), whereas in Experiment 2 pretraining exposure was manipulated (training on meaning vs. imageability). Crossed random effects models were used to explore child- and ...

Green as a cbemcuru: modal as well as amodal color cues can help to solve anagrams.

Embodied cognition theories have been getting much support in recent years from studies showing that multimodal experiential traces are activated during language comprehension. However, there are almost no studies examining this influence in the opposite direction. Here, we investigated the influence of modal (physical color patch) and amodal (color word) cues on anagram solving times. We manipulated the association between the color cue and the solution word's referent color (e.g., finding the solution wor...

The influence of word frequency on word reading speed when individuals with macular diseases read text.

People with central field loss (CFL) use peripheral vision to identify words. Eccentric vision provides ambiguous visual inputs to the processes leading to lexical access. Our purpose was to explore the hypothesis that this ambiguity leads to strong influences of inferential processes, our prediction being that increasing word frequency would decrease word reading time. Individuals with bilateral CFL induced by macular diseases read French sentences displayed with a self-paced reading method. Reading time o...

Enhanced semantic involvement during word recognition in children with dyslexia.

We investigated whether children with dyslexia show enhanced semantic involvement as compensation for deficient phonological processing during reading. Phonological and semantic processing during reading and moderating effects of word frequency and word length in children with and without dyslexia were examined using a picture-word priming paradigm. Participants were 61 children with dyslexia and 50 typical readers in Grade 6 of primary school. Primes were either semantically or phonologically (shared onset...

Brexit is already damaging European science.

Time Course of the Second Morpheme Processing During Spoken Disyllabic Compound Word Recognition in Chinese.

This study aimed to investigate the time course of meaning activation of the 2nd morpheme processing of compound words during Chinese spoken word recognition using eye tracking technique with the printed-word paradigm.

Effects of word length on eye guidance differ for young and older Chinese readers.

Effects of word length on where and for how long readers fixate within text are preserved in older age for alphabetic languages like English that use spaces to demarcate word boundaries. However, word length effects for older readers of naturally unspaced, character-based languages like Chinese are unknown. Accordingly, we examined age differences in eye movements for short (2-character) and long (4-character) words during Chinese reading. Word length effects on eye-fixation times were greater for older tha...

No-deal Brexit is 'worst of all possible worlds'.

Concerns about supply of medicines post-Brexit.

Word deafness with preserved number word perception.

We describe the performance of an aphasic individual, K.A., who showed a selective impairment affecting his ability to perceive spoken language, while largely sparing his ability to perceive written language and to produce spoken language. His spoken perception impairment left him unable to distinguish words or nonwords that differed on a single phoneme and he was no better than chance at auditory lexical decision or single spoken word and single picture matching with phonological foils. Strikingly, despite...

Brexit: no deal would be "disaster" for patients in Northern Ireland, GP leader warns.

Language Does Matter: But There is More to Language Than Vocabulary and Directed Speech.

In response to Golinkoff, Hoff, Rowe, Tamis-LeMonda, and Hirsh-Pasek's (2018) commentary, we clarify our goals, outline points of agreement and disagreement between our respective positions, and address the inadvertently harmful consequences of the word gap claim. We maintain that our study constitutes a serious empirical challenge to the word gap. Our findings do not support Hart and Risley's claim under their definition of the verbal environment; when more expansive definitions were applied, the word gap ...

Third-quarter biotech job picture.

Second-quarter biotech job picture.

The role of semantic transparency in visual word recognition of compound words: A megastudy approach.

Previous studies on visual word recognition of compound words have provided evidence for the influence of lexical properties (e.g., length, frequency) and semantic transparency (the degree of relatedness in meaning between a compound word and its constituents) in morphological processing (e.g., to what extent is doorbell influenced by door and bell?). However, a number of questions in this domain, which are difficult to address with the available methodological resources, are still unresolved. We collected ...

Government urged to clarify plan to protect drug supply in event of "no deal" Brexit.

Gates unveils biotech-within-a-charity.

Public biotech in 2017-the numbers.

New Nonprofit Biotech From Bill and Melinda Gates.

Similar within-utterance loci of dysfluency in acquired neurogenic and persistent developmental stuttering.

Although the underlying neural mechanisms remain unknown for both persistent developmental stuttering (PSD) and acquired neurogenic stuttering (ANS), few studies have examined similarities/differences between these two disorders. We evaluated in both PDS (n = 35) and ANS (n = 5) phonetic, word class, word length, and word position variables that are widely believed to influence at which loci within utterances PDS speakers' stuttering is most likely to occur. For both groups, (a) word weights based o...

Biotech leaders call for free press.

US law threatens flow of foreign capital to biotech sector.

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