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Effect of intergenerational educational mobility on health of Indian women.

This study aims to analyse the relationship between intergenerational educational mobility and the overall health of the Indian women. It uses a nationally representative survey, India Human Development Survey (IHDS) 2011-12, and logistic regressions to study this relationship. The sample comprises of women aged 45 years and older. We find that the women experiencing upward intergenerational educational mobility (vis-a-vis their mothers) have significantly higher chances of experiencing good overall health ...

The importance of cholesterol follow-up testing under current statin treatment guidelines.

Under "treat to risk" goals, low-density (LDL)-cholesterol follow-up measurements monitor statin compliance rather than titration to target levels, however, there is little evidence showing that more-frequent monitoring reduces LDL-cholesterol. We therefore tested whether frequency of blood tests significantly predicted lipoprotein improvements in a large anonymized clinical laboratory database. Differences (∆ ± SE) in total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL-cholesterol between baseline and follow-...

Resistance training performed with single-set is sufficient to reduce cardiovascular risk factors in untrained older women: The randomized clinical trial. Active Aging Longitudinal Study.

The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of a single-set RT program on CVD-risk parameters in untrained older women. Forty-eight older women (> 60 years) were randomly assigned to two groups. The training group (SS) performed a 12-week RT program comprised of single sets (10-15 repetitions) in 8 exercises performed 3 times per week. The control group remained pursued normal daily activities with no exercise intervention. Each participant was evaluated for total cholesterol (TC), high density lipo...

Health status and associated factors among the community-dwelling elderly women in China.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the health status and associated factors of the elderly women in China. A cross-sectional survey from cluster random sampling method was performed between March 2013 and December 2013. 1910 elderly people aged 60 years and over were selected in a community of Nanjing, China, including 977 elderly women. The self-designed elderly health assessment scale questionnaire was used. The data were analyzed through χ-test and ordinal logistic regression. The results showed ...

Lower Quarter Y-Balance Test in healthy women 50-79 years old.

The Lower Quarter Y-Balance Test (LQ-YBT), a measure of dynamic balance used in young adults, has not been adequately studied in older women. We determined the reliability, normative values, and relationships to other balance measures for LQ-YBT in women aged 50-79 years. Interrater reliability was strong, and test-retest reliability was moderate to strong. Results by decade showed women 50-59 years had significantly better scores than both older groups. There were moderate positive correlations between s...

Predictors of happiness among older Korean women living alone.

The level of happiness of older adults is associated with their psychosocial and physical health. Currently, little is known about the predictors of happiness among older women living alone in the community. The present study aimed to identify these predictors.

Cognitive effects of adjuvant endocrine therapy in older women treated for early-stage breast cancer: a 1-year longitudinal study.

Evidence suggests endocrine therapy (ET) for breast cancer (BC) has adverse cognitive effects, but its specific effects on older women are unknown. This is despite the fact that older women are at increased risk of both breast cancer (BC) and cognitive decline relative to younger women. This study prospectively examined the cognitive effects of ET in a cohort of older BC patients. Our primary outcome measure was change in verbal memory, the cognitive domain most consistently affected by estrogen deprivation...

Will Teens Go Red? Low Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Among Young Women.

Background The American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign has improved awareness of cardiovascular disease ( CVD ) among adult women aged 25 years and older. Little is known about awareness among younger women. Methods and Results We assessed awareness of CVD and prevention efforts among 331 young women aged 15 to 24 years using the American Heart Association National Women's Health Study survey. We compared responses from this cohort to the 2012 American Heart Association online survey of 1227 ...

Cognition and Vitamin D in Older African-American Women- Physical performance and Osteoporosis prevention with vitamin D in older African Americans Trial and Dementia.

To examine the effect of 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) levels recommended by Endocrine Society guidelines (>30 ng/mL) on cognition in healthy older African-American women over 3 years.

Validity, Reliability, and Diagnostic Accuracy of Ratings of Perceived Exertion to Identify Dependence in Performing Self-care Activities in Older Women.

Dependence in self-care activities among older women has been previously evaluated through performance-based tests. However, these tests have presented inability to accurately distinguish between dependent and independent older adults in performing activities of daily living.

Interpersonal trauma and aging-related genitourinary dysfunction in a national sample of older women.

Among reproductive-aged women, exposure to interpersonal trauma is associated with genitourinary symptoms. Little is known about the relationship between these exposures and the genitourinary health of older women, who tend to experience different and more prevalent genitourinary symptoms due to menopause and aging.

H-Atom Abstraction vs. Addition: Accounting for the Diverse Product Distribution in the Autoxidation of Cholesterol & its Esters.

We recently communicated that the free radical-mediated oxidation (autoxidation) of cholesterol yields a more complex mix-ture of hydroperoxide products than previously appreciated. In addition to the epimers of the major product, cholesterol 7-hydroperoxide, the epimers of each of the regioisomeric 4- and 6-hydroperoxides are formed, as is the 5-hydroperoxide in the presence of a good H-atom donor. Herein we determine the products resulting from competing peroxyl radical addition to cholesterol, the ste...

Self-efficacy and cooking confidence are associated with fruit and vegetable intake in a cross-sectional study with rural women.

In comparison to their urban and suburban counterparts, midlife and older rural women are less likely to consume adequate fruit and vegetables (F&V). The present study aimed to examine the relationships between psychological, social, and environmental factors and F&V intake among midlife and older rural women in the United States.

Do the Oncological and Surgical Outcomes of Young and Older Women Differ in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer?

The present study aimed to compare the surgical and oncological outcomes between young and older women with colorectal cancer (CRC).

Extensive undertreatment of osteoporosis in older Swedish women.

In a population-based study of older Swedish women, we investigated the proportion of women treated with osteoporosis medication in relation to the proportion of women eligible for treatment according to national guidelines. We found that only a minority (22%) of those eligible for treatment were prescribed osteoporosis medication.

Associations of Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder With Menopause Symptoms Among Midlife and Older Women.

Little is known about the prevalence of traumatic exposures among midlife and older women and the association of these traumatic exposures with health issues.

Normal cholesterol levels in the immediate postpartum period: A risk factor for depressive and anxiety symptoms?

We aimed to ascertain if cholesterol levels within the reference standards for healthy non-pregnant women are a risk factor for depressive and anxiety symptoms in the immediate postpartum period. During the first week after delivery, total cholesterol levels of 120 new mothers were measured and their mood state was assessed with the Profile of Mood States (POMS). Two weeks before delivery, mothers' personal and family history of mood disturbances was assessed with the Maternal History of Mood Disturbances (...

Cardiac function is not associated with glucose control in older women.

The present study evaluated the effect of age on glucose tolerance and cardiac function and assessed the relationship between metabolic control and cardiac function and performance. Thirty-four healthy women aged 40 to 81 years were divided into two age groups: younger (≤50 years of age, N = 19) and older (≥60 years of age, N = 15). Participants performed an oral glucose tolerance test and a graded cardiopulmonary exercise test with non-invasive haemodynamic measurements. Compared to young...

When sex meets age: Family physicians' perspectives about sexual dysfunction among older men and women: A qualitative study from Israel.

Gender differences in relation to sexual functioning among older adults have received very little research attention, although the ageing process is likely to be characterized by difficulties in sexual functioning among both women and men.

Leveraging Community Engagement to Develop a Mobile Health Application for Older Women With HIV Infection.

To develop a mobile health app for older women with HIV infection that will be used in a larger study.

Pregnancy history and cognitive aging among older women: the Rancho Bernardo Study.

The aim of the study was to examine the association of pregnancy history with trajectories of cognitive function in older women.

Promoting breast cancer awareness in older women during the seasonal flu vaccination campaign.

older women are at high risk of presenting with breast cancer when it has reached a late stage, which may be partly because of poor breast cancer awareness.

Screening Mammography Among Older Women: A Review of United States Guidelines and Potential Harms.

In the United States, older women (aged ≥65 years) continue to receive routine screening mammography surveillance, despite limited evidence supporting the benefits to this subpopulation. This article reviews screening mammography guidelines and the potential harms of such screening for older women in the United States. Published guidelines and recommendations on screening mammography for older women from professional medical societies and organizations in the United States were reviewed from the mid-20th ...

Meta-regression analysis of the effects of dietary cholesterol intake on LDL and HDL cholesterol.

Elevated low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Dietary guidance recommends reducing saturated fatty acid, trans fatty acid, and cholesterol intakes to reduce circulating LDL cholesterol. Cholesterol intake may also affect high-density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol concentrations, but its impact has not been fully quantified.

Is the belief that urinary incontinence is normal for ageing related to older Canadian women's experience of urinary incontinence?

Many women consider urinary incontinence (UI) a normal part of ageing. This belief may contribute to delays in treatment seeking. This study examined the relationship among holding that belief, UI type and severity, impact on quality of life, management and healthcare seeking in a sample of older community-dwelling Canadian women.

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