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Top 5 Junior Member Abstract Program Winners Announced at CAP18.

Congress2017 poster winners.

The following articles represent the first-place and runner-up winners from the NMCongress2017 poster contest. Both posters were presented and recognized at last year's conference. Congratulations to our winners!

Winner Announced: The Letheon 2nd Annual Creative Writing Competition.

Dying to win? Olympic Gold medals and longevity.

This paper compares mortality between Gold and Silver medalists in Olympic Track and Field to study how achievement influences health. Contrary to conventional wisdom, winners die over one year earlier than losers. I find strong evidence of differences in earnings and occupational choices as a mechanism. Losers pursued higher-paying occupations than winners according to individual Census records. I find no evidence consistent with selection or risk-taking. How people respond to success or failure in pivotal...

Medical negligence: there are no winners.

ANPD 2018 Poster Winners.

Congratulations to APIC award winners.

Award Winners for 2018 AJPH Paper and Reviewer of the Year.

Rotating Catalysts Are Superior - Suppressing Product Inhibition by Anchimeric Assistance in Four-Component Catalytic Machinery.

Three distinct four-component supramolecular nanorotors, prepared by varying the rotator's structure and keeping all other components constant, exhibit rotational frequencies that differ by almost two orders of magnitude. When the rotors were used as catalyst for two click reactions, the product yield correlated with the speed of the machine, e.g. 20% at 0.50 kHz, 44% at 20 kHz and 62% at 42 kHz. The kinetic effect on the product yield is attributed to the ability of the rotating catalysts to displace the p...

How will alcohol research be impacted by future reduction in nicotine content in cigarettes?

The United States (US) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking unprecedented steps to regulate tobacco products in order to improve public health. The FDA recently announced its intention to set product standards to reduce the nicotine content in cigarettes available in the US to a minimally- or non-addictive level through an advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) (Gottlieb and Zeller, 2017). Because of the strong connection of cigarette smoking to alcohol drinking, there is compelling reason fo...

JNPT Congratulates APTA Award Winners.

Inner-product NMR spectroscopy: A variant of covariance NMR spectroscopy.

We propose a variant of covariance NMR spectroscopy, namely, inner-product NMR spectroscopy, originally suggested in Takeda (2015). The mathematical operation of inner-product NMR is the same as that of covariance NMR, except that subtraction of the average value of the variable is intentionally omitted, so that the correspondence of the spectrum with that of conventional two-dimensional Fourier-transformation is established without having to request the average to become vanishingly small. We demonstrate i...

Can estrogens be considered as key elements of the challenge hypothesis? The case of intrasexual aggression in a cichlid fish.

Territorial aggression has been widely studied in males and it has been historically suggested that androgens are key mediators of this behavior. However, more recent evidence suggests that it is the aromatization to estrogens, rather than androgens themselves, that is key to regulating this behavior. Females also display aggressive behaviors, but the physiological regulation of female aggression is still understudied when compared to males. In this context, the challenge hypothesis postulates that male-mal...

Sources of Safety Data and Statistical Strategies for Design and Analysis: Postmarket Surveillance.

Safety data are continuously evaluated throughout the life cycle of a medical product to accurately assess and characterize the risks associated with the product. The knowledge about a medical product's safety profile continually evolves as safety data accumulate.

Identifying design guidelines to meet the circular economy principles: A case study on electric and electronic equipment.

This study presents a methodology that allows the analysis of how an existing product design meets the design guidelines required from the circular economy perspective, and which are the design guidelines that would need to be incorporated into its design to become a better circular design product. For that, as a starting point, the design guidelines required for the circular product design have been identified from an extensive literature review. Then, criteria have been defined to measure the margin of im...

Tobacco product initiation is correlated with cross-product changes in tobacco harm perception and susceptibility: Longitudinal analysis of the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health youth cohort.

Youth initiation with one tobacco product is associated with risk of using additional tobacco types. How use of one product potentially encourages use of others could result from changing tobacco-related perceptions. This study aimed to evaluate how tobacco product initiation correlates with changes in susceptibility (curiosity and willingness) and perceived harm of other tobacco products. For each of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, hookah, and smokeless tobacco, youth (ages 12-16; N = 8005) rated perceived h...

Abstract winners, ASNC 2018.

Award winners 2018.

SELEX and SHAPE reveal that sequence motifs and an extended hairpin in the 5' portion of Turnip crinkle virus satellite RNA C mediate fitness in plants.

Noncoding RNAs use their sequence and/or structure to mediate function(s). The 5' portion (166 nt) of the 356-nt noncoding satellite RNA C (satC) of Turnip crinkle virus (TCV) was previously modeled to contain a central region with two stem-loops (H6 and H7) and a large connecting hairpin (H2). We now report that in vivo functional selection (SELEX) experiments assessing sequence/structure requirements in H2, H6, and H7 reveal that H6 loop sequence motifs were recovered at nonrandom rates and only some resi...

Carbonate-radical-anions, and not hydroxyl radicals, are the products of the Fenton reaction in neutral solutions containing bicarbonate.

The Fenton reaction, Fe(HO) + HO → Oxidizing product, is of major importance in biology as the major cause of oxidative stress, and in advanced oxidation processes. It is commonly assumed that ·OH is the product of the Fenton reaction. The results presented herein point out that ·OH is indeed the oxidizing product in acidic solutions for [Fe(HO)] > [HO]; Fe is the active oxidizing product in neutral solutions; in slightly acidic solutions for [HO] > [Fe(HO)] a mixture of ·OH and Fe is formed. However C...

Design of a K-Winners-Take-All Model With a Binary Spike Train.

A continuous-time K-winners-take-all (KWTA) neural model that can identify the largest K of N inputs, where command signal 1 łe K < N is described. The model is given by a differential equation where the spike train is a sum of delta functions. A functional block-diagram of the model includes N feed-forward hard-limiting neurons and one feedback neuron, used to handle input dynamics. The existence and uniqueness of the model steady states are analyzed, the convergence analysis of the state variable traject...

A framework to investigate the impact of topography and product characteristics on electronic cigarette emissions.

Protocols for testing and reporting emissions of Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHCs) from electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are lacking. The premise of this study is that multi-path relationships may be developed to describe interactions between product characteristics, use behavior and emissions to develop appropriate protocols for tobacco product regulatory compliance testing.

Quantitation of anti-Pythium insidiosum antibodies before and after administration of an immunotherapeutic product to healthy dogs.

OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of an immunotherapeutic product on concentrations of anti-Pythium insidiosum antibodies in dogs. ANIMALS 7 healthy hound-crossbreds. PROCEDURES Antibody concentrations were evaluated before (day 0) and after administration of the immunotherapeutic product. The immunotherapeutic product was administered on days 0, 7, and 21. Serum was obtained on days 0, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, and 56. Anti-P insidiosum antibody concentrations were measured and reported as the percentage p...

Men's Participation and Performance in the Boston Marathon from 1897 to 2017.

This study examined men's participation and performance in the Boston Marathon. Data from all 368,940 official male finishers in the Boston Marathon from 1897 through 2017 were analyzed using different analyses and regression models for all runners, annual top hundred finishers, annual top ten finishers and annual winners. Effect of calendar year on race time was examined alone, in a uni-variable model, and together with country of origin and weather conditions (average air temperature and precipitation) in...

Winners and Losers: Communicating the Potential Impacts of Policies: Commentary on Zeller.

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