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The application of critical pathway management to resident doctor's standardized training in pediatrics.

To further guide the standardized training work of the resident doctor and apply critical pathway management to resident doctor's standardized training.

The clinical effects of combined use of inhaled nitric oxide at early stage to cure severe respiratory failure in neonates.

To observe the clinical effects of combined use of inhaled nitric oxide at the early stage to cure severe respiratory failure in neonates.

Clinical research on airway intervention before tracheal extubation after general anesthesia on snoring children.

To analyze the method and the effect of airway intervention before tracheal extubation in post-anesthesia cure unit (PACU) after anesthesia when removing the tonsil under general anesthesia and adenoidectomy under nasal endoscope on children with snoring.

Current views of pediatric asthma.

Childhood asthma is influenced by multiple factors including genetic, socioeconomic, socio demographic and environmental factors. The symptoms of childhood asthma are observed to be variable. Some studies reported that asthma prevalence is disproportionately high among socially disadvantaged children. On the other hand, some reports found weak or no association between social disadvantage and childhood asthma. Recent literature showed that growth of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) instruments in the ...

Research on the correlation between the fibrinogen β and attack of pediatric pneumonia.

To investigate the correlation of the gene polymorphism of β-148C/T of fibrinogen with the expression of fibrinogen and the attack of pediatric pneumonia.

The pathogenic detection for 126 children with diarrhea and drug sensitivity tests.

To investigate the cause of infective diarrhea in children, special distribution of the infection and the drug sensitivity.

Clinical effects of ascending colon patching ileorectal heart-shaped anastomosis on total colonic aganglionosis.

We studied the clinical effects of ascending colon patching ileorectal heart-shaped anastomosis in treating total colonic aganglionosis.

Therapeutic strategy for multiple VSD combined with MVSD in infants and young children.

To investigate the therapeutic strategy for the multiple ventricular septal defects (VSD) combined with a muscular ventricular septal defect (MVSD) in the infants and young children.

Transient receptor potential melastatin 4 cation channel in pediatric heart block.

Progressive cardiac conduction disease (PCCD) is a common pediatric heart conduction disorder. It is an autosomal inheritance of rare mutations, which leads to familial cases of PCCD. In these cases, the His-Purkinje system's conductive capacity is progressively deranged, involving either right or left bundle branch block. Also, QRS complexes display widening is an important characteristic that culminates in complete AV block, syncope, and sudden death. Mutations in TRPM4 gene that encodes for transient rec...

Factors responsible for mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV-1 - a review.

Many factors have been identified to influence the risk of mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV. Chief amongst these is high maternal VL and advanced disease. High maternal viral load (mVL), measured at delivery, has been described as the strongest risk factor for both in utero (IU) and intrapartum (IP) transmission. Similarly, CD4+ T cell count and clinical stage of infection are also the confirmed significant predictors of transmission. Correspondingly, higher mVL in the genital tract has also been ...

Protein metabolism and exercise in children - a review.

General nutritional strategies to promote whole body protein retention, particularly with relation to exercise, have been largely based on adult research that does not consider the dynamic process of growth and often ignores scenarios commonly experienced by children (e.g., exercise in the heat). Therefore, the aim of the present review is to highlight the importance of post-exercise protein quantity and timing in active children, specifically with respect to the whole body protein turnover.

Recent perspectives of pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders.

The assorted circumstances characterized by malfunctioning in cognition, communication or motor skills lead to abnormal development of the central nervous system (CNS) in young infants. These conditions are collectively termed as neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) and are usually diagnosed during childhood or infancy. NDDs occur as frequent as 1-3% in the general population and their diagnostic yield is approximately 15-25% with existing available techniques. So, the majority of affected patients are still...

Neuropsychological intervention of minimal cognitive impairment including language deficits.

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is an early dementia or discrete memory loss. The cognitive deficit in MCI impedes people's daily activities, which influences multiple aspects of thinking and acting including attention, reading, writing, reasoning, language, and judgment. This review aims to assess the outcome of various neuropsychological interventions in treating MCI.

Current views of depressive disorders in children - a review.

Depression is one of the most debilitating worldwide mental illnesses, which is included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The main risk factors for the development of depression are female gender, early life stress family history of mood disorders, former anxiety disorders, substance abuse and life events. The present review article is focused on the various causative factors like childhood early life stress, cortisol or cortisol awakening response. The review would update reade...

Hypothermia in neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).

Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) significantly affects neurodevelopment in infants and is also considered as an important cause of neonatal deaths worldwide. Medical research is being focused worldwide for the development of therapeutic avenues but it is still managed by supportive care. The latest studies in the above field have shown the efficacy of prolonged cooling of neonate's head or whole body at the age of 18 months (approx.) in providing relief from the pathological state of HIE. More...

Clinical analysis of 59 children with hand foot and mouth diseases due to enterovirus EV71 and concomitant viral encephalitis.

To analyzed the clinical features of children with HFMD and viral encephalitis and to summarize some treatments.

Influence of laryngeal mask airway (LMA) insertion anesthesia on cognitive function after microsurgery in pediatric neurosurgery.

To compare the influence of laryngeal mask airway (LMA) insertion anesthesia and endotracheal intubation on cognitive function during anesthesia for neurosurgery microscopy.

Recent perspectives of pediatric leukemia - an update.

Leukemia is defined as an aberrant hyper-proliferation of immature blood cells that do not form solid tumor masses (i.e., liquid cancer). Usually, leukemia could be either of the myeloid or lymphoid lineages, and is classified as acute or chronic in nature. Chronic leukemias tend to have more mature cells and are rare in pediatric patients. Acute leukemias, on the other hand, are typically less mature and commonly occur in patients of all ages and are potentially rapidly fatal if not readily treated. The ac...

Current views of chromosomal abnormalities in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Chromosomal abnormalities are an attractive avenue for the screening of various disorders especially related to carcinogens like acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The cytogenetic findings like Karyotypic patterns are common in pediatric patients. On the other hand, monosomal karyotype (MK) and complex karyotype (CK) are more common in older patients. Further, recent studies have revealed direct proportion between the number of chromosome abnormalities and mortality rates in both pediatric as well as old patient...

Current views of common pediatric cancers - an update.

Advancements in pediatric cancers diagnostics clarity and treatments have greatly increased survival rates in the pediatric oncology population. Increased survival rates have turned new attention to studying psychosocial stressors and improvisation of the quality of life of the suffering cancer patients. The cancer treatment experience could be divided into three phases: diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment/survivorship. The present review article would focus specifically on the three most common pediat...

Recent perspectives of ependymomas (childhood brain tumors).

Ependymomas are childhood brain tumors that occur throughout the central nervous system, but are most common in the hindbrain, also known as the posterior fossa (PF). Current standard therapy comprises maximal safe surgery, and there is no scope for further increase in survival. Despite the histological similarity, ependymomas from throughout the neuroaxis likely comprise multiple independent entities, each with a distinct molecular pathogenesis. The present review article would discuss both genetics and ep...

Pediatric protein metabolism techniques - a review.

Some invasive techniques could be safely and ethically applied to estimate protein metabolism in children. Although these methodologies provide valuable information on whole body protein metabolism, a reflection of what is happening to thousands of protein molecules across a variety of different tissues. However, they provide little information regarding the contribution of specific tissues and proteins to the whole-body changes observed (e.g., whether the increase in protein synthesis was a result of the m...

Laparoscopic surgery treatment of children with appendiceal abscess.

To evaluate the feasibility of treatment for children with appendiceal abscess by laparoscopic surgery and investigate its superiorities to conventional treatments.

Hypospadias in male infants - a review.

The external genitalia problems are cumbersome problems for both doctors and parents, as these abnormalities have a consequent impact on future generations. However, the affected young infants are unaware of the consequences due to immature emotional state. Further, the feeling of being different and inferior in affected young patients could give rise to negative emotions including depression, insecurity, anxiety, powerlessness, etc. These all factors collectively could cause a mental imbalance in the affec...

Resilience to post-traumatic stress among World Trade Center survivors: A mixed-methods study.

The purpose of this study was to identify individual characteristics, behaviors, and psychosocial factors associated with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among World Trade Center (WTC) disaster evacuation survivors. The study utilized a mixed-method design. In-depth interviews were conducted using a prepared script. PTSD was assessed using the PTSD checklist-civilian (PCL-C; a score ≥ 50 indicates probable PTSD). Thematic analysis was conducted to identify factors associated with PTSD. A...

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