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Teaching learners to raise the roof: a vaginal surgery simulator for apical suspension.

The objective was to discuss the importance of apical suspension following vaginal hysterectomy and demonstrate a surgical model to aide in educating learners on a variety of apical suspension procedures.


For monitoring the ambient 14C, the CaCO3 suspension counting method was established in this work. In the preparation of CaCO3 powder, a two-stage sampler with 3 mol L-1 NaOH absorbent was designed to collect the ambient CO2 at a sampling flow rate of 1 L min-1, and then the CaCO3 was precipitated by adding saturated CaCl2 solution. By using 2 g of CaCO3 powder, 4 mL double-distilled water and 14 mL scintillation cocktail, the lower limit detection could reach 20.0 mBq m-3 by using a commercially available ...

The Deoxymiroestrol and Isoflavonoid Production and Their Elicitation of Cell Suspension Cultures of Pueraria candollei var. mirifica: from Shake Flask to Bioreactor.

To address the high demand for Pueraria candollei var. mirifica (PM) used as the active ingredient in health products and its difficulty to cultivate in the field, the growth and production of deoxymiroestrol (DME) and isoflavonoid (ISF) phytoestrogens in PM cell suspensions were studied. In a 125-mL shake flask, the cell suspension produced DME [78.7 ± 8.79-116 ± 18.2 μg/g dry weight (DW)] and ISF (140 ± 6.83-548 ± 18.5 μg/g DW), which are the predominant ISF glycosides. While ISF a...

Simo decoction versus domperidone suspension for post-pyloric spiral nasoenteric tube placement: A multicenter, randomized, non-inferiority trial.

Leveraging prokinetics to facilitate trans-pyloric migration is a conventional strategy. However, due to restrictions on the use of domperidone suspension, oral prokinetics is relatively modest. The study aims to assess the effectiveness of simo decoction as an alternative to domperidone suspension in facilitating post-pyloric placement of spiral nasoenteric tubes.

Fenofibrate oral absorption from SNEDDS and super-SNEDDS is not significantly affected by lipase inhibition in rats.

The effect of drug load and digestion on the solubilization and absorption of fenofibrate in self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) was assessed in a pharmacokinetic study in rats and in an in vitro lipolysis model. SNEDDS containing fenofibrate at 75 % of equilibrium solubility (S), a super-saturated SNEDDS (super-SNEDDS) containing fenofibrate at 150 % of S and a super-SNEDDS suspension containing fenofibrate at 100 % of S and an additional 50 % S fenofibrate suspended (150 % of S in total) we...

Extemporaneous Indomethacin Oral Suspension Prepared from Injectable Ampules for Therapy in Premature Infants and Pediatric Patients.

Indomethacin is used for off-label prescription for the treatment of patent ductus arteriosus in premature infants. In Argentina, indomethacin is only available as a suppository, dermic cream, injectable ampules, and delayed-release capsules. Aiming to improve pediatric treatment and minimize the risk associated with improper dosage, this work focused on the development of an extemporaneous 0.2% indomethacin oral suspension, starting from the commercially injectable formulation. Two 150-mL batches of suspen...

Adverse childhood experiences and preschool suspension expulsion: A population study.

Preschool suspension and expulsion rates are typically based on teacher reports, and don't simultaneously account for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

A candidate for magnetic doping agent and high-temperature thermoelectric performance enhancer: Hard magnetic M-type BaFe12O19 nanometer suspension.

How to prevent the agglomeration of nanoparticles in nanocomposites remains a key challenge. Using nanometer suspension as a doping agent provides an effective approach to solve this challenge. A new technique that consists of chemical coprecipitation, ball milling and sedimentation separation metheds was developed for preparing hard magnetic M-type BaFe12O19 nanometer suspension. The single phase BaFe12O19 nanoparticles dispersed uniformly in alcohol have been prepared by this new technique. Magnetic nanoc...

Association between Adjuvant Posterior Repair and Success of Native Tissue Apical Suspension.

Posterior repairs and perineorrhaphies are often performed in prolapse surgery to reduce the size of the genital hiatus. The benefit of an adjuvant posterior repair at the time of sacrospinous ligament fixation or uterosacral ligament suspension is unknown.

Intracellular Photothermal Delivery for Suspension Cells Using Sharp Nanoscale Tips in Microwells.

Efficient intracellular delivery of biomolecules into cells that grow in suspension is of great interest for biomedical research, such as for applications in cancer immunotherapy. Although tremendous effort has been expended, it remains challenging for existing transfer platforms to deliver materials efficiently into suspension cells. Here, we demonstrate a high-efficiency photothermal delivery approach for suspension cells using sharp nanoscale metal-coated tips positioned at the edge of microwells, which ...

Correction of pelvic organ prolapse by laparoscopic lateral suspension with mesh: A clinical series.

Illustrating the outcomes of laparoscopic lateral suspension by mesh for pelvic organ prolapse repair.

Understanding effect of solution chemistry on heteroaggregation of zinc oxide and copper oxide nanoparticles.

The reported presence of mixture of nanoparticles in environmental water warrants developing understanding on their aggregation and fate. This study tried to address this question and focused on understanding effects of pH (3,7 and 10), background electrolyte concentration (1 mM and 10 mM as NaCl) and nanoparticle (NP) concentration (1 and 10 mg/L) on stability of suspension containing mixture of two commonly-found metal oxide-based NP (i.e., ZnO and CuO NPs) in a 6-h study (output variables: aggregat...

Laparoendoscopic Single-site Radical Hysterectomy: Sufficient Exposure via Effective Suspension.

We performed a radical hysterectomy for an early stage cervical cancer through laparoendoscopic single-site (LESS) approach and demonstrated the effective suspension could achieve different exposed purposes and space extension.

Effects of Suspension Versus Traditional Resistance Training on Explosive Strength in Elementary School-Aged Boys.

The aim of this study was to determine the effects of an 8-week program of resistance training (RT) or suspension training (ST) on explosive strength in prepubescent boys.

Detection of Taxuyunnanin C in Suspension Cell Culture of Taxuscanadensis.

This is the first study to isolate the taxoid taxuyunnanin C (group of 14-hydroxylated taxoids) from the biomass of suspension cell culture of the Canadian yew (Taxus canadensis). According to available data, this is the first report of the presence of nonpolar (polyacylated) forms of 14-hydroxylated taxoids, including taxuyunnanin C, in T. canadensis.

Pharmacokinetics of chloramphenicol base in horses and comparison to compounded formulations.

Chloramphenicol is commonly used in horses; however, there are no studies evaluating the pharmacokinetics of veterinary canine-approved tablets. Studies using different formulations and earlier analytical techniques led to concerns over low bioavailability in horses. Safety concerns about human health have led many veterinarians to prescribe compounded formulations that are already in suspension or paste form. The objective of this study was to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of approved chloramphenicol table...

Posterior Compartment prolapse occurrence After Anterior Vaginal Wall Suspension.

To determine the long-term rate of posterior compartment prolapse (PCP) occurrence after native tissue repair of the anterior compartment with anterior vaginal wall suspension (AVWS) procedure.

Laparoscopic lateral suspension with mesh for apical and anterior pelvic organ prolapse: A prospective double center study.

The present study analyzed long-term outcomes and complications of laparoscopic lateral suspension (LLS) with mesh to treat apical and anterior pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

Support-Free Ceramic Stereolithography of Complex Overhanging Structures based on an Elasto-viscoplastic Suspension Feedstock.

Ceramic stereolithography (CSL) is an additive manufacturing method for creating ceramic three-dimensional (3D) objects via the layer-by-layer photopolymerization of a ceramic suspension. A key challenge in CSL is that support structures are required for building overhanging structures to prevent part damage or deformation caused by gravity or process-induced shears. Removing the support structures can result in issues such as poor surface quality, high risk of cracking, etc. To overcome this challenge, thi...

Multi-Omic Approaches Identify Metabolic and Autophagy Regulators Important in Ovarian Cancer Dissemination.

High-grade serous ovarian cancers (HGSOCs) arise from exfoliation of transformed cells from the fallopian tube, indicating that survival in suspension, and potentially escape from anoikis, is required for dissemination. We report here the results of a multi-omic study to identify drivers of anoikis escape, including transcriptomic analysis, global non-targeted metabolomics, and a genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 knockout (GeCKO) screen of HGSOC cells cultured in adherent and suspension settings. Our combined approac...

Antifungal prophylaxis with posaconazole tablet and oral suspension in patients with hematologic malignancy: therapeutic drug monitoring, efficacy, and risk factors for the suboptimal level.

Posaconazole is used to prevent invasive fungal infections (IFIs) in patients with hematologic malignancy. In this study, we compared plasma posaconazole concentrations (PPCs) and the incidence of breakthrough IFIs between patients with hematologic malignancy receiving posaconazole oral suspension versus tablet.

Transvaginal high uterosacral ligament suspension: An alternative to McCall culdoplasty in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse.

Defects in female pelvic organ support are highly prevalent. Uterosacral ligament suspension at the time of primary prolapse repair (McCall culdoplasty) is a well-established surgical option to prevent prolapse recurrences. Recently Shull's high uterosacral ligament suspension technique has gained increasing popularity among Uro-Gynaecologists. A study carried out in 2017 by Spelzini et al. compared these two techniques, showing proper safety and efficacy in the treatment of prolapse, with no statistically ...

Robotic Tongue-Base Resection Combined With Tongue-Base Suspension for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Our primary objective was to evaluate the feasibility, morbidity, and efficacy of transoral robotic surgery (TORS) tongue-base resection (TBR) combined with tongue-base suspension (TBS) for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with tongue-base collapse. Our secondary objective included evaluation of factors influencing treatment success.

Arsenic adsorption mechanism on palm oil fuel ash (POFA) powder suspension.

The contribution of palm oil fuel ash (POFA), an agricultural waste as a low cost adsorbent for the removal of arsenite (As(III)) and arsenate (As(V)) was explored. Investigation on the adsorbency characteristics of POFA suspension revealed that the surface area, particle size, composition, and crystallinity of the SiO rich mullite structure were the crucial factors in ensuring a high adsorption capacity of the ions. Maximum adsorption capacities of As(III) and As(V) at 91.2 and 99.4 mg g, respectively,...

Photocatalytic performance of TiO/Clinoptilolite: Comparison study in suspension and hybrid photocatalytic membrane reactor.

Comparison studies in suspension and hybrid photocatalytic membrane reactor (HPMR) system was investigated by using Reactive Black 5 (RB5) as target pollutant under UVA light irradiation. To achieve this aim, hybrid TiO/clinoptilolite (TCP) photocatalyst powder was prepared by solid-state dispersion (SSD) methods and embedded at the outer layer of dual layer hollow fiber (DLHF) membranes fabricated via single step co-spinning process. TiO and CP photocatalyst were also used as control samples. The samples w...

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