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A Text Message Intervention to Reduce 21st Birthday Alcohol Consumption: Evaluation of a Two-Group Randomized Controlled Trial.

Twenty-first birthdays are associated with extreme levels of heavy drinking and alcohol-related harm. Effective preventive interventions that are acceptable to young adults are needed. The current study tested the efficacy of a brief text-message intervention for reducing 21st birthday alcohol involvement designed to correct perceived 21st birthday drinking norms and provide protective behavioral strategies (PBS). We also examined potential moderators and mediators. College students (n = 200) with an upcomi...

Culture and Differentiation of Lung Bronchiolar Epithelial Cells In Vitro.

Club cells are a major bronchiolar epithelial cell type in the lung. Using genetic lineage tracing in mice and in vitro culture of purified cells, we have shown that club cells can differentiate into alveolar type I and II cells. Here we describe the detailed protocol for culturing and differentiating club cells in 3-dimensional culture.

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The influence of junior coaches on club members in the Start2Finish Running & Reading Club: A qualitative study.

This study's purpose was to explore youth leaders' involvement and influence on younger program participants in a physical-activity-based positive youth development program (PA-PYD).

Ontogeny and Biology of Human Small Airway Epithelial Club Cells.

Little is known about human club ("Clara") cells, dome shaped cells with dense cytoplasmic granules and microvilli that represent the major secretory cells of the human small air-ways (≥6th generation bronchi).

Monitoring loads and non-contact injury during the transition from club to National team prior to an international football tournament: A case study of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2015 Asia Cup.

Injured and non-injured national team footballers were compared for external and internal loads during transition from club to National team training camp.

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p53 in Bronchial Club Cells Facilitates Chronic Lung Inflammation by Promoting Senescence.

The tumor suppressor p53 limits tumorigenesis by inducing apoptosis, cell cycle arrest, and senescence. Although p53 is known to limit inflammation during tumor development, its role in regulating chronic lung inflammation is less well understood. To elucidate the function of airway epithelial p53 in such inflammation, we subjected genetically modified mice, whose bronchial epithelial club cells lack p53, to repetitive inhalations of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), an exposure that leads to severe chronic bronchi...

Socioeconomic status of parents with children participating on youth club sport teams.

To describe the socioeconomic status, measured by household income and educational attainment, of parents with children participating on youth club sport teams.

Sevoflurane attenuates ventilator‑induced lung injury by regulating c‑PLA2 expression.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the potential role of club cell secretory protein (CCSP), an endogenous modulator, in reducing pulmonary inflammation induced by sevoflurane following one‑lung ventilation (OLV). Healthy Japanese white rabbits were randomly assigned to six groups: Sham‑operated group (group S); respiratory management of OLV group (group O); OLV + sevoflurane treated group (group OF), club cells exfoliated + sham‑operated group (group NA), club cells exfoliated + OL...

Cardiovascular disease mortality in relation to physical activity during adolescence and adulthood in Japan: Does school-based sport club participation matter?

We examined potential associations of sport club participation during adolescence and sports-related physical activity during adulthood with mortality from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in a Japanese population. Between 1988 and 1990, 29,526 men and 41,043 women aged 40-79 years responded to a questionnaire including questions about the frequency of sports participation at baseline and sport club participation during junior/senior high school. Subjects were followed-up until the end of 2009, and 4230 card...

A High-Resolution Opto-Electrophysiology System With a Miniature Integrated Headstage.

This work presents a fully integrated neural interface system in a small form factor (1.9 g), consisting of a μLED silicon optoelectrode (12 μLEDs and 32 recording sites in a 4-shank configuration), an Intan 32-channel recording chip, and a custom optical stimulation chip for controlling 12 μLEDs. High-resolution optical stimulation with approximately 68.5 nW radiant flux resolution is achieved by a custom LED driver ASIC, which enables individual control of up to 48 channels with a current precision ...

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Photorealistic 3D Cinematic Rendering of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma From Volumetric CT Data.

The ability to create 3D renderings from multi-detector CT data enables a global overview of complex anatomy and disease processes which can be difficult to appreciate on 2D images. As such, 3D CT has become an invaluable adjunct for diagnosis and treatment planning of many urologic conditions. A newly available method of 3D visualization, known as cinematic rendering, uses a complex lighting model to create photorealistic images and holds promise for improved discrimination of tumors and cancer staging in ...

Digital workflow for the design and additively manufacture of a splinted framework and custom tray for the impression of multiple implants: A dental technique.

This article describes a step-by-step digital protocol for the design and fabrication, through additive manufacturing, of a splinted framework and a custom tray for the impression of a complete-arch prosthesis supported by multiple implants. The protocol presented uses open source software to control the thicknesses of the custom tray, splinting material, and impression material during the procedure, reducing laboratory and chairside time and costs.

Social Motivation and Health in College Club Swimming.

Participation in recreational sport clubs on campus is a popular student activity nationwide. These sport-based organizations provide a host of benefits within recognized dimensions of health and wellness. Understanding participants' motives for engaging in these types of activities can provide insight in design and delivery and enhance participant health. This study focuses on outcomes related to the social motivations for participation in a recreational sport swim club and their potential relationship to ...

Extended Ponseti method for failed tenotomy in idiopathic clubfeet: a pilot study.

We evaluated the outcome of a new protocol of an extended Ponseti method in the management of idiopathic club foot with residual equinus following failed Achilles tenotomy. We also compared the failed with a successful tenotomy group to analyze the parameters for failure. The Ponseti technique-treated idiopathic club foot patients with failed percutaneous Achilles tenotomy (failure to achieve

Wingate Anaerobic Test Reliability on the Velotron with Ice Hockey Players.

This study evaluated the test-retest reliability of the Wingate Anaerobic Test (WAnT) performed on a Velotron electromagnetically-braked cycle ergometer (EE) for power-trained athletes and assessed whether a familiarization trial was necessary to achieve high test-retest reliability. Twenty-one male ice hockey players (age 23.5 ± 4.7 yrs, mass 86.3 ± 16.6 kg, height 180.9 ± 7.4 cm) from a collegiate club team (Club = 10) and a recreational league (Rec = 11) performed three, 30-sec WAnTs within 2 weeks, a...

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Surgical Simulation and Custom-Made Implant for Cranial Fibrous Dysplasia.

The management of fronto-orbital fibrous dysplasia involves total excision of the dysplastic bone and bone reconstruction using implants. Custom-made implants are used to achieve good contouring. However, the remnant defect after excising the lesion often does not match the implant.

Independent factors affecting postoperative complication rates after custom-made porous hydroxyapatite cranioplasty: a single-center review of 109 cases.

Cranioplasties are an important neurosurgical procedure not only for improved cosmesis, but also for improved functional recover after craniectomy with a large cranial defect. The aim of this study was to identify predictive factors of post-cranioplasty complications using custom-made porous hydroxyapatite cranioplasty.

An innovative solution to reduce muscle deformation during ultrasonography data collection.

3D freehand ultrasound enables the creation of volumetric data. The acquisition of morphological features, such as muscle volume, is influenced by the variations in force applied to the skin with the ultrasound probe. To minimise the deformations, a concave-shaped plastic mount combined with a custom-shaped gel pad was developed for the ultrasound head, named Portico. This study analyses to what extent the Portico reduces muscle deformation and corresponding errors in estimating muscle volume.

Failure of sandwich technique for thoraco-abdominal aneurysm treated with custom-made fenestrated endograft.

Custom-made fenestrated and branched endografts are considered the gold standard devices for thoraco-abdominal repair, with lower peri-operative mortality and morbilities than open surgical repair. Although they are not feasible in urgent and emergent settings, where sandwich techniques are often necessary, custom-made devices can still be used as bail-out options to correct late complications such as high-flow endoleaks, as shown in this case report CASE REPORT: A complex, symptomatic thoraco-abdominal ane...

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