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Is abstinence really the best option? Exploring the role of exercise in the treatment and management of eating disorders.

Exercise prescription is suggested to help manage exercise abuse and improve overall eating disorder (ED) prognosis. This study explored emerging perceptions of ED health professionals concerning the role of exercise as a supportive treatment for EDs.

Systemic IL-6 and Myoglobin Response to Three Different Resistance Exercise Intensities in Older Men.

The purpose of this research was to identify if three different intensities of resistance exercise would acutely and differentially effect the systemic release of IL-6 and myoglobin in older men (≥65 years). Eleven older men performed isovolume resistance exercise on six different apparatus at three different intensities (144 reps at 60%, 120 reps at 72% and 108 reps at 80% of 1-repetition maximum), with intensity order randomly allocated, to determine the systemic release of IL-6 and myoglobin in the blo...

Exercise therapy for treatment of supraspinatus tears does not alter glenohumeral kinematics during internal/external rotation with the arm at the side.

Rotator cuff tears are a significant clinical problem, with exercise therapy being a common treatment option for patients. Failure rates of exercise therapy may be due to the failure to improve glenohumeral kinematics. Tears involving the supraspinatus may result in altered glenohumeral kinematics and joint instability for internal/external rotation with the arm at the side because not all muscles used to stabilize the glenohumeral joint are functioning normally. The objective of the study is to assess in v...

Hiking with DiabetesRisks and Benefits.

Exercise is highly beneficial for persons with diabetes. Similar to many other patients, those with diabetes may be reluctant to exercise given a lack of motivation and proper instruction regarding an exercise prescription. In general, medical providers are poorly equipped to develop an exercise prescription and furnish motivation. Attempts to find activities that not only provide effective aerobic challenges but also are enjoyable to participate in are fraught with difficulty. Hiking as a potential option ...

Exercise for intermittent claudication.

Exercise programmes are a relatively inexpensive, low-risk option compared with other, more invasive therapies for treatment of leg pain on walking (intermittent claudication (IC)). This is the fourth update of a review first published in 1998.

Deceased donor kidney transplantation in New Zealand: use and audit of a survival prediction tool.

New Zealand follows the guideline that only patients with projected five-year survival of 80% are listed for deceased donor kidney transplantation. An algorithm derived from US data estimates survival after transplantation, however, this may not be as applicable to the New Zealand population. We review use of the US derived algorithm in New Zealand. We assessed accuracy of scores calculated by referring units and audited whether the system is applied in New Zealand.

Explicit education about exercise-induced hypoalgesia influences pain responses to acute exercise in healthy adults: A randomised controlled trial.

The mechanisms through which acute exercise reduces pain (i.e. exercise-induced hypoalgesia (EIH)) are poorly understood. This study aimed to determine if education about EIH affected pain responses after acute exercise in healthy adults. Participants received 15 min of education either about EIH (intervention, n = 20) or more general education about exercise and pain (control, n = 20). Following this, the participants' knowledge and beliefs about exercise and pain were assessed. Pressure pain thresholds (P...

The Role of Exercise and Hyperlipidaemia in Breast Cancer Progression.

Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer development and improves survival in breast cancer patients. However, the underlying mechanisms of this protective effect remain to be fully elucidated. It is unclear whether exercise can attenuate or modify the pro-tumour effects of obesity and related conditions, such as hyperlipidaemia. This review summarises how hyperlipidaemia and exercise contribute to or reduce breast cancer risk and progression, respectively, and highlights the possible mechanisms behind ea...

Cardiac troponin: more than meets the eye.

Exercise is known to have a vast array of health benefits. It may however confer delirious effects on most body systems, with the cardiovascular system taking particular prominence. Athletes in particular are known to be at a higher risk for sudden cardiac death as a result of several cardiac adaptations which take place. Myocardial damage as a result of extreme exertional activities is thought to play a very important role in this risk. Cardiac troponin I is widely known to be an excellent diagnostic marke...

Effects of different endurance exercise modalities on migraine days and cerebrovascular health in episodic migraineurs: A randomized controlled trial.

Aerobic exercise training is a promising complementary treatment option in migraine and can reduce migraine days and improve retinal microvascular function. Our aim was to elucidate whether different aerobic exercise programs at high vs. moderate intensities distinctly affect migraine days as primary outcome and retinal vessel parameters as a secondary.

Assessment of release factors of b-type natriuretic peptide during the exercise test in patients with diabetes and after myocardial infarction with preserved left ventricular systolic function.

The increased concentration of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) is an expression of overload of the heart, regardless of the cause. Exercise test is a helpful method of assessing the exercise tolerance and myocardial ischemia.

An intercept study to measure the extent to which New Zealand university students pre-game.

We aimed to quantify the degree to which students pre-gamed in New Zealand, using self-report and breathalysers.

Face-to-face versus telephone delivery of the Green Prescription for Māori and New Zealand Europeans with type-2 diabetes mellitus: influence on participation and health outcomes.

In Aotearoa/New Zealand, the proportion of Māori who participate in the national Green Prescription lifestyle programme is lower than for New Zealand Europeans. We compared the uptake and effectiveness of two modes of Green Prescription delivery: face-to-face and telephone among both Māori and New Zealand Europeans.

Dispensing patterns for antidiabetic agents in New Zealand: are the guidelines being followed?

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a significant public health issue in New Zealand. Effective management and glycaemic control is critical for reducing diabetes-related complications. Treatment guidelines are well established in New Zealand. Using dispensing data as a proxy for prescribing data, this paper aims to describe the pattern of first- and second-line antidiabetic agent (AA) dispensing for T2DM in New Zealand and assess adherence with treatment guidelines.

Extracellular Vesicles Provide a Means for Tissue Crosstalk during Exercise.

Exercise stimulates the release of molecules into the circulation, supporting the concept that inter-tissue signaling proteins are important mediators of adaptations to exercise. Recognizing that many circulating proteins are packaged in extracellular vesicles (EVs), we employed quantitative proteomic techniques to characterize the exercise-induced secretion of EV-contained proteins. Following a 1-hr bout of cycling exercise in healthy humans, we observed an increase in the circulation of over 300 proteins,...

Characteristics of and differences between Pasifika women and New Zealand European women diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand.

Breast cancer in New Zealand-based Pasifika women is a significant issue. Although Pasifika women have a lower incidence of breast cancer compared to New Zealand European women, they have higher breast cancer mortality and lower five-year survival. The aim of this study was to describe the characteristics and tumour biology of Pasifika women and to compare New Zealand European women to identify what factors impact on early (Stage 1 and 2) vs advanced stage (Stage 3 and 4) at diagnosis.

Small RNA-seq during acute maximal exercise reveal RNAs involved in vascular inflammation and cardiometabolic health.

Exercise improves cardiometabolic and vascular function, though mechanisms remain unclear. Our objective was to demonstrate the diversity of circulating extracellular RNA (ex-RNA) release during acute exercise in humans and its relevance to exercise-mediated benefits on vascular inflammation. Approach and Results: We performed plasma small RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) in 26 individuals undergoing symptom-limited maximal treadmill exercise, with replication of our top candidate miRNA in a separate cohort of 59 i...

Physical activity coaching by Australian Exercise Physiologists is cost effective for patients referred from general practice.

Interventions to promote physical activity for sedentary patients seen in general practice may be a way to reduce the burden of chronic disease. Coaching by an exercise physiologist is publicly funded in Australia, but cost effectiveness has not been documented.

Smoking prevalence among doctors and nurses-2013 New Zealand census data.

To examine recent smoking trends among doctors and nurses in New Zealand.

Full Issue PDF, Volume 89, Supplement 1.

Using Drosophila to Understand Biochemical and Behavioral Responses to Exercise.

The development of endurance exercise paradigms in Drosophila has facilitated study of genetic factors that control individual response to exercise. Recent work in Drosophila has demonstrated that activation of octopaminergic neurons is alone sufficient to confer exercise adaptations to sedentary flies. These results suggest that adrenergic activity is both necessary and sufficient to promote endurance exercise adaptations.

Experimental effects of acute exercise duration and exercise recovery on mood state.

Accumulating evidence suggests that, in addition to various psychosocial parameters, affective responses to exercise play an important role in subserving future exercise behavior. This study comprehensively evaluated whether acute exercise duration and recovery period influenced the relationship between moderate-intensity walking exercise and mood profile.

A review of squamous cell vulvar cancers in Waikato region, New Zealand.

Squamous cell vulvar cancers (SCVC) are rare. Although management guidelines have recently been published, New Zealand studies presenting "real world" outcomes are limited.

Improving New Zealand's preparations for the next pandemic.

New Zealand's legal action against IQOS postponed, consultation with Big Tobacco follows.

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