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Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Surveillance, 1 January to 31 March 2017.

The number of notified cases of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) in the first quarter of 2017 was less than the previous quarter, but greater than the number of notified cases in the first quarter of 2016. Overall, the decline in disease due to the serotypes targeted by the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (13vPCV) has been maintained across all age groups since the 13vPCV replaced the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (7vPCV) in the childhood immunisation program from July 2011 (Figure 1).

Life sciences licensing deals in the second quarter of 2018: updates and trends.

During the second quarter of 2018, Cortellis Competitive Intelligence registered 985 new deals (excluding mergers and acquisitions) with a total disclosed deal value of USD 19.5 billion as part of its ongoing coverage of licensing activity in the life sciences sector compared to 964 and USD 35.6 billion in the first quarter and 1,104 and USD 13.6 billion in the second quarter of 2017. Total deal value in the second quarter did not quite reach the peak of 2014 (paced by Novartis' USD 16 billion purchase of G...

Benefits of global financial reporting models for developing markets: The case of Romania.

The paper explores the benefits of global financial reporting models for developing countries, discussing the case of Romania, which, at the recommendations of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, exceeded the minimum requirements of the European Union, by imposing the full adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in individual financial statements of listed companies. Using regression analysis and decomposition techniques, the paper explores the evolution in value r...

Employment, Insurance and Financial Experiences of Patients with Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease in North America.

Understanding the socioeconomic impact of chronic GVHD on affected patients is essential to help improve their overall well-being. Using data from the chronic GVHD Consortium, we describe the insurance, employment and financial challenges for these patients and factors associated with being able to work/ go to school and financial burden.

Boosting effect of IL-7 in interferon gamma release assays to diagnose Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

A quarter of the world's population is estimated to be infected with Myobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Infection is detected by immune response to M. tuberculosis antigens using either tuberculin skin test (TST) and interferon gamma release (IGRA's), tests which have low sensitivity in immunocompromised. IL-7 is an important cytokine for T-cell function with potential to augment cytokine release in in-vitro assays. This study aimed to determine whether the addition of IL-7 in interferon-gamma release assays ...

Stepwise control of host-guest interaction using a coordination polymer gel.

Precise control of host-guest interaction as seen in biological processes is difficult to achieve with artificial systems. Herein we have exploited the thermodynamic benefits of a system in equilibrium to achieve controlled stepwise release and capture of cyclodextrin (guest) using a coordination polymer (Mg-CP) as the host and temperature as the stimulus. Since temperature is not a precision stimulus for artificial host-guest interaction, the present system is a distinct prototype that manifests temperatur...

An Analysis of the Financial Burden Associated with the Residency Match at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine.

The application process for residency positions is a costly endeavor. This study aims to quantify the financial expenses incurred by University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine (USD SSOM) class of 2016. Our hope is that this study will prepare future students of USD and other smaller programs for the financial burdens associated with the match. This data should be used to guide financial decision making by medical students from USD or by regional students from medical programs that desire to apply...

Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Surveillance, 1 April to 30 June 2017.

The number of notified cases of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) in the second quarter of 2017 was greater than the previous quarter and also the second quarter of 2016. Following the July 2011 replacement of the 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (7vPCV) in the childhood immunisation program with the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (13vPCV), there was an initial relatively rapid decline in disease due to the additional six serotypes covered by the 13vPCV across all age groups, however more...

Does financial openness increase environmental degradation? Fresh evidence from MERCOSUR countries.

This article researches the impact of financial openness on environmental degradation in the MERCOSUR countries over the time spanning from 1980 to 2014. The Panel Autoregressive Distributed Lag (PARDL), in the form of Unrestricted Error Correction Model (UECM), was computed with the purpose of decomposing the total effects of variables in their short- and long-run ones. The results of short-run impacts and elasticities of PARDL model showed that the financial openness increases the CO emissions both in the...

Clinically Competent and Fiscally at Risk: Impact of Debt and Financial Parameters on the Surgical Resident.

While the costs of medical training continue to increase, surgeon income and personal financial decisions may be challenged to manage this expanding debt burden. We sought to characterize the financial liability, assets, income, and debt of surgical residents, and evaluate the necessity for additional financial training.

Establishing financial literacy: what every resident needs to know.

Financial literacy is a skill that requires an ongoing investment of time and often is overlooked throughout medical training. Physicians are facing an unprecedented student loan burden upon graduation from medical school, coupled with stagnant and decreasing salaries and few financial skills to help navigate this terrain. The purpose of this article is to address several specific steps every resident should take during training to establish good financial practices.

A heterogeneous artificial stock market model can benefit people against another financial crisis.

This paper presents results of an artificial stock market and tries to make it more consistent with the statistical features of real stock data. Based on the SFI-ASM, a novel model is proposed to make agents more close to the real world. Agents are divided into four kinds in terms of different learning speeds, strategy-sizes, utility functions, and level of intelligence; and a crucial parameter has been found to ensure system stability. So, some parameters are appended to make the model which contains zero-...

Arthroscopic Elbow Contracture Release in the Pediatric Patient.

Elbow contracture is a sequelae of elbow trauma in pediatric patients. Arthroscopic contracture release has been shown to provide equivalent results to open contracture release with less associated morbidity and complications in the adult population. However, open contracture release is still commonly utilized in pediatric patients. The goal of this study is to determine the clinical results and safety profile of arthroscopic elbow contracture release in the pediatric population.

Quantifying the survival uncertainty of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes in a spatial model.

Artificial releases of Wolbachia-infected Aedes mosquitoes have been under study in the past yearsfor fighting vector-borne diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and zika.Several strains of this bacterium cause cytoplasmic incompatibility (CI) and can also affect their host's fecundity or lifespan, while highly reducing vector competence for the main arboviruses. We consider and answer the following questions: 1) what should be the initial condition (i.e. size of the initial mosquito population) to have inva...

Financial hardship associated with colorectal cancer survivorship: the role of asset depletion and debt accumulation.

To estimate the prevalence of financial objective stress and subjective strain among colorectal cancer survivors and assess associated financial coping factors in Ireland which has a mixed public-private healthcare system.

Association of quarter milking measurements and cow-level factors in an automatic milking system.

The primary aim of this observational study, in a single herd milked using multiple automatic milking system units, was to describe associations of quarter milk yield variability and quarter peak milk flow rate with cow-level factors. Information from the current lactation of 1,549 primiparous and multiparous cows was collected from January to December 2015. Data from each individual milking used in the analysis included quarter milk yield (QMY), udder milk yield, quarter peak milk flow rate (QPMF), quarter...

Controlled Drug Release From Cyclodextrin-Gated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Based on Switchable Host-Guest Interactions.

With the development of materials science and pharmaceutics, the application of mesoporous silica nanoparticles with gated switch in the field of drug delivery has attracted much attention in the past decades. Cyclodextrins (CD) as promising gated materials have become a new area of interest in recent years due to their properties of self-assembly and function of host-guest interaction. CD is one kind of extensively studied host molecules and the host-guest interactions with different guest molecules can re...

Asymmetrical endothelial cell migration from in vitro Quarter-Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty grafts.

To investigate in vitro central and peripheral corneal endothelial cell (EC) migration from Quarter-Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (Quarter-DMEK) grafts.

Quantifying risk of financial incapacity and financial exploitation in community-dwelling older adults: utility of a scoring system for the lichtenberg financial decision making rating scale.

This work examines the clinical utility of the scoring system for the Lichtenberg Financial Decision Rating Scale (LFDRS) and its usefulness for decision making capacity and financial exploitation. Objective 1 was to examine the clinical utility of a person centered, empirically supported, financial decision making scale. Objective 2 was to determine whether the risk-scoring system created for this rating scale is sufficiently accurate for the use of cutoff scores in cases of decisional capacity and cases o...

Dynamics of investor spanning trees around dot-com bubble.

We identify temporal investor networks for Nokia stock by constructing networks from correlations between investor-specific net-volumes and analyze changes in the networks around dot-com bubble. The analysis is conducted separately for households, financial, and non-financial institutions. Our results indicate that spanning tree measures for households reflected the boom and crisis: the maximum spanning tree measures had a clear upward tendency in the bull markets when the bubble was building up, and, even ...

Elimination of selected mastitis pathogens during the dry period.

We aimed to evaluate the elimination of 4 different mastitis pathogens, Streptococcus agalactiae, Mycoplasma bovis, Staphylococcus aureus, and Streptococcus uberis, from infected udder quarters during the dry period using quantitative PCR. The second purpose of this study was to evaluate the association between milk haptoglobin (Hp) concentration and the presence of udder pathogens (Strep. agalactiae, Staph. aureus, M. bovis, and Strep. uberis) in udder quarter milk samples before and after dry period. Asep...

Sensing of invading pathogens by GBPs: At the crossroads between cell-autonomous and innate immunity.

Guanylate-binding proteins (GBPs) are conserved family of IFN-inducible GTPases that play an important role in the host immunity against bacterial, viral, and protozoan pathogens. GBPs protect the host by associating with intracellular microbes, their vacuolar niche or, in the case of viruses, with their replication complex. This association results in a restriction of the respective pathogen, yet the exact molecular mechanisms of the antimicrobial functions of GBPs are still unclear. Recent work has linked...

Optimization of a Banker Box System to Rear and Release the Parasitoid Habrobracon hebetor (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) for the Control of Stored-Product Moths.

Pyralid moths, such as Ephestia kuehniella (Zeller) or Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), are among the pests of most concern in mills and food industries worldwide. One option for their control, which presents an alternative to the application of insecticides, is the release of natural enemies. Habrobracon hebetor (Say) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) is a larval parasitoid of pyralid moths that is commercially available for augmentative release in storehouses. They are delivered as adults...

Is Informal Financial Aid Good for Health? Evidence from Kyrgyzstan, a Low-Income Post-Socialist Nation in Eurasia.

The importance of social capital and economic advantage for health is well established in literature. The relationship between health and social capital through informal financial aid is less understood. Using representative data (N = 7,474), authors explored an association between informal financial aid and health satisfaction in Kyrgyzstan, a post-socialist low-income country in Eurasia. Multilevel modeling revealed significant associations between informal aid and health. Cross-level interactions between...

Colloidal HSA - Graphene oxide nanosheets for sustained release of oxaliplatin: Preparation, release mechanism, cytotoxicity and electrochemical approaches.

A novel sustained release carrier of graphene oxide nanosheets functionalized by human serum albumin nanoparticles (FGO-NSs) was synthesized and characterized by field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), zeta sizer analysis, absorption spectroscopy (UV-vis) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) studies. The cell viability of GO-NSs, HSA-NPs and FGO-NSs has been tested against human foreskin fibroblast normal cell line, HFFF2 by MTT assay technique. Loading efficiency and release prop...

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