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This article describes the treatment of clinical elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV) infection in a male Asian elephant ( Elephas maximus; approximately 3 yr old), the dynamics of viral load during the active infection, and genetic analysis of the virus. Treatment included injectable acyclovir (12 mg/kg iv, bid), antibiotic, vitamin, and fluids. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction was used to measure the viral levels in blood, which decreased continuously after initiation of intravenous acyclovi...

Towards Attosecond High-Energy Electron Bunches: Controlling Self-Injection in Laser-Wakefield Accelerators Through Plasma-Density Modulation.

Self-injection in a laser-plasma wakefield accelerator is usually achieved by increasing the laser intensity until the threshold for injection is exceeded. Alternatively, the velocity of the bubble accelerating structure can be controlled using plasma density ramps, reducing the electron velocity required for injection. We present a model describing self-injection in the short-bunch regime for arbitrary changes in the plasma density. We derive the threshold condition for injection due to a plasma density gr...

The Effect of Corticosteroid Injection Into Rotator Interval for Early Frozen Shoulder: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

Corticosteroid injection is a common treatment for frozen shoulder, but controversy still exists regarding the injection site with the best outcome.

Multiple injections per injection episode: High-risk injection practice among people who injected pills during the 2015 HIV outbreak in Indiana.

Misuse of prescription opioid analgesics (POA) has increased dramatically in the US, particularly in non-urban areas. We examined injection practices among persons who inject POA in a rural area that experienced a large HIV outbreak in 2015.

Finer Needles Reduce Pain Associated With Injection of Local Anesthetic Using a Minimal Insertion Injection Technique.

The injection of local anesthetic into the skin is often the only memorable event described by the patient after dermatologic procedures.

Slow intrathecal injection of rAAVrh10 enhances its transduction of spinal cord and therapeutic efficacy in a mutant SOD1 model of ALS.

Mutant SOD1 causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by a dominant gain of toxicity. Previous studies have demonstrated therapeutic potential of mutant SOD1-RNAi delivered by intrathecal (IT) injection of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV). However, optimization of delivery is needed to overcome the high degree of variation in the transduction efficiency and therapeutic efficacy. Here, on the basis of our previously defined, efficient IT injection method, we investigated the influence of injection ...

Injection Partners, HCV, and HIV Status among Rural Persons Who Inject Drugs in Puerto Rico.

The prevalence of hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV among persons who inject drugs (PWID) and the ability of these diseases to spread through injection networks are well documented in urban areas. However, less is known about injection behaviors in rural areas.

Computational sensitivity investigation of hydrogel injection characteristics for myocardial support.

Biomaterial injection is a potential new therapy for augmenting ventricular mechanics after myocardial infarction (MI). Recent in vivo studies have demonstrated that hydrogel injections can mitigate the adverse remodeling due to MI. More importantly, the material properties of these injections influence the efficacy of the therapy. The goal of the current study is to explore the interrelated effects of injection stiffness and injection volume on diastolic ventricular wall stress and thickness. To achieve th...

Virtual screening of acyclovir derivatives as potential antiviral agents: design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new acyclic nucleoside ProTides.

Following our findings on the anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) activity of acyclovir (ACV) phosphate prodrugs, we herein report the ProTide approach applied to a series of acyclic nucleosides aimed at the identification of novel and selective antiviral, in particular anti-HIV agents. Acyclic nucleoside analogues used in this study were identified through a virtual screening using HIV-reverse transcriptase (RT), adenylate/guanylate kinase, and human DNA polymerase. A total of thirty-nine new phosphate...

Detection of Intravascular Injection During Cervical Transforaminal Epidural Injection: A Comparison of Digital Subtraction Angiography and Real Time Fluoroscopy.

Transforaminal epidural injection (TFEI) with local anesthetics and steroids are effective in treating spinal radicular pain. However, inadvertent intravascular injection can lead to severe neurologic complications. To reduce complications of intravascular injection, use of imaging modality, such as real-time fluoroscopy (RTF) or digital subtraction angiography (DSA), has been recommended. DSA is an imaging technique that can clearly visualize the blood vessels from surrounding bones or dense soft tissues b...

Changes in abnormal muscle tension pattern after fiberoptic injection laryngoplasty.

We performed a retrospective chart review to compare the presence and types of abnormal muscle tension patterns (MTPs) in patients who had been diagnosed with glottal insufficiency before and after fiberoptic injection laryngoplasty. The main cause of glottal insufficiency had been unilateral vocal fold paralysis. Our review included an analysis of the medical records and laryngeal videostroboscopic recordings of 16 patients-9 men and 7 women, aged 25 to 87 years (mean: 59). Stroboscopic frames were analyze...

Idiosyncratic reaction after injection of polyacrylate - polyalcohol copolymer.

Polyacrylate-polyalcohol copolymer is a synthetic product, non-biodegradable, with low rate of therapeutic failure and lower incidence of reactions at the site of injection, when compared to biodegradable agents. We report an unprecedent, exuberant and persistent inflammatory reaction following injection of that substance.

Semiautomated Subretinal Fluid Injection Method Using Viscous Fluid Injection Mode.

Spinal cord infarction caused by sacral canal epidural steroid injection: A case report.

Spinal cord infarction is one of the complications of epidural steroid injections (ESIs), but has only been reported in cervical vertebra by transforaminal injection and lumbar vertebra by transforaminal injection; and up to now, there is no reporting about spinal cord infarction caused by caudal injection. Here, we report a case.

Benefit of Local Anesthesia in Reducing Pain during Collagenase Injection for Dupuytren's Contracture.

Collagenase injection for Dupuytren's contracture is commonly administered without anesthesia. The authors studied the benefit of injecting local anesthesia before collagenase in reducing treatment-related pain. This prospective cohort study included 187 patients (mean age, 69 years; 80 percent men) at two orthopedic departments in Sweden. At one center, 161 consecutive patients scheduled for collagenase injection were assigned to two groups by alternating outpatient clinics; 78 received collagenase without...

Effect of dexmedetomidine for attenuation of propofol injection pain in electroconvulsive therapy: a randomized controlled study.

Current analgesic strategies for propofol injection pain may cause adverse reactions during electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), such as shortening seizure duration. This study investigated whether dexmedetomidine could attenuate propofol injection pain in ECT.

Effect of multiple low-dose PGFα injections on the mature corpus luteum in non-pregnant bitches.

This study investigated molecular regulation in the canine corpus luteums/corpora lutea (CL) following multiple low-dose prostaglandin Falpha (PGFα) injections in non-pregnant bitches around 30-35 days after ovulation. The CL were obtained by ovariohysterectomy 1 h after the last PGFα injection. The subjects were divided into the following groups: control (no PGFα injection, n = 4), one PGFα injection (injection at 0 h, 1PGF, n = 4), two PGFα injection (injection at 0 and 8 h, 2PGF, n =...

Ozone injection with or without percutaneous microdiscectomy for treatment of cervical disc herniation.

This retrospective study compared the efficacy of combined percutaneous ozone injection and percutaneous discectomyto percutaneous ozone injection alone for the treatment of cervical disc herniation.

Comparative study of efficacy and safety between bladder body and trigonal intravesical onabotulinumtoxina injection in the treatment of interstitial cystitis refractory to conventional treatment-A prospective, randomized, clinical trial.

Intravesical onabotulinumtoxinA (BoNT-A) injection can relieve symptoms of interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome (IC/BPS). However, the therapeutic efficacy of different injection sites is not well known. This study compared therapeutic efficacy and safety between bladder body and trigonal BoNT-A injection.

Systematic review of Kudiezi injection drug safety.

To systematically evaluate the safety of Kudiezi injection. Databases such as Cochrane library, Medline, EMbase, Web of Science, Clinical Trials, CBM, CNKI, VIP, Wanfang and Chinese Clinical Trial Register were searched to collect the literature on all the study types of Kudiezi injection. Two researchers screened literature, assessed quality and extracted data according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. All studies were assessed by using internationally recognized methodological quality assessment tools...

Temperature Uncertainty Analysis of Injection Mechanism Based on Kriging Modeling.

A kriging modeling method is proposed to conduct the temperature uncertainty analysis of an injection mechanism in squeeze casting. A mathematical model of temperature prediction with multi input and single output is employed to estimate the temperature spatiotemporal distributions of the injection mechanism. The kriging model applies different weights to the independent variables according to spatial location of sample points and their correlation, thus reducing the estimation variance. The predicted value...

The simultaneous capture of mercury and fine particles by hybrid filter with powder activated carbon injection.

The hybrid filter (HF) was newly designed and operated with powder activated carbon (PAC) injection to capture mercury and fine particulate matter in the coal power plant. With PAC injection in HF operation, the capture efficiency of elemental mercury was clearly enhanced. When the injection rate of PAC increased from 0 to 20 mg/m, the speciation fraction of elemental mercury significantly decreased from 85.19% to 3.76% at the inlet of the hybrid filter. The speciation fraction of oxidized mercury did not...

The Risk of Skin Necrosis Following Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injection in Patients with a History of Cosmetic Rhinoplasty.

As the number of patients using dermal filler for face augmentation increases, the number of adverse events associated with injection may increase. Unpredictable repositioning of blood vessels and a more tenuous blood supply in the operated nose may increase the risk of ischemia, necrosis and vascular embolism following the filler injection.

A fragmented code: The moral and structural context for providing assistance with injection drug use initiation in San Diego, USA.

Injection drug use initiation is shaped by social networks and structural contexts, with people who inject drugs often assisting in this process. We sought to explore the norms and contexts linked to assisting others to initiate injection drug use in San Diego, USA, to inform the development of structural interventions to prevent this phenomenon.

Can Ultrasound-guided S1 Transforaminal Epidural Injection Using the In-plane Approach and Color Doppler Imaging be a safer alternative to lumbar inter-laminar epidural injection? : A Visual Vignette.

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