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Theory-driven formative research on on-site, shared sanitation quality improvement among landlords and tenants in peri-urban Lusaka, Zambia.

Rapid, unplanned urbanization in low-income countries is leading to increasing problems of dealing with human waste. On-site sanitation systems are often rudimentary, unhygienic, and poorly maintained. In-depth, on-site interactive interviews were conducted with 33 landlords and 33 tenants in a neighborhood in peri-urban Lusaka to understand on-site, shared sanitation quality improvement behaviors and preferences. Respondents were asked about housing characteristics, toilet histories, and financial decision...

Design considerations for a Pulse Line Ion Accelerator (PLIA)-based PET isotope generator.

Positron emission tomography (PET) imaging remains limited by the cost associated with on-site production of short half-life, positron emitting isotopes. In this work, we examine the use of a pulse line ion accelerator (PLIA) to accelerate protons for single-dose PET isotope production.

A Misguided Venture: Presidential Fitness and the Duty to Warn.

Commentary on "A Misguided Venture: Presidential Fitness and the Duty to Warn".

Dialysis-Facility Joint-Venture Ownership - Hidden Conflicts of Interest.

Dedicated linear accelerator radiosurgery for classical trigeminal neuralgia: a single-center experience with long term follow-up.

During the past decades, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and Gamma Knife in particular have proven its safety and efficacy for drug-resistant classical trigeminal neuralgia (CTN). However, few large series exist using linear accelerator (LINAC), reporting long-term follow-up.

First Six Dimensional Phase Space Measurement of an Accelerator Beam.

This Letter presents the first complete six dimensional phase space measurement of a beam in an accelerator. The measurement was made on the Spallation Neutron Source Beam Test Facility. The data reveal previously unknown correlations in the six dimensional phase space distribution that are not visible in lower dimensionality measurements. The correlations are shown to be intensity dependent.

Observation of Laser Power Amplification in a Self-Injecting Laser Wakefield Accelerator.

We report on the depletion and power amplification of the driving laser pulse in a strongly driven laser wakefield accelerator. Simultaneous measurement of the transmitted pulse energy and temporal shape indicate an increase in peak power from 187±11  TW to a maximum of 318±12  TW after 13 mm of propagation in a plasma density of 0.9×10^{18}  cm^{-3}. The power amplification is correlated with the injection and acceleration of electrons in the nonlinear wakefield. This process is modeled by ...

PrEP Communications Accelerator: a digital demand creation tool for sub-Saharan Africa.

Strategic communications are critical for successful market introduction of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). This paper focuses on the OPTIONS Consortium's approach to developing the PrEP Communications Accelerator, a digital tool that provides communication strategies and tools for generating demand for PrEP across sub-Saharan Africa. The PrEP Communications Accelerator was developed through needs assessment, communications landscape and gap analysis, market research and content development and testi...

Assessment of Mn deposition on Earth via accelerator mass spectrometry.

The Mn flux onto Earth is a quantity relevant for different extraterrestrial and astrophysical questions. It is a proxy for related fluxes, such as supernova-produced material or interplanetary dust particles. In this work, we performed a first attempt to assess the Mn flux by measuring the Mn/Be isotopic ratio in a 1400 L sample of molten Antarctic snow by AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry). Using the Be production rate in the atmosphere, an upper limit of 5.5 × 10 atoms cm yr was estimated for the...

Capital Gains: Attracting Investors Without Losing Independence.

Can physicians line up venture capital without letting go of their independence? It's not so easy.

Nurturing a talent pipeline.

Vet nurse , who is a joint venture partner with Vets4Pets, has created a talent pipeline to develop her practices' staff and help with long-term recruitment.

Technical Note: Characterization of Clinical Linear Accelerator Triggering Latency for Motion Management System Development.

Latencies for motion management systems have previously been presented as guidelines for system development and implementation. These guidelines consider the overall system latency, including data acquisition, algorithm processing, and linac triggering time. However, during system development, the triggering latency of the clinical linear accelerator is often considered fixed. This paper presents a method to decouple the linac-only triggering latency from the total system latency such that latency can be co...

Synergistic effects of fast-neutron dose per epithermal neutron and B concentration on relative-biological-effectiveness dose for accelerator-based boron neutron capture therapy.

The efficacy of accelerator-based boron neutron capture therapy was examined through relative-biological-effectiveness dose calculations with the fast-neutron dose per epithermal neutron (FNR) and the B concentration as parameters. In the case of a tumor B concentration of 65 ppm, the treatment efficacy depended more strongly on the FNR when the normal-tissue B concentration was 0.65 ppm, which would be brought about by the administration of an advanced chemical compound, than when the B concentration w...

Grant Funding Needs Parallel the Start-Up Venture: An Analogy for Translational Research Success.

This editorial offers some ways to think about how best to position a research group for funding, by examining the parallels between what is needed for translational grants versus industry start-ups.

Application of TG-100 risk analysis methods to the acceptance testing and commissioning process of a Halcyon linear accelerator.

A new type of linear accelerator (linac) was recently introduced into the market by a major manufacturer. Our institution is one of the early users of this pre-assembled and pre-configured dual-layer MLC, ring-gantry linac - Halcyon (1 version). We performed a set of full acceptance testing and commissioning (ATC) measurements for three Halcyon machines and compared the measured data with the standard beam model provided by the manufacturer. The ATC measurements were performed following the guidelines given...


The first Radioactive Ion Beam Line in Lanzhou was a projectile fragment separator located in the HIRFL. The process of production and separation of radioactive ion beams can induce a strong and complex radiation field. The neutron dose equivalent rates were measured in four positions with a 70 MeV/u 40Ar18+ beam. The results were compared with that simulated by the FLUKA code. New shielding walls were installed to reduce the neutron background for spectroscopy measurement in the experimental terminal. In a...

Stellar ^{36,38}Ar(n,γ)^{37,39}Ar Reactions and Their Effect on Light Neutron-Rich Nuclide Synthesis.

The ^{36}Ar(n,γ)^{37}Ar (t_{1/2}=35  d) and ^{38}Ar(n,γ)^{39}Ar (269 yr) reactions were studied for the first time with a quasi-Maxwellian (kT∼47  keV) neutron flux for Maxwellian average cross section (MACS) measurements at stellar energies. Gas samples were irradiated at the high-intensity Soreq applied research accelerator facility-liquid-lithium target neutron source and the ^{37}Ar/^{36}Ar and ^{39}Ar/^{38}Ar ratios in the activated samples were determined by accelerator mass spectrometry ...

CuS as co-reaction accelerator in PTCA-KSO system for enhancing electrochemiluminescence behavior of PTCA and its application in detection of amyloid-β protein.

In this work, 3,4,9,10-perylenetetracar-boxylic acid (PTCA) as luminophor was grafted on the surface of graphene oxide (PTCA-GO) directly. GO exhibited large specific surface area and excellent electrical conductivity which can immobilize large amounts of PTCA to improve the electrochemiluminescence (ECL) efficiency. Moreover, gold nanoparticles (Au NPs) were anchored on the surface of PTCA-GO to immobilize primary antibodies (Ab) via Au-NH bond and enhance the electron transport of PTCA-GO. CuS was used as...

Jamming of Deformable Polygons.

We introduce the deformable particle (DP) model for cells, foams, emulsions, and other soft particulate materials, which adds to the benefits and eliminates deficiencies of existing models. The DP model combines the ability to model individual soft particles with the shape-energy function of the vertex model, and adds arbitrary particle deformations. We focus on 2D deformable polygons with a shape-energy function that is minimized for area a_{0} and perimeter p_{0} and repulsive interparticle forces. We stu...

Beam shaping assembly design of Li(p,n)Be neutron source for boron neutron capture therapy of deep-seated tumor.

The development of a medical facility for boron neutron capture therapy at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics is under way. The neutron source is based on a tandem accelerator with vacuum insulation and lithium target. The proposed accelerator is conceived to deliver a proton beam around 10 mA at 2.3 MeV proton beam. To deliver a therapeutic beam for treatment of deep-seated tumors a typical Beam Shaping Assembly (BSA) based on the source specifications has been explored. In this article, an optimized ...

Monte-Carlo simulation of the Siemens Artiste linear accelerator flat 6 MV and flattening-filter-free 7 MV beam line.

The aim of our work is to provide the up-to-now missing information on the Siemens Artiste FFF 7 MV beam line using a Monte-Carlo model fit to the realistic dosimetric measurements at the linear accelerator in clinical use at our department. The main Siemens Artiste 6MV and FFF 7MV beams were simulated using the Geant4 toolkit. The simulations were compared with the measurements with an ionization chamber in a water phantom to verify the validation of simulation and tuning the primary electron parameters. H...

Ultrafast Imaging of Laser Driven Shock Waves using Betatron X-rays from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator.

Betatron radiation from laser wakefield accelerators is an ultrashort pulsed source of hard, synchrotron-like x-ray radiation. It emanates from a centimetre scale plasma accelerator producing GeV level electron beams. In recent years betatron radiation has been developed as a unique source capable of producing high resolution x-ray images in compact geometries. However, until now, the short pulse nature of this radiation has not been exploited. This report details the first experiment to utilize betatron ra...

Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Analysis (CSRA) by Elemental Analyzer-Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (EA-AMS): Precision and Limitations.

We examine instrumental and methodological capabilities for microscale (10-50 µgC) radiocarbon analysis of individual compounds in the context of paleoclimate and paleoceanography applications for which relatively high precision measurements are required. An extensive suite of data for 14C-free and modern reference materials processed using different methods and acquired using an elemental analyzer-accelerator mass spectrometry (EA-AMS) instrumental setup at ETH-Zurich was compiled to assess the reproducib...

Toxicokinetics of benzoapyrene in humans: Extensive metabolism as determined by UPLC-accelerator mass spectrometry following oral micro-dosing.

Benzo[a]pyrene (BaP), is a known human carcinogen (International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) class 1). The remarkable sensitivity (zepto-attomole C in biological samples) of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) makes possible, with de minimus risk, pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis following [C]-BaP micro-dosing of humans. A 46 ng (5 nCi) dose was given thrice to 5 volunteers with minimum 2 weeks between dosing and plasma collected over 72 h. [C]-BaP PK analysis gave plasma T and C values of 1.25...

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