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Genetic Heterogeneity of Alzheimer's Disease: Embracing Research Partnerships.

Studies on the genetics of Alzheimer's disease (AD) have revealed the complexity and heterogeneity of the disease. All our studies have supported this evidence and contribute to the current understanding of the genetic architecture of AD. This report reviews the success of our investigations, focusing on the implications and importance of the genetics of AD, and demonstrates the relevance of research strategies embracing partnerships.

Commentary: Impact of Hospital and Health System Mergers and Acquisitions on the Practicing Neurosurgeon: Survey and Analysis from the Council of State Neurosurgical Societies Medical Director's Ad Hoc Representative Section.

Single and simultaneous binary mergers in Wright-Fisher genealogies.

The Kingman coalescent is a commonly used model in genetics, which is often justified with reference to the Wright-Fisher (WF) model. Current proofs of convergence of WF and other models to the Kingman coalescent assume a constant sample size. However, sample sizes have become quite large in human genetics. Therefore, we develop a convergence theory that allows the sample size to increase with population size. If the haploid population size is N and the sample size is N, ϵ>0, we prove that Wright-Fisher ge...


The goal of this current descriptive study was to examine the roles and relationships of evaluators with the tribal communities in which they work. First, we describe a participatory community research model with a strong capacity-building component as the standard for assessing successful working partnerships between evaluators, programs, tribes, and tribal organizations. This model serves as a yardstick against which we examine the success and challenges of program-evaluation partnerships. Second, we repo...

Beware the laboratory report: discrepancy in variant classification on reproductive carrier screening.

Banking for health: the role of financial sector actors in investing in global health.

The world faces multiple health financing challenges as the global health burden evolves. Countries have set an ambitious health policy agenda for the next 15 years with prioritisation of universal health coverage under the Sustainable Development Goals. The scale of investment needed for equitable access to health services means global health is one of the key economic opportunities for decades to come. New financing partnerships with the private sector are vital. The aim of this study is to unlock additio...

Gravitational-Wave Luminosity of Binary Neutron Stars Mergers.

We study the gravitational-wave peak luminosity and radiated energy of quasicircular neutron star mergers using a large sample of numerical relativity simulations with different binary parameters and input physics. The peak luminosity for all the binaries can be described in terms of the mass ratio and of the leading-order post-Newtonian tidal parameter solely. The mergers resulting in a prompt collapse to black hole have the largest peak luminosities. However, the largest amount of energy per unit mass is ...

2017 in review: FDA approvals of new molecular entities.

An overview of drugs approved by the FDA in 2017 reflected a reversion to the mean after a low number of NME approvals in 2016. This reversal was largely driven by the largest number of biologics-based NMEs recorded to date, which offset an average number of small-molecule approvals. Oncology indications continued to dominate followed by novel treatments for infectious, immunologic and neurologic diseases. From a mechanistic standpoint, the industry has continued a trend of target diversification, reflectin...

Surviving neoliberalism, maintaining values: Community health mergers in Victoria, Australia.

Independent, not-for-profit community health services in the state of Victoria, Australia, provide one of that country's few models of comprehensive primary health care (PHC). Recent amalgamations among some such agencies created regional-sized community health organisations, in a departure from this sector's traditionally small local structure. This study explored the motivations, desired outcomes, and decision-making process behind these mergers.

Phase-correcting non-local means filtering for diffusion-weighted imaging of the spinal cord.

DWI suffers from low SNR when compared to anatomical MRI. To maintain reasonable SNR at relatively high spatial resolution, multiple acquisitions must be averaged. However, subject motion or involuntary physiological motion during diffusion-sensitizing gradients cause phase offsets among acquisitions. When the motion is localized to a small region, these phase offsets become particularly problematic. Complex averaging of acquisitions lead to cancellations from these phase offsets, whereas magnitude averagin...

Return on Investment Analysis of Breast Cancer Screening and Downstaging in Egypt: Implications for Developing Countries.

The aim of this study was to perform a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis of a breast cancer screening program in Egypt by comparing net profit in treatment costs saved to program cost investment.

"Coming from a different place": Partnerships between consumers and health services for system change.

The aim of the current study is to explore whether and how the expectations of consumers to be 'representative' influences consumers' ability to contribute to health services partnerships.

Value-Based Academic Partnerships.

Education needs for workforce development may seem to be in conflict with available resources and plans. Taking a new approach to partnership for educational affiliations can breathe new life into partnerships by focusing on shared values, proven evidence about learner needs and commitment to innovation, and cooperating in new ways. J Contin Educ Nurs. 2018;49(6):248-250.

Help wanted: industry seeks science alliances.

Strong alliances to improve stroke care.

Sustainability partnership and viticulture management in California.

Agricultural regions in the United States are experimenting with sustainability partnerships that, among other goals, seek to improve growers' ability to manage their vineyards sustainably. In this paper, we analyze the association between winegrape grower participation in sustainability partnership activities and practice adoption in three winegrowing regions of California. Using data gathered from a survey of 822 winegrape growers, we find a positive association between participation and adoption of susta...

Better Open Than Intellectual: The Benefits of Investment Personality Traits for Learning.

The investment theory of adult intelligence posits that individual differences in knowledge attainment result from people's differences in cognitive ability and their propensity to apply and invest that ability, which is referred to as investment personality traits. Here, we differentiated intellectual (i.e., intellectual curiosity) and nonintellectual investment (i.e., openness to experience), and we tested their respective predictive validity for knowledge attainment in four independent lab-based studies ...

Social Return on Investment: A New Approach to Understanding and Advocating for Value in Healthcare.

To determine whether the methodology of social return on investment (SROI) could be a way in which the value of a healthcare-related program (children's cancer camp) could be captured, evaluated, and communicated.

In pursuit of intimacy: disability stigma, womanhood and intimate partnerships in South Africa.

Notions of womanhood inculcate naturalised ideologies of femininity, sexuality, motherhood and caregiving. The paper asks how disability stigma intersects with womanhood to characterise intimate partnerships in South Africa. In-depth interviews with 30 women with a range of disabilities were conducted in informal settlements in Cape Town. Findings suggest that disability stigma may hamper attainment of normative womanhood and sexual relationships for women with disabilities in South Africa. Limited opportun...

Multisector Partnerships Need Further Development To Fulfill Aspirations For Transforming Regional Health And Well-Being.

Regional multisector partnerships involving stakeholders in areas such as public health, health care, education, housing, and others are growing in number. These partnerships are pursuing increasingly comprehensive strategies to transform health and well-being in their communities. Most analyses of these groups rely on self-reports and case studies. These have led many in the field to form optimistic expectations about how well prepared the groups are to lead transformative efforts-that is, how "mature" the...

Impact of Critical Partnerships in American Surgery: A Model for Americans.

I have considered it a great pleasure and tremendous honor to serve as the 129th president of the Southern Surgical Association (SSA). I'd like to share with you the impact of critical partnerships in American surgery, which have gone beyond societal and cultural norms of the times to empower the SSA to be an example and model for America in today's challenging times.

Motion-compensated image reconstruction vs post-reconstruction correction in respiratory-binned SPECT with standard and reduced dose acquisitions.

Cardiac perfusion images in single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) can suffer from respiratory motion blur. We investigated a reconstruction approach for correcting respiratory motion in respiratory-binned acquisitions and assessed the benefit of this approach in both standard dose and reduced dose.

The "Buy One, Get One Free" Ethics of Investing Public and Philanthropic Funds in Health and Climate.

This article applies various ethical frameworks to inform decision making about investment in two specific goods-strengthening public health and stabilizing the global climate. I begin by outlining how these goods traditionally competed for common and constrained resources. I then discuss how this view of competition has been rendered more problematic by emerging and compelling ethical justifications for investment in both goods based on utilitarian, Rawlsian, and communitarian analyses. I conclude by showi...

Insights in Public Health: Recognize, Retreat, and Report: Education and Community Partnerships Essential to Injury Prevention from Unexploded Ordnance across Hawaii's WWII Training Grounds.

A mildly relativistic wide-angle outflow in the neutron-star merger event GW170817.

GW170817 was the first gravitational wave detection of a binary neutron-star merger1. It was accompanied by radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum and localized2 to the galaxy NGC 4993 at a distance of 40 megaparsecs. It has been proposed that the observed γ-ray, X-ray and radio emission is due to an ultra-relativistic jet launched during the merger, directed away from our line of sight3-6. The presence of such a jet is predicted from models that posit neutron-star mergers as the central engines tha...

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