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Transition path sampling of rare events by shooting from the top.

Transition path sampling is a powerful tool in the study of rare events. Shooting trial trajectories from configurations along existing transition paths proved particularly efficient in the sampling of reactive trajectories. However, most shooting attempts tend not to result in transition paths, in particular in cases where the transition dynamics has diffusive character. To overcome the resulting efficiency problem, we developed an algorithm for "shooting from the top." We first define a shooting range thr...

Use of Fat Grafts in Facial Reconstruction on the Wounded Soldiers From the First World War (WWI) by Hippolyte Morestin (1869-1919).

During the Great War of 1914 to 1918, spectacular progress was made in the field of facial reconstruction. The sheer number and severity of facial lesions inflicted during the fighting obliged French and German surgeons to take a close interest in the treatment of patients wounded in such a manner. As head surgeon of the fifth division "blessés de la face" at the hospital of Val-de-Grace, Hippolyte Morestin was responsible for one of the largest surgical departments specializing in facial surgery and recon...

The use of unburned propellant powder for shooting-distance determination. Part II: Diphenylamine reaction.

Shooting samples were produced on standard textile pats of six different ammunition types: four ammunitions with exclusively infrared luminescent propellant powder particles, one containing a mixture of luminescent and non-luminescent particles and one with only non-luminescent particles. Unburned propellant powder particles in the gunshot residue (GSR) on the textile of each sample were transferred onto TLC-plates with the aid of an organic solvent. The patterns of the partially and the all-luminescent pro...

Photobiomodulation alters matrix protein activity in stressed fibroblast cells in vitro.

A balance is maintained between matrix synthesis and degradation, and a prolonged increase in matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) affects healing. Photobiomodulation (PBM) speeds up healing and alters wound environment. The study aimed to determine changes in protein and gene expression of collagen type 1 (Col-I), MMP-3 and -9 and TIMP-1 in fibroblasts irradiated at 660 or 830 nm. Commercially purchased human skin fibroblast cells were modeled into five groups: namely, normal, normal wounded, diabetic wounded,...

Are We the Walking Dead? Burnout as Zombie Apocalypse.

The Walking Dead, one of the most popular television shows in recent history, uses the plot of a zombie apocalypse as a lens into exploring the human condition. Amidst a particularly dangerous moment, the show's hero references the human struggle to survive by remarking, "We are the walking dead." This offhand comment sheds light upon physicians' struggles in medicine, in particular the high prevalence of burnout and the challenge to cultivate compassion and meaning. This is an important question for our ag...

Two halves make a whole: Both first responders and experts are needed for the management and identification of the dead in large disasters.

Catastrophic natural disasters are a regular global issue claiming thousands of lives and having severe and long lasting consequences for communities. Along with the rescue and care of survivors and the provision of basic services, managing the dead in a proper and dignified manner is one of the three pillars of disaster response. Since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, progress to facilitate better coordination in the management of the dead has been made. Two guidelines contributing to this positive trend are...

Physics, History, and the German Atomic Bomb.

Physics, History, and the German Atomic Bomb. This paper examines the German concept of a nuclear weapon during National Socialism and the Second World War. Zusammenfassung: Physik, Geschichte und die deutsche Atombombe. Dieser Aufsatz untersucht die deutsche Vorstellung einer nuklearen Waffe während des Nationalsozialismus und des Zweiten Weltkrieges.

Findings of Changes in Primary Metabolism for the Production of Phenolic Antioxidants in Wounded Carrots.

Wounding stress induced the accumulation of phenolic antioxidants in carrot tissue. This study has gone further to understand the relationship between the primary metabolisms and the secondary metabolites in wounded carrots. The results showed that increased wounding intensity strengthened the accumulation of phenolics, accompanied by enhancing the respiration rate, the loss of fructose and glucose and the ATP's synthesis and energy charge in carrot. Besides, transcriptomic evaluation of shredded carrots in...

The Wounded Brain Healed: The Golden Age of the Montreal Neurological Institute, 1934-1984 by William Feindel and Richard Leblanc The Wounded Brain Healed: The Golden Age of the Montreal Neurological Institute, 1934-1984 William Feindel and Richard Leblanc Montreal and Kingston : McGill-Queen's University Press , 2016 , xiv+ 632 p., $100.

Determinants of pulmonary dead space in ventilated newborn infants.

Pulmonary dead space (VD) is an index of ventilation inhomogeneity and one of the determinants of the magnitude of tidal volume to maintain optimal blood gases.

Equipping military nurses with evidence to care for the wounded.

Repeatability and variability of total T4 measurements at three German veterinary laboratories.

To evaluate the reproducibility of serum testing for total thyroxine (T4) in three German laboratories.

Higher prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in German pregnant women compared to non-pregnant women.

Adequate vitamin D status is crucial for normal development of the fetus and for maternal health. As data on vitamin D status (25-hydroxyvitamin D, 25(OH)D) in German women of different states of pregnancy were not available, this study compared the vitamin D status of German women in all trimesters of pregnancy with that of non-pregnant women.

Syzygium mundagam bark methanol extract restores skin to normal in diabetic wounded rats.

Diabetic wounds have been identified as one of the major complications associated with diabetes. This study features the use of Syzygium mundagam bark methanol (SMBM) extract in the treatment of wounds in Streptozotocin-Nicotinamide induced diabetic rats. The extract ointment base, at 1 and 2% respectively, was applied to the wounded areas on the rats and monitored for 21days. The wound closure, epithelialization period and histopathology of the wounds were evaluated during the study. Both the concentration...

Consequences of bioenergy wood extraction for landscape-level availability of habitat for dead wood-dependent organisms.

Stumps and slash resulting from forest clearcutting is used as a source of low-net-carbon energy, but there are concerns about the consequences of biofuel extraction on biodiversity. Logging residues constitute potentially important habitats, since a large part of forest biodiversity is dependent on dead wood. Here we used snapshot field data from a managed forest landscape (25 000 ha) to predict landscape scale population changes of dead wood dependent organisms after extraction of stumps and slash after...

Validation of the German Version of Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI).

Tinnitus belongs to seriously debilitating auditory conditions and is often complicated by comorbidities such as insomnia, difficulties with concentration, depression, frustration and irritability. To facilitate the grading of symptoms and the effects of therapeutic strategies, we validated a German-version Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) in 229 subjects suffering from chronic tinnitus. Outcome validity was assessed using the Tinnitus Questionnaire (TQ, German adaptation by Goebel u. Hiller [1998]). Constru...

The reception of darwin in late nineteenth-century German paleontology as a case of pyrrhic victory.

This paper investigates German-speaking paleontologists' reception of Darwin's thought and the ways in which they negotiated their space of knowledge production accordingly. In German-speaking regions, the majority of paleontologists welcomed Darwin's magnum opus, since it granted paleontology an independent voice within biology, and thus a new institutional setting. However, in the process of negotiating the features of paleontology within the Darwinian framework, German paleontologists constrained their p...

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in Juvenile and Adult Type 1 Diabetes in a German/Austrian Cohort.

Context While an association between PCOS and type 2 diabetes is well established, to date there have been few data on clinical care of type 1 diabetes (T1D) patients with PCOS. Objective The aim of our study was to characterize T1D patients with the comorbidity of PCOS within the DPV cohort with regard to diabetes phenotype, therapy and metabolic control. Design and Setting Clinical data from the prospective German/Austrian DPV cohort on patients with T1D and documented PCOS (n=76) were compared to female ...

Multi-rate acquisition for dead time reduction in magnetic resonance receivers: Application to imaging with zero echo time.

For magnetic resonance imaging of tissues with very short transverse relaxation times, radio-frequency excitation must be immediately followed by data acquisition with fast spatial encoding. In zero-echo-time (ZTE) imaging, excitation is performed while the readout gradient is already on, causing data loss due to an initial dead time. One major dead time contribution is the settling time of the filters involved in signal down-conversion. In this work, a multi-rate acquisition scheme is proposed to minimize ...

Comments to the Editor Concerning the Paper Entitled "Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cell with PPAR-γ Agonist or Exendin-4" Mohamed Abd Elaziz Wassef et al.

Discussing euthanasia in two German states: scientific terminology and public discourse in the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Discussions on euthanasia ("Sterbehilfe") that took place in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) have remained widely unnoticed by the historical sciences. By referring to various publications dating from the 1950s until today, this paper presents the basic ideas of the debate on euthanasia in the GDR and compares them-partly synchronically, partly diachronically-with the situation in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). A special focus is placed on positions and terminology related to medical ethics at...

Development and Current Status of the Health Education Curriculum of the German Pension Insurance.

The health education curriculum of the German pension insurance comprises 27 patient education programs that are mostly indication-based. The curriculum aims to support the implementation of patient-oriented patient education in German rehabilitation centers. The effectiveness of several of the educational programs was evaluated in controlled trials with heterogeneous results. Overall, the dissemination of the evaluated programs in rehabilitation practice can be recommended. They constitute an essential par...

An internet-based survey of 96 German-speaking users of "bath salts": frequent complications, risky sexual behavior, violence, and delinquency.

To define the demographics of German-speaking "bath salt" users.

Attempting a Great Integration : Paul Martini and the First Post-War Conference of the German Society for Internal Medicine.

The long established German Society for Internal Medicine (DGIM) profoundly incriminated itself through its actions and positions during the National Socialist era. The German clinical physician Paul Martini assumed the part of reorganizing the DGIM prior to its first post-war convention in 1948 in Karlsruhe. Martini, who himself had opposed the Nazi regime, adopted a course of comprehensive integration. He strived to incorporate both physicians who had been persecuted by the Nazi Regime as well as former ...

Potential value of phosphate compounds in enhancing immobilization and reducing bioavailability of mixed heavy metal contaminants in shooting range soil.

Shooting range soils contain mixed heavy metal contaminants including lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), and zinc (Zn). Phosphate (P) compounds have been used to immobilize these metals, particularly Pb, thereby reducing their bioavailability. However, research on immobilization of Pb's co-contaminants showed the relative importance of soluble and insoluble P compounds, which is critical in evaluating the overall success of in situ stabilization practice in the sustainable remediation of mixed heavy metal contaminate...

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