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Teruaki Mukaiyama (1927-2018).

Teruaki Mukaiyama, formerly Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University, and Tokyo University of Science passed away on November 17, 2018. As one of the most productive organic chemists he has enriched the field of synthetic organic chemistry in 60 years of research. His most important contributions are reviewed herein by a close friend.

Comparison of Automated Office Blood Pressure With Office and Out-Off-Office Measurement Techniques.

Automated office blood pressure (AOBP) has emerged as a valuable tool to assess patient's BP status, but the lack of strong evidence to establish a threshold value for hypertension diagnosis limits its use in clinical practice. We aimed at synthesizing the published literature through a meta-analysis of studies comparing AOBP with other BP measurement techniques and at analyzing the differences between AOBP and physician's office BP, nonphysician's office BP, daytime ambulatory BP monitoring, and home BP mo...

Decreasing Unplanned Office Visits Due to Cast Problems in the Pediatric Population.

Unplanned office visits due to cast-related problems in the pediatric orthopedic office are common. Decreasing problems associated with the use of a cast would improve patient safety, increase office productivity, and decrease inconvenience to the child and family.

A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Versatile Reactivity of an Oxocerium(IV) Complex: Concerted vs. Reductive Addition.

A combined experimental and theoretical investigation on the cerium(IV) oxo complex [(LOEt)2Ce(=O)(H2O)]MeC(O)NH2 (1; LOEt- = [Co(η5-C5H5){P(O)(OEt)2}3]-) demonstrates that the intermediate spin state nature of the ground state of the cerium complex is responsible for the versatility of its reactivity towards small molecules such as CO, CO2, SO2 and NO. CASSCF calculations together with magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate that the ground state of the cerium complex is of multiconfigurational char...

HOXA-10 gene expression in ectopic and eutopic endometrium tissues: Does it differ between fertile and infertile women with endometriosis?

To compare HOXA-10 gene expression in eutopic endometrium samples, between fertile and infertile endometriosis patients and the fertile control cases, and in endometrium and endometrioma specimens, between severe and moderate endometriosis cases.

Effects of the golfer-ground interaction on clubhead speed in skilled male golfers.

The purposes of this study were to characterise the golfer-ground interactions during the swing and to identify meaningful associations between the golfer-ground interaction force/moment parameters and the maximum clubhead speed in 63 highly skilled male golfers (handicap ≤ 3). Golfers performed shots in 3 club conditions (driver, 5-iron and pitching wedge) which were captured by an optical motion capture system and 2 force plates. In addition to the ground reaction forces (GRFs), 3 different golfer-groun...

Effect of gel replacement during in-office dental bleaching: a case report.

In-office dental bleaching allows the dentist to have greater control of the procedure and prevents patients from ingesting chemicals. To obtain optimum results, in-office bleaching usually requires a longer period of application as well as changes of the bleaching agent applied to the tooth surfaces at each appointment. The objective of this case report was to assess, by means of a split-mouth design in a single patient, the final tooth color and tooth sensitivity resulting from 2 different bleaching proto...

Nonpharmacological Relaxation Technology for Office-Based Rhinologic Procedures.

Office-based rhinologic procedures are increasingly performed to control costs and enhance patient convenience. Adequate management of pain and anxiety is essential for the technical performance of these procedures, in addition to ensuring patient comfort. Pharmacologic agents are often used to manage anxiety and pain. Nonpharmacological adjuncts may be useful for achieving these effects without oral opioids and benzodiazepines.

In-Office Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Neck Masses/Thyroid Nodules.

Office-based ultrasonography is increasingly becoming an integral part of an otolaryngology-head and neck surgery practice. A thorough knowledge of the ultrasonic appearance of normal and abnormal pathology are key for performing/interpreting office-based head and neck ultrasonography. A focused but systematic approach allows for efficient and effective office-based head and neck ultrasonography. Office-based ultrasonography also allows for imaging procedures expanding the otolaryngologist's armamentarium. ...

Review: Automated office BP measures are similar to awake ambulatory BP and lower than other office BP measures.

Full-genome analysis of hepatitis C virus in Japanese and non-Japanese patients coinfected with HIV-1 in Tokyo.

Acute hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is increasing among HIV-1-infected individuals in Tokyo. Appropriate clinical management is needed.

Provider Trends in Atherectomy Volume Between Office-Based Labs and Traditional Facilities.

As patient care is increasingly transitioned out of the hospital and into the outpatient setting, there is growing interest in developing office-based angiography suites, i.e. office-based labs. Office-based care has been associated with increased efficiency and greater patient satisfaction, with substantially higher reimbursement directly to the physicians providing care. Prior studies have demonstrated a shift of revascularization procedures to office-based labs with a concomitant increase in atherectomy ...

Assessing the dose-response relationship between number of office-based visits and hospitalizations for patients with type II diabetes using generalized propensity score matching.

Whether inpatient services can be successfully substituted by office-based services has been debated for many decades, but the evidence is still inconclusive. This study aims to investigate the effect of office-based care on use and the expenditure for other healthcare services in patients with type II diabetes (T2D).

Office Patient Safety.

Patient safety is inseparable from quality and is a top priority for the United States health care system. This article explores factors that contribute to errors and patient harm in office practice, discusses key ways in which errors in the outpatient setting compare with those occurring in the inpatient setting, and describes strategies for supporting and improving patient safety in office practice.

The most effective IEQ factors related to worker satisfaction and performance: A case of administrative office building of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.

The influence of the office environment on employees has attracted inter-disciplinary research attention. This study investigates the differences in worker satisfaction and self-estimated job performance regarding Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) parameters in personal workspace between three office types (enclosed private offices, enclosed shared offices, and cubicle with high partitions). A standard survey conducted by the Centre for the Built Environment (CBE) has been used to collect and analyse data ...

Effects of pH and Application Technique of In-office Bleaching Gels on Hydrogen Peroxide Penetration into the Pulp Chamber.

This study aimed to quantify the penetration of hydrogen peroxide (HP) into the pulp chamber in teeth submitted to in-office bleaching with varied pH and application techniques. The color change and pH of the in-office bleaching product during application was also evaluated.

Gesture height reflects common ground status even in patients with amnesia.

When we communicate, we alter our language and gesture based on the mutually shared knowledge - common ground - that we have with our listener. How memory supports these alterations remain unclear. We asked healthy adults and patients with hippocampal amnesia to engage in a referential communication task. Previous work suggests that common ground can be encoded by distinct memory systems; Amnesic patients show normal learning and referential label use as common ground increases, but inconsistently mark thes...

Comparison of routine and automated office blood pressure measurement.

From April to October 2018, we implemented a blood pressure measurement quality improvement project at our Hypertension Center. We aimed to compare blood pressure measured using routine, non-standardized office blood pressure and Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial-like automated office blood pressure protocols.

Utilizing telemedicine in oncology settings: Patient favourability rates and perceptions of use analysis using Chi-Square and neural networks.

Telemedicine is an alternative to traditional face-to-face doctor-patient office visits. Although telemedicine is becoming more prevalent, few studies have looked at the perceived favorability rate among patients utilizing telemedicine over the traditional office visit to a provider's office considering data samples from more than 5 clinics in northern Louisiana.

Female Office Workers With Moderate Neck Pain Have Increased Anterior Positioning of the Cervical Spine and Stiffness of Upper Trapezius Myofascial Tissue in Sitting Posture.

Work-related neck disorders are among the most common dysfunctions in office workers. Understanding cervical myofascial mechanical characteristics that differentiate symptomatic from asymptomatic office workers is crucial for the understanding of musculoskeletal dysfunctions in workers with neck pain.

Comparison of 24-hour and Office Pulse Wave Velocity for Prediction of Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients.

Mortality in hemodialysis patients still remains unacceptably high. Enhanced arterial stiffness is a known cardiovascular risk factor, and pulse wave velocity (PWV) has proven to be a valid parameter to quantify risk. Recent studies showed controversial results regarding the prognostic significance of PWV for mortality in hemodialysis patients, which may be due to methodological issues, such as assessment of PWV in the office setting (Office-PWV).

Screening for hypertension: an elevated office blood pressure measurement is valuable, adding an automated one is even better.

Previous studies have examined the relevance of hypertension (HTN) screening in walk-in clinics. So far, no valid algorithm has been proposed on how to integrate HTN screening in this context. The aim of our study was to assess, in a walk-in clinic setting, the HTN screening strategy for performing an automated office blood pressure (AOBP) measurement following an initially high office blood pressure (OBP) measurement.

Public prosecutor's office and social control in the National Unified Health System: a systematic review.

The 1988 Constitution increased the Public Prosecutor's Office attributions and facilitated social participation through management councils in the construction of public policies and in the implementation of social control. In this context, it is necessary to reflect critically on the Public Prosecutor's Office work and its interaction with Health Councils to strengthen social control in the National Unified Health System. We conducted a systematic literature review to identify the national panorama of the...

Are Measures of Postural Behavior Using Motion Sensors in Seated Office Workers Reliable?

In this study, the reliability of measures of upper body postural behavior (head, thorax, neck, and arm) during sustained office work was evaluated.

Characteristics of musculoskeletal disorders and satisfaction with in-house physical therapy clinics in office workers.

Musculoskeletal disorders are not properly managed in office workers because of their busy work life. In-house physical therapy is a good way to manage the musculoskeletal disorders in office workers. Despite the numerous advantages of in-house physical therapy, the establishment and research of in-house physical therapy were insufficient.

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