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Knowledge About Emerging Zoonotic Vector-Borne Parasites and in Finland: Questionnaire Survey to Medical Doctors and Veterinarians.

Zoonotic vector-borne parasites and have been spreading northwards in Europe. Awareness across sectors is a key factor for preparedness to zoonotic emerging diseases. In this study, an online questionnaire was used to survey the knowledge of medical doctors and veterinarians in Finland on whether and can infect humans and dogs, and whether these infections have been detected in Finland. Participants were recruited via two social media discussion groups, and participation was voluntary. The questionnaire...

The Top Health Care Stories of 2019: A Sense of Urgency Heading into an Election Year.

Negative trends intensify for key measures of population health and access to care.

Supportive networks, healthier doctors and 'just culture': Managing the effects of medico-legal complaints on doctors.

When an error leads to possible patient harm and a complaint, the impact on doctors and patients can be profound. Doctors may respond in ways that risk harm to themselves, colleagues and patients, including withdrawing from peers, risk-avoidance practice and even suicidal ideation.

Voting with your wallet? Municipal budget policy and election results.

In this research letter, we examine the impact of municipal budget policy on the percentage of votes for the incumbent majority parties in subsequent elections. We contribute to the academic literature by examining the combined influence of taxes, expenditures and debt. Based on data for Flanders (Belgium) between 1994 and 2012, we find no significant association between these budget variables and the actual election results.

When does activism benefit well-being? Evidence from a longitudinal study of Clinton voters in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Contrary to the expectations of many, Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The initial shock to her supporters turned into despair for most, but not everyone was affected equally. We draw from the literature on political activism, identity, and self-other overlap in predicting that not all Clinton voters would be equivalently crushed by her loss. Specifically, we hypothesize that pre-election measures of political activism, and level of self-other identification between participants and...

Attracting junior doctors to rural centres: A national study of work-life conditions and satisfaction.

Junior doctors, in their first four years of medical work, are an important part of the health care team. Attracting and retaining these doctors to rural areas underpins the development of the future rural workforce. This is the first national-scale study about satisfaction of junior doctors, based on their work location, to inform recruitment and retention.

Can knowledge of election results change recall of our predictions? Neural correlates of political hindsight bias.

Hindsight bias (HB) is the tendency to retrospectively exaggerate one's foresight knowledge about the outcome of an event. Cognitive processes influenced by newly obtained outcome information are used to explain the HB phenomenon, but the neural correlates remain unknown. This study investigated HB in the context of election results using a memory design and functional magnetic resonance imaging for the first time. Participants were asked to predict and recall the percentage of votes obtained by (pairs of) ...

Doctor, how can we help you? Qualitative interview study to identify key interventions to target burnout in hospital doctors.

To identify priority interventions for the prevention and reduction of work stress and burnout in hospital doctors through analysis of (1) doctors' experiences of work stress and burnout and (2) their preferences with respect to interventions.

Chronic Standing Desk Use and Arterial Stiffness.

Sedentary activity and sitting for at least 10 hours per day can increase the risk for cardiovascular disease by more than 60%. Use of standing desks may decrease sedentary time and improve cardiovascular health. Acute standing lowers pulse wave velocity (PWV), but chronic effects remain unknown. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of chronic standing desk use on arterial stiffness versus seated controls.

Sex-specific effects of sitting vs standing on upper body muscle activity during text typing.

Standing computer work is increasingly popular. However, despite the higher rates of computer work-related disorders in women, no studies have compared how standing work affects men and women. Twelve males and 12 females completed 90-min typing tasks in each posture while electromyography (EMG) data was recorded from eight muscles of the upper body. Results show that females had significantly higher EMG root-mean-squared (RMS) values in the anterior deltoid than males when seated, but higher EMG RMS in the ...

The constituent session of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. The second day (December 21, 1944).

The article describes and analyzes the second day of the Constituent Session of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences held on December 21, 1944, during which the elections of academic - secretaries and members of the bureau of branches took place at three parallel meetings. I. P. Razenkov was elected the academician-secretary of the department of biomedical sciences (OMBN), V. F. Zelenin - оf the Department of Clinical Medicine (OKM) , F. G. Krotkov - of the Department of Hygiene, Microbiology and Epidemiol...

Is Bilateral Deficit in Handgrip Strength Associated With Performance in Specific Judo Tasks?

Turnes, T, Silva, BA, Kons, RL, and Detanico, D. Is bilateral deficit in handgrip strength associated with performance in specific judo tasks? J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2019-The aim of this study was to identify the existence of bilateral deficit (BD) on maximal handgrip strength during standing and seated positions in judo athletes and to correlate this with judo-specific tasks. Nineteen male judo athletes (age 22.1 ± 4.6 years) performed unilateral and bilateral handgrip strength tests in seate...

Should Trolleys Be Scared of Mice? Replies to Evans and Brandt (2019); Białek, Turpin, and Fugelsang (2019); Colman, Gold, and Pulford (2019); and Plunkett and Greene (2019).

The quality and safety of locum doctors: a narrative review.

Locum doctors are often perceived to present greater risks of causing harm to patients than permanent doctors. After eligibility and quality assessment, eight empirical and 34 non-empirical papers were included in a narrative synthesis to establish what was known about the quality and safety of locum medical practice. Empirical literature was limited and weak methodologically. Locums enabled healthcare organisations to maintain appropriate staffing levels and allowed staffing flexibility, but they also gave...

Health Care Legislation, the 2020 Election, and Beyond.

Assisted standing for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most common X-linked neuromuscular disorder. When boys with DMD reach the second decade of life, they lose their ability to walk and become wheelchair dependent. Standing devices and orthoses are considered to be an essential component in the therapy management of DMD. Clinical opinion and research from other neurological conditions highlight the proposed benefits of standing device use, however, its effect within this population is currently unknown. A review of the...

Factors which influence hospital doctors' Advance Care Plan adherence.

Advances in medicine have seen changes in mortality in Western countries. Simultaneously, countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Germany have encouraged consumer-directed care and Advance Care Plan (ACP) completion, giving patients a voice despite incapacity. Adhering to ACPs relies on the decision-making of treating doctors, making hospital doctors key partners, and their perspectives on ACP adherence critical.

Medical Review Sites - Helpful Hints and Tricks.

Many doctors regard online reviews and ratings of their professional work as menacing or defamatory. Some even expect that their reputation and economic success could be deeply compromised. Constant jurisdiction in Germany however has straightened out, that there is no avoidance strategy. In this overview I consider some options for doctors, who actively want to go into the matter.

What influences young doctors in their decision-making about general practice as a possible career? A qualitative study.

: Recruitment to General Practitioner (GP) training programmes in the United Kingdom is poor. Colleagues' negative comments about general practice could contribute to this.: To investigate what influences Foundation Year 2 (FY2) doctors in their decisions to choose general practice as a career, and how colleagues' comments about GPs might affect those decisions.: A qualitative study in Southwest England.: Thematic analysis of interviews with FY2 doctors.: Twenty-four doctors participated. They thought that ...

Anxiety among newly-qualified doctors: An eight-year analysis.

Stressed and anxious doctors are more likely to make errors, take time off work and to leave medicine. This study aims to quantify the prevalence of anxiety among newly-qualified Foundation Year 1 doctors (FY1s), identify high risk groups and determine workplace factors associated with anxiety. We investigated self-reported anxiety among eight cohorts of FY1s between 2010 and 2017. Participants completed an online survey after their first week of work ( = 11,839), with a follow-up survey later in the y...

Posterior Pelvic Tilt from Supine to Standing in Patients with Symptomatic Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip.

Pelvic sagittal inclination (PSI) significantly affects the femoral head coverage by the acetabulum in patients with developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), while no reports have quantified PSI in DDH patients in the supine and standing positions. Furthermore, little is known about how PSI changes after periacetabular osteotomies. Herein, PSI in the supine and standing positions was quantified in DDH patients preoperatively and postoperatively. Twenty-five patients with DDH who had undergone periacetabula...

Characterization of free-standing 1D photonic crystals using an effective medium approach.

Photonic crystals (PCs) are usually fabricated on bulk substrates which break the symmetry of the PC system for incidence from either side of the PCs. Here we report the fabrication of a free-standing 1D layered dielectric PC by using a two-beam holographic interference method. The free-standing PC exhibits distinct photonic bandgaps as well as Fabry-Perot oscillations in the photonic bands. Furthermore, we show that the PC can be modeled by an effective medium approach and obtain the reflection phase for t...

Retention of doctors in emergency medicine: a scoping review protocol.

The primary question of the review is: What is known about retention of doctors in emergency medicine?

Standing desks for sedentary occupations assessing changes in satisfaction and health outcomes after six months of use.

Standing desks are a low cost option for the reduction of sedentary behavior.

A Focus Honoring Helmut Schwarz's Election to the National Academy of Sciences.

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