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Organs-on-Chips in Clinical Pharmacology: Putting the Patient Into the Center of Treatment Selection and Drug Development.

There have been rapid advances since Organs-on-Chips were first developed. Organ-Chips are now available beyond academic laboratories with the initial emphasis to reduce animal experimentation and improve predictability of drug development through better prediction of safety and efficacy. There is now a huge opportunity to use chips to understand efficacy and disease variability. We propose that by 2030, Organs-on-Chips will play a key role in clinical pharmacology as part of the diagnostic and treatment wo...

NBA team home advantage: Identifying key factors using an artificial neural network.

What determines a team's home advantage, and why does it change with time? Is it something about the rowdiness of the hometown crowd? Is it something about the location of the team? Or is it something about the team itself, the quality of the team or the styles it may or may not play? To answer these questions, season performance statistics were downloaded for all NBA teams across 32 seasons (83-84 to 17-18). Data were also obtained for other potential influences identified in the literature including: stad...

Management of non-severe pregnancy hypertension - A summary of the CHIPS Trial (Control of Hypertension in Pregnancy Study) research publications.

The international CHIPS Trial (Control of Hypertension In Pregnancy Study) enrolled 987 women with chronic (75%) or gestational (25%) hypertension. Pre-eclampsia developed in 48%; women remained on their allocated BP control and delivered an average of two weeks later. 'Less tight' control (target diastolic BP 100 mmHg) achieved BP that was 6/5mmHg higher (p 

The Impact of the ITI International Team for Implantology on Implant Dentistry: A Retrospective and Descriptive Analysis of 30 Years of Research Support.

The purpose of this study was to analyze the projects submitted to the ITI International Team for Implantology for funding and the scientific publications ensuing from these projects, over a period of 30 years.

Modulated light-activated electrochemistry at silicon functionalized with metal-organic frameworks towards addressable DNA chips.

Modulated light-activated electrochemistry (MLAE) at semiconductor/liquid interfaces derived from light-addressable potentiometric sensor (LAPS) and light-activated electrochemistry (LAE) for addressable photoelectrochemical sensing has been proposed as a new sensor platform. In this system, a bias voltage is applied to create a depletion layer at the silicon/electrolyte interface. Meanwhile, intensity-modulated light illuminates the movable electrode to generate electron/hole pairs and causes a detectable ...

Topical monomethylsilanetriol can deliver silicon to the viable skin.

Organic silicon has been linked to positive effects on the skin rejuvenation, mainly by the oral route. Thus, the main objective of the present study was to assess whether monomethylsilanetriol (MMST, a source of organic silicon) can deliver silicon to the epidermis and dermis, when applied topically in a cream. Once the hypothesis was confirmed, the present study also evaluated whether the product was toxic to keratinocytes; additionally, its possible antioxidant activity was assessed.

Team climate mediates the effect of diversity on environmental science team satisfaction and data sharing.

Scientific research-especially high-impact research-is increasingly being performed in teams that are interdisciplinary and demographically diverse. Nevertheless, very little research has investigated how the climate on these diverse science teams affects data sharing or the experiences of their members. To address these gaps, we conducted a quantitative study of 266 scientists from 105 NSF-funded interdisciplinary environmental science teams. We examined how team climate mediates the associations between t...

Team approaches in palliative care: a review of the literature.

Interdisciplinary team involvement is commonplace in many palliative care settings across the world. Teamwork is perceived by many experts as an indispensable functionality of palliative care teams. Significantly different structural and functional attributes of these teams between regional and organisational contexts could potentially act both as strengths and weaknesses towards their overall productivity. The sustainability and resilience of the team also has an indirect bearing on the team functioning.

Allergy: New editorial team, innovative content and achievements after two years.

Two years have passed since our team took over Allergy, stirring it into a new direction as a World journal with a dedicated team of Editors from all continents. We opened the Davos Office of Allergy with a Managing Editor, Graphics Editor and Social Media Editor. Together with our Copenhagen, Oxford, and Manila offices, Allergy is now an international enterprise with a strong team of highly focused and motivated Editors (Table 1).

Capturing activated neurons and synapses.

An important yet very challenging goal of neuroscience is to understand how brain activity drives cognition and behavior. Many useful tools have been developed to study neurons and synapses, the fundamental units of brain activity. Here, we review recently developed methods to visualize and manipulate active neurons and synapses, providing useful and compelling information about functional neuronal circuitry.

Predicting the higher heating value of syngas pyrolyzed from sewage sludge using an artificial neural network.

Sludge pyrolysis is a complex process including complicated reaction chemistry, phase transition, and transportation phenomena. To better evaluate the use of syngas, the monitoring and prediction of a higher heating value (HHV) is necessary. This study developed an artificial neural network (ANN) model to predict the HHV of syngas, with the process variables (i.e., sludge type, catalyst type, catalyst amount, pyrolysis temperature, and moisture content) as the inputs. In the first step, through optimizing v...

Surface sediments formation during auto-hydrolysis and its effects on the benzene-alcohol extractive, absorbability and chemical pulping properties of hydrolyzed acacia wood chips.

The aim of this work was to study the sedimentary substances formed on the surface of auto-hydrolyzed wood chips. And its potential effect on the subsequent chemical pulping was then investigated by the analysis of surface morphology, benzene-alcohol extractive, absorbability and kraft pulping of wood chips hydrolyzed. The results showed that sediments on the surface of auto-hydrolyzed wood chips were microspheric and the amount of them increased with intensifying the severity of treatment. The benzene-alco...

Largely Improved Battery Performance Using Micro-Sized Silicon Skeleton Caged By Polypyrrole As Anode.

Various architectures with nano-structured silicon have demonstrated promising battery performance while posing a challenge in industrial production. The current ratio of silicon in graphite as anode is less than 5 wt%, which greatly limits the battery energy density. In this article, we report a scalable synthesis of large silicon cage composite (micrometers) that is composed of a silicon skeleton and an ultra-thin (

An ontology-driven framework to support the dynamic formation of an interdisciplinary healthcare team.

Teamwork has become a modus operandi in healthcare and delivery of patient care by an interdisciplinary healthcare team (IHT) is now a prevailing modality of care. We argue that a formal and automated support framework is needed for an IHT to properly leverage information technology resources. Such a framework should allow for patient preferences and expand a representation of a clinical workflow with a formal model of dynamic formation of a team, especially with regards to team leader- and membership, and ...

Development of pedestrian crash prediction model for a developing country using artificial neural network.

Urban intersections in India constitute a significant share of pedestrian fatalities. However, model-based prediction of pedestrian fatalities is still in a nascent stage in India. This study proposes an artificial neural network (ANN) technique to develop a pedestrian fatal crash frequency model at the intersection level. In this study, three activation functions are used along with four different learning algorithms to build different combinations of ANN models. In each of these combinations, the number o...

Phytoecdisteroids from Serratula coronata when growing ducklings.

This article presents the results of comprehensive studies to analyze the effect of a mixture of phytoecdysteroids extracted from the juice of Serratula coronata L. on the productivity and vitality of ducklings when grown for meat, and the optimal doses of its inclusion in the diet of the bird are revealed. The methodological basis of this study was the earlier works of domestic and foreign scientists on the topic under study. In the studies, a mixture of ecdysteroids extracted from the juice of the Serratu...

The Team, the Team, the Team: What Critical Care Research Can Learn From Football Teams.

The Team, the Team, the Team: What Critical Care Research Can Learn from Football Teams.

Epitaxial Bottom-up Growth of Silicon Nanowires on Oxidized Silicon by Alloy-Catalyzed Gas-Phase Synthesis.

High-yield epitaxial bottom-up growth of silicon nanowires is still challenging, but desirable for various applications such as anti-reflective coatings, solar cells and high-aspect ratio scanning probes. Hence, pristine single-crystalline silicon surfaces are in principle required as growth substrate, but reoxidation occurring prior to nanowire growth obstructs epitaxial growth significantly. Here, we present an approach that relies on Al/Au-alloy catalysts for gas-phase silicon nanowire synthesis allowing...

Non-swelling hydrogel-based microfluidic chips.

Hydrogel-based microfluidic chips are more biologically relevant than conventional polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) chips, but the inherent swelling of hydrogels leads to a decrease in mechanical performance and deformation of the as-prepared structure in their manufacture and application processing. Non-swelling hydrogel has, for the first time, been utilized to construct microfluidic chips in this study. It was fabricated by covalently cross-linking the biocompatible copolymer of di-acrylated Pluronic F127 (F1...

Color evolution of poplar wood chips and its response to lignin and extractives changes in autohydrolysis pretreatment.

Combining chemi-mechanical pulping with autohydrolysis pretreatment is an efficient and value-added utilization approach for lignocellulosic biomass in paper industry. To further promote the utilization of autohydrolyzed biomass in chemi-mechanical pulping, the color evolution of poplar wood chips in autohydrolysis pretreatment and its chromogenic mechanism were investigated by using CIELab color system, FT-IR, NMR and GPC. The results showed that the total color difference ΔE* increased obviously, which w...

A review of learning in biologically plausible spiking neural networks.

Artificial neural networks have been used as a powerful processing tool in various areas such as pattern recognition, control, robotics, and bioinformatics. Their wide applicability has encouraged researchers to improve artificial neural networks by investigating the biological brain. Neurological research has significantly progressed in recent years and continues to reveal new characteristics of biological neurons. New technologies can now capture temporal changes in the internal activity of the brain in m...

Thoracic Radiologists' Versus Computer Scientists' Perspectives on the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Radiology.

There is intense interest and speculation in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to radiology. The goals of this investigation were (1) to assess thoracic radiologists' perspectives on the role and expected impact of AI in radiology, and (2) to compare radiologists' perspectives with those of computer science (CS) experts working in the AI development.

Secularism in science: The role of religious affiliation in assessments of scientists' trustworthiness.

With controversies surrounding numerous science topics, including vaccinations and climate change, science skepticism in the United States is of growing concern. Some skepticism of science may stem from the perceived association between science and atheism, as well as stereotypes of religious individuals as prosocial. Three studies examine how scientists' religious affiliation (or lack thereof) influences perceptions of their warmth and trustworthiness among Christian participants. (Study 1 also includes at...

Prototyping a memristive-based device to analyze neuronal excitability.

Many efforts have been spent in the last decade for the development of nanoscale synaptic devices integrated into neuromorphic circuits, trying to emulate the behavior of natural synapses. The study of brain properties with the standard approaches based on biocompatible electrodes coupled to conventional electronics, however, presents strong limitations, which in turn could be overcame by the in-situ growth of neuronal networks coupled to memristive devices. To meet this challenging task, here two different...

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