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An Indwelling, Intrauterine Foley Balloon Catheter for Intraoperative and Postoperative Bleeding in Cesarean Scar Pregnancy.

Cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP) is a rare type of ectopic pregnancy, and a significant concern in the management of this condition is the control and prevention of bleeding. We aimed to determine the efficacy and value of an indwelling, intrauterine Foley balloon catheter in controlling and preventing intraoperative and postoperative bleeding in patients with CSP.

Characteristics of exposure factors and inhalation exposure to selected spray consumer products in Korean population.

Many consumer spray products are sold for various purposes. Use of spray products can cause adverse health effects. This study evaluated exposure factors for consumer spray products and assessed the particle inhalation exposure. Six consumer spray products were evaluated: an automobile interior cleaner, car deodorizing spray, anti-static spray, waterproofing spray, microorganism deodorizer, and disinfectant spray. The exposure factors were based on 10,000 respondents over 15 years old. Inhalation dose was c...

Fenestrated/Branched Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair Using a Supraceliac Aortic Proximal Seal Zone Versus an Infraceliac Aortic Proximal Seal Zone.

Fenestrated/branched endovascular aneurysm repair (F/B-EVAR) achieves more extensive proximal seal than conventional infrarenal devices, thereby increasing aneurysm exclusion durability. Optimal seal zone length remains undefined. We assessed relative risks and benefits of extending proximal seal above the celiac artery.

Improving bleeding detector features for electron intraoperative radiotherapy.

The aim of this work is to improve the potential bleeding detection during intraoperative radiotherapy with linac polymethyl methacrylate applicators (PMMA), based on one previously developed. The improvements carried out have been focused on: i) minimizing the impact of the detector on the visual through the plastic applicators and ii) avoiding the asymmetry in the detection capability when the applicator is tilted.

An An Open-Label, Single Center, Retrospective Study to Evaluate Clinical Outcomes with Surgical Sealant in Bentall Procedures: A Cohort Study.

Cardiovascular surgery is associated with substantial risk for postoperative bleeding with increased patient morbidity and mortality. Numerous intraoperative techniques have been utilized to reduce this risk. This study was to assess postoperative bleeding-related parameters following Bentall procedures and to examine the impact of intraoperative surgical sealant application.

To seal or not to seal.

Simulating spray droplet impaction outcomes: Comparison with experimental data.

A suite of plant retention spray models has been developed to simulate spray retention using virtual surfaces (either single leaves or whole plants) and their outputs compared with experimental data for the equivalent spray scenarios.

Co-infection of and Japanese encephalitis virus in a spotted seal () in the Republic of Korea.

A 10-year-old male spotted seal presented with loss of appetite and decreased activity. Grossly, the internal organs revealed several filarial nematodes in the right ventricle of the heart and the pulmonary vessels. Histopathological examination of the brain revealed moderate nonsuppurative meningoencephalitis with glial nodules and neuronophagia. Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) of genotype I was isolated from the brain. All nematodes were identified as . This is the first clinical case of co-infection wi...

Gastrointestinal bleeding in Iceland and in broader terms - a review.

Gastrointestinal bleeding is a common cause for presentation in the emergency room and hospitalization. The bleeding is usually categorized to upper or lower gastrointestinal bleeding. The purpose of this review article is to provide an overview of the incidence of gastrointestinal bleeding, etiology, risk factors, role of antithrombotics, evaluation of the severity of bleeding, therapy and outcome. Emphasis will be put on gastrointestinal bleeding within the Icelandic health care system but also in broader...

Rare bleeding disorders and advances in gene therapy.

: Rare bleeding disorders usually begin in childhood and manifest as varying degrees of bleeding, which can be life-threatening in severe cases. With the development of gene editing technology, it is expected that hereditary coagulation factor disorders will someday be fundamentally cured by gene therapy. On account of their rarity, comprehension of these diseases is essential for the application of new treatment strategies. We have compiled the features of some newly discovered mutations of prothrombin, fa...

Research on motion planning for an indoor spray arm based on an improved potential field method.

The target spraying effect of spray robots mainly depends on the control performance of the spraying arm during the processes of aiming and tracking. To further improve the robustness of the endpoint control and positioning accuracy of the spray arm, an improved potential field algorithm for the motion planning and control of the spray arm is proposed based on prophase research. The algorithm introduces a velocity potential field, visual field constraints and joint position limit constraints into the tradit...

Heavy menstrual bleeding in teenage girls and women with inherited bleeding disorders.

Menometrorrhagia is a frequent bleeding symptom in young women, and may be related to an inherited bleeding disorder. If there is no gynecological etiology, hemostasis tests are required. The early medical management of these teenage girls is important, especially when a bleeding disorder is known. The bleeding risk of the first periods may then be anticipated. Afterwards, the objective of the treatment is to keep the bleeding symptoms under control: anti-fibrinolytic treatment, specific replacement therapy...

Assessing bleeding in acute coronary syndrome using the Bleeding Academic Research Consortium definition.

The Bleeding Academic Research Consortium (BARC) definition was proposed to overcome the heterogeneity among the many bleeding definitions. The aim of this study-level meta-analysis was to explore the incidence of BARC-assessed bleeding in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) studies and to ascertain the relation between these events and variables related to bleeding risk.

Impact of vascular access on outcome after PCI in patients at high bleeding risk: a pre-specified sub-analysis of the LEADERS FREE trial.

The prognostic impact of bleeding in high bleeding risk (HBR) patients depending on the location of bleeding and prognosis in nonaccess site bleeding is unknown. We aimed to assess the impact of vascular access site on bleeding complications after percutaneous coronary interventions for HBR patients at 30-day and 2-year follow-up.

Impact of chemical and mechanical processes on leakage from damaged wells in CO storage sites.

The perceived risk of CO leakage through wells has been considered a potential limitation to commercial scale deployment of geologic CO storage. However, chemical and mechanical alteration of cement can reduce the permeability of leakage pathways. We conducted 100s of simulations spanning realistic operating conditions and well-damage characteristics to understand (1) under what conditions and time frames do fractures seal and (2) for fractures that do not seal, how quickly and to what extent is the permeab...

Effect of Xylocaine spray for analgesia during amniocentesis: A randomized controlled trial.

To compare the effect of Xylocaine spray on pain score during amniocentesis METHODS: Singleton pregnant women undergoing amniocentesis were recruited. Each participant was randomly assigned into three groups. Group 1 (Xylocaine spray): 1 minute before the procedure, 8 puffs (80 mg) of 10% Lidocaine spray were sprayed on abdominal wall: group 2 (placebo): 8 puffs of sterile normal saline were sprayed: and group 3 (control): no spray was used. The participants rated their pain through a 10-cm visual analog sc...

The intraoperative use of aortic balloon occlusion technique for sacral and pelvic tumor resections: A case-control study.

Pelvic and sacral tumor surgery is traditionally characterized by several major complications. Bleeding is probably the most feared and dreadful complication. The aim of the study was to evaluate whether the intraoperative use of the intra-aortic balloon occlusion technique could decrease the perioperative blood loss. A secondary aim was to assess aortic balloon-related complications.

Utilization of the Intraoperative Mobile AIRO® CT Scanner in Stereotactic Surgery: Workflow and Effectiveness.

In frame-based stereotactic surgery, intraoperative imaging is crucial. It generally follows a workflow including preoperative MRI and intraoperative frame-based CT. The intraoperative transport of the anesthetized and intubated patient to and from the CT unit can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Here, we report the first 50 patients who underwent stereotactic biopsies using the mobile AIRO® intraoperative CT (iCT) scanner.

MRI monitoring of sea spray freezing.

Sea spray icing is a common hazard for vessels and offshore structures in cold climates. In this paper, quantitative 3D MRI and T - T mapping of the formation of sea spray ice were performed. Three different freezing regimes were employed. During freezing, changes in both relaxation times and signal intensity were greater than an order of magnitude. Results show strong differences in brine intensity and distribution for the three freezing regimes. The observed ranges of spin densities and relaxation times...

A Novel Aqueous Ozone Treatment as a Spray Chill Intervention against O157:H7 on Surfaces of Fresh Beef.

This experiment determined the efficacy of using a novel aqueous ozone treatment as a spray chill intervention to reduce O157:H7 on surfaces of fresh beef compared with traditional water spray chill. Cutaneous trunci muscles were obtained from a local beef cattle processing plant. Muscles were divided into sixteen 25-cm sections, and each section was individually inoculated with O157:H7 to the final concentration of approximately 10 CFU/cm. Muscle sections were collected and tested before and after simula...

Preparation of Ag/graphene composite films by three-component spray-spin-spray coating on surface modified PET substrate.

We report a novel method of three-component spray-spin-spray coating to prepare uniform and dense Ag/graphene nanosheets (Ag/GNS) composite films on surface modified Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate. Compared with untreated sample, the adhesion between composite films and substrate was significantly enhanced with the effects of chemical etching and molecular grafting. From the results of the four-probe test, the sheet resistance of hybrid films of Ag/GNS-5 reduced by 60% compared to the pristine A...

Clinical outcomes of the Seal® thoracic stent graft for traumatic aortic injury in a Korean multicenter retrospective study.

Thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair (TEVAR) has been used as a primary treatment for blunt traumatic aortic injury (TAI). However, the outcomes of mid-term surveillance of Seal® stent-graft durability for TAI have not been extensively studied. Thus, we aimed to report the mid-term outcomes of thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) using the Seal® stent-graft for blunt TAI.

Amended intraoperative neuronavigation: Three-dimensional vascular roadmapping with selective rotational digital subtraction angiography.

Accuracy of intraoperative cerebrovascular neuronavigation is difficult to maintain because of the ongoing need for brain shift correction. By including three-dimensional rotational intraoperative digital subtraction angiography (3D-iDSA), the intraoperative cerebrovascular neuronavigation can be updated and upgraded throughout the microneurosurgical procedure.

Abrasion of Pro Seal® and Opal® Seal™ by professional tooth cleaning protocols: results from an in vitro study and a randomized controlled trial.

The integrity of orthodontic surface sealants after professional tooth cleaning (PTC) has previously only been evaluated in vitro. Recently, we have shown that optical coherence tomography (OCT) can successfully be used for the longitudinal assessments of sealant thickness in vitro and in vivo.

Major bleeding in patients with peripheral artery disease: Insights from the EUCLID trial.

Rates and predictors of major bleeding in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) treated with antiplatelets have not been well studied. This post hoc analysis of EUCLID aimed to determine the incidence of major/minor bleeding, predictors of major bleeding, and risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) following major bleeding events.

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