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Resident bullying in diagnostic radiology.

Workplace bullying has been reported in multiple medical specialties outside of diagnostic radiology within the United States. The purpose of this study was to survey diagnostic radiology residents in the United States to determine if: (1) residents had experienced bullying, (2) residents had witnessed bullying of other residents, (3) residents were aware of zero-tolerance policy for workplace bullying at their institution, (4) residents were aware of no retaliation policies for reporting bullying at their ...

Workplace Bullying of Urology Residents: Implications for the Patient and Provider.

Introduction OBJECTIVE: To elucidate whether urology residents in the United States feel bullied by nurses, how respected they feel at work, and whether this impacts personal and patient care.

Why Radiology Residents Experience Burnout and How to Fix It.

A simplified classification of proximal femoral fractures improves accuracy, confidence, and inter-reader agreement of hip fracture classification by radiology residents.

To demonstrate the effect of teaching a simplified treatment-based classification of proximal femoral fractures on the accuracy, confidence, and inter-reader agreement of radiology residents. The authors hypothesize that these measures will improve after viewing an educational presentation.

Interactive effects of trait and state anxieties on time perception.

Although some previous studies have investigated the time distortion of anxious patients, it remains open about the interactive effects of trait and state anxieties on time perception. In the present study, participants in high and low trait anxieties perceived 24 negative and 24 neutral words for 2 s in induced anxious and calm mood states, and their time perceptions were recorded by the time reproduction task. The results showed that high trait anxious individuals underestimated the 2-second duration wh...

'If I pay rent, I'm gonna smoke': Insights on the social contract of smokefree housing policy in affordable housing settings.

Smoke-free housing policy in multi-unit housing has emerged as a promising tobacco control initiative, yet full compliance remains elusive and is a critical impediment to policy effectiveness. There is a gap in existing research on potential factors preventing optimal smoke-free policy adoption and corresponding solutions. Using qualitative and quantitative data from resident surveys (N = 115) as well as key informant interviews, a focus group, and observational fieldwork, this study 1) assesses smoking...

Clinical features and diagnosis of lumbar fractures caused by pregnancy- and lactation-associated osteoporosis.

Pregnancy- and lactation-associated osteoporosis is a rare disease. Although researchers have reported a few cases, there are no established diagnostic criteria for pregnancy- and lactation-associated osteoporosis. However, a diagnosis can be easily obtained by an accurate medical interview, physical examination, imaging studies, and laboratory data, including bone mineral density measurement. This disease should be suspected when a woman presents with severe back pain in the late stages of pregnancy or the...

Queering Lactation: Contributions of Queer Theory to Lactation Support for LGBTQIA2S+ Individuals and Families.

In this article I explore some contributions of queer theory to the provision of lactation support services. In doing so, I also undertake an intersectional analysis of queering lactation, recognizing that forms of oppression do not impact all individuals equally or in the same ways. While recognizing the history of tensions between queer and feminist politics and activism, I argue that queering lactation holds significant benefits for supporting lactation among LGBT families, as well as opening up possibil...

Twenty-four-hour Learning for Residents: Is it Necessary?

Medication and Facilitation of Transgender Women's Lactation.

LEAARC News Brief: Lactation Education Accreditation and Approval Review Committee Updates.

Commentary on Measurement in Lactation and Breastfeeding.

Lactation Newsmakers: An Interview With Penny Van Esterik, MA, PhD, as Interviewed by Paige Hall Smith, MSPH, PhD.

Advanced Quality Training in Radiology: Inaugural Report of a 2-Year Program.

The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the outcomes of a 2-year advanced quality training program for radiology residents.

Factors associated with residents' contract behavior with family doctors in community health service centers: A longitudinal survey from China.

China adopted family doctor (FD) to help achieve "Healthy China 2030" through providing continuous, comprehensive, and life-cycle contract services. However, there is a disparity between actual and targeted FD use, as residents continue to visit specialists in large hospitals. The government implemented initiatives to improve residents' willingness to sign up with and visit their FDs. Factors that influence contract behavior are therefore significant for frontier policy research.

Behavioral Sleep-Related Problems in Clinically Anxious Children: A Parent-Report Diary Study.

Anxiety disorders and behavioral sleep-related problems (SRPs) frequently co-occur during childhood. However, few studies have used the recommended method of a sleep-diary. The present study examined parental perceptions of behavioral SRPs in anxious compared to non-anxious children using a sleep-diary. Parents of 22 clinically anxious children and 29 healthy controls (aged 6-13 years) completed a 7-day sleep-diary of their child's behavioral SRPs. Compared to non-anxious peers, anxious children were rated...

Stable and Efficient Policy Evaluation.

Policy evaluation algorithms are essential to reinforcement learning due to their ability to predict the performance of a policy. However, there are two long-standing issues lying in this prediction problem that need to be tackled: off-policy stability and on-policy efficiency. The conventional temporal difference (TD) algorithm is known to perform very well in the on-policy setting, yet is not off-policy stable. On the other hand, the gradient TD and emphatic TD algorithms are off-policy stable, but are no...

How does it feel to be a problem? Patients' experiences of self-management support in New Zealand and Canada.

The impact of long-term conditions is the "healthcare equivalent to climate change." People with long-term conditions often feel they are a problem, a burden to themselves, their family and friends. Providers struggle to support patients to self-manage. The Practical Reviews in Self-Management Support (PRISMS) taxonomy lists what provider actions might support patient self-management.

Lactation Space Experiences and Preferences Among Healthcare Workers in an Academic Medical Center.

Comprehensive workplace lactation support programs can reduce the risk for early breastfeeding discontinuation; however, scant evidence is available to inform user-centered design of employee lactation spaces. This study describes healthcare workers' preferences for lactation space.

Structuring Diabetes Mellitus Care in Long-Term Nursing Home Residents.

Nursing home residents with diabetes have more complex care needs with higher levels of comorbidity, disability and cognitive impairment. We compared current practice in the 44 long-term residents in Peamount hospital with the standards recommended in the Diabetes UK "Good Clinical Practice Guidelines for Care Home Residents with Diabetes". Of 44 residents, 11 were diabetic. Residents did not have specific diabetes care plans. There were some elements of good practice with a low incidence of hypoglycaemia a...

Overnight Resident versus 24-hour Attending Radiologist Coverage in Academic Medical Centers.

Academic medical centers have long relied on radiology residents to provide after-hours coverage, which means that they essentially function with autonomy. In this approach, attending radiologist review of resident interpretations occurs the following morning, often by subspecialist faculty. In recent years, however, this traditional coverage model in academic radiology departments has been challenged by an alternative model, the 24-hour attending radiologist coverage. Proponents of this new model seek to i...

The European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR): investing in the future of the new generations of radiologists.

This review aims to describe the organisation and the content of the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR). The EDiR examination is available to radiologists and radiology residents in their last year of training. It certifies that their levels of knowledge and competency are in line with the ESR European Training Curriculum for Radiology (ETC) of the European Society of Radiology (ESR). The EDiR is an additional qualification of excellence, which serves the standardisation and accreditation of radiologists ...

Calcium Metabolism and Skeletal Changes during Pregnancy and Lactation.

Calcium metabolism changes dramatically during pregnancy and lactation because offspring needs a supply of calcium. Approximately 30g of calcium, which passes through the placenta, is accumulated in a fetus during pregnancy mostly in the third trimester, and 220-340mg/day of calcium is supplied via breast milk during lactation. However, there are elaborate mechanisms to maintain maternal calcium homeostasis, which differs during pregnancy and lactation. Extra required calcium supply to the offspring in neit...

Effect of nurse staffing on rehospitalizations and emergency department visits among short-stay nursing home residents: A Cross-sectional study using the US Nursing Home Compare database.

The aim of this study was to examine the effect of nurse staffing on both rehospitalizations and emergency department emergency department visits among short-stay nursing home residents in the United States. Data for 11,132 US nursing homes were drawn from the 2016 Nursing Home Compare. We found that the Five-Star Quality Rating System's staffing rating is a significant predictor for the rates of rehospitalization and emergency department visit among short-stay nursing home residents. The results also showe...

Self-critical perfectionism, experiential avoidance, and depressive and anxious symptoms over two years: A three-wave longitudinal study.

This three-wave longitudinal study examined the relations among perfectionism, experiential avoidance, and depressive and anxious symptoms over two years. Community adults (N = 173) completed self-report questionnaires assessing two higher-order perfectionism dimensions (self-critical [SC], personal standards [PS]), neuroticism, experiential avoidance, and depressive and anxious symptoms at Time 1, Time 2 one year later, and Time 3 two years later. Cross-lagged path analyses demonstrated that SC perfect...

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