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Association Between Automotive Assembly Plant Closures and Opioid Overdose Mortality in the United States: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis.

Fading economic opportunity has been hypothesized to be an important factor associated with the US opioid overdose crisis. Automotive assembly plant closures are culturally significant events that substantially erode local economic opportunities.

A pilot study of a novel technique for hysteroscopic sterilization using the distal ends of a copper-T intrauterine device (Ostialoc).

To describe the feasibility and effectiveness of a novel technique for Hysteroscopic sterilization using the distal ends of a copper-T intrauterine device (Ostialoc).

Sterilization Regret Among Married Women in India: Trends, Patterns and Correlates.

Female sterilization has been the dominant contraceptive method in India since the late 1970s; however, evidence on sterilization regret-including on trends and on changes in correlates-is limited.

Effectiveness of steam sterilization of reusable medical devices in primary and secondary care public hospitals in Nepal and factors associated with ineffective sterilization: A nation-wide cross-sectional study.

Inadequate sterilization of reusable medical devices can lead to healthcare associated infections (HAIs) through person-to-person or environmental transmission of pathogens. Autoclaving (steam sterilization) is most commonly used for sterilizing medical devices in healthcare facilities. We conducted a nation-wide cross-sectional study to evaluate the effectiveness of steam sterilization practices in primary and secondary care public hospitals in Nepal and to identify factors associated with ineffective ster...

Can sterilization help to prevent roaming in owned dogs and cats?

In many locations, the highest proportion of roaming dogs and cats, might have owners. The prevention of roaming in owned dogs and cats is a key intervention to reduce the number of unsupervised animals in public spaces. Sterilization is an important population management intervention but it is unclear if, apart from its effects on birth rates and animal behavior, it also affects the roaming status of owned dogs and cats. We formulated a directed acyclic graph to represent a causal hypothesis regarding the ...

Plant Biotechnology: Green for Good V 2019.

The Green for Good (G4G) conferences bring together plant science researchers mainly from Europe, as well as guests from overseas. As with previous G4G conferences, the 5 event (G4G V) was held at Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic, organized by the Centre of Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research and the European Federation of Biotechnology. The meeting focused on trends in plant biotechnology, genetics and biochemistry to identify the basis for solving the global challenge of...

When Rural Hospitals Close, The Physician Workforce Goes.

Rates of rural hospital closures have been increasing over the past decade. Closures will almost certainly restrict rural residents' access to important inpatient services, and they could also be related in important ways to the supply of physicians in the local health care system. We used data from the Area Health Resources Files for the period 1997-2016 to examine the relationship between rural hospital closures and the supply of physicians across different specialties in the years leading up to and after...

Modelling and simulation of chlorophyll fluorescence from PSII of a plant leaf as affected by both illumination light intensities and temperatures.

The emission of chlorophyll fluorescence (ChlF) from photosystem II (PSII) of plant leaves the couple with photoelectron transduction cascades in photosynthetic reactions and can be used to probe photosynthetic efficiency and plant physiology. Because of population increase, food shortages, and global warming, it is becoming more and more urgent to enhance plant photosynthesis efficiency by controlling plant growth rate. An effective model structure is essential for plant control strategy development. Howev...

Factors Associated with Choice of Sterilization Among Women Veterans.

We sought to compare associations of contraceptive preferences, beliefs, self-efficacy, and knowledge with use of sterilization versus other methods of contraception. This is a secondary analysis of a telephone-based survey of a nationally representative sample of women Veterans not desiring future pregnancy. Contraceptive method used at last sex was categorized as female sterilization, long-acting reversible contraception (LARC), short-acting methods, or nonprescription methods/no method. Multinomial regr...

Desired Sterilization Procedure at the Time of Cesarean Delivery According to Insurance Status.

To evaluate whether women with Medicaid are less likely than their privately insured counterparts to receive a desired sterilization procedure at the time of cesarean delivery.

Staff sizing in the material and sterilization center of a university hospital.

To apply the standard time parameters of nursing activities proposed by COFEN Resolution No. 543/2017 to determine the number of nursing technicians in the material and sterilization center of a university hospital and compare the projected framework with the existing one in the sector.

Effect of Steam Heat Sterilization on the Accuracy of 3D Printed Surgical Guides.

Steam heat sterilization could be one of the factors that affects the dimensional accuracy of surgical guides, leading to an error during guided implant surgery.

No deal Brexit: more work needed to protect health supplies, spending watchdog warns.

TRY-A plant trait database of databases.

Plant traits, such as height or specific leaf area, are expressions of plant performance and are important indicators of ecosystem function. Here, the TRY plant database is highlighted as the most comprehensive archive of global plant data, with open access to the public.

Effect of multiple use and sterilization on sealing performance of bipolar vessel sealing devices.

Advanced bipolar vessel sealing devices are widely used in human and veterinary medicine to reduce the operation time and intraoperative blood loss. Because most devices are made for a single use, their application is cost intensive. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of multiple uses and sterilization on the performance of bipolar vessel sealing devices.

Investigation of the microplastics profile in sludge from China's largest Water reclamation plant using a feasible isolation device.

Sewage sludge, which is widely applied to land as a fertilizer, is a key source of microplastics in the environment. We sought to develop a feasible device for isolation of microplastic from sewage sludge for further understanding their fates in the environment. In the present study, an effective isolation device, consisting of a fritted glass funnel and a glass filtration apparatus, was constructed to extract microplastics from sludge with nearly 100% recovery efficiency. Then, a high abundance of micropla...

Inactivation mechanism of E. coli O157:H7 under ultrasonic sterilization.

Ultrasonic sterilization (US), as a promising non-thermal sterilization method, exhibits unique superiorities than traditional sterilization methods. In this study, the inactivation mechanism of E. coli O157:H7 under US was investigated in cucumber and bitter gourd vegetable juices. Results revealed that the US treatment showed good antibacterial ability in countering E. coli O157:H7. Through determinations of conductivity and β-galactosidase activity, significant augmentation in membrane permeability of t...

Emergency Department Closures And Openings: Spillover Effects On Patient Outcomes In Bystander Hospitals.

High-occupancy hospitals may be sensitive to neighboring emergency department (ED) closures and openings, as they already operate at or near capacity. We conducted a retrospective analysis using data for the period 2001-13 to examine outcomes of and treatment received by patients with acute myocardial infarction at so-called bystander EDs that had been exposed to nearby ED closures or openings. We used changes in driving time between an ED and the next-closest one as a proxy for a closure or opening: If dri...

Salt stress induces physiochemical alterations in rice grain composition and quality.

Salinity has drastic effects on plant growth and productivity and is one of the major factors responsible for crop yield losses throughout the agricultural soils of the world. The mechanisms of salinity tolerance in plants are regulated by a set of inherent multigenes and prevalent environmental factors, which bring about a myriad of metabolic changes in each plant part. The stress-induced metabolic changes in the rice plant have been intensively studied, but extensively in plant parts such as stem, leaf, a...

Implantable Organic Electronic Ion Pump Enables ABA Hormone Delivery for Control of Stomata in an Intact Tobacco Plant.

Electronic control of biological processes with bioelectronic devices holds promise for sophisticated regulation of physiology, for gaining fundamental understanding of biological systems, providing new therapeutic solutions, and digitally mediating adaptations of organisms to external factors. The organic electronic ion pump (OEIP) provides a unique means for electronically-controlled, flow-free delivery of ions, and biomolecules at cellular scale. Here, a miniaturized OEIP device based on glass capillary ...

Phytochemical investigation, in vitro and in vivo antioxidant properties of aqueous and organic extracts of toxic plant: Atractylis gummifera L.

Atractylis gummifera is a toxic plant widely used in Mediterranean traditional medicine against colds, dizziness, and headaches, as an antisyphilitic, against boils, as a purgative, emetic and deworming. All studies reported on this plant have been carried out either on the plant and its traditional uses, or on cases of poisoning by this plant. However, few pharmacological studies have readjusted the traditional uses of this plant.

A bio-inspired self-propelling endoscopic device for inspecting the large intestine.

This article presents an inchworm-inspired, pneumatic, endoscopic device intended to navigate inside a colon. The device consists of a propulsion segment with two linear balloons and two gripper segments with four twisted balloons. The three segments can be sequentially actuated by pressurized air, which achieves a propulsive motion like an inchworm. Experimental results of the pneumatic characteristics show that the device has excellent adaptability to pipes of different diameters and good controllability ...

How do drug shortages affect dermatologists?

New Report Examines Drug Shortages.

Optically stimulated luminescence investigation of chicken bones towards their use at food post-sterilization and retrospective dosimetry.

The present work explores the luminescence behavior of animal bones and more specifically, chicken bones, using OSL in order to investigate whether they can be used for the dose assessment in the case of an accident or as dosimeters at the post-sterilization dosimetry of foods. Results indicate that the OSL sensitivity is rather low and the lower detection limit is ~18 Gy eliminating the possibility of using bones as emergency dosimeter. However, the OSL dose response is linear for doses up to ~1.0 kGy,...

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