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Development of new hepatitis E vaccines.

Hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection is an emerging zoonotic disease posing a severe threat to public health in the world, especially to pregnant women. Currently, no specific treatments are available for HEV infection. Therefore, it is crucial to develop vaccine to prevent this infection. Although several potential candidate vaccines against HEV have been studied for their immunogenicity and efficacy, only Hecolin® which is developed by Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd. and approved by China Food and Drug Adm...

An evaluation of emergency guidelines issued by the World Health Organization in response to four infectious disease outbreaks.

The production of high-quality guidelines in response to public health emergencies poses challenges for the World Health Organization (WHO). The urgent need for guidance and the paucity of structured scientific data on emerging diseases hinder the formulation of evidence-informed recommendations using standard methods and procedures.

Double Jeopardy -missed care for the vulnerable in community settings.

Inequitable access of the world's population to quality health services is still a problem, despite the fact that good health and wellbeing are recognised as a fundamental human rights (United Nations, 2016). Reducing inequities in health is a major focus of international policy (World Health Organisation, 2015) and in the context of an ever-aging population, world recession, limited resources, and to promote independence in health, community care schemes are gaining increasing popularity (Phelan et al 201...

Apps from the World Health Organization - The World Malaria Report and more.

Parent Perspectives on Health and Functioning of School-Aged Adolescents With Disabilities.

Youth living with disabilities are at risk of experiencing poor health outcomes. Coordinated school health programs have an opportunity to help youth with disabilities and their families through health education, health services, and community engagement. The World Health Organization developed the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) as a framework to analyze factors related to health conditions. We used the ICF to examine parental perceptions of health and function amo...

Rethinking progress and challenges of mental health care in China.

Reliability, validity, and factorial structure of the World Health Organization-5 Well-Being Index (WHO-5) in Iranian psychiatric outpatients.

The association between psychological well-being and physical and mental health has been shown in the literature. Psychological well-being is a multifaceted concept. The World Health Organization-5 Well-Being Index (WHO-5) is a 5-item instrument used to screen for depression. However, the validity of the WHO-5 has not been investigated in Iranian psychiatric or psychological settings.

Validity of World Health Organisation prescribing indicators in Namibia's primary healthcare: findings and implications.

World Health Organization/International Network of Rational use of Drugs (WHO/INRUD) indicators are widely used to assess medicine use. However, there is limited evidence on their validity in Namibia's primary health care (PHC) to assess the quality of prescribing. Consequently, our aim was to address this.

World Hepatitis Day - July 28, 2018.

World Hepatitis Day is commemorated each year on July 28 with the goal of promoting awareness and inspiring action to prevent and treat viral hepatitis. The World Health Organization's (WHO's) theme of this year's World Hepatitis Day is "Test. Treat. Hepatitis" to underscore the urgent need to scale up testing and treatment activities.

Peer delivered services in mental health care in 2018: infancy or adolescence?

Impact of Hajj on Global Health Security.

With the human society transfers from scattered pieces to a society as a whole and the advent of the aviation era, the occurrence of infectious diseases and their diffusion have led to international health security issues. As the world's largest and irrevocable annual transnational religious movement, the Hajj and its connection with health security concerns have caught attention since the ancient times, because a huge population from all over the world gathers in the holy city of Mecca, which has tropical ...

Digital interventions in severe mental health problems: lessons from the Actissist development and trial.

Are We on Our Way to Achieving the 2020 Goals for Schistosomiasis Morbidity Control Using Current World Health Organization Guidelines?

Schistosomiasis remains an endemic parasitic disease affecting millions of people around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has set goals of controlling morbidity to be reached by 2020, along with elimination as a public health problem in certain regions by 2025. Mathematical models of parasite transmission and treatment impact have been developed to assist in controlling the morbidity caused by schistosomiasis. These models can inform and guide implementation policy for mass drug administration...

World Health Organization Surgical Safety Checklist: Compliance and Associated Surgical Outcomes in Uganda's Referral Hospitals.

A pilot study on the World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist (SSC) showed a reduction in both major complications and mortality of surgical patients. Compliance with this checklist varies around the world. We aimed to determine the extent of compliance with the WHO SSC and its association with surgical outcomes in 5 of Uganda's referral hospitals.

Health Protection: Military Concepts Applied to the Civilian World.

The Promise of Mobile Technologies for the Health Care System in the Developing World: A Systematic Review.

Evolution of mobile technologies and their rapid penetration to people's daily lives, especially in the developing countries, have highlighted mobile health, or m-health, as a promising solution to improve health outcomes. Several studies have been conducted that characterize the impact of m-health solutions in resource-limited settings and assess their potential to improve health care. The aim of the present paper is twofold: i) present an overview of the background and significance of m-health, and ii) su...

Diabetes research in primary care: Fiction, reality or essential?

Primary health care is increasingly the first point of contact in many health systems around the world. The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) identifies primary care as a first-contact access point for each new need, in addition to providing long-term person-focused follow-up and not just disease-focused care. Thus, comprehensive care of most of a patient's health needs is coordinated in primary care [1]. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Current Antimalarial Therapies and Advances in the Development of Semi-Synthetic Artemisinin Derivatives.

According to the World Health Organization, malaria remains one of the biggest public health problems in the world. The development of resistance is a current concern, mainly because the number of safe drugs for this disease is limited. Artemisinin-based combination therapy is recommended by the World Health Organization to prevent or delay the onset of resistance. Thus, the need to obtain new drugs makes artemisinin the most widely used scaffold to obtain synthetic compounds. This review describes the drug...

FDI-Unilever Brush Day & Night partnership: 12 years of improving behaviour for better oral health.

Twelve years ago, FDI World Dental Federation and Unilever Oral Care began a partnership to raise awareness of oral health globally. This aim reflects FDI's mission to "lead the world to optimal oral health", and one of the goals set by the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan "to improve health and well-being for more than 1 billion" by 2020. This partnership has developed a series of public health programmes to improve the brushing habits of targeted populations through health promotion and educational camp...

Second-quarter biotech job picture.

Health care seeking behaviour during pregnancy, delivery and the postnatal period in Bangladesh: Assessing the compliance with WHO recommendations.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends four antenatal care (ANC) visits, delivery in a health facility and three postnatal care (PNC) visits for women to optimize the maternal health outcomes.

What is the true tuberculosis mortality burden? Differences in estimates by the World Health Organization and the Global Burden of Disease study.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) periodically provide global estimates of tuberculosis (TB) mortality. We compared the 2015 WHO and GBD TB mortality estimates and explored which factors might drive the differences.

Clinicopathological analysis of Large Cell Lung Carcinomas definitely diagnosed according to the New World Health Organization Criteria.

The definition of large cell lung carcinoma (LCC) has undergone an extensive modification in the World Health Organization (WHO) Classification (2015). Present study aimed to investigate the clinicopathological characteristics of patients diagnosed as LCC according to current WHO criteria.

After polio: Imagining, planning, and delivering a world beyond eradication.

As the world comes closer to the eradication of polio, the question of preparing for life after this debilitating disease becomes increasingly pertinent. This paper focuses on on-going institutional attempts to conceptualise, plan, and deliver a world after polio. Drawing upon interviews with global health officials and ethnographic fieldwork with eradication initiatives in Nigeria and Pakistan, I explore how international donors are transitioning towards life after the disease and the curtailment of the su...

Utilization of injury care case studies: a systematic review of the World Health Organization's "Strengthening care for the injured: Success stories and lessons learned from around the world".

Translation of evidence to practice is a public health priority. Worldwide, injury is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Case study publications are common and provide potentially reproducible examples of successful interventions in healthcare from the patient to systems level. However, data on how well case study publications are utilized are limited. To our knowledge, the World Health Organization (WHO) published the only collection of international case studies on injury care at the policy level...

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