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Intercepted Retro-Nazarov Reaction: Syntheses of Amidino-Rocaglate Derivatives and Their Biological Evaluation as eIF4A Inhibitors.

Rocaglates are a family of natural products isolated from the genus Aglaia which possess a highly substituted cyclopenta[b]benzofuran skeleton and inhibit cap-dependent protein synthesis. Rocaglates are attractive compounds due to their potential for inhibiting tumor cell maintenance in vivo by specifically targeting eukaryotic initiation factor 4A (eIF4A) and interfering with recruitment of ribosomes to mRNA. In this paper, we describe an intercepted retro-Nazarov reaction utilizing intramolecular tosyl mi...

Sphingolipidomics investigation of the temporal dynamics after ischemic brain injury.

Sphingolipids (SPL) have been proposed as a potential therapeutic target for strokes, but no reports have ever profiled the changes of the entire range of SPLs after stroke. This study applied sphingolipidomic methods to investigate the temporal and individual changes in the sphingolipidome including the effect of atorvastatin after ischemic brain injury. We conducted sphingolipidomic profiling of mouse brain tissue by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry at 3 hour (hr) and...

Left Atrial Fibrosis Assessed with Cardiac MRI in Patients with Paroxysmal and Those with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation.

Background Electrophysiology studies have demonstrated that left atrial late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) is associated with the chronicity of atrial fibrillation (AF). To date, cardiac MRI has been used to assess the extent of atrial LGE but not the distribution pattern of LGE in the left atrium. Purpose To determine whether the MRI pattern of left atrial fibrosis is associated with the chronicity of AF. Materials and Methods This retrospective study included patients with AF who underwent LGE MRI between ...

First-in-man randomized comparison of the Angiolite® durable fluoro-acrylate polymer-based sirolimus-eluting stent versus durable fluoropolymer-based everolimus eluting stent in patients with coronary artery disease: The ANGIOLITE trial.

The durable fluoro-acrylate polymer-based sirolimus-eluting stent (Angiolite®SES) has shown promising preclinical and clinical results regarding inflammatory vascular reaction and neointimal healing. We aimed to compare performance between SES and everolimus-eluting (EES) stents in patients with coronary artery disease.

CCAT1 promotes triple-negative breast cancer progression by suppressing miR-218/ZFX signaling.

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) regulate cancer development and progression. Here, we investigated the role of the lncRNA CCAT1 in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). CCAT1 expression was higher in TNBC cells than normal breast epithelial cells. Additionally, CCAT1 expression was higher in TNBC patient tumor tissue than adjacent normal breast tissue. Silencing CCAT1 inhibited TNBC cell proliferation, migration, and invasion , and tumor growth and progression . Bioinformatics analysis revealed that microRNA...

Serum Parathyroid Hormone and Risk of Coronary Artery Disease: Exploring Causality using Mendelian Randomization.

Elevated circulating parathyroid hormone concentrations have been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease in observational studies but whether the association is causal is unknown.

18-1712R - Technical Note: Assessment of scatter originating from the X-ray tube collimator assembly of modern angiography systems.

While scatter from the patient is assumed to be the primary source of occupational radiation dose associated with fluoroscopically-guided interventional procedures, the potential contribution of scatter from the x-ray collimator assembly is unknown. The purpose of this work was to survey clinical X-ray angiography systems to assess the potential contribution of collimator assembly scatter on occupational radiation dose.

Biological and clinical relevance of metastasis-associated long noncoding RNAs in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: A systematic review.

Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) is a foremost cancer-related death worldwide owing to rapid metastasis and poor prognosis. Metastasis, as the most important reason for death, is biologically a multifaceted process involving a range of cell signaling pathways. Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs), as transcriptional regulators, can regulate numerous genomic processes and cellular processes such as cell proliferation, migration, and invasion. LncRNAs have also been shown to involve in/regulate the cancer m...

Prognostic Significance of P-Wave Morphology in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease.

The prognostic significance of P-wave morphology in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) is not well-known.

The prevalence of tattooing and motivations in five major countries over the World.

Tattoos are common in Western countries [1, 2]. There is a growing interest in tattoos in other parts of the globe such as Latin America [3] but overall data are scarce. We report an international online survey among a representative sample of the general population from five major countries (Brazil 209 million inhabitants, China 1 386 million, France 67 million, Russia 144 million and United-States, USA, 325 million) [4]. The data collection procedure was identical to previous studies [1,5,6] and has been...

Sex-specific efficacy and safety of cryoballoon versus radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a growing healthcare burden, for which pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) using cryoballoon (CB) or radiofrequency (RF) represent attractive therapies. Women are at higher risk of recurrence after AF ablation and present a specific complications profile. Therefore, a systematic catheter-specific assessment of pulmonary vein isolation is urgently needed in women.

Integrated mRNA-Seq and miRNA-Seq analysis of PLCγ2-overexpressing hepatocarcinoma cells and identification of the associated miRNA-mRNA network.

Our previous study has discovered the positive effect of phospholipase Cγ 2 (PLCγ2) on the growth of hepatocarcinoma cells; however, the underlying mechanism is far from being understood. For this reason, this study attempts to identify the differently expressed microRNAs (miRNAs) and messenger RNAs (mRNAs) in PLCγ2-overexpressing hepatocarcinoma cells. The results showed that totally 596 differently-expressed genes (DEGs) were identified in PLCγ2-expressed cells, including 314 upregulated and 282 downr...

Long noncoding RNA Alu-mediated p21 transcriptional regulator promotes proliferation, migration, and pipe-formation of human microvascular endothelial cells by sponging miR-126.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a serious hazard to the elderly in the lower extremity atherosclerotic plaque, accompanied by a large number of angiogenesis. Long noncoding RNA Alu-mediated p21 transcriptional regulator (APTR) exerts important functions in promoting cell growth. Therefore, we planned to research the mechanism of APTR in angiogenesis in PAD. CCK-8 assay, flow cytometry analysis, and migration assay were to detect cell viability, apoptosis, and migration respectively. The interaction betwe...

MicroRNA-140 inhibit prostate cancer cell invasion and migration by targeting YES proto-oncogene 1.

Prostate cancer (PCa), which is an aggressive malignancy of the male genitourinary system. In the present study, the effects of microRNA-140 (miR-140) on PCa were determined. We transfected miR-140 mimics or negative control into PCa cells, and we used MTT, wound healing, and Transwell assays for determining the capacities of miR-140 in cell proliferation, migration, and invasion, respectively. We also confirmed the relationship between miR-140 and YES proto-oncogene 1 (YES1) using Luciferase reporter assay...

Lesion distribution after Cryoballoon ablation and Hotballoon ablation: late-gadolinium enhancement magnetic resonance imaging analysis.

Pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) lesions after cryoballoon ablation (CBA) are wide and continuous, however, the distribution can depend on the PV size. We sought to assess the relationship between the lesion distribution and PV size after CBA and hotballoon ablation (HBA).

LncRNA SNHG15 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression by sponging miR-141-3p.

Small nucleolar RNA host gene 15 (SNHG15) is a long noncoding RNA (lncRNA), which promotes progression of multiple cancers. Its specific function in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), however, is uncertain. The aims of our study were, therefore, to explore the role of SNHG15 in HCC. SNHG15 and miR-141-3p expression were assessed via quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) in 58 paired HCC samples and adjacent matched adjacent normal tissues. CCK-8 assay, flow cytometric examination, and wound healing/invasion ass...

Roommate effects in health outcomes.

We use randomized roommate assignment in dormitories in a college in Kolkata in India to examine peer effects in weight gains among roommates. We use administrative data on weight, height, and test scores of students at the time of college admission and then survey these students at the end of their first and second years in college. We do not find any significant roommate specific peer effect in weight gain. Our results rather suggest that an obese roommate reduces the probability that the other roommates ...

Modelling the impact of liana infestation on the demography and carbon cycle of tropical forests.

There is mounting empirical evidence that lianas affect the carbon cycle of tropical forests. However, no single vegetation model takes into account this growth form, although such efforts could greatly improve the predictions of carbon dynamics in tropical forests. In this study, we incorporated a novel mechanistic representation of lianas in a dynamic global vegetation model (the Ecosystem Demography Model). We developed a liana-specific plant functional type and mechanisms representing liana-tree interac...

Effects of in vitro Amitriptyline, Fluoxetine, Tranylcypromine and Venlafaxine on Saphenous Vein Grafts.

In this study, we aimed to examine the effects of amitriptyline, fluoxetine, tranylcypromine and venlafaxine on saphenous vein grafts in coronary artery bypass graft surgeries.

The Predictive Effects of Clinical Hematological Changes on Saphenous Graft Patency after Coronary Artery Surgery.

To investigate the association between clinical hematologic parameters and saphenous vein graft failure after on-pump coronary artery bypass surgery.

Acute Response to Aerobic Exercise on Autonomic Cardiac Control of Patients in Phase III of a Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the acute response to aerobic exercise on autonomic cardiac control of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG).

An Easy and Reliable Way to Prevent Electrocardiographic Deteriorations of Patients Undergoing Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Preoperative Anxiolytic Treatment.

To investigate the effects of preoperative anxiety relieving on electrophysiological changes in patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery.

Comment on Ligature of the Left Main Coronary Artery after Surgery in Kawasaki Disease: Case Report.

Tailoring the Chemical Modification of Chitosan Hydrogels to Fine Tune the Release of a Synergistic Combination of Chemotherapeutics.

Combination chemotherapy with defined ratio and sequence of drug release is a clinically established and effective route to treat advanced solid tumors. In this context, a growing body of literature demonstrates the potential of hydrogels constructed with chemically modified polysaccharides as depots for controlled release of chemotherapeutics. Identifying the appropriate modification in terms of physicochemical properties of the functional group and its degree of substitution (χ) to achieve the desired re...

Access to Benzylic Quaternary Carbons from Aromatic Ketones.

The construction of benzylic all-carbon quaternary stereocenters, which are ubiquitous in biomolecules and drugs, is a task of high practical significance. Herein, we disclose a highly efficient one-pot method of constructing all-carbon quaternary structural units from aryl ketones, revealing that the entire process involves three consecutive chemical events, namely nucleophilic addition, Meinwald 1,2-hydrogen migration, and alkylation. Interestingly, dimerization of acetophenones results in formation of 2,...

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