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Density-based fractionation of soil organic matter: effects of heavy liquid and heavy fraction washing.

Physical fractionation methods used in soil organic matter (SOM) research commonly include density-based procedures with heavy liquids to separate SOM pools with varying turnover rates and functions. Once separated, the heavy SOM pools are often thoroughly rinsed with water to wash off any residues of the heavy liquids. Using four soils with contrasting properties, we investigated the effects of using either sodium polytungstate (SPT) or sodium iodide (NaI), two of the most commonly used heavy liquids, on t...

Impact of infant protein supply and other early life factors on plasma metabolome at 5.5 and 8 years of age: a randomized trial.

A high dairy protein intake in infancy, maternal pre-pregnancy BMI, and delivery mode are documented early programming factors that modulate the later risk of obesity and other health outcomes, but the mechanisms of action are not understood.

Promoting co-production in the generation and use of research evidence to improve service provision in special care dentistry.

Special care dentistry (SCD) provides holistic oral service provision for people with complex health and care needs. These can include physical, sensory, intellectual, mental, medical, emotional or social impairment or disability or, more often, a combination of these factors. The level of disability within these population groups can vary, and a proportion of people will have multiple and overlapping impairments and/or medical conditions. This paper explores a number of possible research methods that may b...

Factors influencing the membrane fluidity and the impact on production of lactic acid bacteria starters.

Production of lactic acid bacteria starters for manufacturing food, probiotic, and chemical products requires the application of successive steps: fermentation, concentration, stabilization, and storage. Despite process optimization, losses of bacterial viability and functional activities are observed after stabilization and storage steps due to cell exposure to environmental stresses (thermal, osmotic, mechanical, and oxidative). Bacterial membrane is the primary target for injury and its damage is highly ...

At what stage in the drinking process does drinking water affect attention and memory? Effects of mouth rinsing and mouth drying in adults.

Drinking water is important for health and there is an agreement that drinking water facilitates certain cognitive processes. However, the mechanism underlying the effect of drinking water on cognition is unknown. While attention performance is improved by even a very small drink, memory performance seems to require larger drinks for performance enhancement. This suggests that attention could be affected earlier in the drinking process than memory. We aimed to elucidate further the mechanism involved by inv...

Age-related differentiation in verbal and visuospatial working memory processing in childhood.

Working memory (WM), a key feature of the cognitive system, allows for maintaining and processing information simultaneously and in a controlled manner. WM processing continuously develops across childhood, with significant increases both in verbal and visuospatial WM. Verbal and visuospatial WM may show different developmental trajectories, as verbal (but not visuospatial) WM relies on internal verbal rehearsal, which is less developed in younger children. We examined complex VWM and VSWM performance in 12...

Exploring the role of music therapy in multiple sclerosis: brief updates from research to clinical practice.

Physical, cognitive and mood-behavioral disturbances are very common in people with multiple sclerosis (MS) representing a relevant disease burden. Recently, in this field, several studies investigated the role of music therapy (MT) as a complementary therapeutic approach especially in terms of rehabilitation strategy.

Experiences and psychological outcomes of the oocyte donor: a survey of donors post-donation from one center.

To assess the experiences and psychological outcomes of oocyte donors from one fertility center.

Stochastic dynamics of dissolving active particles.

The design of artificial microswimmers has generated significant research interest in recent years, for promise in applications such as nanomotors and targeted drug-delivery. However, many current designs suffer from a common problem, namely the swimmers remain in the fluid indefinitely, posing risks of clogging and damage. Inspired by recently proposed experimental designs, we investigate mathematically the dynamics of degradable active particles. We develop and compare two distinct chemical models for the...

Creeping motion of a solid particle inside a spherical elastic cavity: II. Asymmetric motion.

An analytical method is proposed for computing the low-Reynolds-number hydrodynamic mobility function of a small colloidal particle asymmetrically moving inside a large spherical elastic cavity, the membrane of which is endowed with resistance toward shear and bending. In conjunction with the results obtained in the first part (A. Daddi-Moussa-Ider, H. Löwen, S. Gekle, Eur. Phys. J. E 41, 104 (2018)), in which the axisymmetric motion normal to the surface of an elastic cavity is investigated, the general m...

The Health Care Providers' Perspectives on End-of-Life Patients' Sense of Dignity. A Comparison Among Four Different Professionals' Categories.

The studies on terminally ill patients' dignity as perceived by health care providers (HCPs) in palliative care are growing. The comparison of different HCPs' perspectives in particular is necessary to explore how HCPs perceive patients' dignity in order to promote reflection on this core issue. This study aimed to investigate the perspectives on end-of-life patients' sense of dignity among four different categories of professionals: nurse assistants, nurses, psychologists, and physicians. A sample of 306 H...

Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry pitfalls in Thalassemia Major.

Low mineral mass and reduced bone strength with increased fracture risk are the main causes of morbidity in Thalassemia Major (TM). The pathogenesis is multifactorial and includes ineffective erythropoiesis with medullary expansion, multiple endocrine dysfunctions, direct iron bone deposition, deferoxamine-induced bone dysplasia, and reduced physical activity associated with disease complications. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) is the "gold standard" for bone mineral density (BMD) assessment and for...

Longitudinal Associations Between Childhood Sexual Abuse, Silencing the Self, and Sexual Self-Efficacy in Adolescents.

Sexual self-efficacy-the belief in one's ability to engage in desired and to refuse unwanted, sexual activities and behaviors-is an important feature in promoting adolescent sexual health and well-being. One factor that may affect the development of sexual self-efficacy is child sexual abuse. However, little is known about the processes underlying the relation between child sexual abuse and sexual self-efficacy. Using longitudinal data from a sample of 739 adolescent girls and boys aged between 14 and 18 y...

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Adolescent Emotional Inertia in Daily Life.

Emotional inertia represents the extent to which individuals' emotions tend to carry over from one time point to the next. High emotional inertia indicates low emotion regulation ability and has been associated with psychological maladjustment and mood disorders. However, the extent of genetic influence on emotional inertia, particularly in adolescents, is largely unknown. The current study examined genetic and environmental influences on individual differences in emotional inertia. This study followed a sa...

Cryopreservation of Sperm: Effects on Chromatin and Strategies to Prevent Them.

Cryopreservation is a technique that can keep sperm alive indefinitely, enabling the conservation of male fertility. It involves the cooling of semen samples and their storage at -196 °C in liquid nitrogen. At this temperature all metabolic processes are arrested. Sperm cryopreservation is of fundamental importance for patients undergoing medical or surgical treatments that could induce sterility, such as cancer patients about to undergo genotoxic chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as it offers these patients ...

Effect of Core Stability Exercises and Treadmill Training on Balance in Children with Down Syndrome: Randomized Controlled Trial.

Core stability exercises and treadmill training play a crucial role in physical therapy interventions and have an effect on balance in children with Down Syndrome (DS); however, whether core stability exercises or treadmill training has more effect on improving balance has not been investigated yet. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of core stability training versus treadmill exercises on balance in children with Down Syndrome.

The sensitivity of Murphy's sign on the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis. Is it really so insensitive?

Tokyo Guideline 2018 states Murphy's sign is not sensitive, citing a single center study with the sensitivity of only 20.5% [1,2]. However, a systematic review and an evidence based review of physical diagnosis stated the contrary, with sensitivity ranging 58-71% and 48-97% respectively [3,4]. We believe that clinical guidelines should cite references in systematic, comprehensive, and impartial manner. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Do lakes feel the burn? Ecological consequences of increasing exposure of lakes to fire in the continental United States.

Wildfires are becoming larger and more frequent across much of the United States due to anthropogenic climate change. No studies, however, have assessed fire prevalence in lake watersheds at broad spatial and temporal scales, and thus it is unknown whether wildfires threaten lakes and reservoirs (hereafter, lakes) of the United States. We show that fire activity has increased in lake watersheds across the continental United States from 1984 to 2015, particularly since 2005. Lakes have experienced the greate...

Inter-rater reliability and variability of ultrasound measurements of abdominal muscle and fasciae thickness.

Ultrasound (US) imaging is being increasingly used by Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) specialists to measure the thickness of abdominal muscle. The current study set out to assess the inter-rater reliability of US measurements of the thickness of the abdominal muscles/fasciae.

Epidemiological factors impact Group B Streptococcus carriage.

Rao et al in this issue of the British Journal reported that in a community in London UK, antenatal Group B Streptococcus (GBS) colonisation is influenced by maternal race, being higher among women of black African origin (39.5%) and lowest in women of south Asian origin (23.3%), as compared to British women (27.4%) (BJOG, 2019 xxx). The finding of GBS carriage being influenced by maternal race in a multiracial community is similar to that in the Netherlands (Valkenburg-van den Berg et al, Eur J Obstet Gy...

In ovo metabolism of progesterone to 5β-pregnanedione in chicken eggs: Implications for how yolk progesterone influences embryonic development.

Progesterone has received substantial attention for the essential role it plays in establishing and maintaining pregnancy in placental vertebrates. Despite the prevalence of progesterone during development, relatively little is known about how embryos respond to progesterone. This is true of placental vertebrates as well as egg-laying vertebrates where levels of progesterone in the yolk tend to be higher than most other steroids in the yolk. Bird eggs provide an opportunity to investigate the effects of pro...

Cholesterol lowering and stroke: no longer room for pleiotropic effects of statins - confirmation from PCSK9 inhibitor studies.

The relationship between cholesterol levels and stroke has been much less clear than between cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease. This is likely mostly due to the inadequate power of older studies and the low intensity of cholesterol-lowering interventions at that time available. Because a reduction in stroke has been, conversely, clearly observed in trials with statins, for long "pleiotropic" effects of such drugs, unrelated to cholesterol lowering, have been invoked. In a previous analysis of al...

Meg3-DMR, not the Meg3 gene, regulates imprinting of the Dlk1-Dio3 locus.

The imprinted delta like 1 homolog (DLK1) - thyroxine deiodinase type III (DIO3) locus regulates development and growth. Its imprinting regulation involves two differentially methylated regions (DMRs), intergenic-DMR (IG-DMR) and maternally expressed gene 3-DMR (Meg3-DMR). In mice, a maternal deletion of the IG-DMR leads to LOI in the locus, proving that the IG-DMR is a cis-acting imprinting control region of the locus. However, the Meg3-DMR overlaps with the promoter, exon 1 and intron 1 of the Meg3 gene. ...

Halo or horn? A qualitative study of mothers' experiences with feeding children during the first year following bariatric surgery.

Obesity is a chronic condition that has an intergenerational effect. The aims of the study were to better understand the impact of maternal bariatric surgery on obesogenic risks to child offspring in the home via documenting mothers' thoughts, behaviors, and experiences around child feeding, family meals, and the home food environment during her first year postsurgery.

Who's your daddy? Behavioral and epigenetic consequences of paternal drug exposure.

Substance use disorders (SUDs) reflect genetic and environmental factors. While identifying reliable genetic variants that predispose individuals to developing SUDs has been challenging, epigenetic factors may also contribute to the heritability of SUDs. Familial drug use associates with a wide range of problems in children, including an increased risk for developing a SUD. The implications of maternal drug use on offspring development are a well-studied area; however, paternal drug use prior to conception ...

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