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A Response-Adaptive Randomization Procedure for Multi-Armed Clinical Trials with Normally Distributed Outcomes.

We propose a novel response-adaptive randomization procedure for multi-armed trials with continuous outcomes that are assumed to be normally distributed. Our proposed rule is non-myopic, and oriented towards a patient benefit objective, yet maintains computational feasibility. We derive our response-adaptive algorithm based on the Gittins index for the multi-armed bandit problem, as a modification of the method first introduced in Villar et al. (2015b). The resulting procedure can be implemented under the a...

Value of in vivo α-synuclein deposits in Parkinson's disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Previous studies that have investigated the potential of in vivo abnormal α-synuclein deposits as a pathological biomarker for PD included few participants and reported different diagnostic accuracies. Here, we aimed to confirm the diagnostic value of in vivo α-synuclein deposits in PD through a systematic review and meta-analysis, with special emphasis on determining the tissue most suitable for examination and assessing whether anti-native α-synuclein or anti-phosphorylated α-synuclein antibodies shou...

Expanded Practice in Midwifery: Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining Programs.

Advances in health care science and delivery, coupled with patient need for access to care, have driven expanded practice in midwifery for decades. The process for development and implementation of expanded practices for midwives and midwifery practices is described. Important components include assessment of need, identifying stakeholders and supporters, development of a program proposal, obtaining privileges, developing training programs, and conducting ongoing quality management and program evaluation. E...

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: A Systematic Review and Effect-Size Analysis.

To determine the overall effectiveness of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) in improving range of motion (ROM), pain, strength, and patient-reported function in order to provide recommendations for use. We also sought to examine the influence of IASTM on injured and healthy participants, body part treated, and product used.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Risk by Season Period and Competition Segment: An Analysis of National Collegiate Athletic Association Injury Surveillance Data.

Although fatigue has been implicated in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, few researchers have examined the timing of injury across a competitive sport season or within a competitive session to gain insight into the potential effects of fatigue on the incidence of ACL injury.

Reshaping the residency environment to enhance education and mitigate burnout.

Burnout remains a widespread issue in graduate medical education, with current trends to mitigate burnout shifting toward institutional systematic interventions as opposed to personal individual interventions. In this article, we propose utilizing Knowle's adult learning theory in conjunction with Maslach's organizational context for burnout to implement systemic changes within the postgraduate training environment that we posit would both optimize the learning experience and reduce the incidence of burnout...

Oral Health Education (Advice and Training) for People with Serious Mental Illness (Review).

Benefits of aerobic training in girls with precocious puberty: involvement of CRP and cortisol.

Background The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of 12 weeks of aerobic training, 4 weeks of detraining and use gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa) on serum C-reactive protein (CRP) and cortisol levels in girls with central precocious puberty (CPP). Methods Forty-five girls (aged 6-8 years) with precocious puberty were randomly divided into three groups (medication, training and medicine + training groups). Fifteen healthy girls (without precocious puberty) were also included as...

Sham surgeries for central and peripheral neural injuries persistently enhance pain-avoidance behavior as revealed by an operant conflict test.

Studies using rodent models of neuropathic pain employ sham surgery control procedures that cause deep tissue damage. Sham surgeries would thus be expected to induce potentially long-lasting postsurgical pain, but little evidence for such pain has been reported. Operant tests of voluntary behavior can reveal negative motivational and cognitive aspects of pain that may provide sensitive tools for detecting pain-related alterations. In a previously described operant mechanical conflict (MC) test involving len...

Community pharmacist counseling in early pregnancy-Results from the SafeStart feasibility study.

Community pharmacists are available to counsel women in early pregnancy, but no studies have assessed the feasibility of such a service.

Brief mindfulness training enhances cognitive control in socioemotional contexts: Behavioral and neural evidence.

In social contexts, the dynamic nature of others' emotions places unique demands on attention and emotion regulation. Mindfulness, characterized by heightened and receptive moment-to-moment attending, may be well-suited to meet these demands. In particular, mindfulness may support more effective cognitive control in social situations via efficient deployment of top-down attention. To test this, a randomized controlled study examined effects of mindfulness training (MT) on behavioral and neural (event-relate...

The use of a hybrid mannequin for the modern high-fidelity simulation in the labor ward: The Italian experience of the EGEO group.

Regular training in the management of intrapartum emergencies has been demonstrated to yield measurable benefits in terms of maternal and perinatal outcomes. Thanks to technologic advances,computerized full-body mannequins have been created and made available for high-fidelity simulation in obstetrics. The technical skills subjected to training are conventionally represented by classical manual maneuvers, which are recommended in the case of instrumental vaginal delivery, shoulder dystocia, or postpartum he...

Resistance training in addition to aerobic activity is associated with lower likelihood of depression and comorbid depression and anxiety symptoms: A cross sectional analysis of Australian women.

The mental health benefits of resistance training (RT) alone or beyond those provided by aerobic physical activity (PA) are unclear. This study aimed to determine the association between meeting recommendations for aerobic PA and/or RT, and symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. Participants were Australian female members of the 10,000 Steps project (n = 5180, 50.0 ± 11.5 years). Symptoms of depression and anxiety were determined using the Depression Anxiety Stress Score. Participants were groupe...

Biomarkers of insulin action during single soccer sessions before and after a 12-week training period in type 2 diabetes patients on a caloric-restricted diet.

We investigated the biomarkers of insulin action as well as changes in free fatty acids and lactate concentration after an acute soccer session pre and post training with caloric-restricted diet versus diet alone in type 2 diabetes (T2D) patients.

Estimated radiation dose according to the craniocaudal angle in cerebral digital subtraction angiography: Patient and phantom study.

Routine use of cranial angulation with 15-20 degrees, craniocaudal angled (CC) view, for cerebral digital subtraction angiography (DSA) helps minimize bone subtraction artifacts with less overlapping of the vessels, however, it may increase the radiation dose. We designed the phantom and patient studies to determine the effect of the angulation to the radiation dose and the feasibility of true posteroanterior angled (PA) view, in cerebral DSA.

Named Entity Recognition from Chinese Adverse Drug Event Reports with Lexical Feature based BiLSTM-CRF and Tri-training.

The Adverse Drug Event Reports (ADERs) from the spontaneous reporting system are important data sources for studying Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) as well as post-marketing pharmacovigilance. Apart from the conventional ADR information contained in the structured section of ADERs, more detailed information such as pre- and post- ADR symptoms, multi-drug usages and ADR-relief treatments are described in the free-text section, which can be mined through Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools.

A demonstration of unsupervised machine learning in species delimitation.

One major challenge to delimiting species with genetic data is successfully differentiating population structure from species-level divergence, an issue exacerbated in taxa inhabiting naturally fragmented habitats. Many fields of science are now using machine learning, and in evolutionary biology supervised machine learning has recently been used to infer species boundaries. These supervised methods require training data with associated labels. Conversely, unsupervised machine learning (UML) uses inherent d...

The effects of high variability training on voice identity learning.

High variability training has been shown to benefit the learning of new face identities. In three experiments, we investigated whether this is also the case for voice identity learning. In Experiment 1a, we contrasted high variability training sets - which included stimuli extracted from a number of different recording sessions, speaking environments and speaking styles - with low variability stimulus sets that only included a single speaking style (read speech) extracted from one recording session (see Rit...

Feasibility of bundled payments in anterior, middle, and posterior cranial fossa skull base meningioma surgery : Market Scan analysis of health care utilization and outcomes.

The aim of our study was to compare the health care utilization and outcomes following surgery for anterior (AFM), middle (MFM) and posterior cranial fossa skull base meningioma (PFM) across the United States.

Mechanical Thrombectomy in Distal Vessels: Revascularization Rates, Complications, and Functional Outcome.

and Importance: Pivotal trials have shown the tremendous efficacy of mechanical thrombectomy in proximal occlusions. However distal occlusions involving M2 and beyond, ACA and posterior cerebral arteries were not represented. In this study, we investigated the feasibility and safety of distal circulation mechanical thrombectomy.

Coupling of sulfur(thiosulfate)-driven denitratation and anammox process to treat nitrate and ammonium contained wastewater.

This study investigated the feasibility of a new biological nitrogen removal process that integrates sulfur-driven autotrophic denitratation (NO→NO) and anaerobic ammonium oxidation (Anammox) for simultaneous removal of nitrate and ammonium from industrial wastewater. The proposed sulfur(thiosulfate)-driven denitratation and Anammox process was developed in two phases: First, the thiosulfate-driven denitratation was established in the UASB inoculated with activated sludge and fed with ammonium, nitrate an...

Acute stroke rehabilitation for gait training with cyborg type robot Hybrid Assistive Limb: A pilot study.

Robot-assisted gait training following acute stroke could allow patients with severe disability to receive a high dosage and intensity of gait training compared with conventional physical therapy (CP). However, given the limited data on gauging the efficacy of Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) on gait training in patients with acute stroke, we aimed to evaluate several outcome measures following gait training with HAL. Patients with first-ever stroke, who required a walking aid and were able to start gait trainin...

A simple method for assessing chemical toxicity of ionic liquids on Vibrio fischeri through the structure of cations with specific anions.

Both water and non-water soluble ionic liquids (ILs) may be toxic where ILs soluble in water can be released into aquatic ecosystems. Toxicity of ILs can be determined as effective nominal concentration EC because it is important to assess the toxicity of ILs by an inhibition assay, which can evaluate the toxicological danger of ILs. A novel model is introduced for desk calculations of chemical toxicity of ILs based on Vibrio fischeri with more reliance on their answers as one could attach to the more compl...

Simultaneous determination of eight microcystins in fish by PRiME pass-through cleanup and online solid phase extraction coupled to ultra high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

A rapid and sensitive method was developed based on online solid phase extraction coupled to ultra high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (online SPE-UHPLC-MS/MS) for the simultaneous determination of eight common microcystins (MCs) in fish. Analytes, including MC-LR, MC-RR, MC-LY, MC-LW, MC-YR, MC-WR, MC-LF and MC-LA, were extracted by the solvent of MeOH: water (80:20, v/v) with 0.1% FA, and the extracted solution was cleaned up by one-step PRiME (process, robustness, improvements...

Prediction of suspicious thyroid nodule using artificial neural network based on radiofrequency ultrasound and conventional ultrasound: A preliminary study.

This study explored the use of backscattered radiofrequency ultrasound signals combined with artificial neural network (ANN) technology to differentiate benign and malignant thyroid nodules, in comparison with conventional ultrasound techniques. The proposed method uses the gray level co-occurrence matrix algorithm and principal component analysis to identify principal characteristics for use as inputs in the ANN. The dataset consisted of 131 ultrasound images, of which 59 were benign and 72 were malignant,...

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