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Iron deficiency and cyanotic breath-holding spells: The effectiveness of iron therapy.

Frequent cyanotic breath holding spells cause fear and severe anxiety to parents. This study aimed to evaluate clinical, laboratory and treatment characteristics of children with cyanotic breath holding spells.

Disclosure and holding back: Communication, psychological adjustment, and marital satisfaction among couples coping with osteoarthritis.

This study examined two types of illness-related communication (disclosure and holding back) and their associations with psychological adjustment and marital satisfaction in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) and their spouses. A sample of 142 couples reported on disclosure and holding back of OA-related concerns, marital satisfaction, and depressive symptoms at two time points across 1 year. Results from dyadic analyses indicated that holding back was associated with decreases in one's own marital sati...

Evaluation of Skeletal and Dental Effects of Lower Lingual Arches.

A lower lingual arch is usually recommended as a holding device to maintain arch length and to prevent mesial migration of the mandibular first molars. Despite its widespread use, comparatively little is known about the effects of a lower lingual holding arch on preservation of lower arch dimensions and tooth position and the impact of the device on mandibular growth. The aim of this study is to evaluate the skeletal and dental effects of the lower lingual holding arch with regard to arch dimension, positio...

Lamivudine monotherapy as a holding regimen for HIV-positive children.

In resource-limited settings holding regimens, such as lamivudine monotherapy (LM), are used to manage HIV-positive children failing combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) to mitigate the risk of drug resistance developing, whilst adherence barriers are addressed or when access to second- or third-line regimens is restricted. We aimed to investigate characteristics of children placed on LM and their outcomes.

Motor experience with a sport-specific implement affects motor imagery.

The present study tested whether sport-specific implements facilitate motor imagery, whereas nonspecific implements disrupt motor imagery. We asked a group of basketball players (experts) and a group of healthy controls (novices) to physically perform (motor execution) and mentally simulate (motor imagery) basketball throws. Subjects produced motor imagery when they were holding a basketball, a volleyball, or nothing. Motor imagery performance was measured by temporal congruence, which is the correspondence...

Effects of protein oxidation on the texture and water-holding of meat: A review.

Protein oxidation readily occurs in post-mortem muscle during storage and processing. Over the past decade new analytical methods have been developed and new aspects of protein oxidation in meat have been studied, such as the reaction mechanism, and impacts on eating quality and nutritional value. It is now evident that amino acid side chains in myofibrillar proteins undergoes modifications due to oxidative stress. In turn this will lead to formation of new protein-protein cross-links in structural proteins...

Exploring multiple job holding practices of academics in public health training institutions from three sub-Saharan Africa countries: drivers, impact, and regulation.

The paper examines external multiple job holding practices in public health training institutions based in prominent public universities in three sub-Saharan Africa countries (Rwanda, Ethiopia, Mozambique).

The effect of municipal treated wastewater on the water holding properties of a clayey, calcareous soil.

Wastewater reuse is a practice that has been gaining attention for the past few decades as the world's population rises and water resources become scarce. Wastewater application on soil can affect soil health, and the manner and extent to which this occurs depends heavily on soil type and water quality. This study compared the long-term (15+ years) effects and suitability of using secondary-level treated municipal wastewater and brackish groundwater for irrigation on the water holding capacity of a clayey, ...

Location, seasonal, and functional characteristics of water holding containers with juvenile and pupalAedes aegypti in Southern Taiwan: A cross-sectional study using hurdle model analyses.

Aedes aegypti carries several viruses of public health importance, including the dengue virus. Dengue is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world. Prevention and control of dengue mainly rely on mosquito control as there is no antiviral treatment or a WHO-approved vaccine. To reduce the Ae. aegypti population, studying the characteristics of their habitats is necessary. Aedes aegypti prefer breeding in artificial water holding containers in peridomestic or domestic settings. Thei...

An Innovative and Easy Dome Holding Technique for Transdomal Suture in Rhinoplasty.

Suture tip plasty is one the most used methods in nasal tip surgery. Transdomal suture (TDS) used for this purpose is utilized for providing the dome symmetry, thinning the nasal tip, and enhancing the nasal tip projection and rotation. However, there are not sufficient visual data on what the dome position should be during TDS. In this study, it was aimed to be directive in tip plasty and to define the convenient dome holding technique during TDS. Patients, 510 male and 621 female at the age of 18 to 50 ye...

Effects of frozen-then-chilled storage on proteolytic enzyme activity and water-holding capacity of pork loin.

This study aimed to determine the effect of frozen-then-chilled storage on free Ca, proteolytic enzyme activity of calpains and the proteasome, water-holding capacity and shear force of porcine longissimus thoracis et lumborum muscle. Pork loins were subjected to either chilled storage at 2 ± 1 °C for 1, 2, 4, 6 and 9 days, or frozen-then chilled storage (-20 ± 1 °C for 1 week followed by thawing overnight). Free Ca increased with chilled storage in the non-frozen group. Frozen-then-chil...

Unrealistic techno-optimism is holding back progress on resource efficiency.

Exploring the effect of oxygen-containing functional groups on the water-holding capacity of lignite.

Graphene oxide with different degrees of oxidation was prepared and selected as a model compound of lignite to study quantitatively, using both experiment and theoretical calculation methods, the effect on water-holding capacity of oxygen-containing functional groups. The experimental results showed that graphite can be oxidized, and forms epoxy groups most easily, followed by hydroxyl and carboxyl groups. The prepared graphene oxide forms a membrane-state as a single layer structure, with an irregular surf...

Associations Between Past-Month Pain and Distress Intolerance Among Daily Cigarette Smokers.

A growing body of research indicates that pain is associated with the maintenance of tobacco smoking. Distress intolerance (DI) may play an important role in the link between pain and smoking. The goal of this study was to examine the association between past-month pain status and DI among a sample of daily cigarette smokers. It was hypothesized that smokers who reported past-month pain (vs. those reporting no past-month pain) would have higher perceived DI (i.e., lower scores on the Distress Tolerance Scal...

In situ Active Poling of Nanofibers Network for Gigantically Enhanced Particulate Filtration.

Enhancing the filtration efficiency of air filtering material without increasing its airflow resistance is of major challenge and of great significance. In this work, we report a type of active-poled nanofibers onto which in situ active poling is applied. It results in significantly enhanced filtration efficiency as well as dust holding capacity while keeping the airflow resistance constant. Owing to the in situ applied electric field, the nanofibers as well as the particulates are polarized. As a result, a...

Cerebral Vasoreactivity Evaluated by the Breath Holding Challenge Correlates with Performance on A Cognitive Screening Test in Persons Living with Treated HIV Infection in China.

Evaluation of vascular reactivity to overcome limitations of neurovascular uncoupling in BOLD fMRI of malignant brain tumors.

The sensitivity of fMRI in identification of eloquent cortical centers in the case of large infiltrative growing tumors and pronounced peritumoral edema may be reduced or significantly limited in some cases. The main cause is an attenuated Blood-Oxygen-Level-Dependent response (BOLD) caused by pathological vascular reactivity and subsequent neurovascular uncoupling of fMRI. In our study, we attempted to overcome these limitations and increase the sensitivity of this technique in identification of eloquent c...

Inactivation of non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum type E in low-acid foods and phosphate buffer by heat and pressure.

The effect of high pressure thermal (HPT) treatments on the inactivation of spores of non-proteolytic type E Clostridium botulinum TMW 2.990 was investigated at high pressures (300 to 600 MPa) and elevated temperatures (80 to 100 °C) in four low-acid foods (steamed sole, green peas with ham, vegetable soup, braised veal) and imidazole phosphate buffer (IPB). In addition, corresponding conventional thermal treatments at ambient pressure were performed to expose possible synergisms of pressure and temperatur...

Structural, functional properties and immunomodulatory activity of isolated Inca peanut (Plukenetia volubilis L.) seed albumin fraction.

This work aimed to determine the structural, functional properties and immunomodulatory activity of an albumin fraction isolated from Inca peanut seed (AF-IPS). Structural characterization revealed that AF-IPS contains two polypeptides with molecular weight ranges of 25-45 and 10-15 kDa. AF-IPS is mainly composed of α-helix, β-sheet, and β-turn secondary structures. Differential scanning calorimetry analysis indicated that the denaturation temperature of AF-IPS at room temperature is 101.93 °C. AF-I...

The home handedness questionnaire: pilot data from preschoolers.

While handedness questionnaires are widely used in adults, there is no comparable measure designed specifically for children. The current study developed the Home Handedness Questionnaire (HHQ), a new measure for preschoolers administered by parents using common household items. The HHQ has two scales that distinguish action types typically combined on other measures: actions performed with only the right or left hand (i.e., unimanual, such as holding a toothbrush), and actions performed with one hand holdi...

Geometric Effects of Colloidal Particles on Stochastic Interface Adsorption.

The stochastic interface adsorption behaviors of ellipsoid particles were investigated using optical laser tweezers. The particles were brought close to the oil-water interface, attempting to attach forcefully to the interface. Multiple attempts of the particle attachments statistically quantified the dependence of the adsorption probability on the particle aspect ratio. It was found that the adsorption probability proportionally increased with the aspect ratio due to the decrease in electrostatic interacti...

Functional Properties of Select Dry Bean Seeds and Flours.

Select functional properties of 21 dry beans and soybean seeds and their corresponding flours were evaluated. Among the tested seeds, dark-red and light-red kidney beans had larger length (L)/breadth (B) ratios than the rest. Lentil seeds were the smallest (L/B = 0.98), thinnest (2.23 mm), and lightest (density 1.14 g/cm ) among the tested seeds. Garbanzo seeds were the thickest (thickness 7.05 mm). Highest bulk density (g/cm ), porosity (%), specific volume (cm /g), and bulk volume (cm /g) were registere...

Valsalva Maneuver and Peripapillary OCT Angiography Vessel Density.

To investigate the potential influence of breath holding on the results of peripapillary vessel density (VD) measurement with optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA).

Re-evaluation of Current Prism Standards with Recommendations to Increase Accuracy in the Measurement of Strabismus.

To critically evaluate the traditional standards for holding single prisms in measuring strabismus with the specific goal being to increase the overall accuracy of clinical measurements.

Red wolf (Canis rufus) sperm quality and quantity is affected by semen collection method, extender components, and post-thaw holding temperature.

Cryopreserving genetic resources is becoming increasingly important for species management. In the zoo-based red wolf (Canis rufus) population, inbreeding continues to increase in the absence of new founders. Through banking sperm, we preserve genetic diversity and create the ability to decrease inbreeding accumulation in the future. The quality and quantity of banked sperm can be affected by cryopreservation media and semen collection methods. This study's objectives were to further optimize semen extender...

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