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Niche dimensionality and herbivory control stream algal biomass via shifts in guild composition, richness, and evenness.

We developed a framework for the hierarchical pathways of bottom-up (niche dimensionality) and top-down control (herbivory) on biomass of stream algae via changes in guild composition (relative abundance of low profile, high profile, and motile guilds), species richness, and evenness. We further tested i) the contrasting predictions of resource competition theory vs. the benthic model of coexistence on how the number of added nutrients constrains species richness, ii) the relationship between species richne...

Disentangling Ecologically Equivalent from Neutral Species: The Mechanisms of Population Regulation Matter.

1.The Neutral Theory of Biodiversity explored the structure of a community of ecologically equivalent species. Such species are expected to display community drift dynamics analogous to neutral alleles undergoing genetic drift. While entire communities of species are not ecologically equivalent, recent field experiments have documented the existence of guilds of such neutral species embedded in real food webs. 2. What demographic outcomes of the interactions within and between species in these guilds are ex...

Species interactions and climate change: How the disruption of species co-occurrence will impact on an avian forest guild.

Interspecific interactions are crucial in determining species occurrence and community assembly. Understanding these interactions is thus essential for correctly predicting species' responses to climate change. We focussed on an avian forest guild of four hole-nesting species with differing sensitivities to climate, that show a range of well-understood reciprocal interactions, including facilitation, competition and predation. We modelled the potential distributions of black woodpecker and boreal, tawny and...

Adaptive partner recruitment can help maintain an intra-guild diversity in mutualistic systems.

Mutualisms between assemblages of multiple species or strains (guilds) are considered unstable because of positive feedback between the guilds. Previous studies suggest that negative inter-guild feedback due to asymmetry in the exchange of benefits between the guilds can stabilize them, but preferential association for more beneficial partners may reduce such asymmetry and strengthen the positive inter-guild feedback. Here I develop a replicator dynamics model for mutualistic systems between two host and tw...

Do Addiction Science Journals Endorse Unbiased Reporting of Research? A Systematic Evaluation of Instructions for Authors.

Well-structured instructions for authors in journals help researchers in reporting unbiased results, which subsequently facilitates the review process. There have been reports of systematic evaluations of instructions for authors from journals in various medical specialties. However, precise information on the nature and extent of these instructions for authors in addiction science is lacking. Hence, this study systematically evaluated the instructions for authors for journals in addiction science.

Phenotypic selection mosaic for flower length influenced by geographically varying hawkmoth pollinator proboscis length and abiotic environment.

1.Biotic and abiotic context may affect the intensity of interspecific interactions and subsequently drive locally particular phenotypic selection patterns on interacting traits. 2.We evaluated the geographical variation of matching traits of the brush-type flowers of Caesalpinia gilliesii and of the proboscis length of its guild of hawkmoth pollinators, as well as their relation with environmental variables. We assessed the geographical variation of interacting traits (style and filament vs. mean proboscis...

Effect of a Cognitive Aid on Reducing Sugammadex Use and Associated Costs: A Time Series Analysis.

The authors observed increased pharmaceutical costs after the introduction of sugammadex in our institution. After a request to decrease sugammadex use, the authors implemented a cognitive aid to help choose between reversal agents. The purpose of this study was to determine if sugammadex use changed after cognitive aid implementation. The authors' hypothesis was that sugammadex use and associated costs would decrease.

Publication rates after the first retraction for biomedical researchers with multiple retracted publications.

Retraction of scientific publications can unmask scientific misconduct. We undertook a survey of publication rates, for authors with multiple retractions in the biomedical literature, to determine whether they changed after authors' first retractions. We collected publication and citation data from Scopus for 100 authors with multiple retractions (either >10 retractions or 2-5 retractions) in the Retraction Watch database. Publication rates increased until the year of the first retraction and decreased rapi...

Undisclosed payments by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to authors of endoscopy guidelines in the United States.

Payments from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to authors of clinical practice guidelines (CPG) may influence practice recommendations. It is therefore important to evaluate the completeness of financial conflict of interest (FCOI) declarations among CPG authors.

Corrigendum The pterocarpanquinone LQB-118 induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cells of distinct molecular subtypes and targets FoxO3a and FoxM1 transcription factors.

Subsequent to the publication of the above article, the authors have realized that there were errors associated with Figs. 1c and 2b. In Fig. 1c, the authors noted that the same data were incorrectly presented for the 'Untreated cells" and 'DMSO' dot‑blot experiments. After having re‑examined their source data, the authors were able to confirm that the data correctly shown for the 'Untreated cells' experiment had inadvertently been included in the Figure as the data for the 'DMSO' experiment. Additio...

Letter entitled- "Status Matters: Relation between MHC levels and Hepatitis B persistence".

We find the recent article by Yajie Gong et al(1), very interesting. The authors demonstrate that a G>A variation at rs2523454 in promoter region of MICA, results in reduced binding of transcription factor(s). This leads to reduced expression of MICA gene, which the authors suggest is associated with chronic hepatitis B virus(HBV) infection (1). We believe that this is an important finding and congratulate the authors for a very well planned multi-disciplinary study. This article is protected by copyright. ...

Correction to: Sleep-disordered breathing: an under-recognized problem in infants with myelomeningocele defects regardless of timing of repair.

Since the online publication of this article, the authors have noted an error in Table 1. The correct table is provided. The authors apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Contacting of authors modified crucial outcomes of systematic reviews, but was poorly reported, not systematic, and produced conflicting results.

To assess the prevalence, the reporting quality, the need, and the consequences of contacting of authors by Cochrane reviewers to obtain additional information for their reviews.

An observational study of missing data enquiry from randomised trial authors showed a poor response.

The quality of evidence from a meta-analysis might be affected by poor or inadequate reporting of individual randomized controlled trials (RCTs). The results of data request from authors has not been investigated to date.


Fan, C., Pan, Y., Yang, Y., Di, S., Jiang, S., Ma, Z., Li, T., Zhang, Z., Li, W., Li, X., Reiter, R. J. and Yan, X. (2015), HDAC1 inhibition by melatonin leads to suppression of lung adenocarcinoma cells via induction of oxidative stress and activation of apoptotic pathways. J. Pineal Res., 59: 321-333. The above article, first published online in Wiley Online Library ( on 16 July 2015, has been retracted by agreement between the authors, the journal ...

Informing the design of better privacy policies.

The authors review literature that can inform the design of better privacy policies. The review is focused around three privacy principles central to consumer-firm interactions. These privacy principles include: sensitive information and willingness to disclose; covert collection and use of data; and notice and choice. The authors argue that the best privacy policies are those which adequately address these principles thereby lowering the public's privacy concern. The ability of the EU and US's regulatory e...

Outcome following postneurosurgical Acinetobacter meningitis: an institutional experience of 72 cases.

The authors aimed to evaluate the antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of Acinetobacter isolates responsible for nosocomial meningitis/ventriculitis in the neurosurgical ICU. The authors also sought to identify the risk factors for mortality following Acinetobacter meningitis/ventriculitis.

Perspectives From Authors and Editors in the Biomedical Disciplines on Predatory Journals: Survey Study.

Predatory journals fail to fulfill the tenets of biomedical publication: peer review, circulation, and access in perpetuity. Despite increasing attention in the lay and scientific press, no studies have directly assessed the perceptions of the authors or editors involved.

Subcutaneous immunoglobulin in inflammatory myopathies: efficacy in different organ systems.

MGD and CG were responsible for the study's conception and design. VP and DM contributed to data acquisition. VP and DB planned and performed the statistical analyses. All Authors contributed to data interpretation. MGD, CG, VP and DM drafted the manuscript. AG and DB revised the manuscript critically for intellectual content. All authors gave their final approval of the version of the manuscript to be published.

Replantation of Cryopreserved Fingers: An "Organ Banking" Breakthrough.

Although cryopreservation has been widely used in clinical practice, it remains limited to small or thin bloodless tissues with a simple structure and function. In August of 2002, the authors performed the first successful transplantation of a cryopreserved vascularized rat hind limb. Subsequently, the authors extended this cryopreservation technique to the preservation of human fingers.

Amisulpride, a one-of-a-kind and highly efficacious antipsychotic agent in the treatment of first-episode psychosis.

In this commentary we discuss the findings of the recently published OPTiMiSE trial. In terms of design, important advantages of the trial are the naturalistic, open label set-up that allowed the authors to assess the efficacy of the sequential use of amisulpride followed by olanzapine and clozapine. In terms of results, we highlight the efficacy of amisulpride, while we disagree with the authors of OPTiMiSE when they claim clozapine should be tried in the clinic after one unsuccessful trial of amisulpride....

Accuracy and completeness are required: A response to Dreher et al (2019).

The authors of this response outline numerous factual errors and mischaracterizations about their prior work made by Dreher et al (2019). The authors reaffirm their original findings and conclusions and further argue that substantial empirical evidence not reviewed by Dreher et al (2019) support the conclusions reached by Spurlock and Hunt (2008) and Phelan (2012).

The Generative Presence of Relatedness.

In this guest editorial, the authors introduce a special issue of the that focuses on relational factors of hypnosis in psychotherapy. The authors have invited a number of esteemed colleagues to comment on aspects of the therapeutic relationship, and how it informs and influences the processes, techniques, and outcomes of hypnosis and therapy. In addition to summarizing each of these articles, this article analyzes the major relational themes that present across the articles.

Reply to Authors:Need to Identify AIH-ACLF as a distinct Entity.

We thank Dr Meher et al. for showing interest in our study and in AARC publications. Authors have mentioned 24 participating centres in study on PIRO model for AKI and 17 centres in our study. In fact, AARC currently has 51 participating centres. As per policy, for a given study, centres with significant contributions in that area are only included; and hence the differences. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Surgical Approach in a Patient With Agnathia-Otocephaly Complex: Three-Stage Mandibular Distraction Protocol.

Agnathia-otocephaly complex (AOC) is a rare malformation complex of the first pharyngeal arch that is characterized by agnathia/dysgnathia, microstomia, aglossia/hypoglossia and variable displacement of the ears. Only 11 post-infancy patients with severe AOC have been described in the literature, and the incidence of this malformation complex is estimated to be 1 per 70,000 births. In this brief clinical study, the authors describe the case of an 18-year-old female diagnosed with AOC who underwent a 3-step ...

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