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Advancing Professionalization of Biobank Business Operations: A Worldwide Survey.

Quality specimens from biobanks are key resources to support reproducible research. Sustaining biobanks requires robust management. We recently published a pilot survey that indicated that over half the participating biobanks had business plans in place and another third were working on business planning. While the results provided a clue to the status of business planning in biobanking, it was concluded that a longer and more in-depth survey and analysis were required. In April 2017, an extended survey was...

Unusual eigenmodes of wire-medium endoscopes: impact on transmission properties.

Wire-medium endoscopes represent a promising tool of THz sensing/imaging. Bending should not critically harm the endoscope operation and the issue of bending losses is that of key importance for any endoscope. In this paper we show that the frequency-averaged power transmittance of a wire-medium endoscope is weakly sensitive to the bending. However, the frequency dispersion of the power loss/transmittance of the endoscope is strongly oscillating. Frequency maxima of the loss factor result from unusual eigen...

Trapeziometacarpal Arthrodesis Using a Combination of Chevron Osteotomy, Longitudinal K-wire, and K-wire Compression Staples.

Among surgical methods for advanced trapeziometacarpal arthrosis, arthrodesis may benefit high-demand patients such as laborers because it preserves the osseous foundation of the thumb. The authors achieved successful trapeziometacarpal arthrodesis in 3 patients by a combination of chevron osteotomy, longitudinal K-wire, and K-wire compression staples without using bone graft. There were no complications specifically associated with the surgery other than asymptomatic slight pull-out of a staple. This combi...

Exploring the business of urology: Is it time for a "Business of Healthcare" curriculum in urology residency programs?

Palatal Wiring: Renewing an Old Technique (Circumpalatal Wiring).

Circumpalatal wiring has 2 negative points. The first is premature loosening of the wire and the second is tongue irritation caused by exposed wire in roof of the mouth. In this article, a modified technique (palatal wiring) is introduced in which these 2 problems are targeted. In this technique, a small bur hole is created into the hard palate, without the need for flap reflection and wire is passed through it, grasps in the nose, and returns to the oral cavity via sublabial puncture point then 2 ends are ...

A 3D printed aortic arch template to facilitate decision-making regarding the use of an externalized transapical wire during thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair.

Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) is an established treatment option, though some anatomical challenges require a through-and-through wire technique, and subsequently transapical access via minithoracotomy can be required. It is clear that an objective tool to facilitate decision-making is needed. A 3D print of a severely angulated aortic arch was used as a template to advance a stent-graft and this was achieved after pulling the top of the wire. This simulation assisted in decision-making relatin...

Efficient fog harvesting based on 1D copper wire inspired by the plant pitaya.

Leaf of the plant pitaya shows excellent fog-harvesting behavior through its 1D thorns with wire-like micro-structures. The thorns of it can not provide enough driving force for the droplet transportation by the special structure and chemistry gradient as the cactus thorns, but it showed efficient water supply which improved the fog harvesting greatly. The mechanism is studied based on 1D copper wire with similar 1D wire-like micro-structure and wettability. This structure can significantly reduce the devia...

Business performance management in university hospitals: a diagnosis in Brazilian institutions.

To investigate whether business performance management practices are used by Brazilian federal university hospitals, and if so, to determine which practices are used and explore characteristics that may be related to their adoption.

Evaluation of airborne asbestos exposure from routine handling of asbestos-containing wire gauze pads in the research laboratory.

Three independently conducted asbestos exposure evaluations were conducted using wire gauze pads similar to standard practice in the laboratory setting. All testing occurred in a controlled atmosphere inside an enclosed chamber simulating a laboratory setting. Separate teams consisting of a laboratory technician, or technician and assistant simulated common tasks involving wire gauze pads, including heating and direct wire gauze manipulation. Area and personal air samples were collected and evaluated for as...

The extent that certain dairy farmer attitudes and behaviors are associated with farm business profitability.

The way in which farm managers' attitudes, personality, behavior, values, and sociodemographic characteristics influence farm business performance is, at best, only partially understood. The study reported here expands on this understanding by analyzing the attitudes and personal attributes of 80 dairy farmers in Great Britain in relation to the profitability over 3 yr of their farm businesses. Business goals, temperament, purchasing behavior, and having a growth mindset toward the business were found to be...

Internal fixation with Kirschner wires is as efficient as rigid screw fixation in scaphoid fracture: long-term functional outcome.

This study aimed to compare the long-term efficacy of Kirschner wires and Herbert screw internal fixation in scaphoid fracture. A retrospective chart with radiographic review and functional follow-up was conducted for patients with the scaphoid fracture. 65 patients (40 for K-wire fixation and 25 for Herbert screw) were enrolled. The nonunion rate for K-wire fixation and screw method were indifferent comprehensively and for iliac graft subgroup. Less bone necrosis was found with K-wire fixation (2.5% vs 16%...

Single-Mode Phononic Wire.

Photons and electrons transmit information to form complex systems and networks. Phonons on the other hand, the quanta of mechanical motion, are often considered only as carriers of thermal energy. Nonetheless, their flow can also be molded in fabricated nanoscale circuits. We design and experimentally demonstrate wires for phonons by patterning the surface of a silicon chip. Our device eliminates all but one channel of phonon conduction, allowing coherent phonon transport over millimeter length scales. We ...

Safety Talk and Safety Culture: Discursive Repertoires as Indicators of Workplace Safety and Health Practice and Readiness to Change.

Small construction businesses (SCBs) account for a disproportionate share of occupational injuries, days lost, and fatalities in the US and other modern economies. Owner/managers of SCBs confront risks associated with their own and workers' safety and business survival, and their occupational safety and health (OSH) related values and practices are key drivers of safety and business outcomes. Given owner/mangers are the key to understanding and affecting change in smaller firms, as well as the pressing need...

How to Prevent K-wire Bounce in Oblique Supracondylar Humerus Fractures.

Supracondylar humerus fractures with an obliquely oriented fracture pattern can pose a clinical challenge in obtaining adequate fixation. Traditionally, 1.6mm Kirchner wires are utilized for fracture fixation when pinning pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures. However, when pinning across obliquely oriented fractures the angle of pin inclination may increase to the point where the 1.6mm k-wire cannot penetrate the far cortex. We have found that when pinning oblique supracondylar humerus fractures utiliz...

Controllable Epitaxial Growth of Core-Shell PbSe@CsPbBr Wire Heterostructures.

1D semiconductor core-shell wire heterostructures are crucial for high-performance optical and optoelectronic device applications, but they are limited to the traditional semiconductor families. Here, the conformal epitaxy of CsPbBr shell on PbSe wire core is realized to form the core-shell PbSe@CsPbBr wire heterostructures via a chemical vapor deposition route. The Pb-particle catalysts at the tips of the PbSe wires grown by vapor-liquid-solid provide the nucleation sites for the in situ rapid growth of Cs...

Can interfaces at bracket-wire and between teeth in multi-teeth finite element model be simplified?

Finite element (FE) method's correctness depends heavily on modeling method. This study aimed at determining whether the interfaces at bracket-wire and between teeth can be simplified for multi-teeth FE analysis.

Photoinduced proton transfer inside an engineered green fluorescent protein: a stepwise-concerted-hybrid reaction.

Photoactivated proton transfer (PT) wire is responsible for the glow of green fluorescent protein (GFP), which is crucial for bioimaging and biomedicine. In this work, a new GFP-S65T/S205V double mutant is developed from wild-type GFP in which the PT wire is significantly modified. We implement femtosecond transient absorption (fs-TA) and femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy (FSRS) to delineate the PT process in action. The excited state proton transfer proceeds on the ∼110 ps timescale, which infers...

Transcatheter Closure of Perimembranous Ventricular Septal Defects in Children using a Wire-Drifting Technique.

Explore the feasibility and safety of transcatheter closure of perimembranous ventricular septal defects using a wire-drifting technique (WT) in children.

A novel hybrid fixation (coracoclavicular screw supplemented with K-wire) for the treatment of acute acromioclavicular joint dislocation: A prospective study.

The aim of this study was to compare the radiological and clinical outcomes of clavicular hook plate fixation and the coracoclavicular lag screw supplemented with K-wire fixation in the treatment of acute acromioclavicular joint dislocation.

Compact broadband low-loss taper for coupling to a silicon nitride photonic wire.

We demonstrate an ultra-compact waveguide taper on a silicon nitride platform. The proposed taper provides a coupling efficiency of 95% at a length of 19.5 μm in comparison to the standard linear taper of length 50 μm, which connects a 10 μm wide waveguide to a 1 μm wide photonic wire. The taper has a spectral response >75% spanning over 800 nm and resilience to fabrication variations; ±200  nm change in taper and end waveguide width varies transmission by

A bio-inspired model for bidirectional polarisation detection.

This study investigated a novel polarisation detection model based on the microstructure of rhabdom in mantis shrimp eyes, in which a single unit can detect two directions of orthogonal polarisation. The bionic model incorporated multi-layered orthogonal Si wire grids, and the finite-difference time-domain method was used to simulate light absorption. A single-layer Si wire grid was simulated to study the effects of thickness and duty cycle on extinction ratios. A multi-layer orthogonal wire grid was ...

Buddy-wire technique during rotational Atherectomy: Simple and effective solution to achieve strong back-up support.

A 52-year-old male underwent percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) using rotational atherectomy (RA: 1.5-mm burr) for a severely calcified lesion in the proximal to mid obtuse marginal (OM) branch. Even with 7 Fr extra back-up guiding catheter via femoral access, the burr could not cross the lesion due to insufficient back-up support. In order to achieve stronger back-up support, we kept the burr at the position in the OM branch and placed a supportive wire in left anterior descending artery through the ...

Living on a Wire.

Echocardiography guided false lumen catheterization for "Cheese-wire" Technique in complicated type A aortic dissection.

Endovascular treatment of both type A and type B aortic dissection complicated by organ malperfusion is gaining increasing interest and evidence. Different fenestration techniques of the dissection membrane have already been described. We present a 53-year-old patient with complicated type A aortic dissection after previous repair of the ascending aorta. The patient was treated with dissection membrane fenestration and 'chees-wire' technique. Due to the mobility of the dissection flap, we encountered proble...

Minimally Invasive Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Arthrodesis Using Headless Screw: Surgical Technique.

Proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint arthritis causes debilitating hand pain and instability leading to significant functional impairment. Arthrodesis remains the gold standard for treatment of PIP arthritis. We present a minimally invasive PIP arthrodesis that provides rigid fixation with a headless compression screw. Seven patients who presented to the senior author with PIP joint arthritis underwent PIP arthrodesis by minimally invasive technique. A 1 cm transverse incision is made over the PIP joint, ...

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