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The temporal association between emotional clarity and depression symptoms in adolescents.

Low emotional clarity, that is, problems in understanding and identifying one's own emotions, is generally seen as related to depression. Most empirical studies on this topic focused on the link between low levels of emotional clarity predicting depression problems, fewer studies on depression symptoms predicting low emotional clarity. All studies were restricted to unidirectional associations. The present study evaluated the reciprocal associations between emotional clarity and depression symptoms. Additio...

Daily experiences of emotional clarity and their association with internalizing symptoms in naturalistic settings.

Although emotional clarity contributes to effective emotion regulation and has been suggested as a target for transdiagnostic interventions, little is known about how emotional clarity impacts symptoms and emotion regulation success in daily life. The present study examined the association of emotional clarity with internalizing symptoms (i.e., depression, social anxiety, panic, and worry) in a clinical sample assessed in naturalistic settings over the course of 10 days, examining both within-person and bet...

Culled banana resistant starch-soy protein isolate conjugate based emulsion enriched with astaxanthin to enhance its stability.

The conjugates of biomacromolecules such as protein and polysaccharides have potential to stabilize the emulsion system and encapsulate valuable bioactive compounds for biofortification in food systems. In this study, native banana starch (NBS) was isolated from green culled banana and modified into resistant starch (type III) by lintnerization followed by autoclaving-cooling process, resulting in lintnerized-autoclaved banana starch (LABS). Soy protein isolate (SPI) was used for developing the polysacchari...

Provider Trends in Atherectomy Volume Between Office-Based Labs and Traditional Facilities.

As patient care is increasingly transitioned out of the hospital and into the outpatient setting, there is growing interest in developing office-based angiography suites, i.e. office-based labs. Office-based care has been associated with increased efficiency and greater patient satisfaction, with substantially higher reimbursement directly to the physicians providing care. Prior studies have demonstrated a shift of revascularization procedures to office-based labs with a concomitant increase in atherectomy ...

Water clarity measures as indicators of recreational benefits provided by U.S. lakes: Swimming and aesthetics.

Lakes provide recreational benefits related to water quality. Using data from the 2007 and 2012 United States National Lake Assessments (=2067 lake visits), we developed indicators for three benefits: swimming, general recreational value, and aesthetic appeal. For two combined ecoregions ("Mountains" and "Plains") we related objective measures of water clarity, including Secchi depth, turbidity, and water-column chlorophyll- concentration to subjective visual assessments of recreational benefit quality. The...

Routine use of post-bronchodilator testing in pulmonary function testing labs.

Pulmonary function tests (PFTs), including spirometry with and without post-bronchodilator (post-BD) testing, are frequently performed in the assessment of asthma, along with other obstructive airway disorders. Multiple publications over the past 15 years have noted that one in three physician-diagnosed asthma cases are not in fact asthma. In this quality assurance project, we assess whether PFT labs in Alberta have policies on post-BD testing, as extraneous and unnecessary use of post-BD testing can lead t...

The relationship between task mastery, role clarity, social acceptance, and stress: An intensive longitudinal study with a sample of newly registered nurses.

Transitioning into a new professional role is challenging. Unfortunately, little is currently known about how to reduce experiences of stress among new professionals. The socialization processes role clarity, task mastery, and social acceptance are assumed to reduce experiences of stress as they mediate new professionals' acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors. However, little prospective data is available on the actual effect of the processes on stress.

Clarity needed on how to treat compromised first permanent molars.

Admittedly Simple? The Quest for Clarity in Medicare Claims Data.

Primary hyperparathyroidism: Labs to order, Tx to consider.

Unexplained kidney stones, osteoporosis, or certain subtle clues may point to hyperparathyroidism. These tests and imaging options can help you to be sure.

A device for improving the visual clarity and dimension of veins.

Vascular access for venepuncture and peripheral intravenous cannulation is a common procedure within health care. First-attempt cannula insertion success rate has been found to be lower in some patient groups. Multiple unsuccessful cannulation attempts have negative impacts for both patients and practitioners. This article reports on research investigating the effectiveness of an innovative device called the Vacuderm-a single-use tourniquet with added manual vacuum pump-in increasing vein dimensions, temper...

Gerontological nurses bringing clarity to dissonance: Sharing our resources.

Cognitive fusion and affective isolation: Blurred self-concept and empathy deficits in schizotypy.

This is a cross-sectional nonclinical sample study to examine the different levels of the Ipsiety Disturbance Model (IDM) for schizophrenia spectrum disorders (introduced by Sass and Parnas, 2003). Three faces of schizotypy were studied: diminished self-presence, hyper-reflexivity, and distortion in experience of own self and another person's self-discrimination. A sample of college students (N = 1312) was provided a questionnaire packet that contained the Schizotypy Personality Questionnaire Brief-Revi...

Live births following genome editing in human embryos: a call for clarity, self-control and regulation.

A Future for Observational Epidemiology: Clarity, Credibility, Transparency.

Observational studies are ambiguous, difficult, and necessary for epidemiology. Presently there are concerns that the evidence produced by most observational studies in epidemiology is not credible and contributes to research waste. I argue that observational epidemiology could be improved by focusing greater attention on: 1) defining questions that make clear whether the inferential goal is descriptive or causal; 2) greater utilization of quantitative bias analysis and alternative research designs that aim...

Clarity in applying and reporting on functional tests in therapeutic settings.

Evaluating single-particle tracking by photo-activation localization microscopy (sptPALM) in Lactococcus lactis.

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are frequently used in food fermentation and are invaluable for the taste and nutritional value of the fermentation end-product. To gain a better understanding of underlying biochemical and microbiological mechanisms and cell-to-cell variability in LABs, single-molecule techniques such as single-particle tracking photo-activation localization microscopy (sptPALM) hold great promises but are not yet employed due to the lack of detailed protocols and suitable assays. Here, we q...

A comparison of the effects of the colour and size of coloured overlays on young children's reading.

This study compared the effects of the colour and size of overlays on reading time, reading errors and on the clarity of text with young primary school children. The sample comprised a non-clinical, typical, sample from an East London primary school. One hundred and six children aged between four and seven years were asked to read 11 short passages of text (60 words) either with full page overlays or smaller reading rulers (53 in each group). This sample included younger children than has often been tested ...

Biofabrication strategies for creating microvascular complexity.

Design and fabrication of effective biomimetic vasculatures constitutes a relevant and yet unsolved challenge, lying at the heart of tissue repair and regeneration strategies. Even if cell growth is achieved in 3D tissue scaffolds or advanced implants, tissue viability inevitably requires vascularization, as diffusion can only transport nutrients and eliminate debris within a few hundred microns. This engineered vasculature may need to mimic the intricate branching geometry of native microvasculature, refer...

Six-Year Prospective Outcomes of Primary Breast Augmentation With Nano Surface Implants.

Motiva Implants (Establishment Labs Holdings Inc.) are a novel family of silicone breast implants using cutting-edge technologies engineered to optimize aesthetic and safety outcomes.

A Watershed Finding for Heart Regeneration.

The adult mammalian heart is minimally regenerative after injury, whereas neonatal hearts fully recover even after major damage. New work from the Red-Horse and Woo labs (Das et al., 2019) shows that collateral artery formation is a key mechanism contributing to successful regeneration in newborn mice and provides insights into how collateral arteries form.

The inclination to shun healthy behaviours that generate only transient benefits: the role of future clarity.

Research has not definitively ascertained the circumstances that motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle. To redress this shortfall, we report two overlapping studies that examined whether people are more inclined to value health benefits that seem enduring and fundamental rather than transient or superficial-even after controlling effort and cost. In these studies, 242 participants indicated the degree to which they implement 17 health behaviours-as well as the extent to which they perceive the benef...

Physicochemical properties of hydroxypropylated and cross-linked rice starches differential in amylose content.

Hydroxypropylation and cross-linking were carried out on three rice starches with 6.93%, 19.02% and 48.41% AAC respectively. AAC affected the efficiency of modification, with AAC increased, the molar substitution of hydroxypropylated starch decreased while degree of substitution of cross-linked starch increased. Modifications decreased starch relative crystallinity while the impacts were dependent on rice varieties. Starch granules of high AAC rice were liable to be disrupted by modification. High AAC rice ...

Radcliffe ARFID Workgroup: Toward operationalization of research diagnostic criteria and directions for the field.

Since its introduction to the psychiatric nomenclature in 2013, research on avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) has proliferated highlighting lack of clarity in how ARFID is defined.

Cough associated detrusor overactivity in women with urinary incontinence.

This is the first study that attempts to define different forms of cough associated detrusor overactivity (CADO). Current literature lacks clarity regarding the types of CADO and clinical epidemiology.

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