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"Predatory" journals threatening the scientific medical press.

In this report, the authors analyze the revolutions (journal indexing, structuring of medical writing and reviewing, impact of information technology and transformation of the medical press's business model) that, in a very short space of time, have profoundly affected the world of medical writing, which has now come under the fire of "predatory" journals.

Review Essay: A Shot in the Dark. Is it time to shine a new spotlight on antivaccination? Vaccine Nation: America's Changing Relationship with Immunization Elena Conis Chicago : University of Chicago Press , 2014 , 353 p., $27.50 (cloth), $18.00 (paper), $18.00 (eBook) The AIDS Conspiracy: Science Fights Back Nicoli Nattrass New York : Columbia University Press , 2012 , viii+ 225 p., $30.00 (paper

The power of a shared decision-making approach in the field of ophthalmology: will what is written in the medical and lay press work for my patient?

Bioactive properties of faveleira (Cnidoscolus quercifolius) seeds, oil and press cake obtained during oilseed processing.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report in the literature concerning the bioactive properties of faveleira products. This work focuses on the physicochemical evaluation of faveleira oil, as well as it investigates the bioactive properties of faveleira seeds, faveleira oil and the press cake obtained during the oilseed processing. The seeds were cold pressed and the following tests were performed: physicochemical characteristics (acidity, peroxide values, moisture and volatile matter, density ...

Book Reviews Ultrasound Edited by Leslie M Scoutt , Ulrike M Hamper , Teresita L Angtuaco Oxford University Press 2017 Price £112.50 . Pp 696 ISBN 978 0 19 998810 5 Geriatric Rehabilitation: From Bedside to Curbside K Rao Poduri CRC Press 2017 Price £140 . Pp 678 ISBN 978 1 48221 122 1 Challenging Concepts in Respiratory Medicine Edited by Lucy Schomberg , Elizabeth Sage , Nicholas Hart Oxford U

Radial neck dilatory remodeling following radial head arthroplasty with an uncemented, press fit, fully chemically etched stem design.

To compare the radiographic outcomes of two widely used side loading, press fit, radial head arthroplasty implants used to reconstruct complex elbow trauma.

Hadamard editing of glutathione and macromolecule-suppressed GABA.

The primary inhibitory neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and the major antioxidant glutathione (GSH) are compounds of high importance for the function and integrity of the human brain. In this study, a method for simultaneous J-difference spectral-edited magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) of GSH and GABA with suppression of macromolecular (MM) signals at 3 T is proposed. MM-suppressed Hadamard encoding and reconstruction of MEGA (Mescher-Garwood)-edited spectroscopy (HERMES) consists of four s...

Book Reviews Rethinking Patient Safety Suzette Woodward CRC Press 2017 Price £55.00 . Pp 186 ISBN 978 1 49877 854 1 Handbook of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Edited by Aaron Miller Springer 2017 Price £49.99 . Pp 134 ISBN 978 3 319 40626 8 Winning the Publications Game ( 4th edn ) Tim Albert CRC Press 2016 Price £26.99 . Pp 140 ISBN 978 1 78523 011 0.

Lower Limb Force, Velocity, Power Capabilities during Leg Press and Squat Movements.

The aim was to compare lower-limb power, force, and velocity capabilities between squat and leg press movements. Ten healthy sportsmen performed ballistic lower-limb push-offs against 5-to-12 different loads during both the squat and leg press. Individual linear force-velocity and polynomial power-velocity relationships were determined for both movements from push-off mean force and velocity measured continuously with a pressure sensor and linear encoder. Maximal power output, theoretical maximal force and ...

Effect of Barbell Weight on the Structure of the Flat Bench Press.

Król, H and Gołaś, A. Effect of barbell weight on the structure of the flat bench press. J Strength Cond Res 31(5): 1321-1337, 2017-In this study, we have used the multimodular measuring system SMART. The system consisted of 6 infrared cameras and a wireless module to measure muscle bioelectric activity. In addition, the path of the barbell was measured with a special device called the pantograph. Our study concerns the change in the structure of the flat bench press when the weight of the barbell is inc...

Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics: One year later, and more growth.

Simultaneous detection of glutathione and lactate using spectral editing at 3 T.

Two spectral editing techniques for the simultaneous detection of glutathione (GSH) and lactate (Lac) in the human brain at 3 T are described and evaluated. These methods, 'sMEGA' (sinc-MEscher and GArwood) and 'DEW' (Double Editing With), were optimized to detect GSH and Lac simultaneously at 3 T using density-matrix simulations and validation in phantoms. Simulations to test for co-edited metabolites within the detected GSH region of the spectrum were also performed. In vivo data were acquired in the mi...

A Simple Method for Assessing Upper Limb Force-Velocity Profile in Bench Press.

1) to analyze the reliability and validity of a field computation method based on easy-to-measure data to assess the mean force (F̄) and velocity (v̄) produced during a ballistic bench press movement; and 2) to verify that the force-velocity profile (F-v) obtained with multiple loaded trials is accurately described.

How does motion affect GABA-measurements? Order statistic filtering compared to conventional analysis of MEGA-PRESS MRS.

The aim of this study was to evaluate two post-processing techniques applied to MRS MEGA-PRESS data influenced by motion-induced artifacts. In contrast to the conventional averaging technique, order statistic filtering (OSF) is a known method for artifact reduction. Therefore, this method may be suitable to incorporate in the GABA quantification.

Customary Marriages in Rural Pakistan.

Although the incidents of customary marriages are frequently reported in Pakistani press, yet no large scale community-based study has ever been conducted to gauge the magnitude of such marriages. The present study is the first-ever community based study on this topic.

Evaluation of interference fit and bone damage of an uncemented femoral knee implant.

During implantation of an uncemented femoral knee implant, press-fit interference fit provides the primary stability. It is assumed that during implantation a combination of elastic and plastic deformation and abrasion of the bone will occur, but little is known about what happens at the bone-implant interface and how much press-fit interference fit is eventually achieved.

Exhaustion: A History by Anna Katharina Schaffner Exhaustion: A History Anna Katharina Schaffner New York : Columbia University Press , 2016 , ix+ 291 p., $30.00.

Nurturing virtues of the medical profession: does it enhance medical students' empathy?

To examine if the empathy levels of first-year medical students are amenable to didactic interventions idealized to promote values inherent to medical professional identity.

The MD-MEd Joint-Degree Program at Vanderbilt University: Training Future Expert Medical Educators.

Some medical students are drawn to medical education as an area of academic specialization. However, few options exist for medical students who wish to build a scholarly foundation for future careers in medical education.

Interest of the "compress test" in diagnosis of nerve injury in hand wounds.

Hand wounds are a common cause of emergency department admission. Digital nerve lesions are found in 5% of palmwounds. Early diagnosis reduces the risk of morbidity, sequelae and litigation. Screening for digital nerveinjuryby the usual tests is difficult in an emergency context. We assessed the diagnostic value of the simple "compress test" to screen for pulp sensibility disorder and the factors that may influence the value of this examination, with a view to validating routine use.

Book Reviews Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Asthma and COPD Edited by Clive P Page , Peter J Barnes Springer 2017 Price £278.50. Pp 285 ISBN 978 3 319 52173 2 Oxford Handbook of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology ( 2nd edn ) Estee Torok , Ed Moran , Fiona Cooke Oxford University Press 2016 Price £34.99. Pp 879 ISBN 978 0 19 9671328 Anaesthesia for the Elderly Patient ( 2nd edn ) Chris Dodds

Primary stability in total hip replacement: A biomechanical investigation.

In total hip replacement (THR), it is essential to achieve a primary stability to guarantee good long-term results. A novel locking screw hip (LSH)-stem, anchored to the medial cortex of the proximal femur by 5 monocortical locking screws, was developed to overcome the shortcomings of uncemented press-fit and cemented straight stems while simultaneously achieving primary stability. The aim of this study was to investigate the biomechanical competence of the LSH-stem in comparison to an uncemented press-fit ...

Book Reviews Great Ormond Street Handbook of Paediatrics ( 2nd edn ) Edited by Stephan Strobel , Lewis Spitz , Stephen D Marks CRC Press 2016 Price £63.99 . Pp 736 ISBN 9781482222791 Stroke Medicine ( 2nd edn ) Hugh Markus , Anthony Pereira , Geoffrey Cloud Oxford University Press 2017 Price £39.99 . Pp 596 ISBN 978 0 19873 788 9 Drug Dosing in Obesity. Volume I: Antimicrobials Edited by Syed Ta

Effect of instructions on EMG during the bench press in trained and untrained males.

Strength and rehabilitation professionals strive to emphasize certain muscles used during an exercise and it may be possible to alter muscle recruitment strategies with varying instructions. This study aimed to determine whether resistance trained and untrained males could selectively activate the pectoralis major or triceps brachii during the bench press according to various instructions. This study included 13 trained males (21.5±2.9years old, 178.7±7.0cm, 85.7±10.7kg) and 12 untrained males (20.3±1.6...

'The Art of Insulin Treatment:' Diabetes, Insulin, and the 1920s.

Soon after the discovery of insulin in the early 1920s, the popular press celebrated the miraculous discovery. Although insulin had no curative effect on the chronic state of diabetes, it was frequently heralded as a "cure." This paper examines how the discovery of insulin intersected with the rise of diabetic technology and the transfer of medical technology to the home setting. By analyzing diabetic manuals written for patients and physicians, letters exchanged between patient and physician, medical journ...

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