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Using Complexity to Simplify Knowledge Translation Comment on "Using Complexity and Network Concepts to Inform Healthcare Knowledge Translation".

Putting health theories, research and knowledge into practice is a challenge referred to as the knowledge-toaction gap. Knowledge translation (KT), and its related concepts of knowledge mobilization, implementation science and research impact, emerged to mitigate this gap. While the social interaction view of KT has gained currency, scholars have not easily made a link between KT and the concept of complexity. Kitson and colleagues suggest we ought to examine the role of complexity in KT processes using def...

The Nursing Knowledge Pyramid: A Theory of the Structure of Nursing Knowledge.

A theory of the structure of nursing knowledge is proposed. Using retroductive reasoning to build upon an existing theory, the goal of the Nursing Knowledge Pyramid is to integrate disparate forms of nursing knowledge into a comprehensive, coherent, and useful structure to enhance the learning, development, automation, and accessibility of nursing knowledge. Education uses are discussed.

A straightforward method for measuring the range of apparent density of microplastics.

Density of microplastics has been regarded as the primary property that affect the distribution and bioavailability of microplastics in the water column. For measuring the density of microplastis, we developed a simple and rapid method based on density gradient solutions. In this study, we tested four solvents to make the density gradient solutions, i.e., ethanol (0.8 g/cm), ultrapure water (1.0 g/cm), saturated NaI (1.8 g/cm) and ZnCl (1.8 g/cm). Density of microplastics was measured via observing ...

Metal removal from soil leachates using DTPA-functionalised maghemite nanoparticles, a potential soil washing technology.

There is significant current interest in the application of magnetic (magnetite or maghemite) nanoparticles functionalised with chelating agents for the environmental remediation of metal contaminated waters and solutions. Whilst there is a body of knowledge about the potential remediation efficacy of such engineered nanoparticles from studies involving synthetic solutions of single metals, there is relatively little data involving mixed-metal solutions and virtually no studies about nanoparticle performanc...

Interrogating the Osmotic Pressure of Self-Crowded Bovine Serum Albumin Solutions: Implications of Specific Monovalent Anion Effects Relative to the Hofmeister Series.

The free solvent-based (FSB) model and osmotic pressure was used to probe the ion binding and protein hydration for self-crowded bovine serum albumin in 0.15 M NaF, NaCl, NaI and NaSCN solutions. All experiments were conducted with solutions at pH 7.4. The regressed results of the FSB model behavior to the measured osmotic pressure was excellent, albeit, the osmotic pressure data for NaSCN was noisy. The resulting ion binding and hydration were realistic values and the covariance of the two parameters was e...

Calcium Chloride and Calcium Gluconate in Neonatal Parenteral Nutrition Solutions without Cysteine: Compatibility Studies Using Laser Light Obscuration Methodology.

There are no compatibility studies for neonatal parenteral nutrition solutions without cysteine containing calcium chloride or calcium gluconate using light obscuration as recommended by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). The purpose of this study was to do compatibility testing for solutions containing calcium chloride and calcium gluconate without cysteine. Solutions of TrophAmine and Premasol (2.5% amino acids), containing calcium chloride or calcium gluconate were compounded without cysteine. Solutio...

An interoperable clinical decision-support system for early detection of SIRS in pediatric intensive care using openEHR.

Clinical decision-support systems (CDSS) are designed to solve knowledge-intensive tasks for supporting decision-making processes. Although many approaches for designing CDSS have been proposed, due to high implementation costs, as well as the lack of interoperability features, current solutions are not well-established across different institutions. Recently, the use of standardized formalisms for knowledge representation as terminologies as well as the integration of semantically enriched clinical informa...

Impact of Human Activities on Fasciolosis Transmission.

Fasciolosis is a worldwide disease caused by the liver fluke Fasciola spp. This food- and water-borne disease is a major public health and veterinary issue. It is currently (re)emerging in several regions mainly due to the rapid evolution of human activities. This article reviews the current knowledge of the impact of irrigation-system management, livestock management, and human diet and hygiene habits on the emergence of fasciolosis. We also identify the gaps in this knowledge and the possible solutions fo...

Graph drawing using tabu search coupled with path relinking.

Graph drawing, or the automatic layout of graphs, is a challenging problem. There are several search based methods for graph drawing which are based on optimizing an objective function which is formed from a weighted sum of multiple criteria. In this paper, we propose a new neighbourhood search method which uses a tabu search coupled with path relinking to optimize such objective functions for general graph layouts with undirected straight lines. To our knowledge, before our work, neither of these methods h...

Vitrification tendency and stability of DP6-based vitrification solutions for complex tissue cryopreservation.

Vitrification tendency and stability of the amorphous state were analyzed by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) for the vitrification solution DP6, with and without additional solutes to enhance ice suppression. This study is a part of an ongoing research effort to characterize the thermophysical and mechanical properties of DP6 and its derivatives, and their qualities as cryoprotective solutions. DP6 was determined to have a critical cooling rate necessary to ensure vitrification of 2.7 °C/...

Experiences and expertise of codependency: Repetition, claim-coupling, and enthusiasm.

Arenas where experts interact with publics are useful platforms for communication and interaction between actors in the field of public health: researchers, practitioners, clinicians, patients, and laypersons. Such coalitions are central to the analysis of knowledge coproduction. This study investigates an initiative for assembling expert and other significant knowledge which seeks to create better interventions and solutions to addiction-related problems, in this case codependency. But what and whose knowl...

Knowledge of Pelvic Floor Disorders in Obstetrics.

The aim of this study was to investigate knowledge and demographic factors associated with a lack of knowledge proficiency about urinary incontinence (UI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) among pregnant and postpartum women.

Bretschneider and del Nido solutions: Are they safe for coronary artery bypass grafting? If so, how should we use them?

A variety of cardioplegic solutions are being used widely today to arrest the heart during coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and other cardiac operations. To minimize interruptions during the surgery for intermittent dosing of the cardioplegia and to facilitate less invasive cardiac procedures, single-shot solutions, including Bretschneider and del Nido solutions, have been introduced. This review examines the evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of Bretschneider and del Nido cardioplegia during ...

Evolution of the Randomized Controlled Trial in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Current Challenges and Future Solutions.

As knowledge of the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has grown, many new medical therapies have become available. Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of new drugs has conventionally been established with placebo-controlled randomized trials. However, given that highly effective and safe biologic agents such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF) antagonists, vedolizumab, and ustekinumab are currently available, the continued use of placebo-controlled studies to evaluate new molecules should be que...

Emergency department crowding: A systematic review of causes, consequences and solutions.

Emergency department crowding is a major global healthcare issue. There is much debate as to the causes of the phenomenon, leading to difficulties in developing successful, targeted solutions.

Assessing Pressure Injury Knowledge Using the Pieper-Zulkowski Pressure Ulcer Knowledge Test.

To determine the pressure injury knowledge of health professionals before and after providing an interactive, educational intervention.

Metabolic effect of alkaline additives and guanosine/gluconate in storage solutions for red blood cells.

Over a century of advancements in the field of additive solutions for red blood cell (RBC) storage has made transfusion therapy a safe and effective practice for millions of recipients worldwide. Still, storage in the blood bank results in the progressive accumulation of metabolic alterations, a phenomenon that is mitigated by storage in novel storage additives, such as alkaline additive solutions. While novel alkaline additive formulations have been proposed, no metabolomics characterization has been perfo...

Nodal-line dynamics via exact polynomial solutions for coherent waves traversing aberrated imaging systems.

We obtain exact polynomial solutions for two-dimensional coherent complex scalar fields propagating through arbitrary aberrated shift-invariant linear imaging systems. These solutions are used to model nodal-line dynamics of coherent fields output by such systems.

Arginine suppresses opalescence and liquid-liquid phase separation in IgG solutions.

Antibody formulation often necessitates the protein concentration to be increased above 100 mg/ml, because of the large therapeutic doses of antibodies required and the volume limitations of subcutaneous injections. However, high concentrations of antibody lead to opalescent states in solution, resulting in safety and application problems. In this study, we investigated the effect of additives on opalescence in IgG solutions. Arginine (Arg) was observed to most effectively suppress opalescence in IgG solu...

Knowledge of venomous snakes, snakebite first aid, treatment, and prevention among clinicians in northern Nigeria: a cross-sectional multicentre study.

Snakebite envenoming causes considerable morbidity and mortality in northern Nigeria. The clinician's knowledge of snakebite impacts outcome. We assessed clinicians' knowledge of snakebite envenoming to highlight knowledge and practice gaps for possible intervention to improve snakebite outcomes.

Knowledge expectations of orthopaedic patients.

To describe and compare knowledge expectations and received knowledge in elective orthopaedic surgery patients.

Antibiotic use, knowledge and health literacy among the general population in Berlin, Germany and its surrounding rural areas.

Knowledge concerning antibiotic use in the general population is insufficient. The way health literacy is related to antibiotic use aside from knowledge needs further investigation. Our aim was to compare the levels of knowledge of antibiotics and health literacy in individuals who had taken antibiotics in recent years compared with those who not had taken antibiotics.

Reporting of adverse drug reactions in India: A review of the current scenario, obstacles and possible solutions.

Pharmacovigilance is a practice aimed to monitor drug safety in real life conditions and capture adverse drug events during the post marketing phase of drug's life cycle. But under reporting of adverse reactions is a major cause of concern and a threat to the pharmacovigilance systems. The present article looks into the major obstacles affecting the spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in India and the possible solutions. As per available scientific literature, the major impediments to ADR...

Shedding light on the oxygen reduction reaction mechanism in ether-based electrolyte solutions. A study using operando UV-Vis spectroscopy.

We have developed a new effective in-operando methodology for investigating oxygen reduction reactions (ORR) and their mechanisms in non-aqueous solutions, based on UV-Vis spectroscopy in conjunction with various electrochemi-cal techniques. We can follow in-situ the formation and presence of superoxide moieties during ORR as a function of the solvent, cations, anions and additives in solution. Thus, using in-operando UV-Vis spectroscopy, we found evidence for the formation of superoxide radical anions duri...

Evasion of No-Hair Theorems and Novel Black-Hole Solutions in Gauss-Bonnet Theories.

We consider a general Einstein-scalar-Gauss-Bonnet theory with a coupling function f(ϕ). We demonstrate that black-hole solutions appear as a generic feature of this theory since a regular horizon and an asymptotically flat solution may be easily constructed under mild assumptions for f(ϕ). We show that the existing no-hair theorems are easily evaded, and a large number of regular black-hole solutions with scalar hair are then presented for a plethora of coupling functions f(ϕ).

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