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Plastic flexible films waste management - A state of art review.

Plastic flexible films are increasingly used in many applications due to their lightness and versatility. In 2014, the amount of plastic films represented 34% of total plastic packaging produced in UK. The flexible film waste generation rises according to the increase in number of applications. Currently, in developed countries, about 50% of plastics in domestic waste are films. Moreover, about 615,000 tonnes of agricultural flexible waste are generated in the EU every year. A review of plastic films recycl...

Alphavirus Nucleocapsid Packaging and Assembly.

Alphavirus nucleocapsids are assembled in the cytoplasm of infected cells from 240 copies of the capsid protein and the approximately 11 kb positive strand genomic RNA. However, the challenge of how the capsid specifically selects its RNA package and assembles around it has remained an elusive one to solve. In this review, we will summarize what is known about the alphavirus capsid protein, the packaging signal, and their roles in the mechanism of packaging and assembly. We will review the discovery of the ...

The effect of packaging on consumer eating quality of beef.

This experiment examined 3 packaging systems: overwrap packaging using oxygen permeable film (OWP); vacuum skin packaging (VSP) and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP, 80%O and 20%CO) on consumer sensory. Three primals from 48 carcasses were aged in vacuum packs for 5, 12 or 40 days. Steaks from longissimus lumborum, gluteus medius and psoas major muscles were packed in OWP, VSP and MAP for 9 days. Untrained consumers scored grilled steaks for tenderness, juiciness, liking of flavour and overall accepta...

Influence of gag and RRE Sequences on HIV-1 RNA Packaging Signal Structure and Function.

The packaging signal (Ψ) and Rev. responsive element (RRE), enable unspliced HIV-1 RNAs' export from the nucleus and packaging into virions. For some retroviruses, engrafting Ψ onto a heterologous RNA is sufficient to direct encapsidation. In contrast, HIV-1 RNA packaging requires 5' leader Ψ elements plus poorly defined additional features. We previously defined minimal 5' leader sequences competitive with intact Ψ for HIV-1 packaging, and here examined the potential roles of additional downstream elem...

Recent Developments in Intelligent Packaging for Enhancing Food Quality and Safety.

The role of packaging cannot be denied in the life cycle of any food product. Intelligent packaging is an emerging technology in the food packaging sector. Although it still needs its full emergence in the market, its importance has been proved for the maintenance of food quality and safety. The present review describes several aspects of intelligent packaging. It first highlights different tools used in intelligent packaging and elucidates the role of these packaging devices for maintaining the quality of ...

Regulatory chills: tobacco industry legal threats and the politics of tobacco standardised packaging in New Zealand.

To describe the process of enacting tobacco standardised packaging (SP) amidst tobacco industry legal threats in New Zealand.

Look-Alike Medication Packages and Patient Safety.

Medication errors substantially threaten patient safety, and their prevention requires clinical vigilance. We present a case of taking the wrong drug due to a dispensing error by pharmacists involving medication packaging confusion, and we report how we prevent similar dispensing errors by thorough investigation and intervention. This case emphasizes the need for constant attention by hospital, medical industry, and regulatory authorities to avoid look-alike medication packaging in the interest of medicatio...

Whether Flexible Flatfoot Needs the Treatment? An Observation of Plantar Pressure Effects on Adults with Flexible Flatfoot by Wearing over the Counter Insoles When Walking on Level Surface, Upstairs and Downstairs.

Orthotic insole is one popular physiotherapy for flatfoot. However, the effects and if flexible flatfoot needs the treatment are not clear and how the plantar pressure change while walking upstairs and downstairs had not been studied. This study observed the plantar pressure of different walking condition to find out the answers.

Development and characterization of a packaging cell line for pseudo-infectious yellow fever virus particle generation.

Pseudo-infectious yellow fever viral particles (YFV-PIVs) have been used to study vaccines and viral packaging. Here, we report the development of a packaging cell line, which expresses the YFV prM/E proteins.

Emerging chitosan-based films for food packaging applications.

Recent years have witnessed great developments in bio-based polymer packaging films for the serious environmental problems caused by the petroleum-based nonbiodegradable packaging materials. Chitosan is one of the most abundant biopolymer after cellulose. Chitosan-based materials have been widely applied in various fields for its biological and physical properties of biocompatibility, biodegradability, antimicrobial and easy film forming. Different chitosan-based films have been fabricated and applied in th...

Note: Design and capability verification of fillet triangle flexible support.

By increasing the section thickness of a triangular flexible hinge, this study focuses on optimal selection of parameters of fillet triangle flexible hinges and flexible support. Based on Castigliano's second theorem, the flexibility expression of the fillet triangle flexible hinge was derived. Then, the case design is performed, and the comparison of three types of flexible hinges with this type of flexible hinge was carried out. The finite element models of fillet triangle flexible hinges and flexible sup...

The C-MACVideo-assisted Nasoendoscopy vs Traditional Direct Flexible Nasoendoscopy: A Pilot Randomised controlled study.

The C-MACvideo monitor attachment is suitable for all otolaryngological scenarios, including post-operative follow up and difficult airway examination. Currently, there are no studies looking at the effectiveness of C-MACportable monitor with portable flexible nasoendoscopy. Our study demonstrates that the C-MACmonitor with portable flexible nasoendoscopy is an excellent tool in terms of medical education, improving patient-doctor communication, efficiency of ward rounds and for medico-legal documentation, ...

Outcomes of clients in need of intensive team care in Flexible Assertive Community Treatment in Sweden.

Flexible Assertive Community Treatment (Flexible ACT) has been implemented in Sweden during recent years due to increasing interest in integrated services for people with severe mental illness. To date, few studies have been done on Flexible ACT effectiveness.

The effect of cigarillo packaging elements on young adult perceptions of product flavor, taste, smell, and appeal.

Product packaging has long been used by the tobacco industry to target consumers and manipulate product perceptions. This study examines the extent to which cigarillo packaging influences perceptions of product flavor, taste, smell, and appeal.

Cigarette brand diversity and price changes during the implementation of plain packaging in the United Kingdom.

Plain packaging of cigarettes appeared in the UK in July 2016 and was ubiquitous by May 2017. The change coincided with another legislative change, raising the minimum pack size from 10 to 20 cigarettes. Laws imposing plain packaging on cigarette packs remove another promotional route from tobacco companies but the effect of such laws on brand diversity, pricing, and sales volume is unknown. This study aimed to 1) describe and quantify changes in brand diversity, price segmentation and sales volumes and 2) ...

Effects of ethrel, 1-MCP and modified atmosphere packaging on the quality of 'Wonderful' pomegranates during cold storage.

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a non-climacteric fruit susceptible to chilling injury (CI) at temperatures below 5 °C. To understand the influences of ethylene and modified atmosphere on CI physiological disorders of pomegranate, the exogenous ethrel (0.5, 1, and 1.5 μg L) treatments, 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) (1 μL L) exposure, packaging in modified atmosphere (MAP: XTend ™ bags), a MAP/1-MCP combination, and packaging in macro-perforated bags (MPB) were applied. The treated fruits were cold stor...

Single-use flexible bronchoscopes compared with reusable bronchoscopes: Positive organizational impact but a costly solution.

There is at present no standard methodology to analyse the organizational impacts (OIs) of medical devices (MDs), and the field is still in its infancy. The aim of the present study was to assess, at a hospital level, the organizational and economic impacts of the introduction of a new MD, specifically the single-use flexible bronchoscope (FB).

Fabrication of Flexible Microneedle Array Electrodes for Wearable Bio-Signal Recording.

Laser-direct writing (LDW) and magneto-rheological drawing lithography (MRDL) have been proposed for the fabrication of a flexible microneedle array electrode (MAE) for wearable bio-signal monitoring. Conductive patterns were directly written onto the flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate by LDW. The microneedle array was rapidly drawn and formed from the droplets of curable magnetorheological fluid with the assistance of an external magnetic field by MRDL. A flexible MAE can maintain a stable...

Comparisons of Rigid Proctoscopy, Flexible Colonoscopy, and Digital Rectal Examination for Determining the Localization of Rectal Cancers.

Rigid proctoscopy is considered essential for rectal tumor localization, although the current gold standard for detection of colorectal cancers is colonoscopy. The European Society for Medical Oncology Guidelines indicate that rigid and flexible endoscopies afford essentially identical results, although little evidence is yet available to support this.

Modeling and MANOVA studies on toxicity and endocrine potential of packaging materials exposed to different extraction schemes.

The stability of the linings of packaging that is in contact with the goods stored has been of major concern during decades of the development of packaging materials. In this work, an attempt was undertaken to assess the applicability of using two bioassays (Microtox and XenoScreen YES/YAS) in estimating the stability of packaging (cans, caps, multilayer material) and the impact of their degradation on the toxicity of some simulated media. The assessment of the impact of packaging storage conditions (temper...

Effects of packaging materials on storage quality of peanut kernels.

In order to obtain optimum packaging materials for peanut kernels, the effects of four types of packaging materials on peanut storage quality (coat color, acid value, germination rate, relative damage, and prevention of aflatoxin contamination) were examined. The results showed that packaging materials had a major influence on peanut storage quality indexes. The color of the peanut seed coat packaged in the polyester/aluminum/polyamide/polyethylene (PET/AL/PA/PE) composite film bag did not change significan...

CPAP to diagnose laryngeal clefts by flexible endoscopy in infants.

Laryngeal clefts (LC) are uncommon but important causes of stridor in infants. Direct laryngoscopy is the recommended method for the detection of LC because LC may be missed by flexible endoscopy. As laryngomalacia by far outnumbers any other cause of stridor in this age group flexible bronchoscopy is usually the preferred method for the evaluation of significant infantile stridor. The aim is to illustrate how the application of CPAP assists the detection of LC during flexible endoscopy.

Eosinophilic Esophagitis Through the Flexible Endoscope and the Lens of a Photographer in the Amazon.

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a disorder that has been identified recently, thus knowledge about it, its pathogenesis, and potential etiologies has spread in an era where the medical community and the public are receiving the information and discussing it as it appears in the medical literature. Because physiology, pathology, and pathophysiology are difficult to explain in layman terms, the author has used photographs taken in remote areas of the Amazon to create visual similes within a narrative that b...

Consumers' physiological and verbal responses towards product packages: Could these responses anticipate product choices?

Today, it is a priority to predict what consumers will choose at the point of sale where there are more and more competing brands. But what kind of consumers' information can be used for that purpose? This paper compares the power of physiological responses (unconscious responses) and self-report/verbal responses (conscious responses) towards product packages, as a means of predicting product choices. To this end, six different packaging designs were created by combining three different colors (blue, red an...

Carbon footprint in flexible ureteroscopy: A comparative study on the environmental impact of reusable and single-use ureteroscopes.

Purpose There are no comparative assessments on the environmental impact of endourological instruments. We evaluated and compared the environmental impact of single-use flexible ureteroscopes with reusable flexible ureteroscopes. Patients and Methods An analysis of the typical life-cycle of the LithovueTM (Boston Scientific) single-use digital flexible ureteroscope and Olympus Flexible Video Ureteroscope (URV-F) was performed. To measure the carbon footprint, data was obtained on manufacturing of single-use...

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