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Evolution of China's water footprint and virtual water trade: A global trade assessment.

Water embodied in traded commodities is important for water sustainability management. This study provides insight into China's water footprint and virtual water trade using three specific water named Green, Blue and Grey. A multi-region input-output analysis at national and sectoral analysis levels from the years 1995 to 2009 is conducted. The evolution and position of China's virtual water trade across a global supply chain are explored through cluster analysis. The results show that China represented 11....

Meeting Global Feed Protein Demand: Challenge, Opportunity, and Strategy.

Feed protein supplements are one of the most expensive and limiting feed ingredients. This review offers a comprehensive analysis of how the expected expansion of animal production, driven by the rising world population and living standards for more animal-sourced foods, is creating a global shortage of feed protein supply. Because ruminants, chickens, and pigs contribute to 96% of the global supply of animal protein and aquaculture is growing fast, means of meeting the feed protein requirements of these sp...

The contribution of local and global motion adaptation in the repulsive direction aftereffect.

After adapting to a certain motion direction, our perception of a similar direction will be repelled away from the adapting direction, a phenomenon known as the direction aftereffect (DAE). As the motion system consists of local and global processing stages, it remains unclear how the adaptation of the two stages contributes in producing the DAE. The present study addresses this question by independently inducing adaptation at local and global motion-processing levels. Local adaptation was manipulated by pr...

Relationship Between State Policy and Anesthesia Provider Supply in Rural Communities.

There is a significant geographic variation in anesthesia provider supply. Lower supply in rural communities raises concerns about access to procedures that require anesthesia in rural areas. State policies related to certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) practice may help to alleviate rural supply concerns.

A Visual Analytics Framework for Spatiotemporal Trade Network Analysis.

Economic globalization is increasing connectedness among regions of the world, creating complex interdependencies within various supply chains. Recent studies have indicated that changes and disruptions within such networks can serve as indicators for increased risks of violence and armed conflicts. This is especially true of countries that may not be able to compete for scarce commodities during supply shocks. Thus, network-induced vulnerability to supply disruption is typically exported from wealthier pop...

Creating a new index to evaluate imbalance in medical demand and supply when disasters occur.

This study examines the use of the medical risk/resource ratio (RRR) and need for medical resources (NMR) as new indicators of the imbalance in medical demand and supply in disasters. These indicators are used to quantify the medical demand-supply imbalance per disaster base hospital, examine the demand-supply imbalance in the region, and verify the need for medical support.

Linking biodiversity to ecosystem services supply: Patterns across aquatic ecosystems.

Global initiatives have been increasingly focusing on mainstreaming the values of biodiversity and ecosystem services into decision-making at all levels. Due to the accelerated rate at which biodiversity is declining and its consequences for the functioning of ecosystems and subsequently, the services they provide, there is need to develop comprehensive assessments of the services and the benefits nature delivers to society. Based on expert evaluation, we identified relevant flow linkages in the supply-side...

Propagation of negative shocks across nation-wide firm networks.

This study examines how negative shocks due to, for example, natural disasters propagate through supply chains. We apply a simulation technique to actual supply chain data covering most Japanese firms. To investigate the property of the propagation in the network, we test different types of artificial negative shocks. We find that, first, network structures severely affect the speed of propagation in the short run, and the total loss in the long run. The scale-free nature of the actual supply-chain network-...

Imminent risk of a global shortage of heparin caused by the African Swine Flu afflicting the Chinese pig herd.

Most of the unfractionated and low-molecular-weight heparins available worldwide are produced by Chinese companies from porcine mucosa. China is the world's largest producer of pork and thus has plenty of raw material to produce heparins. However, the deadly African Swine Flu (ASF) outbreaks afflicting China since August 2018 may cause extensive losses on the pig heard, bringing serious consequences to the global supply of heparins. In 2008, a sudden shortage of heparin raw material resulting from a viral d...

Impacts of external shocks on the decisions of hog supply chains under liquidity constraints from the perspective of commercial credit.

Certain attributes of the hog industry increase the production risk in nodal enterprises of the hog supply chain, leading to high financing costs and eventually resulting in liquidity constraints. When the hog supply chain node enterprises are subjected to external shocks, on the basis of the commercial credit relationship in the supply chain, the entire supply chain generates liquidity risks and systemic risks. We analyze the input and output of the hog supply chain node enterprises under the constraint of...

Sensitivity analyses for improving sulfur management strategies in winter oilseed rape.

Because sulfur (S) depletion in soil results in seed yield losses and grain quality degradation, especially in high S-demanding crops such as oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.), monitoring S fertilisation has become a central issue. Crop models can be efficient tools to conduct virtual experiments under different fertilisation management strategies. Using the process-based model SuMoToRI, we aimed to analyse the impact of different S fertilisation strategies coupled with the variablility observed in major pla...

New Criteria on Global Stabilization of Delayed Memristive Neural Networks With Inertial Item.

In this paper, we are concerned with global stabilization for a kind of delayed memristive neural network with an inertial term. By building a new Lyapunov functional and designing a feedback controller, we obtain some new results on global stabilization of the addressed delayed memristive inertial neural networks (MINNs). An adaptive control strategy is also designed to realize the global stabilization. Compared with the reduced-order method used in the existing literature, we consider the stabilization di...

Anomalous Systemic Arterial Supply to the Left Lung: to Which Category Should This Belong?

An anomalous systemic arterial supply to the normal lung parenchyma with normal bronchial connections is a rare malformation. We herein report a case of a systemic arterial supply to the normal basal segment of the left lower lobe. The patient underwent resection of the left lower lobe. Here we propose a revised nomenclature for a systemic arterial supply to the normal lung with normal bronchial connections.

Effects of hydrogen-peroxide supply rate on schwertmannite microstructure and chromium(VI) adsorption performance.

Schwertmannite has attracted increasing interest for its excellent sorption for pollutants such as arsenite [As(III)] and arsenate [As(V)]. Limited studies were conducted with hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)], especially for schwertmannite synthesized through Fe oxidation. The effect of the hydrogen-peroxide (HO) supply rate on the structural characteristics and Cr(VI) adsorption capacity of schwertmannite is unclear. The morphology, crystallinity, specific surface area (SSA), pore volume and Cr(VI) adsorption ...

Global metabolomic profiling of human synovial fluid for rheumatoid arthritis biomarkers.

The objective of this study was to analyse the metabolomic profiles of rheumatoid arthritis synovial fluid to test the use of global metabolomics by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for clinical analysis of synovial fluid.

A niche for ecosystem multifunctionality in global change research.

Concern about human modification of Earth's ecosystems has recently motivated ecologists to address how global change drivers will impact the simultaneous provisioning of multiple functions, or ecosystem multifunctionality (EMF). However, metrics of EMF have often been applied in global change studies with little consideration of the information they provide beyond single functions, or how and why EMF may respond to global change drivers. Here, we critically review the current state of this rapidly expandin...

Type 2 Poliovirus Detection after Global Withdrawal of Trivalent Oral Vaccine.

Mass campaigns with oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) have brought the world close to the eradication of wild poliovirus. However, to complete eradication, OPV must itself be withdrawn to prevent outbreaks of vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV). Synchronized global withdrawal of OPV began with serotype 2 OPV (OPV2) in April 2016, which presented the first test of the feasibility of eradicating all polioviruses.

Standardized bench test evaluation of coronary stents: Biomechanical characteristics.

The purpose of the study was to develop a standardized and global bench test protocol to evaluate the biomechanical characteristics of the most currently used drug-eluting coronary stents.

An Embedded Health Engagement Team Pilot Test.

As an innovative test of an alternative health engagement method during CONTINUING PROMISE 2011 a joint embedded health engagement team (EHET) was created and executed. EHETs may serve as US military alternatives for improved outcomes in global health engagement activities.

Global surgery and the sustainable development goals.

The field of global surgery has gained significant recent momentum, catalysed by the 2015 publication of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, Disease Control Priorities 3 and World Health Assembly resolution 68.15. These reports characterized the global burden of disease amenable to surgical care, called for global investment in surgical systems, and recognized surgery and anaesthesia as essential components of universal health coverage.

Assessment of the effect of location and financial variables on environmental management performance for industrial goods supply chains.

The paper uses data on environmental (management) performance (EP) of industrial goods companies in 14 countries to assess the impact of 3 variables on EP: companies' headquarters location, global spread (GS) & financial performance (FP). No prior study has addressed these questions for the industrial goods sector, a crucial sector in most economies. Hierarchical regression and other methods are used to test pertinent hypotheses. Among other things, the paper finds that EP differ based on regional location ...

A Smartphone National Hearing Test: Performance and Characteristics of Users.

The smartphone digits-in-noise hearing test, called hearZA, was made available as a self-test in South Africa in March 2016. This study determined characteristics and test performance of the listeners who took the test.

The effect of coal alternative fuel from municipal solid wastes employing hydrothermal carbonization on atmospheric pollutant emissions in Zimbabwe.

The vast increase of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated in Zimbabwe coupled with a severe energy crisis have made waste-to-energy technology more attractive and necessary. Coal-alternative solid fuel production from MSW though hydrothermal carbonization can play a critical role to improve both waste management and energy supply. Moreover, MSW conversion to a carbon neutral solid fuel that can be burnt in existing coal-fired power stations might reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions despite GHG releases f...

Integrating supply and demand in cultural ecosystem services assessment: a case study of Cuihua Mountain (China).

As human demand for ecosystem services (ES) continues to increase, ES assessments have gradually become a popular research topic. Among ES, cultural ES (CES) are often overlooked and are difficult to measure during research because of their invisibility. However, the importance and usage of CES increase with supply and demand, which is key to linking the ecosystem with human well-being. This paper quantitatively evaluates various cultural services and generates corresponding Value Index (VI) maps; it then f...

Characterizing thermal-oxidation behaviors of nuclear graphite by combining O supply and micro surface area of graphite.

The effects of different parameters on oxidation rate are non-linear, interactive and diversified in which the change of adequacy of O supply is an important indicator. The influence of microstructure on oxidation rate became stronger worsening the fitting linearity to calculate the activation energy based on present method with the decreased adequacy of O supply due to the increase of temperature, the decrease of gas flow rate, etc. Here, we proposed a method to characterize thermal-oxidation behaviors of ...

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