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Black Hole Entropy from Bondi-Metzner-Sachs Symmetry at the Horizon.

Near the horizon, the obvious symmetries of a black hole spacetime-the horizon-preserving diffeomorphisms-are enhanced to a larger symmetry group with a three-dimensional Bondi-Metzner-Sachs algebra. Using dimensional reduction and covariant phase space techniques, I investigate this augmented symmetry and show that it is strong enough to determine the black hole entropy in any dimension.

"Reporting Time Horizons in Randomized Controlled Trials in Plastic Surgery: A Systematic Review."

Current guidelines for randomized controlled trial (RCT) reporting do not require authors to justify their choice of time horizon. This is concerning, as the time horizon when an outcome is assessed has important implications for the interpretation of study results, and resources allocated to an investigation. Therefore, this study seeks to examine the standards of time horizon reporting in the plastic surgery literature.

Searching for Near-Horizon Quantum Structures in the Binary Black-Hole Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background.

Quantum gravity corrections have been speculated to lead to modifications to space-time geometry near black-hole horizons. Such structures may reflect gravitational waves, causing echoes that follow the main gravitational waves from binary black-hole coalescence. By studying two phenomenological models of the near-horizon structures under the Schwarzschild approximation, we show that such echoes, if they exist, will give rise to a stochastic gravitational-wave background, which is very substantial if the ne...

The c-index is not proper for the evaluation of $t$-year predicted risks.

We show that the widely used concordance index for time to event outcome is not proper when interest is in predicting a $t$-year risk of an event, for example 10-year mortality. In the situation with a fixed prediction horizon, the concordance index can be higher for a misspecified model than for a correctly specified model. Impropriety happens because the concordance index assesses the order of the event times and not the order of the event status at the prediction horizon. The time-dependent area under th...

Amazon's cloud on the healthcare horizon.

Oral GLP-1 Analog for Type 2 Diabetes on the Horizon.

Is hope on the horizon for premature ovarian insufficiency?

Growth: A Journey from Experience to Higher Perception Among Iranian Muslim CPR Survivors.

Several studies have been conducted among cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) survivors. Some studies have shown that positive and negative experiences coexist. Emotional distress and psychopathology in CPR survivors are related to the urgent need to make growth. Understanding the meaning of CPR survivors' lived experiences of growth may facilitate their growth. The aim of the study was to illuminate the meaning of CPR survivor's lived experiences of growth in southeast Iran. A qualitative design using a ph...

Gene-edited plants cross European event horizon.

Geosphere-biosphere circulation of chemical elements in soil and plant systems from a 100 km transect from southern central Norway.

Geochemical element separation is studied in 14 different sample media collected at 41 sites along an approximately 100-km long transect north of Oslo. At each site, soil C and O horizons and 12 plant materials (birch/spruce/cowberry/blueberry leaves/needles and twigs, horsetail, braken fern, pine bark and terrestrial moss) were sampled. The observed concentrations of 29 elements (K, Ca, P, Mg, Mn, S, Fe, Zn, Na, B, Cu, Mo, Co, Al, Ba, Rb, Sr, Ti, Ni, Pb, Cs, Cd, Ce, Sn, La, Tl, Y, Hg, Ag) were used to inve...

NewsCAP: On the horizon: a blood test for identifying solid organ tumors and their origin.

Evaluation of NO emissions of a retrofitted Euro 5 passenger car for the Horizon prize "Engine retrofit".

The Horizon 2020 prize for the "Engine Retrofit for Clean Air" aims at reducing the pollution in cities by spurring the development of retrofit technology for diesel engines. A Euro 5 passenger car was retrofitted with an under-floor SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for NO catalyst in combination with a solid ammonia based dosing system as the NO reductant. The vehicle was tested both on the road and on the chassis dynamometer under various test cycles and ambient temperatures. The NO emissions were redu...

Soft-Hair-Enhanced Entanglement Beyond Page Curves in a Black Hole Evaporation Qubit Model.

We propose a model with multiple qubits that reproduces the thermal properties of four-dimensional Schwarzschild black holes (BHs) by simultaneously taking account of the emission of Hawking particles and the zero-energy soft-hair evaporation at the horizon. The results verify that the entanglement entropy between a qubit and other subsystems, including emitted radiation, is much larger than the BH entropy analogue of the qubit, as opposed to the Page curve prediction. Our result suggests that early Hawking...

Functional Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on Adaptive Dynamic Programming.

This paper presents a functional model predictive control (MPC) approach based on an adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) algorithm with the abilities of handling control constraints and disturbances for the optimal control of nonlinear discrete-time systems. In the proposed ADP-based nonlinear MPC (NMPC) structure, a neural-network-based identification is established first to reconstruct the unknown system dynamics. Then, the actor-critic scheme is adopted with a critic network to estimate the index performa...

Determination of Early Immune Function in Sepsis and Its Influence on Organ Dysfunction - Is a More Pragmatic Outcome on the Horizon?

Cleanup in the Gulf: Oil Spill Dispersants and Health Symptoms in Deepwater Horizon Responders.

Degradation of Deepwater Horizon oil buried in a Florida beach influenced by tidal pumping.

After Deepwater Horizon oil reached the Florida coast, oil was buried in Pensacola Beach (PB) sands to ~70cm depth, resulting in Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) concentrations up to ~2kg per meter of beach. This study followed the decomposition of the buried oil and the factors influencing its degradation. The abundance of bacteria in oiled sand increased by 2 orders of magnitude within one week after oil burial, while diversity decreased by ~50%. Half-lives of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons reached ...

Combined effects of hypoxia or elevated temperature and Deepwater Horizon crude oil exposure on juvenile mahi-mahi swimming performance.

This study examined potential interactive effects of co-exposure to Deepwater Horizon (DWH) crude oil (∼30 μg L ΣPAHs) for 24 h and either hypoxia (2.5 mg O L; 40% O saturation) or elevated temperature (30 °C) on the swimming performance of juvenile mahi-mahi (Coryphaena hippurus). Additionally, effects of shorter duration exposures to equal or higher doses of oil alone either prior to swimming or during the actual swim trial itself were examined. Only exposure to hypoxia alone or combined wi...

On Building Online Visualization Maps for News Data Streams by Means of Mathematical Optimization.

In this article we develop a novel online framework to visualize news data over a time horizon. First, we perform a Natural Language Processing analysis, wherein the words are extracted, and their attributes, namely the importance and the relatedness, are calculated. Second, we present a Mathematical Optimization model for the visualization problem and a numerical optimization approach. The model represents the words using circles, the time-varying area of which displays the importance of the words in each ...

Identifying oil/marine snow associations in mesocosm simulations of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill event using solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill stimulated the release of marine snow made up of dead/living plankton/bacteria and their exopolymeric polysaccharide substances (EPS), termed marine oil snow (MOS), promoting rapid removal of oil from the water column into sediments near the well site. Mesocosm simulations showed that Macondo surrogate oil readily associates with the marine snow. Quantitative solid-state 13C NMR readily distinguishes this oil from naturally formed marine snow and reveals that adding the dispe...

Changes on the Horizon for Drug Repurposing, Rescue, and Repositioning at ASSAY.

Finite-Horizon Optimal Consensus Control for Unknown Multiagent State-Delay Systems.

This paper investigates finite-horizon optimal consensus control problem for unknown multiagent systems with state delays. It is well known that optimal consensus control is the solutions to the coupled Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) equations. An off-policy reinforcement learning (RL) algorithm is developed to learn the two-stage optimal consensus solutions to the coupled time-varying HJB equations using the measurable state data instead of the knowledge of the state-delayed system dynamics. Subsequently, f...

Soil organic carbon depletion and degradation in surface soil after long-term non-growing season warming in High Arctic Svalbard.

Arctic tundra active-layer soils are at risk of soil organic carbon (SOC) depletion and degradation upon global climate warming because they are in a stage of relatively early decomposition. Non-growing season (NGS) warming is particularly pronounced, and observed increases of CO emissions during experimentally warmed NGSs give concern for great SOC losses to the atmosphere. Here, we used snow fences in Arctic Spitsbergen dwarf shrub tundra to simulate 1.86 °C NGS warming for 9 consecutive years, while g...

Sources and fate of polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAHs, oxygenated PAHs and azaarenes) in forest soil profiles opposite of an aluminium plant.

Little is known about oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (OPAHs) and azaarenes (AZAs) in forest soils. We sampled all horizons of forest soils from five locations at increasing distances from an Al plant in Slovakia, and determined their polycyclic aromatic compound (PACs) concentrations. The ∑29PAHs concentrations were highest in the Oa and lowest in the Oi horizon, while the ∑14OPAHs and ∑4AZAs concentrations did not show a consistent vertical distribution among the organic horizons. The co...

Ongoing biodegradation of Deepwater Horizon oil in beach sands: Insights from tracing petroleum carbon into microbial biomass.

Heavily weathered petroleum residues from the Deepwater Horizon (DwH) disaster continue to be found on beaches along the Gulf of Mexico as oiled-sand patties. Here, we demonstrate the ongoing biodegradation of weathered Macondo Well (MW) oil residues by tracing oil-derived carbon into active microbial biomass using natural abundance radiocarbon (14C). Oiled-sand patties and non-oiled sand were collected from previously studied beaches in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) anal...

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