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Job loss, firm-level heterogeneity and mortality: Evidence from administrative data.

This paper estimates the effect of job loss on mortality for older male workers with a strong labor force attachment. Using Dutch administrative data, we find that job loss due to firm closure increased the probability of death within five years by a sizable 0.60 percentage points. Importantly, this effect is estimated using a model that controls for firm-level worker characteristics, such as lagged firm-level annual average mortality rates. On the mechanism driving the effect of job loss on mortality, we p...

Papular mucinosis, or localized lichen myxedematosis (LM) (discrete papular type).

Lichen myxedematosus is condition characterized by localized areas of dermal deposition of mucin, presenting with firm papules localized to few areas of the body. The condition needs to be excluded from scleromyxedema, which, in addition to the firm papular eruption, has areas of induration and is usually associated with a monoclonal gammopathyand systemic symptoms. We present a 62-year-old woman with a several-year history of asymptomatic, firm papules over the face and arms with no evidence of thyroid dis...

LARGE UVEAL MELANOMA (≥10 MM THICKNESS): Clinical Features and Millimeter-by-Millimeter Risk of Metastasis in 1311 Cases. The 2018 Albert E. Finley Lecture.

To analyze the clinical features and rate of metastatic disease in eyes with large (≥10 mm thickness) uveal melanoma.

A firm shift.

Firm, ulcerated nodule with peripheral scale on the arm.

Quality of Health Care for Children: The Need for a Firm Foundation of Trustworthy Evidence.

Comparative effectiveness of fragility fracture integrated rehabilitation management for elderly individuals after hip fracture surgery: A study protocol for a multicenter randomized controlled trial.

Although it is essential to provide comprehensive rehabilitation after hip fracture to restore the patient to preoperative physical functioning, feasibility issues remain. Here, we describe a protocol for a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to evaluate the effectiveness of fragility fracture integrated rehabilitation management (FIRM) for elderly individuals after hip fracture surgery. We also examine the feasibility of applying FIRM in a chronic-care hospital or community-based setting.

Research Deviations in FDA-Regulated Clinical Trials: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of FDA Inspection Citations.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures clinical trials meet regulatory/ethical standards through inspections. If FDA Investigators observe potential violations of regulatory requirements during an inspection, a firm will receive a Form FDA 483, Inspectional Observations. Violations cited have resulted in the death of human research subjects, prosecution of research personnel, and denial of approval for new medical products. Objectives included the standardization of Violation Themes cited for ana...

Blastomyces dermatitidis pneumonia in a llama.

A 20-y-old female llama ( Lama glama) was euthanized after a history of chronic dyspnea and osteoarthritis. At autopsy, the lungs were covered by clear gelatinous material and expanded by firm, variably discrete, tan-white nodules up to 8 cm diameter containing tan-white, viscous material. The tracheobronchial lymph nodes were firm and enlarged up to 6 × 4 × 3 cm; the thoracic aorta and carotid arteries were lined by hard, tan-white, mineralized intimal plaques. Histologic examination of lung revealed num...

Effect of wobble board training on movement strategies to maintain equilibrium on unstable surfaces.

Standing on unstable surfaces requires more complex motor control mechanisms to sustain balance when compared to firm surfaces. Surface instability enhances the demand to maintain equilibrium and is often used to challenge balance, but little is known about how balance training affects movement strategies to control posture while standing on unstable surfaces. This study aimed at assessing the effects of isolated wobble board (WB) training on movement strategies to maintain balance during single-leg standin...

The Status-Health Paradox: Organizational Context, Stress Exposure, and Well-being in the Legal Profession.

Prior research evaluates the health effects of higher status attainment by analyzing highly similar individuals whose circumstances differ after some experience a "status boost." Advancing that research, we assess health differences across organizational contexts among two national samples of lawyers who were admitted to the bar in the same year in their respective countries. We find that higher-status lawyers in large firms report more depression than lower-status lawyers, poorer health in the American sur...

Effect of Sand on Knee Load During a Single-Leg Jump Task: Implications for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Programs.

Richardson, MC, Murphy, S, Macpherson, T, English, B, Spears, I, and Chesterton, P. Effect of sand on knee load during a single-leg jump task: implications for injury prevention and rehabilitation programs. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2018-The purpose of the study was to determine potential differences in landing strategies and subsequent joint loads at the knee (knee abduction moment [KAM], anterior-posterior [AP] tibial translation, and total knee shear force) when jumping onto sand and firm groun...

A database linking Chinese patents to China's census firms.

To meet researchers' increasing interest in the fast growing innovation activities taking place in China, we match patents filed with China's State Intellectual Property Office to firms covered in China's Census. China has experienced a strong growth in patent filings over the past two decades, and has since 2011 become the world's top patent filing country. China's Census database covers about one million unique manufacturing firms from 1998-2009, representing the broad Chinese economy. We design data pars...

Evaluating and optimizing the operation of the hydropower system in the Upper Yellow River: A general LINGO-based integrated framework.

The hydropower system in the Upper Yellow River (UYR), one of the largest hydropower bases in China, plays a vital role in the energy structure of the Qinghai Power Grid. Due to management difficulties, there is still considerable room for improvement in the joint operation of this system. This paper presents a general LINGO-based integrated framework to study the operation of the UYR hydropower system. The framework is easy to use for operators with little experience in mathematical modeling, takes full ad...

A Canadian first for Chinook facility.

Gerrett Lim, a sustainable building and LEED technical advisor at architecture and design firm, Perkins+Will, describes how the design and construction of a new a five-storey, 205,000 ft(2) wing at the Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge, Alberta, was the first healthcare project in Canada to register with the new LEED-HC rating system.

Primary intracranial rhabdomyosarcoma in the cerebellopontine angle resected after preoperative embolization.

Primary intracranial rhabdomyosarcoma is a very rare malignant tumor. Due to moderately vascular and firm characteristics of the tumor, complete removal without complications is often difficult. Moreover, in pediatric patients, the volume of total blood is less than adults and minimal intraoperative hemorrhage is desirable.

Lower regulatory frequency for postural control in patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

As many similar symptoms are reported in fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), underlying defcits may potentially also be similar. Postural disequilibrium reported in both conditions may thus be explained by similar deviations in postural control strategies. 75 females (25/group FM, CFS and control, age 19-49 years) performed 60 s of quiet standing on a force platform in each of three conditions: 1) firm surface with vision, 2) firm surface without vision and, 3) compliant surface with visio...

Lichen amyloidosis of the scalp and forehead.

Lichen amyloidosis is a subtype of primary localized cutaneous amyloidosis (PLCA), which presents as discrete, firm, closely-set 1-3mm, dome-shapedbrown papules commonly involving the anterior aspect of shins and extensor surfaces of forearms. We present a case of an otherwise healthy man in his 30s with solitary facial involvement of lichen amyloidosis, which is very uncommon.

Hypoglycemic Exposure and Risk of Asymptomatic Hypoglycemia in Type 1 Diabetes assessed by Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

Recurrent hypoglycemia promotes impaired awareness resulting in an increased risk of asymptomatic hypoglycemia. However, there are no firm data on the frequency of hypoglycemia in daily life needed to initiate this vicious cycle or the role of asymptomatic hypoglycemia.

Gout drugs use and risk of cancer: A case-control study.

Firm conclusion about whether short and long-term gout medications use has an impact on cancer risk remain inconclusive. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between gout drugs use and risk of cancer.

Intentions to use a novel Zika vaccine: the effects of misbeliefs about the MMR vaccine and perceptions about Zika.

People's intentions to use vaccines are influenced by their beliefs about both the specific vaccine and the disease it prevents. In the absence of firm beliefs about Zika virus (ZIKV), individuals may base their intentions to vaccinate against it on beliefs about other vaccines, and specifically the misbelief that MMR causes autism.

Banking for health: the role of financial sector actors in investing in global health.

The world faces multiple health financing challenges as the global health burden evolves. Countries have set an ambitious health policy agenda for the next 15 years with prioritisation of universal health coverage under the Sustainable Development Goals. The scale of investment needed for equitable access to health services means global health is one of the key economic opportunities for decades to come. New financing partnerships with the private sector are vital. The aim of this study is to unlock additio...

Evolution of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unclassified (IBD-U): Incorporated With Serological and Gene Expression Profiles.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) mainly consists of Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). About 10%-15% of patients with IBD cannot be firmly diagnosed with CD or UC; hence, they are initially diagnosed as inflammatory bowel disease unclassified (IBD-U). Having a firm diagnosis is clearly preferred to guide treatment choices, and better understanding of the nature of IBD-U is required.

LIDAR-based characterization and conservation of the first theropod dinosaur trackways from Arkansas, USA.

LIDAR-based analyses of the first theropod dinosaur trackways known from the state of Arkansas, USA are reported. The trackways were found on a limestone bedding plane in the Albian De Queen Formation in an active gypsum quarry. Because limited access precluded thorough field study, fieldwork focused on preserving the entire site digitally with ground-based LIDAR, and detailed measurements were later taken digitally from point cloud data. The site contains eight tridactyl trackways associated with sauropod ...

Management Strategy for Breast Cancer in Pregnancy.

A 34-year-old primigravid woman presents for a routine prenatal visit at 18 weeks of gestation with a breast lump. On examination, she has a painless, firm breast mass measuring 3-4 cm in diameter with overlying skin dimpling. A diagnostic mammogram shows findings suspicious for malignancy (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System [BI-RADS] 4), and core biopsy demonstrates an invasive ductal carcinoma with both estrogen and progesterone receptor-positive staining. The patient asks: "How will this affect my ...

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