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Hangzhou criteria are more accurate than Milan criteria in predicting long-term survival after liver transplantation for HCC in Germany.

Milan criteria are used for patient selection in liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Hangzhou criteria have been shown in China to enable access to liver transplantation for more patients when compared to Milan criteria without negative effects on long-term survival. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Hangzhou criteria in a German cohort.

Increasing prevalence of Neisseria gonorrhoeae with decreased susceptibility to ceftriaxone and resistance to azithromycin in Hangzhou, China (2015-17).

Development of resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae to ceftriaxone monotherapy or ceftriaxone plus azithromycin dual therapy is a global public health concern. The aim of this study was to analyse the trend in antimicrobial resistance in Hangzhou, China, over the period 2015-17.

Health-related quality of life of community thyroid cancer survivors in Hangzhou, China.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of community thyroid cancer survivors in Hangzhou, China, and to explore the important correlates of their HRQoL.

Faecal carriage of optrA-positive enterococci in asymptomatic healthy humans in Hangzhou, China.

To investigate the faecal carriage of optrA-positive enterococci among asymptomatic healthy humans in Hangzhou, China, and to characterize the genetic context of optrA.

Antimicrobial susceptibility, microbiological and epidemiologic characteristics of hypermucoviscous Klebsiella pneumoniae strains in a tertiary hospital at Hangzhou in China.

Hypermucoviscous Klebsiella pneumoniae (HMKP) has been increasingly recovered in clinical isolates. This study sought to examine the microbiological and epidemiologic characteristics of HMKP strains in a tertiary hospital at Hangzhou in China.

Regional differences in thermal adaptation of a cold-water fish Rhynchocypris oxycephalus revealed by thermal tolerance and transcriptomic responses.

Understanding how populations adapt to different thermal environments is an important issue for biodiversity conservation in the context of recent global warming. To test the hypothesis that populations from southern region are more sensitive to climate change than northern region in cold-water species, we determined the thermal tolerance of two geographical populations of a cold-water fish, Rhynchocypris oxycephalus: the Hangzhou population from southern region and the Gaizhou population from northern regi...

Prevalence and risk factors of atrial fibrillation during lung and esophageal surgery: A Prospective observational study.

The aim of this prospective observational study was to screen for risk factors of intraoperative atrial fibrillation (AF) during noncardiac thoracic surgery. The study was conducted as a single-institution study in Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, Hangzhou, China. All the participants were patients with cancer scheduled for thoracotomy.This study was conducted from July 2013 to August 2016 and included 144 patients scheduled for thoracotomy under general anesthesia. We collected the patients' demographic and perio...

Research on the Scientific Evolution of the Flavonoid Agathisflavone.

Flavonoids are a group of secondary metabolites of the polyphenols class present in several plant species. Among them, the biflavonoid agathisflavone is of interest since it bears several biological effects that include: antiviral, antitumoral, antiprotozoal and neurogenic actions. In this sense, this study aims to use the important tool of scientific prospecting to assess the level of research development concerning the flavonoid agathisflavone.

Icariside II Attenuates Chronic Hydrocephalus in an Experimental Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rat Model.

Purpose To investigate the role of ICA II in subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH)-  related chronic hydrocephalus. Methods A two hemorrhage injection model of SAH was created in Sprague Dawley rats (6-8 weeks). A total of 125 rats were randomly assigned into five groups: Sham group, SAH group, SAH+ ICA II (1 mg/kg) group, SAH + ICA II (5 mg/kg) group, and SAH + ICA II (10 mg/kg) group. TGF-β1, phospho-Smad2/3, connective tissue growth factor (CTGF), and procollagen type I carboxy-terminal propeptide (PICP) were ...

Environmental performance evolution of municipal solid waste management by life cycle assessment in Hangzhou, China.

There is a significant increase in the volume of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) that is being generated across the world. Faced with this challenge and the associated environmental issues, MSW management (MSWM) in Hangzhou, China has made various positive changes in order to adapt. During the last 10 years, MSW source-separated collection was launched, which was accompanied by estimations of a new waste-to-energy (incineration) plant and food waste separate treatment methods. The aim of this study is to invest...

Foreword: Special Topics in Clinical Monitoring (sponsor DoD Hearing Center of Excellence; Pharmaceutical Interventions for Hearing Loss Group).

Projecting Pharmaceutical Expenditure in EU5 to 2021: Adjusting for the Impact of Discounts and Rebates.

Within (European) healthcare systems, the predominant goal for pharmaceutical expenditure is cost containment. This is due to a general belief among healthcare policy makers that pharmaceutical expenditure-driven by high prices-will be unsustainable unless further reforms are enacted.

Applications of various analytical techniques in quality control of pharmaceutical excipients.

Although excipients are pharmacologically inert substances, still they are integral and significant ingredients of a pharmaceutical formulation. Their amount and concentration level along with the active pharmaceutical ingredients is of utmost importance to decide the pharmacokinetics and stability of a dosage form. It is becoming progressively more important to illustrate the purity of excipients throughout the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products as the safety and efficacy of the pharmac...

New prediction methods for solubility parameters based on molecular sigma profiles using pharmaceutical materials.

Solubility parameters have been applied extensively in the chemical and pharmaceutical sciences. Particularly attractive is calculation of solubility parameters based on chemical structure and recently, new in silico methods have been proposed. Thus, screening charge densities of molecular surfaces (i.e. so-called σ-profiles) are used by the conductor-like screening model for real solvents (COSMO-RS) and can be employed in a quantitative structure property relationship (QSPR) to predict solubility paramete...

Perfluorinated Compounds in Snow from Downtown Hangzhou, China.

Snow samples were collected from the snow event on January 20-22, 2016 from 11 sites in downtown Hangzhou to explore the occurrence of sixteen perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in the atmosphere. All samples were prepared by solid-phase extraction with Oasis WAX cartridges and analyzed using ultra performance liquid chromatography interfaced with tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS). The results showed that seven medium- and short-chain PFCs including C and C perfluorinated sulfonates (PFSAs) and C-C, C, and...

Applications of proteomics in pharmaceutical research and development.

The significance of proteomics in the pharmaceutical industry has increased since overcoming initial difficulties. This review discusses recent proteomics publications from pharmaceutical companies to identify new trends in proteomics applications to research and development. Applications of proteomics such as chemical proteomics, protein expression profiling, targeted protein quantitation, analysis of protein-protein interactions and post-translational modification are widely used by various sections of th...

Solid-state insight into the action of a pharmaceutical solvate: structural, thermal and dissolution analysis of indinavir sulfate ethanolate.

The crystal structure of indinavir sulfate, a pharmaceutical administered as an ethanol solvate, is presented, revealing a unique channel/ionic solvate structure to be characteristic of the compound. The properties of the material with regard to thermal treatment and water adsorption follow closely from the structure. The in situ amorphization of the pharmaceutical upon contacting liquid water is observed and highlights the unique dissolution enhancement of marketing the crystalline solvate dosage. Through ...

Design and synthesis of a new series of low toxic naphthalimide platinum(IV) antitumor complexes with dual DNA damage mechanism.

Naphthalimide platinum(IV) antitumor complexes with potential dual DNA damage mechanism were designed, synthesized and evaluated for antitumor activities. The incorporation of DNA targeted naphthalimide group to the platinum(IV) system exerts much positive impacts on their antitumor efficacy. The mechanism research reveals that the title compounds could interact with dsDNA in platinum(IV) form via the naphthalimide group and cause DNA lesion. The further reduction would release platinum(II) complexes and na...

Comparison of Rheological and Sedimentation Behavior of Commercially Available Suspending Vehicles for Oral Pharmaceutical Preparations.

A pharmaceutical suspension is a semi-liquid dosage form suitable for patients being unable to swallow solid medicines such as tablets and capsules. A vehicle used for the preparation of pharmaceutical oral suspensions preferably shows pseudo-plastic behavior. In a product that gets thinner with agitation and thicker upon standing, slow settlement of the suspended active pharmaceutical ingredient is combined with good pourability and rehomogenization. This gives the best guarantee of uniformity of dose for ...

The relationship between pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and the cost of therapies in the US pharmaceutical market: A policy primer for clinicians.

Pharmaceutical benefit managers (PBMs) are playing an increasingly important role in establishing access to pharmaceutical products for patients. PBMs set retail prices for pharmaceutical products, negotiate "rebates" from manufacturers based on total sales volume of products, and achieve several types of postsale price concessions and payments from pharmacies. All of these activities describe a complex flow of funds that has not been transparent to clinicians or to patients. In this article, we describe th...

Fifty-eight Years and Counting: High-Impact Publishing in Computational Pharmaceutical Sciences and Mechanism-based Modeling.

Air and waterborne microbiome of a pharmaceutical plant provide insights on spatiotemporal variations and community resilience after disturbance.

The presence of microrganisms in pharmaceutical production plant environments is typically monitored by cultural methods, however these cannot detect the unculturable fraction of the microbial community. To get more accurate information on the composition of these indoor microbial communities, both water and air microbiome from a pharmaceutical production plant were profiled by 16S amplicon sequencing.

Salts of mefenamic acid with amines: structure, thermal stability, desolvation and solubility.

Salt formation has been known to improve some physicochemical properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) particularly solubility. In this study, mefenamic acid (MA) formed salts with ethylenediamine (EDM), triethylamine (TA), 1-methylpiperazine (MP) and morpholine (MOP). In the salt structures studied, the proton of the carboxylic acid group of the MA molecule was transferred to one of the nitrogen atoms of the amine. Both crystal structures of the ethylenediammonium and morpholinium salts were ...

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility discharges can substantially increase the pharmaceutical load to U.S. wastewaters.

Discharges from pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities (PMFs) previously have been identified as important sources of pharmaceuticals to the environment. Yet few studies are available to establish the influence of PMFs on the pharmaceutical source contribution to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and waterways at the national scale. Consequently, a national network of 13 WWTPs receiving PMF discharges, six WWTPs with no PMF input, and one WWTP that transitioned through a PMF closure were selected from ac...

Contribution to the Development of Pharmaceutical Education in Six-year and Four-year Programs.

 I joined efforts to promote the pharmaceutical education system by participating in committees for developing a model core curriculum for pharmaceutical sciences (core curriculum), in pharmacist educator workshops, in the development of a pharmaceutical common achievement test, evaluation of pharmaceutical education programs, and the creation of a national examination for pharmacists. This review outlines the efforts to reform these pharmaceutical education systems. The core curriculum was prepared under...

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