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A novel preservation solution containing a JNK inhibitory peptide efficiently improves islet yield for porcine islet isolation.

For islet transplantation, pancreas preservation in UW solution is associated with disadvantages such as collagenase inhibition, resulting in poor islet yield and islets with poor viability. In this study, we evaluated a novel preservation solution, the extracellular-type c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) inhibitor-containing (EJ) solution.

Dissolution behavior and conformation change of chitosan in concentrated chitosan hydrochloric acid solution and comparison with dilute and semidilute solutions.

Viscosity, pH and electrolytic conductivity of dilute, semidilute and concentrated chitosan solution with hydrochloric acid adding were compared and the change in conformation of chitosan in concentrated solution was discussed. The dissolution behavior of chitosan in concentrated chitosan hydrochloric acid solution was investigated through determination of solution turbidity, microstate and size of chitosan particle. It was found that the concentration, degree of deacetylation (DD) of chitosan and content o...

Kineret protein solution survives ten years.

Proteins are labile and their shelf lives are usually months to few years. Herein we report that human interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra) solution survives ten years. This provides an interesting case that protein biopharmaceutical aqueous solution could be stored for a decade without losing its quality, which could meet the national security needs for 10 years shelf life of biopharmaceuticals.

Effects of silk solution against laminectomy-induced dural adhesion formation and inflammation in a rat model.

OBJECTIVE Adhesion formation is one of the most common complications following laminectomy. The efficiency of antiadhesive agents is required to prevent postsurgical adhesion. Therefore, the authors investigated the effects of silk solution against laminectomy-induced dural adhesion formation in a rat model. METHODS The authors prepared the silk solution from silkworms. Laminectomies were performed between L3 and L5 in all rats. MediShield was used as a control. The effects of silk solution against laminect...

The characteristics of a preservative-free contact lens care solution on lysozyme adsorption and interfacial friction behavior.

The population of soft contact lens wearers is increasing, thus the issues of feeling comfortable and contact lens-induced clinical symptoms are concerned. Both lysozyme deposition and mechanical friction among contact lens and the eye can induce discomfort and eye conditions. Therefore, we characterized our developed preservative-free contact lens care solution on lysozyme adsorption and lubrication. Two distinct lens materials were washed with the care solution after being soaked in lysozyme, as well as w...

Effective atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment toward high performance solution-processed oxide thin-film transistors.

Solution-processed oxide semiconductors (OSs) have attracted much attention because they can simply, quickly and cheaply produce transparent channels on flexible substrates. However, despite such advantages, in the fabrication process of OS TFTs using the solution process, it is fatal problem that there are hardly any way to simply and effectively control important TFT parameters including turn-on voltage (Von) and on/off current ratio. For the practical application of solution-processed OS TFT, the approac...

Inhibitory effect of the lactic acid leaching solution of Allium cepa L. on Microcystis aeruginosa.

Microcystis aeruginosa FACHB-905 was used as the experimental material to study the inhibitory effect of lactic acid, water leaching solution of Allium cepa L. and lactic acid leaching solution of A. cepa L. and the influence of the lactic acid leaching solution of A. cepa L. on microcystins and polysaccharides of the M. aeruginosa.

Initial Fluid Therapy in Pediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis: A comparison of Hypertonic Saline Solution and Normal Saline Solution.

The optimal fluid therapy in children with DKA is a matter of debate, especially if we take into account its association with cerebral edema, the most important complication. Hypertonic Saline Solution is used in the treatment of cerebral edema, and also has been used for volume resuscitation in children with shock.

Pharmacokinetics and Comparative Bioavailability of a Levothyroxine Sodium Oral Solution and Soft Capsule.

A new formulation of levothyroxine sodium has been developed in the form of an oral solution contained in unit-dose ampules. A study has been conducted to compare the bioavailability of levothyroxine sodium oral solution and levothyroxine sodium soft capsule in healthy volunteers under fasting conditions. The rate and extent of absorption of the new levothyroxine solution were also evaluated when administered on dilution in water or directly into the mouth without water. In each period, according to the ran...

Preparation of polyelectrolyte complex gel of sodium alginate with chitosan using basic solution of chitosan.

In general, chitosan (CS) cannot be dissolved in basic solution, however it was found that the basic CS solution could be prepared using sodium hydrogen carbonate. NMR measurements revealed that CS was transformed to carbamate ion in the basic condition (around pH 8) thus it acts as anionic nature in this medium. Based on this discovery, novel polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) gel of sodium alginate (SA) and CS was successfully prepared using a basic CS solution and d-gluconolactone (GDL). Gel formation mecha...

Effect of temperature for tumescence anesthesia solution on intraoperative and postoperative pain of endovenous laser ablation of lower extremity varicose vein.

To compare the effect of cold or room temperature of tumescence anesthesia solution on pain perception during and after endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) for varicose veins of lower limb.
 Methods: A total of 51 patients with lower extremity varicose vein were treated by EVLA with tumescence anesthesia solution. All patients were used for local anesthesia and randomly divided into 2 groups according to the temperature of tumescence anesthesia solution: Group A (n=26) with room temperature (24 ℃) of tumes...

Dynamics of the Selkov oscillator.

A classical example of a mathematical model for oscillations in a biological system is the Selkov oscillator, which is a simple description of glycolysis. It is a system of two ordinary differential equations which, when expressed in dimensionless variables, depends on two parameters. Surprisingly it appears that no complete rigorous analysis of the dynamics of this model has ever been given. In this paper several properties of the dynamics of solutions of the model are established. With a view to studying ...

Biocidal Efficacy of a Hydrogen Peroxide Lens Care Solution Incorporating a Novel Wetting Agent.

To compare the antimicrobial effects of CLEAR CARE, a 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution formulated for simultaneous cleaning, daily protein removal, disinfection, and storage of soft (hydrophilic) hydrogel, silicone hydrogel, and gas-permeable contact lenses, and CLEAR CARE PLUS, consisting of the 3% H2O2 solution plus a novel wetting agent, polyoxyethylene-polyoxybutylene (EOBO-21).

The Effect of Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate Solution (HTK) and University of Wisconsin Solution (UW): an Analysis of the Eurotransplant Registry.

Both UW and HTK are currently used in the Eurotransplant region for preservation of liver allografts. Previous studies on their effect have led to a lot of discussion. This study aims to compare the effect of HTK and UW on graft survival.

Disintegration of Bacterial Film by Electrochemically Activated Water Solution.

The structure of bacterial film formed at the inner surface of the recirculation reactor tube, is studied. The surface relief of the biofilm was visualized by scanning electron microscopy. The effect of electrochemically activated water solution on the film formed from planktonic lactobacteria or E. coli was studied. Treatment with electrochemically activated water solution destroys cells and polymeric matrix of the biofilm.

Tannic Acid Solution: A Better Fixative Solution Than Formalin for Elastin and Collagen-Toxic and Morphological Assessment.

Formaldehyde is commonly used worldwide, even though it is classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. This has motivated intensive investigations of formaldehyde substitutes, and recently, some alternative solutions were found, which can potentially replace it. Previous research showed that tannic acid (TA) in glutaraldehyde solution has the ability to stabilize elastin and collagen. This provided a basis for the development of a new alcoholic fixative solution,...

Measurements of Singlet Oxygen-Quenching Activity of Vitamin E Homologs and Palm Oil and Soybean Extracts in a Micellar Solution.

Recently, a new assay method that can quantify the singlet oxygen-absorption capacity (SOAC) of antioxidants (AO) and food extracts in homogeneous organic solvents has been proposed. In the present study, second-order rate constants (k ) for the reaction of singlet oxygen ( O ) with vitamin E homologs (α-, β-, γ-, and δ-tocopherols [Toc] and α-, β-, γ-, and δ-tocotrienols [Toc-3]) were measured in an aqueous Triton X-100 (5.0 wt%) micellar solution (pH 7.4). Toc-3 showed k values larger than tho...

Hyperoxygenated Hydrogen-Rich Solution Suppresses Lung Injury Induced by Hemorrhagic Shock in Rats.

Hemorrhagic shock could induce acute lung injury (ALI), which is associated with cell hypoxia, lung tissue inflammation, free radical damage, and excessive cell apoptosis. Our previous studies demonstrated that hyperoxygenated solution could alleviate cell hypoxia. Furthermore, hydrogen-rich solution (HS) could relieve lung tissue inflammation, free radical damage and excessive cell apoptosis. Therefore we hypothesize that Hyperoxygenated Hydrogen-rich solution (HOHS) can protect the lung against ALI.

Irradiation at 11 kGy conserves the biomechanical properties of fascia lata better than irradiation at 25 kGy.

The objective of this study was to determine the biomechanical properties of the fascia lata and the effects of three preservation methods: freezing, cryopreservation with dimethylsulfoxide solution and lyophilization; and to compare the effects of low-dose (11 kGy) and normal-dose (25 kGy) gamma-ray sterilization versus no irradiation. 248 samples from 14 fasciae latae were collected. Freezing samples were frozen at -80 °C. Cryopreservation with dimethylsulfoxide solution samples were frozen with 10...

Synthesis and evaluation of haloperidol ester prodrugs metabolically activated by human carboxylesterase.

Two types of haloperidol prodrugs in which a chemical modification was carried out on the hydroxyl group or carbonyl group were synthesized, and their metabolic activation abilities were evaluated in a human liver microsome (HLM) solution, a human small intestine microsome (HIM) solution and solutions of human recombinant carboxylesterases (hCESs). The metabolic activation rates of alcohol ester prodrugs in HLM solution were similar to those in hCES2 solution, and haloperidol pentanoate and haloperidol hexa...

Direct Demonstration of DNA Compaction Mediated by Divalent Counterions.

We unambiguously demonstrated DNA attraction and its regulation mediated by divalent cations Mg2+ and Ca2+ by tethering a DNA single chain at various pH solutions. It is found that DNA is compacted when pH of solution containing these divalent counterions is lowered below 5. When pH of medium is about 4, DNA is in an unstable transition state, being able to switch reversely between compact and extensible states. We can also regulate the DNA attraction by a cyclic process of DNA compaction and unraveling thr...

Removal of multi-pollutant from flue gas utilizing ammonium persulfate solution catalyzed by Fe/ZSM-5.

A nano-sized iron loaded ZSM-5 zeolite (Fe/ZSM-5) catalyst was firstly used to activate (NH)SO solution for the simultaneous removal of multi-pollutant from flue gas. The simultaneous removal efficiencies 100% of SO, 72.6% of NO and 93.4% of Hg° were achieved under the condition that the catalyst dose was 0.8 g/L, concentration, pH and temperature of (NH)SO solution were 0.03 mol/L, 5 and 65 °C, respectively. The stability of catalyst was checked by a continuous test, proving that the catalytic acti...

A randomized controlled clinical trial of 4% sodium citrate versus heparin as locking solution for temporary dialysis catheters among hemodialysis patients

Limited reports are available on the role of 4% citrate as a locking solution for temporary dialysis catheters. Hence, the aim of this study is to investigate the role of 4% citrate vs. heparin 5,000 µ/mL as a catheter-locking solution in a randomized controlled trial.

Abdominal pumping involvement in the liquid feeding of honeybee.

Honeybee drinking is facilitated by a "mop-like" tongue, which helps honeybees suck in the sucrose solution from the environment. However, the liquid-transport mechanism from the pharynx to the crop, especially the natural link between abdominal pumping and dipping behavior on the sucrose solution intake, remains obscure. A significant increase in abdominal pumping frequency is observed when honeybees drink the sucrose solution. Abdominal pumping exhibits a function other than respiration. This second funct...

Novel rhodamine-based colorimetric and fluorescent sensor for the dual-channel detection of Cu and Co/trivalent metal ions and its AIRE activities.

A rhodamine hydrazone 1 bearing coumarin moiety was designed and prepared. Compound 1 exhibited high selectivity toward Co and trivalent metal ions with fluorescence enhancement in CHOH solution. However, 1 selectively responded to Al in nearly pure HO media and was further applied to monitor Al in live cells. Moreover, 1 could also act as a colorimetric probe toward Cu in either CHOH or HO solution. In addition, sensor 1 displayed aggregation-induced ratiometric emission (AIRE) activities in mixed HO/CHOH ...

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