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The Story of RNA Interference as a New Therapeutic Paradigm from Nobel Laureate Craig Mello.

Moving pharma contracting into the era of accountability.

A guide to manufacturing CAR T cell therapies.

In recent years, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) modified T cells have been used as a treatment for haematological malignancies in several phase I and II trials and with Kymriah of Novartis and Yescarta of KITE Pharma, the first CAR T cell therapy products have been approved. Promising clinical outcomes have yet been tempered by the fact that many therapies may be prohibitively expensive to manufacture. The process is not yet defined, far from being standardised and often requires extensive manual handling ...

To Nutraceuticals and Back: Rethinking a Concept.

The concept of nutraceuticals as pharma-foods comes fromfar. This termismade fromthe two words "nutrient" and "pharmaceutical", was coined by Stephen DeFelice, and is defined as "a food or part of a food that provide medical or health benefits, including the prevention and/or treatment of a disease" [...].

Rejuvenating the Face: An Analysis of 100 Absorbable Suture Suspension Patients.

Absorbable suture suspension (Silhouette InstaLift, Sinclair Pharma, Irvine, CA) is a novel, minimally invasive system that utilizes a specially manufactured synthetic suture to help address the issues of facial aging, while minimizing the risks associated with historic thread lifting modalities.

Cost-effectiveness analysis of blue light cystoscopy with hexylaminolevulinate in transurethral resection of the bladder.

Photodynamic diagnosis using the optical imaging agent hexaminolevulinate (HAL, Hexvix®, Ipsen Pharma GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany) as an adjunct to white light cystoscopy (WLC) during the initial transurethral resection of bladder tumours (TURB) improves the detection rate of bladder cancer and leads to fewer recurrences.

Nobel laureate Ilya I. Metchnikoff (1845-1916). Life story and scientific heritage.

A century of science after I. Metchnikoff’s death demonstrated the truth in many of his views and judgments in the field of immunology, pathology, bacteriology, zoology and comparative embryology. Today Metchnikoff is deservedly called the father of the theory of cellular immunity, and also a harbinger of the theo­ry of natural immunity. His work in the field of lactic acid bacteria formed the basis for an entire industry of probiotics. Metchnikoff’s doctrine of the possibility of extending human life ...

Award of the Salomon-Neumann-Medal 2017 - Speech of the Laureate Prof. Bernt-Peter Robra, 5 September 2017, St. Peter´s Church Lübeck.

The Salomon-Neumann-Medal 2017 of the German Society for Social Medicine and Prevention (DGSMP) was awarded to Bernt-Peter Robra, Institute for Social Medicine and Health Economics (ISMG) of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. The person and scientific merits of Manfred Pflanz are valued and topics of the masterplan2020-process are highlighted, that offer chances for developments in medicine and public health.

A totally new system is needed for drug research and development.

In response to my paper, where I call for abolishment of patents and for drug research and development as a public enterprise, Raj asserts that there is an increase in novel drug discoveries. The fact is that even the drug industry laments that drug innovation has dried out, which is why they buy start-up companies. Big pharma doesn't invest in innovative research, as it is far more profitable to have creative marketing and legal departments than creative research divisions, and to develop an endless array ...

Autophagy as a universal intracellular process. A comment on the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to molecular biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi for his work in the field of autophagy (Greek for “self eating”). This fact has once again directed the attention of many scientists to a common cellular phenomenon occurring in all eukaryotes from yeast to mammals, namely the process by which the cell digests and then recycles its components. Although the phenomenon of autophagy was discovered in mammals, a method for monitoring it by light microscopy was...

How Well Are We Applying Quantitative Methods to Reverse Translation to Inform Early Clinical Development?

If we are to improve our low success rate and rising costs in the pharmaceutical industry, we need to use every tool available. Reverse translation can particularly inform discovery and early clinical development via appropriate quantitative integration of relevant data. This commentary reports on a crowd-sourced survey (2017) that sought to evaluate the integration of reverse translation in pharma. The results indicate that these methods are being applied, to varying degrees, across most respondents.

Reflections on 15 Years in the Global Tobacco Trenches.

This paper is based on my 2017 Research Laureate Presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Health Behavior in Tucson, Arizona. It provides a brief overview of the history of the smoking epidemic, and describes my work in global tobacco control, focusing on my experiences over the last 15 years as a co-founder and intervention director of the Syrian Center for Tobacco Studies (SCTS) in Aleppo, Syria. The SCTS is an NIH-funded research center that draws on a broad range of compl...

Pharmacogenomics and the Placebo Response.

There is perhaps no more important time in the history of placebos to consider their role in clinical trials and in medicine. Increasingly well-designed pharmaceutical and academic clinical trials testing promising and established drug and surgical interventions have failed to "beat" the placebo response. The collateral damage resulting from these failures is staggering; novel treatments, many with compelling mechanisms of action and promising Phase 2 trial results, never reach the patient, adversely affect...

Pachychoroid Pigment Epitheliopathy Associated With Tamoxifen.

Pachychoroid pigment epitheliopathy (PPE) is considered to be a forme fruste of central serous chorioretinopathy. Tamoxifen (Soltamax; Midatech Pharma, Raleigh, NC) has an anti-estrogenic effect on cytoplasmic estrogen receptors. Serum total testosterone, cortisol, and cortisone levels increase during tamoxifen therapy. Tamoxifen may cause hormone disturbance leading to the development of disorders in the pachychoroid spectrum. The authors present two cases of PPE associated with tamoxifen therapy. A 65-yea...

Visible Light-Promoted C-S Cross-Coupling via Intermolecular Charge-Transfer.

Disclosed is a mild, scalable, and visible light-promoted cross-coupling reaction between thiols and aryl halides for the con-struction of C-S bonds in the absence of both transition metal and photoredox catalysts. The scope of the aryl halides and thiol partners includes over 60 examples and therefore provides an entry point into various aryl thioether building blocks of pharma-ceutical interest. Furthermore, to demonstrate utility, this C-S coupling protocol was applied in drug synthesis and in late stage...

Nucleoligands- repurposing GPCR ligands to modulate nuclear-localized GPCRs in the cardiovascular system.

There is significant evidence that internal pools of GPCRs exist and may be affected by both endogenous signaling molecules and hydrophobic pharmaceutical ligands, once assumed to only affect cell surface versions of these receptors. Here, we discuss evidence that the biology of nuclear GPCRs in particular is complex, rich and highly interactive with GPCR signalling from the cell surface. Caging existing GPCR ligands may be an excellent means of further stratifying the phenotypic effects of known pharmacoph...

Stem cell therapy on skin: Mechanisms, recent advances and drug reviewing issues.

Stem cell products and its clinical applications have been widely discussed in recent years, particularly when the Japanese "induced pluripotent stem cells" founder Dr. Yamanaka was awarded as Nobel Prize laureate in 2013. For decades, major progresses have been achieved in the stem cell biology field, and more and more evidence showed that skin stem cells are involved in the process of skin repair. Stem/progenitor cells of the epidermis are recognized to play the most essential role in the tissue regenerat...

Current state of the union of epilepsy care in the United States: Antiepileptic drugs - An introduction to the Connectors Project.

How antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are used in the United States (US) is one proxy public health indicator for the current state of epilepsy management. The use of phenytoin, other older AEDs, and newer AEDs may act as an indicator for the quality of epilepsy practice in addition to the current American Academy of Neurology quality measures. Data on AED used by states and populations can help identify which public health interventions are necessary to improve the status of epilepsy care. The Connectors Project,...

Case 246: MR Imaging of a Complex Cystic Mass in a Newborn Girl.

History A 6-day-old female neonate presented to the outpatient pediatric surgery clinic for evaluation of a possible prenatal abdominal mass. The neonate was delivered at term via cesarean section due to macrosomia, with a reported birth weight of 11 lb 8.7 oz (5.23 kg). The patient's postnatal course was remarkable for resolving neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. A physical examination was remarkable for a palpable mass in the abdomen. Maternal risk factors included class II obesity, type 2 diabetes, and metabol...

Ion mobility in the pharmaceutical industry: an established biophysical technique or still niche?

Over the past decade ion mobility (IM) coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) has emerged as a wide spread analytical technique, utilized in research areas ranging from small molecule to proteins analyzed under native-MS and solution conditions. The ion-neutral collision cross section (Ω) derived from an IM experiment can be used to make inferences about the ion's size, shape and charge distribution, when compared to molecular dynamic (MD) or quantum mechanically (QM) derived candidate structures. IM can also...

Breast milk microRNAs harsh journey towards potential effects in infant development and maturation. Lipid encapsulation can help.

The possibility that diet-derived miRNAs survive the gastrointestinal tract and exert biological effects in target cells is triggering considerable research in the potential abilities of alimentary preventive and therapeutic approaches. Many validation attempts have been carried out and investigators disagree on several issues. The barriers exogenous RNAs must surpass are harsh and adequate copies must reach target cells for biological actions to be carried out. This prospect opened a window for previously ...

Real world big data for clinical research and drug development.

The objective of this paper is to identify the extent to which real world data (RWD) is being utilized, or could be utilized, at scale in drug development. Through screening peer-reviewed literature, we have cited specific examples where RWD can be used for biomarker discovery or validation, gaining a new understanding of a disease or disease associations, discovering new markers for patient stratification and targeted therapies, new markers for identifying persons with a disease, and pharmacovigilance. Non...

Formulation and composition effects in phase transitions of emulsions co-stabilized by cellulose nanofibrils and an ionic surfactant.

Cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) offer great prospects as a natural stabilizer of colloidal dispersions and complex fluids for application in food, pharma, and cosmetics. In this study, an ionic surfactant (sodium dodecyl sulfate, SDS) was used as emulsifier of oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions that were further co-stabilized by addition of CNF. The adsorption properties of SDS in both, CNF dispersions and emulsions, as well as the influence of composition (CNF and SDS concentration) and formulation (ionic...

Fatty Acid Synthase (FASN) as a therapeutic target in breast cancer.

Ten years ago, we put forward the metabolo-oncogenic nature of fatty acid synthase (FASN) in breast cancer. Since the conception of this hypothesis, which provided a model to explain how FASN is intertwined with various signaling networks to cell-autonomously regulate breast cancer initiation and progression, FASN has received considerable attention as a therapeutic target. However, despite the ever-growing evidence demonstrating the involvement of FASN as part of the cancer-associated metabolic reprogrammi...

Early Probe and Drug Discovery in Academia: A Minireview.

Drug discovery encompasses processes ranging from target selection and validation to the selection of a development candidate. While comprehensive drug discovery work flows are implemented predominantly in the big pharma domain, early discovery focus in academia serves to identify probe molecules that can serve as tools to study targets or pathways. Despite differences in the ultimate goals of the private and academic sectors, the same basic principles define the best practices in early discovery research. ...

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