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El sarcoma de Kaposi es un tumor linfoangioproliferativo descripto por primera vez en el año 1872 por Moritz Kaposi. Hay cuatro variantes clínicas, la forma clásica, la endémica, la iatrogénica asociada a trasplante o inmunosupresión y la epidémica asociada a SIDA, de la cual se hará referencia en esta publicación. Se describe un paciente varón de 31 años, al cual durante la misma internación se hace el diagnóstico de SIDA y de sarcoma de Kaposi.

MICA-129 A/G dimorphism, its relation to soluble mica plasma level and spontaneous preterm birth: A case-control study.

The aim of this case- control study was to investigate the association between preterm birth (PTB), MICA-129 A/G dimorphism and sMICA levels. Fifty pregnant women with singleton pregnancy and previous PTB, or clinic diagnostic of threatened preterm labor in the actual pregnancy, or cervical length less than 25 mm and 50 healthy pregnant women were enrolled. DNA was extracted for genotyping for MICA-129 A/G by real-time PCR and sMICA plasma level was quantified by sandwich ELISA assay. Clinical and socio...

Introducción: una ley exponencial se ha hallado para los sistemas dinámicos caóticos cardiacos, logrando cuantificar las diferencias entre dinámicas cardiacas normales y  patológicas.Metodología: Se analizaron 120 registros electrocardiográficos, 40 correspondían a sujetos dentro de los límites de normalidad y 80 con diferentes patologías. Para cada holter se analizaron los atractores generados con los datos durante 18 horas y durante toda la dinámica. Se calculó la dimensión fractal del atrac...

From molecular arrangement to macroscopic wetting of ionic liquids on the mica surface: Effect of humidity.

To optimize the wetting performance of ionic liquids (ILs) on solid surfaces, which is important in catalysis, lubrication and energy storage, it is critical to control the molecular arrangement of ILs at the IL/solid interface. Here we report our experimental results showing that tuning humidity is a facile and effective approach manipulating the molecular arrangement and thus controlling the macroscopic wettability of ILs on the mica surface. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), contact ang...

Magnetic Cytoskeleton Affinity (MiCA) Purification of Microtubule Motors conjugated to Quantum Dots.

We develop Magnetic Cytoskeleton Affinity (MiCA) purification, which allows for rapid isolation of molecular motors conjugated to large multivalent quantum dots, in miniscule quantities, which is especially useful for single-molecule applications. When purifying labeled molecular motors, an excess of fluorophores or labels is usually used. However, large labels tend to sediment during the centrifugation step of microtubule affinity purification, a traditionally powerful technique for motor purification. Thi...

The relationship between phospho-p38, MMP-9, and MICA expression in pituitary adenomas demonstrates a new mechanism of pituitary adenoma immune escape.

The MHC class I chain-related molecule A (MICA) is one of the Natural Killer Group 2D (NKG2D) ligands. soluble MHC class I chain-related molecule A (sMICA) mediates tumor immune escape, but the mechanism is not fully understood. In this study, we examined the expression of phospho-p38, matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9), and MICA and their relationships among each other in pituitary adenoma tissues in order to provide a histological basis for the mechanism of pituitary adenoma immune escape.

Multiple sclerosis prevalence in Salta City, Argentina.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the leading causes of disability in young adults. Its prevalence varies according to different countries. In Argentina there is a wide heterogeneity regarding data published in different areas of the country. Prevalence established in most studies is 17 cases per 100,000 inhabitants; however, most of the available data comes from studies that took place in Buenos Aires. There is little or no information from other provinces, especially from Northwest of Argentina (NOA), whe...

The Sapphire (0001) Surface: A Transparent and Ultra-flat Substrate for DNA Nanostructure Imaging.

Mica is the current substrate of choice for DNA nanostructure imaging; mainly due to its atomically flat surface. However, these mica substrates are often not optically clear. In this work, sapphire has been evaluated as an alternative substrate, with the potential to enable parallel optical and AFM studies. Well known for its thermal and chemical, sapphire is a hard ionic material with excellent optical properties. Because sapphire lacks the excellent basal cleavage properties of the sheet silicate mica, a...

INTRODUCCIONEl derrame pleural neoplásico (DPN) implica una enfermedad oncológica avanzada. La biopsia pleural por cirugía torácica endoscópica permite el diagnóstico en más del 90% de los casos y la instrumentación del espacio pleural complicado, mejorando los resultados de la técnica.MATERIAL Y METODOSe realizó un análisis retrospectivo de pacientes con DPN operados para la realización de una pleurodesis química con talco. Se formaron dos grupos, uno con derrame pleural neoplásico complicado...

Transcription of the NKG2D ligand MICA is suppressed by the IRE1/XBP1 pathway of the unfolded protein response through the regulation of E2F1.

The unfolded protein response (UPR) is an adaptive signaling pathway activated in response to endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. The effectors of the UPR are potent transcription activators; however, some genes are suppressed by ER stress at the mRNA level. The mechanisms underlying UPR-mediated gene suppression are less known. Exploration of the effect of UPR on NK cells ligand expression found that the transcription of NK group 2 member D (NKG2D) ligand major histocompatibility complex class I polypeptide...

PCV13 vaccination impact: A multicenter study of pneumonia in 10 pediatric hospitals in Argentina.

In 2012, PCV13 was introduced into the National Immunization Program in Argentina, 2+1 schedule for children

Results of the National Program for the Prevention of Blindness in Childhood by Retinopathy of Prematurity in Argentina (2004-2016).

The ROP Argentina Group was created in 2003 and is responsible for the National Program for the Prevention of Blindness in Childhood by Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) in Argentina.

Diversity and characterisation of polymorphic 3' untranslated region haplotypes of MICA and MICB genes.

MICA and MICB genes encode ligands that interact with the NK cell activating receptor, NKG2D. These ligands display a highly polymorphic allelic repertoire, although the true functional significance of this polymorphism remains elusive. We previously reported additional polymorphism in the 5´UTR proximal promoter region of these genes by sequencing international histocompatibility workshop (IHW) cell line DNA promoter and coding regions. The current study extends this analysis by further characterising the...

Characteristics of bloodstream infections in adult patients of two third level centers of Córdoba, Argentina.

Bloodstream infections (BI) are associated with high morbidity and mortality.

"Conquer public opinion!:" Latin American eugenics as seen in the magazine Viva Cien Años, Argentina, 1934-1947.

Eugenics arrived in Argentina as a discipline at the beginning of the twentieth century. It was widely embraced by intellectuals and healthcare professionals, in the midst of a series of actions undertaken to strengthen networks within the academic and political worlds. One of those initiatives was the magazine Viva Cien Años, founded in 1934 as a popular science publication. This article presents the possibilities of the body of documentation relating to the magazine, which was published in Argentina unti...

Merck vaccine heads Ebola countermeasures.

Surveillance of microcephaly and selected brain anomalies in Argentina: Relationship with Zika virus and other congenital infections.

Zika virus (ZIKV) vertical transmission may lead to microcephaly and other congenital anomalies. In March and April 2016, the first outbreak of ZIKV occurred in Argentina. The objective was to describe the surveillance of newborns with microcephaly and other selected brain anomalies in Argentina, and evaluation different etiologies.

Making Universal Health Care Effective in Argentina: A Blueprint for Reform.

The reform of a health care system requires attention to specific components but also to the creation of an environment that supports change. Argentina has achieved nominal universal health coverage (UHC) but it still needs to work on achieving effective universal health coverage, especially with regard to quality and equity. Nominal coverage means that everyone has been enrolled and has the right to access, and effective coverage means that people have actually received prioritized health care services. In...

Varón de 87 años, con antecedentes de hipertensión arterial y cardiopatía isquémica. Ingresa en box vital de urgencias por epigastralgia intensa, súbita, asociada a cortejo vegetativo, que se irradia hacia zona interescapular. Llaman la atención cifras tensionales muy variables (80-220/50-100 mmHg) con cambios posturales. Los pulsos proximales y distales están presentes y no se palpa masa pulsátil en abdomen. Se realiza una tomografía computarizada con contraste que evidencia una hernia de hiato e...

AntecedentesSe ha observado que el aumento de nacimientos prematuros fue acompañado por una disminución en la mortalidad fetal.ObjetivoEvaluar la relación entre la mortalidad fetal y la prematurez en Argentina.Material y MétodosDiseño ecológico; la población incluyó a todos los nacidos vivos y muertos de Argentina entre 2003 y 2013.Variables Resultado: tasa de mortalidad fetal total (TMFT), tasa de mortalidad fetal por peso, razón de mortalidad fetal, tasa de mortalidad neonatal, tasa de mortalidad...

Malnutrition and structural poverty. Comparison of two schoolchildren cohorts from Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

To assess nutritional condition in two cohorts (C) of children from households with different Unsatisfied Basic Needs (UBN) attending neighborhood schools in Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

Regional Differences in the Clinical Manifestation of Ocular Toxoplasmosis between the Center and Northeast of Argentina.

To compare the clinical characteristics of patients with active episodes of ocular toxoplasmosis from three provinces, Misiones, Santa Fe, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ResumenAntecedentes: Con base en la teoría de la probabilidad y las proporciones de la entropía no equiprobable en el contexto de la teoría de los sistemas dinámicos se desarrolló una metodología de evaluación de la dinámica cardiaca.Objetivo: Confirmar la aplicabilidad clínica de la metodología diagnóstica basada en la probabilidad y la entropía para pacientes con diferentes tipos de arritmia evaluando el grado de agudización en la UCI por medio de sus proporciones características.Métodos: S...

Nutritional contribution the school canteens program to the children of ten municipal schools in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

School canteens are one of the most widespread programs in recent decades which may have significant impacts on nutrition, health, growth and development in children.

Predictive Validity of Sepsis-3 Definitions and Sepsis Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients: A Cohort Study in 49 ICUs in Argentina.

The new Sepsis-3 definitions have been scarcely assessed in low- and middle-income countries; besides, regional information of sepsis outcomes is sparse. Our objective was to evaluate Sepsis-3 definition performance in Argentina.

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