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Mental state at time of offense in the hot tub: An empirical examination of concurrent expert testimony in an insanity case.

The role of experts and their presentation of testimony in insanity cases remain controversial. In order to decrease possible expert bias associated with this testimony, a number of different alternatives to adversarial presentation have been suggested. Two such alternatives are the use of court-appointed experts and the use of concurrent testimony (or "hot-tubbing"), in which opposing experts provide testimony concurrently and converse with each other directly. An experiment using a sample of venire jurors...

Treatment algorithm for anal fissure. Consensus document of the Spanish Association of Coloproctology and the Coloproctology Division of the Spanish Association of Surgeons.

The Spanish Association of Coloproctology and the Coloproctology Division of the Spanish Association of Surgeons propose this consensus document with a treatment algorithm for anal fissure that could be used for decision making. Non-surgical therapy and surgical treatment of anal fissure are explained, and the recommended algorithm is provided. The methodology used was: creation of a group of experts; search in PubMed, MEDLINE and the Cochrane Library for publications from the last 10 years about anal fissu...

Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity.

Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with Obesity Association of FTO rs9939609 with ObesityMaterials...

A risk perception gap? Comparing expert, producer and consumer prioritization of food hazard controls.

Using a survey approach, the study examined how experts, producers (i.e. persons working in the food chain) and consumers prioritized control activities for 28 hazards related to food and other everyday items. The investigated hazards encompassed a wide range of safety issues, including health risks, consumer deception and poor food hygiene behaviour. The participants included 41 experts, 138 producers and 243 consumers from the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland. Based on detailed description...

Catalytic wet oxidation of high concentration pharmaceutical wastewater with Fe as catalyst.

Catalytic wet oxidation of high concentration pharmaceutical wastewater with Fe as catalyst was carried out in a batch reactor. Results showed that the degradation of pharmaceutical wastewater was enhanced significantly by Fe. The effects of reaction parameters, such as the catalyst dose, reaction temperature, time, and initial oxygen pressure, were discussed. The chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal increased with the increases of catalyst dose, temperature, time and oxygen supply. With the initial COD 34,...

Joint action coordination in expert-novice pairs: Can experts predict novices' suboptimal timing?

Previous research has established that skilled joint action partners use predictive models to achieve temporal coordination, for instance, when playing a music duet. But how do joint action partners with different skill levels achieve coordination? Can experts predict the suboptimal timing of novices? What kind of information allows them to predict novices' timing? To address these questions, we asked skilled pianists to perform duets with piano novices. We varied whether, prior to performing duets, experts...

Patient centric drug product design in modern drug delivery as an opportunity to increase safety and effectiveness.

The advances in drug delivery technologies have enabled pharmaceutical scientists to deliver a drug through various administration routes and optimize the drug release and absorption. The wide range of drug delivery systems and dosage forms represent a toolbox of technology for the development of pharmaceutical drug products but might also be a source of medication errors and nonadherence. Patient centric drug product development is being suggested as an important factor to increase therapeutic outcomes. Ar...

Definition, Classification and Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus.

Aim of recommendations like this one issued by the German Diabetes Association is to provide the GP and diabetologist and his team with information he needs for his daily practice. These recommendations are updated annually. They are written by a group of experts, but they are not evidence based guidelines. This specific recommendation for diabetes diagnosis briefly describes the diabetes types and the different options for diagnosis. Also the caveats and the practical procedure are presented.

Projecting Pharmaceutical Expenditure in EU5 to 2021: Adjusting for the Impact of Discounts and Rebates.

Within (European) healthcare systems, the predominant goal for pharmaceutical expenditure is cost containment. This is due to a general belief among healthcare policy makers that pharmaceutical expenditure-driven by high prices-will be unsustainable unless further reforms are enacted.

Applications of various analytical techniques in quality control of pharmaceutical excipients.

Although excipients are pharmacologically inert substances, still they are integral and significant ingredients of a pharmaceutical formulation. Their amount and concentration level along with the active pharmaceutical ingredients is of utmost importance to decide the pharmacokinetics and stability of a dosage form. It is becoming progressively more important to illustrate the purity of excipients throughout the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products as the safety and efficacy of the pharmac...

The source and diversion of pharmaceutical drugs for non-medical use: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

The non-medical use (NMU) of pharmaceutical drugs is an increasing public health concern. This systematic review consolidates current knowledge about how pharmaceutical drugs are obtained for NMU and the processes and people involved in diversion.

Applications of proteomics in pharmaceutical research and development.

The significance of proteomics in the pharmaceutical industry has increased since overcoming initial difficulties. This review discusses recent proteomics publications from pharmaceutical companies to identify new trends in proteomics applications to research and development. Applications of proteomics such as chemical proteomics, protein expression profiling, targeted protein quantitation, analysis of protein-protein interactions and post-translational modification are widely used by various sections of th...

Solid-state insight into the action of a pharmaceutical solvate: structural, thermal and dissolution analysis of indinavir sulfate ethanolate.

The crystal structure of indinavir sulfate, a pharmaceutical administered as an ethanol solvate, is presented, revealing a unique channel/ionic solvate structure to be characteristic of the compound. The properties of the material with regard to thermal treatment and water adsorption follow closely from the structure. The in situ amorphization of the pharmaceutical upon contacting liquid water is observed and highlights the unique dissolution enhancement of marketing the crystalline solvate dosage. Through ...

Developing a 3D Gestural Interface for Anesthesia-Related Human-Computer Interaction Tasks Using Both Experts and Novices.

The purpose of this research was to compare gesture-function mappings for experts and novices using a 3D, vision-based, gestural input system when exposed to the same context of anesthesia tasks in the operating room (OR).

Development of a national competency-based learning objective catalogue for undergraduate medical education in Germany.

Implementation of the guidelines on the Competency-based Learning Objective Catalogue for Undergraduate Medical Education for a Nuclear Medicine curriculum on behalf of the committee on professional training and continuing education of the German Association of Nuclear Medicine (DGN) METHODS:: In 7 domains 100 learning objectives (LOs) were subject to a prioritization in 3 categories (A, B and C) by means of a questionnaire as part of a Delphi method, in collaboration with all members of the DGN holding a "...

Comparison of Rheological and Sedimentation Behavior of Commercially Available Suspending Vehicles for Oral Pharmaceutical Preparations.

A pharmaceutical suspension is a semi-liquid dosage form suitable for patients being unable to swallow solid medicines such as tablets and capsules. A vehicle used for the preparation of pharmaceutical oral suspensions preferably shows pseudo-plastic behavior. In a product that gets thinner with agitation and thicker upon standing, slow settlement of the suspended active pharmaceutical ingredient is combined with good pourability and rehomogenization. This gives the best guarantee of uniformity of dose for ...

The Influence of 3D in Single-port Laparoscopy Surgery: An Experimental Study.

The aim of this experimental study was to analyze the effect of 3-dimensional (3D) imaging in laparoendoscopic single-site surgery. End points were time, errors, and preference. Twenty-six participants were enrolled in the study, and these were divided into Beginners and Experts, in exercises either with a 2-dimensional or a 3D system. The 4 phantom exercises were chosen from the E-BLUS-European Training in Basic Laparoscopic Urological Skills from the American Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) sys...

Air and waterborne microbiome of a pharmaceutical plant provide insights on spatiotemporal variations and community resilience after disturbance.

The presence of microrganisms in pharmaceutical production plant environments is typically monitored by cultural methods, however these cannot detect the unculturable fraction of the microbial community. To get more accurate information on the composition of these indoor microbial communities, both water and air microbiome from a pharmaceutical production plant were profiled by 16S amplicon sequencing.

Impact of pharmacist counseling on reducing instances of adverse events that can affect the quality of life of chemotherapy outpatients with breast Cancer.

In recent years, cancer chemotherapy is being conducted at outpatient clinics, wherein pharmacists are involved with patient guidance and management of adverse events as experts in medication therapy. Therefore, we clarified the influence of interventions by pharmacists during counseling of patients with cancer on patients' quality of life.

The Value of Performance Weights and Discussion in Aggregated Expert Judgments.

In risky situations characterized by imminent decisions, scarce resources, and insufficient data, policymakers rely on experts to estimate model parameters and their associated uncertainties. Different elicitation and aggregation methods can vary substantially in their efficacy and robustness. While it is generally agreed that biases in expert judgments can be mitigated using structured elicitations involving groups rather than individuals, there is still some disagreement about how to best elicit and aggre...

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility discharges can substantially increase the pharmaceutical load to U.S. wastewaters.

Discharges from pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities (PMFs) previously have been identified as important sources of pharmaceuticals to the environment. Yet few studies are available to establish the influence of PMFs on the pharmaceutical source contribution to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and waterways at the national scale. Consequently, a national network of 13 WWTPs receiving PMF discharges, six WWTPs with no PMF input, and one WWTP that transitioned through a PMF closure were selected from ac...

Contribution to the Development of Pharmaceutical Education in Six-year and Four-year Programs.

 I joined efforts to promote the pharmaceutical education system by participating in committees for developing a model core curriculum for pharmaceutical sciences (core curriculum), in pharmacist educator workshops, in the development of a pharmaceutical common achievement test, evaluation of pharmaceutical education programs, and the creation of a national examination for pharmacists. This review outlines the efforts to reform these pharmaceutical education systems. The core curriculum was prepared under...

Child abuse and neglect experts' determination of when a child being left home alone constitutes child neglect.

Only 14 states have laws or guidelines regarding the minimum age a child may be left home alone. These ages range from 6 to 14 years. Our objective was to identify factors that influence child neglect determination by experts with regards to parents leaving children home alone.

Expectations of medical specialists about image-based teleconsultation - A qualitative study on acute burns in South Africa.

Image-based teleconsultation between medical experts and healthcare staff at remote emergency centres can improve the diagnosis of conditions which are challenging to assess. One such condition is burns. Knowledge is scarce regarding how medical experts perceive the influence of such teleconsultation on their roles and relations to colleagues at point of care.

A new way of monitoring mechanical ventilation by measurement of particle flow from the airways using Pexa method in vivo and during ex vivo lung perfusion in DCD lung transplantation.

Different mechanical ventilation settings are known to affect lung preservation for lung transplantation. Measurement of particle flow in exhaled air may allow online assessment of the impact of ventilation before changes in the tissue can be observed. We hypothesized that by analyzing the particle flow, we could understand the impact of different ventilation parameters.

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