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Adalimumab Alleviates Skin Pain in Patients with Moderate to Severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Secondary Efficacy Results from the PIONEER I and PIONEER II Randomized Controlled Trials.

Oxidant-antioxidant balance and tolerance against oxidative stress in pioneer and non-pioneer tree species from the remaining Atlantic Forest.

The extensive land occupation in Southeast Brazil has resulted in climatic disturbances and environmental contamination by air pollutants, threatening the Atlantic forest remnants that still exist in that region. Based on previous results, we assumed that pioneer tree species are potentially more tolerant against environmental oxidative stress than non-pioneer tree species from that Brazilian biome. We also assumed that reactive oxygen species (ROS) are accumulated in higher proportions in leaves of non-pio...

A Nitrous-Oxide Pioneer Peddles His Own Dentifrice: "Dr Colton's Vegetable Dentonic".

During the latter half of the six-year long "Panic of 1873," nitrous-oxide pioneer G.Q. Colton developed, advertised, and sold his dentifrice, "Dr Colton's Vegetable Dentonic" to supplement his dental anesthetic enterprise.

The mechanistic basis for chromatin regulation by pioneer transcription factors.

Pioneer transcription factors play a primary role in establishing competence for gene expression and initiating cellular programming and reprogramming, and their dysregulation causes severe effects on human health, such as promoting tumorigenesis. Although more than 200 transcription factors are expressed in each cell type, only a small number of transcription factors are necessary to elicit dramatic cell-fate changes in embryonic development and cell-fate conversion. Among these key transcription factors, ...

Jean-Louis Petit (1674-1750): a pioneer anatomist and surgeon and his contribution to orthopaedic surgery and trauma surgery.

The purpose of this review is to summarize the life and work of Jean-Louis Petit, his inventions, his discoveries, and his impact on the evolution of surgery of his era.

Dulcie Coleman: a pioneer of cytology in the UK and Europe.

We sadly announce the death earlier this year of Professor Dulcie V Coleman, the driving force behind the publication of Cytopathology in 1990 and pioneer of cytology in the UK and throughout Europe (Figure 1). She died peacefully in Naples, Florida on Sunday 4th February 2018 surrounded by her family including her husband of 60 years (Jack Poznansky), their four children and two of their 13 grandchildren several of whom contributed to her academic work and publications. She had moved to Florida to be neare...

Reflections of a 'Pioneer': A Somewhat Different Path.

Cryptosporidium occurrence in ruminants from the North Pioneer mesoregion of Paraná, Brazil.

The aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence of Cryptosporidium in cattle and sheep from the North Pioneer mesoregion of the state of Paraná. For this, 317 stool samples were collected from cattle and sheep on 16 properties in six municipalities in the North Pioneer mesoregion of Paraná. For detection of Cryptosporidium species, molecular analysis was performed using nested-PCR techniques targeting the 18S rRNA gene. Of the 37 beef cows and 115 calves analyzed, four (10.8%) and 14 (12.2%), resp...

Mini-biography for Mr. Xitao Cai: the pioneer botanist of the plant kingdom.

William Morton: pioneer of general anaesthesia.

Were the "Pioneer" Clinical Ethics Consultants "Outsiders"? For Them, Was "Critical Distance" That Critical?

"Clinical ethics consultants" have been practicing in the United States for about 50 years. Most of the earliest consultants-the "pioneers"-were "outsiders" when they first appeared at patients' bedsides and in the clinic. However, if they were outsiders initially, they acclimated to the clinical setting and became "insiders" very quickly. Moreover, there was some tension between traditional academics and those doing applied ethics about whether there was sufficient "critical distance" for appropriate refl...

Seed Endophyte Microbiome of Crotalaria pumila Unpeeled: Identification of Plant-Beneficial Methylobacteria.

Metal contaminated soils are increasing worldwide. Metal-tolerant plants growing on metalliferous soils are fascinating genetic and microbial resources. Seeds can vertically transmit endophytic microorganisms that can assist next generations to cope with environmental stresses, through yet poorly understood mechanisms. The aims of this study were to identify the core seed endophyte microbiome of the pioneer metallophyte Crotalaria pumila throughout three generations, and to better understand the plant colon...

Mehmet Haberal, MD: Transplant Pioneer, Entrepreneur, President-elect, The Transplantation Society.

Klaus Apel (1942-2017): a pioneer of photosynthesis research.

We present here a Tribute to Klaus Apel (1942-2017), a photosynthesis pioneer-an authority on plant molecular genetics-in five parts. The first section is a prologue. The second section deals with a chronological discussion of Apel's research life, prepared by the editor Govindjee; it is based on a website article at the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) by Patricia Waldron ( ), as approved for use here by Keith C. Hannon and David Stern...

Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov (1916-1998): A pioneer of transplantation ahead of his time, who lived out the end of his life as an unknown and in poor circumstances.

Remembering a pioneer of environmental health science: Colleagues honor Bernard "Bernie" Weiss (1925-2018)-a remarkable scientist, thinker, visionary and writer.

Pioneer women in Pediatric Nephrology in Poland.

Robert J. Genco: Pioneer in Oral Science Advancement.

Professor Robert J. Genco made extraordinary research advances in immunology, periodontology, and microbiology research, pioneering major advances in oral science. In addition to his extraordinary research advancements in oral biology, his pioneering advances in oral science leadership at the local/university, national, and international levels are recognized worldwide, as are his educational advancements. In his era, he is truly the "father" of oral science.

Mitochondrial haplotypes are not associated with mice selectively bred for high voluntary wheel running.

Mitochondrial haplotypes have been associated with human and rodent phenotypes, including nonshivering thermogenesis capacity, learning capability, and disease risk. Although the mammalian mitochondrial D-loop is highly polymorphic, D-loops in laboratory mice are identical, and variation occurs elsewhere mainly between nucleotides 9820 and 9830. Part of this region codes for the tRNAgene and is associated with mitochondrial densities and number of mtDNA copies. We hypothesized that the capacity for high lev...

Harvey Alan Lincoff, M.D. 1920-2017 a pioneer of ophthalmology.

Filippo Romeo (1908-1981): a pioneer and teacher of nephrology at Messina University.

Can we still learn from the Seven Countries Study?

The Seven Countries Study (SCS) of Cardiovascular Diseases started midway last century and was the pioneer investigation of coronary heart disease (CHD) at international level. The 16 cohorts of middle-aged men enrolled in eight nations of seven countries allowed to show large differences of CHD incidence and mortality across different cultures, partly explained by average levels of serum cholesterol and dietary habits, that is, Western type patterns in the high-risk populations, and Mediterranean or Orient...

BRG1 governs glucocorticoid receptor interactions with chromatin and pioneer factors across the genome.

The Glucocorticoid Receptor (GR) alters transcriptional activity in response to hormones by interacting with chromatin at GR binding sites (GBSs) throughout the genome. Our work in human breast cancer cells identifies three classes of GBSs with distinct epigenetic characteristics and reveals that BRG1 interacts with GBSs prior to hormone exposure. The GBSs pre-occupied by BRG1 are more accessible and transcriptionally active than other GBSs. BRG1 is required for a proper and robust transcriptional hormone r...

Maternal nutrition and stage of early pregnancy in beef heifers: Impacts on expression of glucose, fructose, and cationic amino acid transporters in utero-placental tissues.

We hypothesized that maternal nutrition and day of gestation would impact utero-placental mRNA expression of the nutrient transporters , , , , and in beef heifers. Crossbred Angus heifers (n = 49) were estrous synchronized, bred via AI, assigned to nutritional treatment (CON = 100% of NRC requirements for 0.45 kg/d gain and RES = 60% of CON) and ovariohysterectomized on d 16, 34, or 50 of gestation (n = 6 to 9/d); Non-bred, non-pregnant (NB-NP) controls were fed the CON diet, not bred, and were ovariohyster...

Dietary supplemented effects of mannan-oligosaccharides on biochemical parameters of 4 close-bred flocks of Japanese quail breeders.

The current study was carried out to investigate the consequences of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), a prebiotic, as feed supplement on biochemical parameters of Japanese quail breeders (Coturnix coturnix japonica). Twelve-week-old, 960 birds, belonging to 4 close-bred flocks (CBF), were randomly selected and divided into 4 treatment groups with 3 replicates according to pattern (4 strains × 4 treatment groups × 3 replicates). Birds were fed corn-based basal diet or the same diet supplemented with 0.25, 0....

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