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Gay Porn's Bareback Momentum.

A profound shift has occurred in the last decade in mainstream commercial gay pornography from condoms to "bareback" (condomless) depictions of anal sex between men. This article explores gay porn's "bareback momentum" as demonstrated by the displacement of condoms in the 10 most visited gay porn Web sites (that have operated for 10 years or more). While all 10 began by releasing condom pornography, the study finds all except one (Falcon) have since gone bareback-represented visually as a timeline. The sit...

Occupational exposure to polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and other flame retardant foam additives at gymnastics studios: Before, during and after the replacement of pit foam with PBDE-free foams.

Coaches spend long hours training gymnasts of all ages aided by polyurethane foam used in loose blocks, mats, and other padded equipment. Polyurethane foam can contain flame retardant additives such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), to delay the spread of fires. However, flame retardants have been associated with endocrine disruption and carcinogenicity. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) evaluated employee exposure to flame retardants in four gymnastics studios utili...

Birthplace in Australia: Antenatal preparation for the possibility of transfer from planned home birth.

The aim of the study was to explore how women and midwives prepare, during the antenatal period, for the possibility of intrapartum transfer from planned home birth.

MNT Optimization for Intracellular Delivery of Antibody Fragments.

We studied the possibility of optimizing modular nanotransporters (MNTs) for the intracellular delivery of antibody fragments into the nuclei of cells of a specified type. Basic MNT with a reduced size retaining the desired functions was obtained, and the principal possibility of obtaining an MNT carrying an antibody fragment by microbiological synthesis was shown.

Repeated Use of Gluteal Fold Flaps for Post-Oncologic Vulvoperineal Reconstruction.

Because of the associated high recurrence rate, future reconstructive options should be reckoned with during surgical treatment of primary or recurrent (pre)malignant vulvoperineal lesions. One of the claimed advantages of the gluteal fold flap is the possibility of repeated use of the flap in case of recurrence. We present our experience with such reuse of gluteal fold flaps to illustrate this possibility.

Changes in the function and phenotype of resident peritoneal macrophages after housing in an enriched environment.

Exposure to an enriched environment (EE) affects not only brain functions but also immune responses upon viral or bacterial infections. In this study, we examined changes in the phagocytic response and chemokine production of resident peritoneal macrophages after mice had been housed under EE conditions for 6 or 8 weeks, and then explored the possibility that EE could cause a change in the macrophage phenotype by means of flow cytometry as well as quantitative RT-PCR. The percentages of EE macrophages pha...

No Evidence of "healthy neuroticism" in the Hawaii Personality and Health Cohort.

Heterogeneity in the effects of trait neuroticism on mortality has inspired recent theories of "healthy neuroticism," or the possibility that neuroticism can lead people down either healthy or unhealthy behavioral pathways. The logical extension of this theory is that some construct-perhaps another trait, financial resource, or health-relevant situation-changes the relationship between neuroticism and health. The other possibility is that different components of neuroticism lead to different health behavior...

Identification of genes involved in steroid alkaloid biosynthesis in Fritillaria imperialis via de novo transcriptomics.

Crown imperial (CI) has been used in traditional medicine. Today it is known that such beneficial effects are due to its richness in steroidal alkaloids (SA). Using de novo transcriptomics, orthologues/paralogues finder, phylogenetic analysis and tissue- and developmental stage-specific expression analysis, we identified ten genes and several TFs involved in the biosynthesis of SA in CI. The comparative analysis of ten genes expression profiles revealed the possibility of their co-regulation, which may impl...

Human pharyngeal microbiota in age-related macular degeneration.

While the aetiology of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)-a major blinding disease-remains unknown, the disease is strongly associated with variants in the complement factor H (CFH) gene. CFH variants also confer susceptibility to invasive infection with several bacterial colonizers of the nasopharyngeal mucosa. This shared susceptibility locus implicates complement deregulation as a common disease mechanism, and suggests the possibility that microbial interactions with host complement may trigger AMD. ...

Hypermetabolism Caused by Seizure Mimicking Tumor Recurrence.

A 41-year-old man had a right frontal grade I glioma resection 17 years ago. He was tumor free since. However, 1 month ago, he presented with an uncontrollable seizure, which raised the possibility of recurrent tumor. The FDG PET/CT brain scan showed increased tracer uptake at the margin of the previous resected tumor, suggesting the possibility of tumor recurrence. However, on a repeat FDG PET brain scan confirmed by electroencephalography monitory as an interictal study, no elevated FDG uptake was reveale...

Can Platelet Distribution Width Be Used to Predict the Possibility of Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms?

Platelet distribution width (PDW) and mean platelet volume are markers of platelet activation and have prognostic value in coronary heart diseases, as well as in cancers of solid organs. In this study, we evaluated the possibility of using PDW to predict chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms by comparing platelet indices obtained by automated analyzers in chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms with those in control specimens. We found that PDW greater than 66.4% has specificity of 99% and likelihood ratio of 1...

Sustainability of a person-centered ward atmosphere and possibility to provide person-centered forensic psychiatric care after facility relocation.

This longitudinal study aims to assess the sustainability of staff perceptions of ward atmosphere and their possibility to provide person-centered forensic psychiatric care after relocation to new hospitals that aimed to provide supportive work conditions for the staff to be able to perform care of high quality.

Evaluation of the Possibility of Correction of Doxorubicin-Induced Chronic Heart Failure in the Experiment with 3-Hydroxypyridine Acetylcysteinate and 3-Hydroxypyridine Succinate.

The possibility of correction of morphological changes in the myocardium and biochemical parameters of the blood with 3-hydroxypyridine acetylcysteinate in a dose of 25 mg/kg was studied in the model of doxorubicin-induced chronic heart failure in rats. It was found that 3-hydroxypyridine acetylcysteinate in a dose of 25 mg/kg produced less pronounced cardio-protective effect in experimental chronic heart failure than 3-hydroxypyridine succinate.

Thermostable Recombinant Polypeptides as the Source of L-Amino Acids for Culture Media.

Mutant homologues of small chemotactic and DNA-binding proteins from thermophilic bacteria Thermotoga petrophila RKU-1 and Thermotoga naphthophila were obtained. These proteins can be expressed in the recombinant form in E. coli cells. A wide range of properties and parameters that are important for isolation of these proteins were revealed: stability in a wide temperature and pH range, high level of expression, solubility, and the possibility of using simple purification schemes with low number of successi...

Nurses should inform patients of the possibility of awareness during bronchoscopy performed with procedural sedation.

Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal transition and G protein-coupled receptors: A novel possibility for cardiac regeneration?

Decreased retention of olfactory predator recognition in juvenile surgeon fish exposed to pesticide.

Dory, the animated surgeonfish created by the Pixar Animation studios, famously suffered from short-term memory loss leading to many adventures. In reality, many fishes have excellent cognitive abilities and are able to learn and retain important information such as the identity of predators. However, if and how cognition can be affected by anthropogenically altered oceanic conditions is poorly understood. Here, we examine the effect of a widely used pesticide, chlorpyrifos, on the retention of acquired pre...

Yoga and body image: How do young adults practicing yoga describe its impact on their body image?

This study explored the perceived impact of yoga on body image. Young adults (n = 34 female, 12 male; M = 30.6 [SD = 1.6]) practicing yoga were interviewed and data were analyzed for emerging themes across weight status. In general, participants discussed the positive impact of yoga on their body image, but some described both a positive and negative impact. Yoga was perceived as having a positive impact on body image via perceived physical changes, gratitude for one's body, a sense of accomplis...

Harmonic Generation from Neutral Manganese Atoms in the Vicinity of the Giant Autoionization Resonance.

High harmonics from laser-ablated plumes are mostly generated from ionic species. We demonstrate that with ultrashort infrared (∼1.82  μm) driving lasers, high harmonics from laser-ablated manganese are predominantly generated from neutral atoms, a transition metal atom with an ionization potential of 7.4 eV. Our results open the possibility to advance laser-ablation technique to study the dynamics of neutral atoms of low ionization potential. Moreover, as manganese contains giant autoionizing reson...

Review of polyphenol-rich products as potential protective and therapeutic factors against cadmium hepatotoxicity.

Recently, the growing attention of the scientific community has been focused on the threat to health created by environmental pollutants, including toxic metals such as cadmium (Cd), and on the need of finding effective ways to prevent and treat the unfavorable health effects of exposure to them. Particularly promising for Cd, and thus arousing the greatest interest, is the possibility of using various ingredients present in plants, including mainly polyphenolic compounds. As the liver is one of the target ...

Analysis of the microbial cell-Ab binding in buffer solution by the piezoelectric resonator.

The possibility of the registration of the interaction of the cells A. lipoferum Sp59b with the specific antibodies directly in the conducting suspensions by using an acoustic sensor was shown. The main element of the sensor is a piezoelectric resonator with a lateral electric field. The analysis is based on a comparison of the resonator's electrical impedance before and after the specific biological interaction between the cells and antibodies. By using this sensor one can detect and identify the bacterial...

Sensory ganglionopathy associated with drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome caused by mexiletine.

Although various causes are reported for sensory ganglionopathy, drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome (DIHS) has not been considered a possibility. We describe a 70-year-old woman, previously administered mexiletine hydrochloride for 4 weeks, who presented with systemic oedematous erythema and subacute progressive gait disturbance. Evaluation revealed lymphadenopathy with atypical lymphocytosis and eosinophilia, and human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) reactivation. Neurological examination indicated the almost co...

Captan-induced increase in the concentrations of intracellular Ca and Zn and its correlation with oxidative stress in rat thymic lymphocytes.

Captan, a phthalimide fungicide, is considered to be relatively nontoxic to mammals. There is a possibility that captan affects membrane and cellular parameters of mammalian cells, resulting in adverse effects, because of high residue levels. To test the possibility, we examined the effects of captan on rat thymic lymphocytes using flow-cytometry with appropriate fluorescent probes. Treatment with 10 and 30 μM captan induced apoptotic and necrotic cell death. Before cell death occurred, captan elevated the...

X-ray-surgery of diverticular disease complicated by abscess formation.

Show the possibility of an alternative use of interventional radiology techniques in complex treatment of patients with inflammatory complications of the diverticular disease of the colon.

Pulmonary metastases in children: are we operating unnecessarily?

to determine, in pediatric patients with malignant neoplasms, the characteristics of pulmonary nodules identified on computed tomography, as well as the possibility of differentiating benign lesions from metastases.

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