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Synergistic Antitumor Effect of BKM120 with Prima-1Met Via Inhibiting PI3K/AKT/mTOR and CPSF4/hTERT Signaling and Reactivating Mutant P53.

PI3KCA and mutant p53 are associated with tumorigenesis and the development of cancers. NVP-BKM120, a selective pan-PI3K inhibitor, exerts the antitumor activity by suppressing the PI3K signaling pathway. Prima-1Met, a low molecular weight compound, can rescue the gain-of-function of mutant p53 by restoring its transcriptional function. In this study, we investigated whether PI3K inhibition combined with mutant p53 reactivation could enhance the antitumor effect in thyroid cancer cells.

Effects of active dry yeast on ruminal pH characteristics and energy partitioning of finishing steers under thermoneutral or heat-stressed environment.

The objective of this trial was to determine the effects of supplementing active dried yeast (ADY) in the diets of finishing steers on energy and nitrogen metabolism and ruminal pH characteristics under thermoneutral (TN) or heat-stressed (HS) conditions. Eight British-cross steers received one of two treatment (TRT) (either a control finishing diet (CON) or supplemented with 3 g/d of ADY) under one of two temperatures (TEMP: TN = 18 ± 0.55°C and 20 ± 1.2% relative humidity (RH) or HS = 35 ± 0.55°C and...

The Impact of Mild Heat Stress During Prolonged Running On Gastrointestinal Integrity, Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Systemic Endotoxin and Cytokine Profiles.

The study aimed to determine the effects of mild exertional heat stress on intestinal injury, permeability, gastrointestinal symptoms, and systemic endotoxin and cytokine responses. Ten endurance runners completed 2 h of running at 60% V̇O2max in warm (WARM: 30°C) and temperate (TEMP: 22°C) ambient conditions. Rectal temperature (Tre) and gastrointestinal symptoms were recorded every 10 min during exercise. Blood samples were collected pre- and post-exercise, and during recovery to determine plasma i...

Tuberculosis Mimicking Disseminated Peritoneal Carcinomatosis of a Sigmoid Carcinoma.

A 76-year-old Moroccan patient with a medical history of sigmoid carcinoma suffered from weight loss of 15 kg and abdominal pain. Laparoscopy showed disseminated miliary peritoneal lesions, prima vista suspicious for disseminated peritoneal cancer spread.

Wearable sensors for multifactorial personal exposure measurements - A ranking study.

Individuals are simultaneously exposed to multiple environmental stressors during their daily life. Studies of adverse health effects and their etiology as well as recommendations for a healthier life style demand for an assessment of multifactorial personal exposure, according to the exposome concept. A challenge is to record exposure while people are moving in heterogeneous urban environments. Therefore wearable sensor technologies are becoming a promising way to measure personal exposure continuously: in...

Will temperature and salinity changes exacerbate the effects of seawater acidification on the marine microalga Phaeodactylum tricornutum?

To evaluate the effects related to the combination of potential future changes in pH, temperature and salinity on microalgae, a laboratory experiment was performed using the marine diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum. Populations of this species were exposed during 48h to a three-factor experimental design (3×2×2) with two artificial pH values (6, 7.4), two levels of temperature (23°C, 28°C), two levels of salinity (34psu, 40psu) and a control (pH8, Temp 23°C, Sal 34psu). The effects on growth, cell viabi...

A Study on the Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Photo-Curable Ceramic/Polymer Composites with Different Silane Coupling Agents for SLA 3D Printing Technology.

Silane coupling agents (SCAs) with different organofunctional groups were coated on the surfaces of Al₂O₃ ceramic particles through hydrolysis and condensation reactions, and the SCA-coated Al₂O₃ ceramic particles were dispersed in a commercial photopolymer based on interpenetrating networks (IPNs). The organofunctional groups that have high radical reactivity and are more effective in UV curing systems are usually functional groups based on acryl, such as acryloxy groups, methacrloxy groups, and ac...

Case Report: Mucus plug in bronchus mimicking a bronchial solid foreign body obstruction.

Bronchial foreign body obstruction is common in all clinical settings. Obstruction of the airway due to foreign bodies and foreign body aspiration are major causes of childhood mortality and morbidity, which are a big challenge to manage. Occasionally, bronchial obstruction may be due to mucus plugs or other endogenous factors. Here we describe a case of bronchial obstruction caused by mucus plug formation that was managed conservatively in a one-year old boy. The patient was suffering from a cough and nois...

Photoswitchable micelles for the control of singlet-oxygen generation in photodynamic therapies.

Inadvertent photosensitizer-activation and singlet-oxygen generation in between photosensitizer-administration and light-activation as well as after treatment, hampers clinical application of photodynamic-therapies. Therefore, a reversible photoswitchable system was designed for incorporation in micellar nanocarriers. Zinc-tetraphenyl porphyrin (ZnTPP) was used as a photosensitizer, while 1, 2-bis (5-(4-carbonxyphenyl)-2-methylthien-3-yl) cyclopent-1-ene (BDTE) was chosen as a photoswitch. EPR spectra of TE...

Effects of Seasonal Asymmetric Warming on Soil CO Release in Karst Region.

Seasonal asymmetric warming is one of the distinguishing features of global warming. However, if this feature is not considered in studying the effects of global changes on terrestrial ecosystems, it might probably cause misunderstanding of these studies. The releasing features of soil CO in Karst regions under various warming scenarios were simulated following a four-year continuous warming period using infrared radiators. A total of six treatments was arranged:no warming (ambient temp, CK); symmetric warm...

CaO based Fenton-like reaction at neutral pH: Accelerated reduction of ferric species and production of superoxide radicals.

One challenge in HO based Fenton-like reaction is to break through the limitation of slow reduction of ferric species (Fe). Present work describes a dramatic acceleration of Fenton-like reaction at neutral pH by using calcium peroxide (CaO) as a source of hydrogen peroxide (HO) and EDTA as a chelating agent of ferric ions. In an optimized condition, phenol degradation in the HO system displayed an initial latent time of 60 min, while phenol can be degraded immediately and removed completely in 30 min in...

Assay of Single Cell Apoptosis by Ensemble and Single Molecule Fluorescence Methods: Annexin-V/ PEG Functionalized Quantum Dots as Probes.

Apoptosis plays a critical role in many biological processes and the etiology of various diseases of the immune system. The study of apoptosis would allow both improving the diagnosis of certain diseases and serving as a target of drug screening. In this paper, we developed a sensitive assay of single cell apoptosis using semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) as fluorescent labeling probes. The principle of this assay is based on the detection of phosphatidylserine (PS) exposed on the plasma membrane during the ...

Microvascular Decompression of Facial Nerve and Pexy of the Left Vertebral Artery for Left Hemifacial Spasm: 3-Dimensional Operative Video.

A 73-yr-old man presented with intractable left hemifacial spasm of 4 yr duration. Brain magnetic resonance imaging showed significant compression of left facial nerve by the left vertebral artery (VA) and anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA).The patient underwent a left retrosigmoid craniotomy and a microvascular decompression of the cranial nerve (CN) VII. Intraoperatively, we found that the distal AICA had a protracted subarcuate extradural course.1 This was relieved by intra/extradural dissection....

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