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Ambivalence over emotional expression and perceived social constraints as moderators of relaxation training and emotional awareness and expression training for irritable bowel syndrome.

Psychological treatments are generally beneficial for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but patients' responses vary. A prior randomized controlled trial found that both relaxation training (RT) and emotional awareness and expression training (EAET) were superior to a waitlist control condition for IBS symptoms, quality of life, depression, and anxiety among IBS patients (Thakur et al., 2017).

Dynamics of Vitrimers: Defects as a Highway to Stress Relaxation.

We propose a coarse-grained model to investigate stress relaxation in star-polymer networks induced by dynamic bond-exchange processes. We show how the swapping mechanism, once activated, allows the network to reconfigure, exploring distinct topological configurations, all of them characterized by complete extent of reaction. Our results reveal the important role played by topological defects in mediating the exchange reaction and speeding up stress relaxation. The model provides a representation of the dyn...

The effect of different preconditioning protocols on repeatability of bovine ACL stress-relaxation response in tension.

Mechanical characterization of soft tissues such as ligaments remains challenging. There is variability in the measured material parameters of ligaments, most of which is related to natural tissue variability, but some of it can be a result of using different testing protocols. Generally preconditioning (cyclic loading-unloading) is performed prior to actual tests to reduce the experimental variability. Commonly, preconditioning protocols for ligaments with a small strain level and 10 sinusoidal loading-unl...

Dynamically Heterogeneous Relaxation of Entangled Polymer Chains.

Stress relaxation following deformation of an entangled polymeric liquid is thought to be affected by transient reforming of chain entanglements. In this work, we use single molecule techniques to study the relaxation of individual polymers in the transition regime from unentangled to entangled solutions. Our results reveal the emergence of dynamic heterogeneity underlying polymer relaxation behavior, including distinct molecular subpopulations described by a single-mode and a double-mode exponential relaxa...

Effect of Neurocognitive Training for Children With ADHD at Improving Academic Engagement in Two Learning Settings.

This preliminary study investigated effectiveness of neurocognitive training on academic engagement (AET) for children with ADHD. The training approach targeted working memory, inhibitory control, and attention/relaxation (via brain electrical activity).

Probing the early stages of tablet disintegration by stress relaxation measurement.

Rapid tablet disintegration is a requirement for the efficient dissolution of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) from immediate release tablets. From the mechanistic viewpoint, tablet disintegration begins by the wetting of the tablet surface and the ingress of dissolution medium into the tablet pore structure, followed by the loosening of inter-particle bonds. The present work introduces a new methodology for probing and quantifying the early stages of tablet disintegration by stress relaxation mea...

Changes in mood, fatigue, sleep, cognitive performance and stress hormones among instructors conducting stressful military captivity survival training.

Numerous studies have examined the effects of captivity survival training on psychological and physiological function in trainees. In the present study we shifted the focus to instructors, and measured the effects that the delivery of training exerts on their levels of stress and performance. Because instructors are called upon to perform difficult duties (e.g., mock interrogations) under extreme conditions, we hypothesized that significant increases in psychological and physiological indices of stress woul...

Adaptations in the passive mechanical properties of skeletal muscle to altered patterns of use.

The aim of this mini-review is to describe the current state of knowledge regarding the effects of chronic changes in the patterns of muscle use (defined as changes lasting >1 week), including muscle stretching, strengthening and others, on the passive mechanical properties of healthy human skeletal muscles. Various forms of muscle stretch training and some forms of strength training (especially eccentric training) are known to strongly impact the maximum elongation capacity of muscles in vivo (i.e. maximum...

Resilience training: Effects on occupational stress and resilience of critical care nurses.

Working as a nurse, by its nature, causes a high degree of stress. Nurses are exposed to the higher levels of occupational, physical, and mental stresses in critical care units than the nurses in other units of a hospital. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of training for resilience on the intensive care unit nurses' occupational stress and resilience level.

Myocardial relaxation in human heart failure: Why sarcomere kinetics should be center-stage.

Myocardial relaxation is critical for the heart to allow for adequate filling of the ventricles prior to the next contraction. In human heart failure, impairment of myocardial relaxation is a major problem, and impacts most patients suffering from end-stage failure. Furthering our understanding of myocardial relaxation is critical in developing future treatment strategies. This review highlights processes involved in myocardial relaxation, as well as governing processes that modulate myocardial relaxation, ...

Effects of heart rate variability biofeedback training in athletes exposed to stress of university examinations.

Heart rate variability biofeedback (HRV-BFB) training, a method whereby one controls an unusually low breathing rate to reach cardiac coherence, has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve cardiac autonomic markers in diseased people, but much less is known about HRV-BFB benefits in healthy people. Here we investigated potential benefits in young competitors experiencing stress during university examinations as well as persistence of benefits after HRV-BFB training cessation.

Dog Ownership and Training Reduces Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms and Increases Self-Compassion Among Veterans: Results of a Longitudinal Control Study.

The aims of this study were to measure the potential impact of a therapeutic dog ownership and training program for Veterans with symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Physiotherapist-delivered Stress Inoculation Training for acute whiplash-associated disorders: A qualitative study of perceptions and experiences.

Formally trained and accredited physiotherapists delivered Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) integrated with guideline-based physiotherapy management to individuals with acute whiplash associated disorders (WAD) as part of a randomised controlled trial. The delivery of SIT by physiotherapists is new.

Exposure therapy for youth with anxiety: Utilization rates and predictors of implementation in a sample of practicing clinicians from across the United States.

Exposure therapy is a highly effective, evidence-based treatment technique for children and adolescents with anxiety disorders. Regardless, therapists in the community are reported to use exposure relatively rarely compared with other approaches. The goal of the present study was to identify how practicing clinicians treat youth with anxiety disorders across the United States and what factors contribute to their use of exposure therapy. Recruited from public directories, 257 private practice therapists who ...

Improving Children's cancer pain management in the home setting: Development and formative evaluation of a web-based program for parents.

Despite advances in health care, the majority of children undergoing cancer treatment experience pain, particularly in the home setting. Mobile health tools provide a promising avenue to deliver pain management education and information to parents of children receiving cancer treatment. The current study describes the development and formative evaluation of a novel intervention, Cancer-Tailored Intervention for Pain and Symptoms (C-TIPS), which provides empirically-based pharmacological and non-pharmacologi...

Crisis-counselor perceptions of job training, stress, and satisfaction during disaster recovery.

The United States Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program (CCP; authorized by the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 1974/2013) aims to provide disaster-recovery support to communities following natural or human-caused disasters through outreach. Job satisfaction among the crisis counselors the CCP employs may affect the delivery of outreach services to survivors and their communities. The present study was conducted to gain insight into CCP crisis counselors' experie...

Comparison of rest-break interventions during a mentally demanding task.

Research is scarce on ways to enhance the effect of rest breaks during mentally demanding tasks. The present study investigated the effectiveness of two rest-break interventions on well-being during an academic lecture. Sixty-six students (53 females, mean age 22.5 years) enrolled in two different university classes of 4-hr duration participated in the study. Two measures of well-being (fatigue and vigor) were assessed immediately before, after, and 20 minutes after the break. A control condition without ...

Magnetic resonance imaging relaxation time in Alzheimer's disease.

The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) relaxation time constants, T1 and T2, are sensitive to changes in brain tissue microstructure integrity. Quantitative T1 and T2 relaxation times have been proposed to serve as non-invasive biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease (AD), in which alterations are believed to not only reflect AD-related neuropathology but also cognitive impairment. In this review, we summarize the applications and key findings of MRI techniques in the context of both AD subjects and AD transgenic m...

Cholecystokinin Induces esophageal longitudinal muscle contraction and transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxation in healthy humans.

Cholecystokinin (CCK) is known to cause lower esophageal sphincter (LES) relaxation through the activation of inhibitory motor neurons. Recent studies show that the longitudinal muscle contraction (LMC) related axial stretch may play a role in the LES relaxation. The aim of our study was to determine whether the CCK induced LES relaxation and identify the characteristics of associated LMC in humans. Nine healthy volunteers (5F, 40 + 12 years) received escalating doses of CCK-octapeptide (5, 10, 20 and 40 ng...

Long-range stress correlations in viscoelastic and glass-forming fluids.

A simple and rigorous approach to obtain stress correlations in viscoelastic liquids (including supercooled liquid and equilibrium amorphous systems) is proposed. The long-range dynamical correlations of local shear stress are calculated and analyzed in 2-dimensional space. It is established how the long-range character of the stress correlations gradually emerges as the relevant dynamical correlation length l grows in time. The correlation range l is defined by momentum propagation due to acoustic waves an...

Resistance training and caloric restriction prevent systolic blood pressure rise by improving the nitric oxide effect on smooth muscle and morphological changes in the aorta of ovariectomized rats.

In this study, we investigated the effects of resistance training (RT), caloric restriction (CR), and the association of both interventions in aortic vascular reactivity and morphological alterations, matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) activity, insulin resistance and systolic blood pressure (SBP) in ovariectomized rats. Fifty female Holtzman rats were subjected to ovariectomy and Sham surgery and distributed into the following groups: Sham-sedentary, ovariectomized-sedentary, ovariectomized-resistance trai...

Development and validation of the Relaxation-Mindfulness Scale for Adolescents (EREMIND-A).

The aim of this investigation was to validate the Relaxation-Mindfulness Scale for Adolescents (EREMIND-A), consisting of 18 items and three factors (Attention-Concentration in the present moment; Relaxation (abilities and attitudes); and Sensory awareness/Contemplation/Interiority).

Lanthanide-induced relaxation anisotropy.

Lanthanide ions accelerate nuclear spin relaxation by two primary mechanisms: dipolar and Curie. Both are commonly assumed to depend on the length of the lanthanide-nucleus vector, but not on its direction. Here we show experimentally that this is wrong - careful proton relaxation data analysis in a series of isostructural lanthanide complexes (Ln = Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb) reveals angular dependence in both Curie and dipolar relaxation. The reasons are: (a) that magnetic susceptibility anisotropy can be of ...

Mindfulness Meditation and Interprofessional Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: A Mixed-Methods Pilot Study.

Mindfulness training includes mindfulness meditation, which has been shown to improve both attention and self-awareness. Medical providers in the intensive care unit often deal with difficult situations with strong emotions, life-and-death decisions, and both interpersonal and interprofessional conflicts. The effect of mindfulness meditation training on healthcare providers during acute care tasks such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation remains unknown. Mindfulness meditation has the potential to improve prov...

Neurology Training Worldwide.

Neurology training is essential for providing neurologic care globally. Large disparities in availability of neurology training exist between higher- and lower-income countries. This review explores the worldwide distribution of neurology training programs and trainees, the characteristics of training programs in different parts of the world, and initiatives aimed at increasing access to neurology training in under-resourced regions.

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