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The Injurious Effects of Elevated or Non-Elevated Respiratory Rate during Mechanical Ventilation.

Respiratory rate is one of the key variables we set and monitor during mechanical ventilation. As part of our increasing efforts to optimise mechanical ventilation, it is prudent that we expand our understanding of the potential harmful effects not only of volume and pressures, but also of respiratory rate. The mechanisms by which respiratory rate may become injurious during mechanical ventilation can be distinguished in two broad categories. In the first well-recognised category, concerning both controlled...

Poor inter-observer agreement in the measurement of respiratory rate in children: a prospective observational study.

To determine the inter-observer agreement of a respiratory rate (RR) count on a child when assessed by three independent observers.

Acute Heart Failure in the Emergency Department: Respiratory Rate as a Risk Predictor.

Several risk scores can stratify patients with acute heart failure (AHF) at the Emergency Department (ED). Registration of vital signs, such as blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RR) upon admission is mandatory. Nevertheless, measurement of RR remains neglected worldwide.

Accuracy of remote continuous respiratory rate monitoring technologies intended for low care clinical settings: a prospective observational study.

Altered respiratory rate (RR) has been identified as an important predictor of serious adverse events during hospitalization. Introduction of a well-tolerated continuous RR monitor could potentially reduce serious adverse events such as opioid-induced respiratory depression. The purpose of this study was to investigate the ability of different monitor devices to detect RR in low care clinical settings.

Mortality rate of ICU patients with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome - Coronavirus infection at King Fahad Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) is a novel coronavirus circulating in the Arabian Peninsula since September 2012. It leads to significant respiratory disease and among patients with co-morbidities is associated with high mortality. This research studied the mortality rate of MERS-CoV among intensive care unit (ICU) patients and the correlation of mortality with different co-morbidities.

Inhibition of Protein kinase A and GIRK channel reverses fentanyl-induced respiratory depression.

Opioid-induced respiratory depression is a major obstacle to improving the clinical management of moderate to severe chronic pain. Opioids inhibit neuronal activity via various pathways, including calcium channels, adenylyl cyclase, and potassium channels. Currently, the underlying molecular pathway of opioid-induced respiratory depression is only partially understood. This study aimed to investigate the mechanisms of opioid-induced respiratory depression in vivo by examining the effects of different pharma...

Respiratory Viruses and Atypical Bacteria Co-Infection in Children with Acute Respiratory Infection.

Acute respiratory infections (ARI) are one of the prevalent pediatric diseases. Coinfections of respiratory viruses and atypical bacterial respiratory pathogens are common.

Variable ventilation decreases airway responsiveness and improves ventilation efficiency in a rat model of asthma.

The optimal ventilation strategy in patients receiving mechanical ventilation for severe asthma remains unclear. The effect of conventional ventilation (with constant tidal volume and respiratory rate) and variable ventilation (with the same average but variable tidal volume and respiratory rate) on peak airway pressure and airway exacerbation induced by increasing doses of methacholine was compared in a rat model of asthma. The respiratory rate and tidal volume data were obtained from a spontaneously breat...

Evaluation of mitochondrial respiratory function in rat cardiomyocytes under different glucose conditions, using an extracellular flux analysis method.

We studied the effect of glucose supply on mitochondrial respiratory function (MRF) of neonatal rat cardiomyocytes, using a novel extracellular flux analysis. Fundamental respiratory parameters regarding oxygen consumption rate in mitochondria showed glucose concentration-dependent changes, where a significant increase or decrease in these parameters was observed to be associated with glucose concentrations ranging between 10% and 1,000% of the concentration used in standard medium (3,151 mg/L), respectivel...

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Potentially Caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus and a Diatom.

Pathogen Clearance and New Respiratory Tract Infections Among Febrile Children in Zanzibar Investigated With Multitargeting Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction on Paired Nasopharyngeal Swab Samples.

New molecular methods have revealed frequent and often polymicrobial respiratory infections in children in low-income settings. It is not known whether presence of multiple pathogens is due to prolonged infections or to frequent exposure. The aim of this study was to analyze short-term pathogen clearance from nasopharynx and the rate of new respiratory tract infections in febrile preschool children.

Short term evaluation of respiratory effort by premature infants supported with bubble nasal continuous airway pressure using Seattle-PAP and a standard bubble device.

Almost one million prematurely born infants die annually from respiratory insufficiency, predominantly in countries with limited access to respiratory support for neonates. The primary hypothesis tested in the present study was that a modified device for bubble nasal continuous positive airway pressure (Bn-CPAP) would provide lower work of spontaneous breathing, estimated by esophageal pressure-rate products.

Respiratory sinus arrhythmia in the immediate post-exercise period: correlation with breathing-specific heart rate.

Although the absolute values of pulmonary ventilation and cardiac output are similar, the designs of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems imply major differences in flow patterns, airflow being intermittent by comparison to the quasi-continuous pulmonary blood flow.

Measurement of respiratory function in isolated cardiac mitochondria using Seahorse XFe24 Analyzer: applications for aging research.

Mitochondria play a critical role in the cardiomyocyte physiology by generating majority of the ATP required for the contraction/relaxation through oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS). Aging is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and mitochondrial dysfunction has been proposed as potential cause of aging. Recent technological innovations in Seahorse XFe24 Analyzer enhanced the detection sensitivity of oxygen consumption rate and proton flux to advance our ability study mitochondrial functio...

Heart rate, cardiac vagal tone, respiratory rate, and rectal temperature in dairy calves exposed to heat stress in a continental region.

Changes in non-invasive stress biomarkers were studied in shaded (n = 8) and non-shaded (n = 8) Holstein bull calves exposed to extreme heat load conditions in a continental region. Ambient temperature and humidity data were recorded for the S and NS hutch and exercise pen environments. Temperature-humidity-index (THI) was also calculated. Respiratory rate, rectal temperature, heart rate, and the root mean square of successive differences between R-R intervals (RMSSD) were recorded as animal-based i...

Association between human and animal thermal comfort indices and physiological heat stress indicators in dairy calves.

Warm summer episodes have a significant effect on the overall health and well-being of young cattle; however, it is not known which temperature measure should be used for estimating heat stress in dairy calves. In this study, generalized linear mixed-effects models were used to estimate the relationships between thermal comfort indices and animal-based heat stress indicators in sixteen Holstein bull calves that were housed in individual calf hutches. Data were collected under continental weather characteris...

Engystol reduces onset of experimental respiratory syncytial virus-induced respiratory inflammation in mice by modulating macrophage phagocytic capacity.

Respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) or rhinovirus are one of the major causes for respiratory tract infections causing common cold disease. Respiratory viral infections range from mild symptoms in adults to serious illness especially in the very young or elderly as well as patients suffering from lung diseases or being immunocompromised due to other reasons. Engystol (EGY-2) is a multicomponent, multitarget preparation consisting of Vincetoxicum hirundinaria and Sulfur in various d...

Community-Acquired Respiratory Viruses.

The incidence of community-acquired respiratory viruses (CARVs) is ∼15 cases per 100 patient-years after lung transplantation (LTx). Paramyxoviruses account for almost 50% of the cases of CARV infection in LTx. Most patients will be symptomatic with a mean decline of 15 to 20% in forced expiratory volume in 1 second. The attributable death rate is low in recent years 15 to 25% CARV infected LTx patients will develop chronic lung allograft dysfunction within a year after CARV infection. This risk seems to ...

Highly sensitive index of cardiac autonomic control based on time-varying respiration derived from ECG.

Frequency-domain indices of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) have been used as a marker of sympathovagal balance. However, they have been shown to be degraded by inter-individual or task-dependent variability, and especially breathing frequency. The study introduces a new method for analyzing respiratory (vagally) mediated Heart Rate Variability, to better assess subtle variations in sympathovagal balance, using ECG information. We evaluated the sensitivity of our new method comparatively to classic HRV analyse...

Effects of Sprint-Interval and Endurance Respiratory Muscle Training Regimens.

Recently a novel, time-saving respiratory muscle sprint-interval training (RMSIT) was developed. To test the extent to which RMSIT improves respiratory muscle performance compared to a conventional respiratory muscle endurance training (RMET), a novel incremental respiratory muscle test (IncRMT), loading inspiratory and expiratory muscles, was designed to assess performance changes associated with respiratory muscle training (RMT).

Sensory irritation of vapours of formic, acetic, propionic and butyric acid.

In mice, inhalation of formic, acetic, propionic and butyric acid caused a rapid decrease in the respiratory rate, which decreased to a stable level during the remaining part of the 30 min exposure period; this was due to sensory irritation. The concentration decreasing the respiratory rate (RD) by 50% (RD50) was 438, 308, 386 and 285 ppm, respectively, which allowed an adequate prediction of the Threshold Limit Values. In mice inhaling through a tracheal cannula, bypassing the trigeminal nerves, caused...

The Effects of Guided Imagery on Comfort in Palliative Care.

Guided imagery (GI) is a nonpharmacological intervention that is increasingly implemented in different clinical contexts. However, there have been no studies on the effect of GI on the comfort of inpatients of palliative care (PC) units. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of GI on the comfort of patients in PC. A 1-group, pretest-posttest, pre-experimental design was used to measure differences in heart rate, respiratory rate, pain, and comfort in patients (n = 26) before and after...

New Morbidity and Discharge Disposition of Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Survivors.

Much of the research related to pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome has focused on inhospital mortality and interventions affecting this outcome. Limited data exist on survivors' morbidity, hospital disposition, and 1-year survival. The aim of this study was to determine new morbidity rate, discharge disposition, and 1-year mortality for survivors of pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Respiratory depression in low acuity hospital settings-Seeking answers from the PRODIGY trial.

Predicting episodes or severity of cardiorespiratory decompensation has proved to be challenging in patients with stable surgical or medical conditions, recovering on the general care floor (ward). Critical cardiorespiratory events on hospital floors may be prevented by early detection of deterioration using continuous, electronic cardiorespiratory monitoring (CEM). The PRediction of Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression In Patients Monitored by capnoGraphY (PRODIGY) trial investigates CEM using pulse oxime...

Assessment of temporally-related acute respiratory illness following influenza vaccination.

A barrier to influenza vaccination is the misperception that the inactivated vaccine can cause influenza. Previous studies have investigated the risk of acute respiratory illness (ARI) after influenza vaccination with conflicting results. We assessed whether there is an increased rate of laboratory-confirmed ARI in post-influenza vaccination periods.

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