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Scientific dissemination in the field of public health. The experience of The National Health Institute.

Traditionally, research institutions have focused their efforts on generating scientific knowledge and disseminating it through traditional mechanisms such as scientific publications. Recently, several Latin American countries, through entities dedicated to the promotion of Science, Technology, and Innovation, are promoting the development of scientific culture in the general population, through various strategies of dissemination, popularization, or scientific appropriation. The National Institute of Healt...

Changes in perceived scientific consensus shift beliefs about climate change and GM food safety.

Despite an overwhelming scientific consensus, a sizable minority of people doubt that human activity is causing climate change. Communicating the existence of a scientific consensus has been suggested as a way to correct individuals' misperceptions about human-caused climate change and other scientific issues, though empirical support is mixed. We report an experiment in which psychology students were presented with consensus information about two issues, and subsequently reported their perception of the le...

Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and scientific mobility: The Spanish case.

Scientific mobility can stimulate entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, acting as a catalyst for reducing imbalances between local and global science and the resulting socio-economic damage. This study evaluates both whether scientific mobility effectively promotes these concepts and the fundamental reasons to articulate effective policies for scientific mobility. Toward this end, a survey has been prepared following the methodology of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and current scientific literature...

Scientific production of the Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) researchers in the field of Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology granted with a scientific productivity fellowship.

The Dat Project, an open and decentralized research data tool.

Today's scientific data are primarily stored and accessed via centralized Web-based infrastructure. Centralization has advantages but also carries risks such as link rot and content drift, which can hinder scientific progress. It is time to ask whether traditional, centralized Web architecture aligns with scholarly priorities and values, and to collaboratively move towards new approaches that do.

The nurse training in research in the undergraduate education: teaching perceptions.

To analyze how the approach of the theme "scientific investigation" can contribute to the development of the scientific competence of the Nursing student.

From Child Protection to Paradigm Protection-The Genesis, Development, and Defense of a Scientific Paradigm.

A scientific paradigm typically embraces research norms and values, such as truth-seeking, critical thinking, disinterestedness, and good scientific practice. These values should prevent a paradigm from introducing defective assumptions. But sometimes, scientists who are also physicians develop clinical norms that are in conflict with the scientific enterprise. As an example of such a conflict, we have analyzed the genesis and development of the shaken baby syndrome (SBS) paradigm. The point of departure of...

Scientific and Educational Abstracts Presented at The 30th Anniversary ASER 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course in Emergency and Trauma Radiology September 26 - 29, McLean, Virginia.

On the overlap between scientific and societal taxonomic attentions - Insights for conservation.

Attention directed at different species by society and science is particularly relevant within the field of conservation, as societal preferences will strongly impact support for conservation initiatives and their success. Here, we assess the association between societal and research interests in four charismatic and threatened species groups, derived from a range of different online sources and social media platforms as well as scientific publications. We found a high level of concordance between scientifi...

The scientific standing of psychoanalysis.

This paper summarises the core scientific claims of psychoanalysis and rebuts the prejudice that it is not 'evidence-based'. I address the following questions. (A) How does the emotional mind work, in health and disease? (B) Therefore, what does psychoanalytic treatment aim to achieve? (C) How effective is it?

Awe as a Scientific Emotion.

Awe has traditionally been considered a religious or spiritual emotion, yet scientists often report that awe motivates them to answer questions about the natural world, and to do so in naturalistic terms. Indeed, awe may be closely related to scientific discovery and theoretical advance. Awe is typically triggered by something vast (either literally or metaphorically) and initiates processes of accommodation, in which existing mental schemas are revised to make sense of the awe-inspiring stimuli. This proce...

On Scientific Public Activity of V.D. Shervinsky Related to Establishment of Societies of Physicians and Organization of Congresses (from Materials of Personal Archive of V.D. Shervinsky).

The article is based on original documents of portion of archive of professor V.D. Shervinsky being kept in the Department of History of Medicine of The Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "N.A. Semashko National Research Institute of Public Health". The article analyzes a number of documents from the mentioned archive testifying scientific public activities of V.D. Shervinsky related to establishment of the societies of physicians and organization of congresses of physicians. The active scientific ...

Scientific Paper Abstracts Presented at the Society of Abdominal Radiology 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting and Educational Course (March 4-9, 2018, Scottsdale, Arizona).

Comparison of Scientific Publications from Three Different Clinical Disciplines of German Universities.

 Scientific publications are important for the advancement in medicine. Surgical disciplines including cardiac surgery are frequently considered not scientifically leading. However, a specific comparison between surgical and nonsurgical disciplines has not yet been performed. We thus compared scientific output of German departments of cardiac surgery with nonsurgical cardiology departments and surgical departments not addressing the heart (general surgery) of 34 universities in Germany.

Can I Still Eat it? Using Problem-Based Learning to Test the 5 Second Rule and Promote Scientific Literacy.

Defining appropriate student learning outcomes for general education science courses is a daunting task. We must ask ourselves how to best prepare our students to understand the role of science in their lives and in society at large. In the era of social media and armchair experts, life-changing scientific advancements such as vaccination are being dismissed or actively resisted, emphasizing the critical need to teach science literacy skills. One active classroom method known as problem-based learning promo...

Highlights of the thirteenth annual scientific meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography.

The 13th Annual Scientific Meeting of the SCCT, held from July 13 to July 15 in Dallas, TX, was attended by 690 attendees from 39 countries, 55 sessions with 140 speakers, and 18 exhibitors with the abstracts of all scientific posters published in the Journal of the Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. This article summarizes the many themes and topics of presentation and discussion in this meeting, and the many technical advances that are likely to impact future clinical practice in cardiac computed tomogra...

The Role and Influence of Traditional and Scientific Knowledge in Naturopathic Education: A Qualitative Study.

To explore the perceptions, experiences, and attitudes toward scientific and traditional knowledge within contemporary naturopathic education.

Suicide deaths by gas inhalation in Toronto: An observational study of emerging methods of suicide.

Suicide death by gas inhalation has been the subject of global scientific interest due to a rapid increase in the use of helium and charcoal gas for suicide. These may be particularly amenable to means restriction strategies. There has been little scientific attention of this phenomenon in Canada.

The Crisis of Reproducibility, the Denominator Problem and the Scientific Role of Multi-scale Modeling.

The "Crisis of Reproducibility" has received considerable attention both within the scientific community and without. While factors associated with scientific culture and practical practice are most often invoked, I propose that the Crisis of Reproducibility is ultimately a failure of generalization with a fundamental scientific basis in the methods used for biomedical research. The Denominator Problem describes how limitations intrinsic to the two primary approaches of biomedical research, clinical studies...

Eutrophication: A new wine in an old bottle?

Eutrophication is one of the most common causes of water quality impairment of inland and marine waters. Its best-known manifestations are toxic cyanobacteria blooms in lakes and waterways and proliferations of green macro algae in coastal areas. The term eutrophication is used by both the scientific community and public policy-makers, and therefore has a myriad of definitions. The introduction by the public authorities of regulations to limit eutrophication is a source of tension and debate on the activiti...

Be Searching for Happiness - An Excursus to Some Scientific Basics.

Starting with the fairy-tale "Hans in luck" some scientific basics of social economy, neurobiology, psychology, psychiatry, and philosophy in the context of happiness are elucidated and from a personal point of view assigned to a moral, an aesthetic, an intellectual, and a spiritual dimension as fundamental principles of the human living together.

Zero hour of eugenics in Argentina: disputes and ideologies surrounding the emergence of a scientific field, 1916-1932.

From the 1930s until the end of the Second World War, Count Keyserling's statement that "the hour of eugenics is at hand" was used to champion ideas and practices that Nancy Stepan argues were shared by different Latin American countries. We focus on the period prior to that, a sort of zero hour of eugenics in Argentina, which began institutionalizing in 1910 and emerged as a new scientific field. This period was marked by intra- and interdisciplinary tensions, a struggle to monopolize scientific authority,...

Scientific production of the International Classification for Nursing Practice: a bibliometric study.

To describe the scientific production of the International Classification for Nursing Practice throughout dissertations and theses published by nurses in Brazil from 1996 to 2016.

Scientific production on workplace bullying and nursing: a bibliometric study.

To verify bibliometric indicators of the scientific production available in online journals that approach workplace bullying and nursing.

MSL: Facilitating automatic and physical analysis of published scientific literature in PDF format.

Published scientific literature contains millions of figures, including information about the results obtained from different scientific experiments e.g. PCR-ELISA data, microarray analysis, gel electrophoresis, mass spectrometry data, DNA/RNA sequencing, diagnostic imaging (CT/MRI and ultrasound scans), and medicinal imaging like electroencephalography (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG), echocardiography  (ECG), positron-emission tomography (PET) images. The importance of biomedical figures has been wide...

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